How and What and Why of Marketing

Alina Braverman, Technologist, Digital , Social

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6 Videos (22m)
    • Intro

    • What is marketing really

    • Branding vid 2

    • Sex Sells

    • Psy

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About This Class

Marketing serves the purpose of announcing your service or product. How did this all begin and why are important to understanding how to market. A basic marketing strategy should guide your overall strategy and you should understand why you are marketing your product and/or service.






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Alina Braverman

Technologist, Digital , Social

My career is anything but typical. I love technology and the digital world. After Silicon Alley imploded and, one of the first social media cos did so with it. I still wanted to stay in digital and explore how it could connect people and businesses to further communications. So I convinced some technology cos, they were the only ones listening, to continue and advertise online to brand themselves and sell their services and products. 
I then went on to grow with the digital space but with a bent towards figuring out how all the pieces fit together and more importantly, what digital/social means for brands and businesses. I'm not a creative per se, so agencies didn't know, still don't, where I fit in as I understand the inner workings of campaigns including code. So my career has been an evolution of working with different cos who are willing to test and not just create a website, apps or another social campaign. The potential if you're willing to take the time to understand an audience is so much greater.  I continue to pursue learning by taking classes, such as Neuroeconomics, from Coursera to push digital campaigns beyond contests, incentives, sites, content and creative.