How are microorganisms classified | Sunita Seemanapalli | Skillshare
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3 Videos (29m)
    • Classification of Living organisms - Taxonomy

    • Hierarchical systems and Nomenclature

    • Phyla in Domains Bacteria and Archaea


About This Class

This class consists of three video lessons. The first video lesson is on the Classification of Living organisms, which soon focuses on the classification of micro-organisms.

The second video is on the Hierarchical system and the Nomenclature. Based on the Linneaus classification, it starts with Domain, Kingdom and Phyla and ends with Genus and species. 

The Nomenclature had to be standardized as so that all scientists would use the same system. 

The third and last lesson is on the Phyla that are in the domains Bacteria and Archaea.





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Sunita Seemanapalli

Biomedical Researcher and Instructor

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