How not to fail in building a Great Team | Tapan Nayak | Skillshare

How not to fail in building a Great Team

Tapan Nayak, Entrepreneur and Coach

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9 Videos (48m)
    • Chapter 1 Intro

    • Chapter 2 Why of a Team

    • Chapter 3 How does a great team look like

    • Chapter 4 Hire A Players

    • Chapter 5 Build a Personal Rapport

    • Chapter 6 Identify the Spike

    • Chapter 7 Back your team

    • Chapter 8 Break it to Bond Better

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Attention: Team Leaders, Managers, Now there's a faster, easier way to build Great Teams.

Learn some simple yet powerful steps for Building Great Teams. If you aspire to become a Business Leader Tomorrow, it always starts with People.

Ø  This course talks about the steps needed to deal with People, not Roles.

At the end of this course, you will learn about

  • 5 steps of building a great team
  • Team Building Activities are no jargons, but simple actions
  • Why do you build great teams
  • How does a great team look like

If you follow the steps suggested, you can increase your chances of Success as a Leader.

Most importantly, you definitely can DO IT.

So Managers, Leaders, Aspiring Managers, Ones who love People Management, take this course and learn these 5 simple steps for a Better Success Rate in Building great teams.





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Tapan Nayak

Entrepreneur and Coach

Tapan is a seasoned leader with over 16 years in several positions across multiple large organizations, and an Entrepreneur ( Founder @ MYNIT, a Bulletin Board Product) for last couple of years. He is passionate about teaching. Tapan masters a lot of People and Business skills including Team Building, Leadership, Presentation and many more. Apart from building products, and his venture, he enjoys sharing knowledge. Tapan builds engaging training modules on various topics in collaboration with...

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