How not to fail in building a Great Team

Tapan Nayak, Entrepreneur and Coach

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9 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Chapter 1 Intro

    • 2. Chapter 2 Why of a Team

    • 3. Chapter 3 How does a great team look like

    • 4. Chapter 4 Hire A Players

    • 5. Chapter 5 Build a Personal Rapport

    • 6. Chapter 6 Identify the Spike

    • 7. Chapter 7 Back your team

    • 8. Chapter 8 Break it to Bond Better

    • 9. Conclusion


About This Class

Attention: Team Leaders, Managers, Now there's a faster, easier way to build Great Teams.

Learn some simple yet powerful steps for Building Great Teams. If you aspire to become a Business Leader Tomorrow, it always starts with People.

Ø  This course talks about the steps needed to deal with People, not Roles.

At the end of this course, you will learn about

  • 5 steps of building a great team
  • Team Building Activities are no jargons, but simple actions
  • Why do you build great teams
  • How does a great team look like

If you follow the steps suggested, you can increase your chances of Success as a Leader.

Most importantly, you definitely can DO IT.

So Managers, Leaders, Aspiring Managers, Ones who love People Management, take this course and learn these 5 simple steps for a Better Success Rate in Building great teams.