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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Working with Pokemon Go

    • 2. Pokemon Go

    • 3. Babysitter

    • 4. Local Shop Owner

    • 5. Sell what you have

    • 6. Hosting Parties

    • 7. Final Words

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About This Class

Pokemon GO is the most successful App that was ever launched. Hundreds of million people all over the world play it. In this class I'm going to answer the question that many people ask themselves: Is it also possible to earn money with this game?

In this class you will see what other people's have done and how they benefited from the game. The idea of this class is not to teach you how to become rich, but what I would like to teach you is the skill to take a look at this game from different perspectives and think about what things could be possible.

I would love to see you in this class.

Leave me a comment if you have any kind of question.

Best Regards


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Philip Hofmacher

Online Marketer, #1 Skillshare Instructor in AUT


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1. Working with Pokemon Go: Hi, everybody. My name is Philip and discussed. I'm going to tell you how you can make money with Pokemon. Go. Yes, you can make money not only of playing this game, but refusing this game, which has a huge community the right way so that you can boost your personal results for your business, your home bed. Even your skill share classes to benefit from it. Pokemon Go was released a couple of weeks ago, and it question all records. It has the most downloads within the first weeks of crashed. All the Apple store records that have been there before that has more downloads, more daily active users than Instagram. Even tinder, a dating app has less daily active users. Pokemon go! I joined this class to learn how you can benefit from it in real life and in the game and how people already making money and toe kind off think about how you can benefit from it and how you can make serious money playing Pokemon go or using Pokemon Go. It's an advertising tool, joined his class and I hope you will enjoy it 2. Pokemon Go: So how do people manage toe? Earn money out of Pokemon? Go the first way is, for example, let's imagine your text driver. So how can you make money as a Texas? However, relating to Pokemon go, it's very simple in Pokemon. Go there old, the special places, so called poker stops and the chimps. These are places where the players need to go toe, earn extra portables or to fight out of players. And this places are distributed through the whole cities. So let's say you want to be very best capture oldest places. You need a fast way to get through the city. So therefore, already, some Texas drivers are offering and fixed price Pokemon service for, Let's, say, 20 to $25 an hour to take in guests and to drive him from one jim to another off one focused up to another. All this texting drivers needs to do is they need to have their own at open, in addition, toe the navigation system, and they need to know about this poker stops and then the trainers to get in the car, sit down and the Texas driver drives from bomb Pope, who stopped to another to another, to another, to another. And the Blair hasn't very easy time off. Getting through this distance and collecting all this place is. And there's one more thing. Imagine Truitt, the text. A driver knows there are some really, really cool Pokemon, then takes a driver can say, Come into my car. I drive you a route not only to the gyms and focused apps, but I also going to take you to the best places, but is wear. Poke amounts are right now. Think about this. You can also offer this service as an uber driver or privately. Just take a car. Find people who don't want to walk through the city to capture procurements. Get him into your car and drive him there. This is only the first way, plenty more to come. 3. Babysitter: second way. It's a very basically it's called Polk among baby sitter. So you simply do nothing else than your baby, said the account of others. So you train their Po comes or you help them catch the poke amounts. So therefore you need to get access to the account, and then you simply do what they would do to kind off, get paid to play Pokemon. For sure. This camps with some risks because accounts can be stolen or whatever, but usually, if you set up your account the right way, it shouldn't be a problem for you to week have on your passport. But you need to find people who trust you. Try this. 4. Local Shop Owner: and not a way how people are making money out off Pokemon Go is the part off the people who owned local shops. Let's imagine you own a restaurant in Pokemon. Go. You have the ability to cast special poke amounts to your restaurant. Let's imagine you have We have a restaurant and you cast dispel there and all the poker mumble Come to your place, and then this will be marked on the whole map. So everybody around sees it, and a lot of people will come near your restaurant to catch the program under. And if your time this what? Let's say you do this at 12 1 PM, when everybody wants to go to eat, then you will have a lot of people in front of the restaurant. Catchy programs. So therefore, you can use this to promote their own thing. To have your own attraction. Let's say you can cast this Andi. You can also add an huge flyer outside the restaurant flyer there and say, we haven't special off for Pokemon trainers. Everyone who has more than 25 poke amounts of whatever gets 10% discount off the meal. Therefore, for sure you will give away 10% but you will attract people who already here already blank poke among. And you will offer them something that is very, very targeted for them. So it will help you to get their attention. Because, let's say I'm willing to poke him on and I see something related to poke. Um, I would also check it out, give it a try, and maybe it helps. 5. Sell what you have: Another huge way to make money for Pokemon go is to sell your accounts. Take a look at eBay. The A plenty off accounts already on sale. These accounts sell for up to 2000 or more U. S. Dollars. So what is an account? Both? It depends, but your account it's worth today will be less tomorrow and even lesser in five weeks from now, because everybody's leveling up. So if you really plan to sell your account it, you should really, really have an outstanding account right now. You should try to sell it as first. It's possible, but keep in mind, selling account is not allowed, but plenty of other people do it as well. So you must find out if you want to do this in this, really. I'm only going to show things that are possible program ago, not telling anybody He should do this. He should not do this. You really have to make this dish. Is this issue for yourselves? If you don't want toe sell you, I can't keep in mind. It's announced that in the future updates it will be possible to trade Pokemons. So let's say you have a lot off huge Pokemons I can imagine and you can as well out of people will be interested in having this Pope Clement's while it's a you have to wear polka moans. Keep them. Maybe they're good for something else later. Maybe you can trade them right now. We don't know how it works. If you can only trade them against out of polka months. If you control it really, or if you can trade them against attempts, maybe you can give them for free. And then, yeah, maybe the autumn Pilsen can return the favor to you. Think about this pocket money. They can really be rough. Something one day if they have the right level. So, yeah, maybe you collect that. Maybe you trained them and maybe one day you can make a profit out of them. 6. Hosting Parties: another way. How people already making money here in Winner is hosting and Pokemon Night. Pokemon Night, a polka moonwalker. Books like this you get a people over Facebook events and let's say we announce it on Saturday was a Saturday at 8 p.m. We have impossible night walk for four hours. We're going to start here and we're going toe walk for we're gonna show you all the Pokemon stops. We can battle, We can fight, we kill, exchange our experience. We can capture Pokemon. And here we try to get a lot of people there. Think the first walk this most organized have been about 400 people. Let's imagine you have 400 people at the event. You can have plenty chances off up selling how you can make money with this, for sure taking part in this event before. But you can think of plenty ways how to make money. Let's say you make and after Pocomoke walk event at a bar and you go to the spot and only if it's sort of thes. People join you that they have more than 100 people, and they're willing to pay for this, that you bring them 100 paying customs all it's a you can create. You can buy for yourself some program on merchandise you can resell. This can make a T shirt that says, First Pokemon Bocaranda. I was part of it. Did you try to sell them there? Oh, there are plenty out of things. You can collect the email addresses of the people to say to them. Yeah, I keep informed whenever the next event. This you keep them informed for the next week. But you can also send them things like OK, today is a special offer. You get excellent percent discount when you buy polka coins on. Do you can act as an affiliate. You can collect part off their elements, but they expenses. So think about this using Pokemon, go to building communities said huge way for you to pull in your network toe, get access to people and also toe on money 7. Final Words: so, to sum up everything Pokemon go is huge. It's a high potential for you to benefit from it, not only in the game, but also out of the game. If you're takes a driver, you can use your text is a poke a month, Texas toe, all the famous places. If you have a restaurant, you can use Theis Attraction off special Pokemons to your restaurant. To get real life customers. You can organize Pocomoke walks or Pokemon come together, even Pocomoke meet ups to attract more people. There are plenty of things that you can do with Pokemon go because right now it's in white nights. Don't forget. Maybe one day you will be at the point where you can sell your poking home to someone else . I hope discussed, kind of opened your eyes. Why everyone should at least once try Pokemon go. Everyone was a business owner marketer. We can benefit from it. It's huge, its rival, and it can help you. So if you like disgust, please with me. Give me review. Leave me a comment The hope to see him and exc us and catch them all