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How a small change in your To-Do list can transform your productivity

teacher avatar Anastasios Tsirpouchtsidis

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Trailer - Is this training for you?

    • 2. Simplify your to-do list and get more done of what matters!

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About This Class


How often do you look at your to-do list at the end of the day and realize you have not ticked off one item, even if you worked hard all day?

Are you still using these "never-ending-bullet-point-to-do-lists" to which you keep adding tasks but rarely remove one?

Then I might know what the problem is.

That's not a "to-do" list!

I bet what you are looking at on a day to day basis is more a "should do" or "could do" list. A mix of tasks, ideas, notes, projects, life goals, and what not.

No wonder you make no headway. Such lists are an invitation to overwhelm, procrastination and despair.

How can you possibly get excited about what you need to do (oh yes, that's possible) when you are looking at a list that gives you palpitation? When you look at a list, knowing upfront that you'll never get through it?

Join this class to change that! I want you to look at your to-do list and get excited about the day.

The good news is, there is an easy fix to this. A small tweak can transform your productivity and make you feel amazing and proud of what you have accomplished during the day.

And you know what? If you feel good about how you ran your day, you are more likely to end the work day appropriately and not take home more work.

Let me show you what I mean. I prepared a 30min training video to show you step-by-step how to create a to-do list that helps you get stuff done.

I'll show you how to clean up your to-do list, make sure that only stuff makes it onto the list that deserves to be there, and structure it in a way that will allow you to crush it day after day after day.

Looking forward to seeing you in the class!

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Tasso.

YOU are your biggest asset. I will help you invest in it.


Tasso’s mission is to help people show up at their best – at work and in life. To raise their ambitions, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and take meaningful action.

He strongly believes that the way to success is rooted in an empowering mindset and self-image as well as strong habits.

That’s why his courses combine INSPIRATION to trigger willingness to change, INSTRUCTION to equip with tools and habits that help you move forward, and MOTIVATION so that you can persevere in your effort to change whatever is not working for you.

For more than 13 years, Tasso worked with “Big Pharma.” He understands in depth the struggles employees ... See full profile

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1. Trailer - Is this training for you?: Hi. Um, can I show you something? Let me ask you this if you think off your day like this. Okay? And this is work. And this is after work for the lack of a better name. What defines when you make the Katia? It's exactly what happens up here, right? It depends what happened during the day when you make the cut, whether you make it earlier in the day or whether you make it later in the day. Let me ask you one moving because very often this is not as clear cut. Let me take this a little bit further so that you can see what I'm drawing. Very often this is work. Then there is also work. And then there is the after work. So what you do is you take work. I looted a little bit poison the rest of the day and continued to work until actually a little bit too late. So what defines whether you have a clear cut or you have a diluted kind off. Let me take home some of my work. Exactly. It's again. This It depends what you do during the day, how your day runs decides whether you have a clear cut or you have looted part for different people in different. It goes into your next face of today, the day that you wanted to have for yourself on your family. Let me ask you a final thing. What? These signs, what defines how you feel at the end of the day? Same thing how you run, do whatever happens here. Besides, when you stop how you stop and how you feel at the end off the day, can you give me 30 minutes of your time to fix this? I want to show you away to make sure that you run the day in a way that makes you feel accomplished at the end of the day. Feel amazing, feel that it was a great day wanting more off those and not ending up the day looking at your to do list thinking whatever done all day. I've been busy up in running around all day, but not off the items on my to do list has been completed. Joined me. Give me 30 minutes of your time and I'll help you fix this. See you there 2. Simplify your to-do list and get more done of what matters!: Hi there. Welcome. I'm so glad you joined. You're probably here because you feel oftentimes overwhelmed because there's so much to do in so little time. Or maybe you look at the end of the day on your to do list and you realize more often than not that none of these items that you said that you would do actually got ticked off. You were busy all day. You were active all day. You run around or that you feel you You worked hard all day and still none of these things that you actually plan to do got done. Or maybe you struggle with getting started. You're procrastinating on those things that are important, and you feel that you fall for those things that come easy, like checking emails off these administrative tasks that are easier to accomplish. Or maybe you get started finally, but then realize that you can't focus on something you don't finish your mind drags you away from those things that you need to be doing and gets, and you get easily distracted so that at the end of the day, you look back and say, What have I done all day? How could it be that I am at the end of the day and I feel horrible because I'm sure you're familiar with the situation we all had that that you come to the end of the day and look back and say, Whoa, that was a great day. That was an awesome day. I got stuff done. I think's happened as I wanted to. That was a flow. Everything was perfect. And then other days, will you get to the end of the day and you realize, What have I done all day? What was that? You know, I got nothing done. It felt horrible. Everything went wrong. And so if this is you, if you find yourself in any off these and please, I encourage you to stick after the end, I have something for you. Very, very special. I want to share with you something simple. A simple change you can make to the way you work that can have a significant impact on your productivity on how you manage your time, how you feel about your energy and your focus, your attention toe those things that you should be doing. So let's get started and let me start by asking you this. Let me get this a little closer so they can see what I'm writing here. So let me ask you this. Let's assume that this is a typical date. Okay? You have work here, and then you have Let's call it after work. Yep. Now it's some point of time. You close the day, right? You make a cut and say, OK, this is it. What defines where you make this come, You know, whether it's more upper here. Or maybe it's more down here. What defines when you actually call it a day and you quit the working time to go to those things that are also part of your life. What? What defines that exactly? It is what happens here. What happens here defines when exactly you can call it a day, feel comfortable with it and move to the next phase off your life. Now, let me ask you another thing. Very often we don't have such a clear cut situation, right? Normally this happens. And then maybe maybe it's a diluted little space here. And then maybe, you know you have work. Maybe let's say this is also work because you can't really ended your you drag it into the rest of the day and then you have after work. Now who and what defines whether it's a clear cut or it gets diluted here so that you know you can't let go. You have difficulties to stop that and move in transition to the next phase of the day. It's exactly the same thing, right? It's exactly the symptoms. It depends what happens here. Everything. Whatever happens doing this very important period of the time off, the day defines what would happen here. Let me ask you this What defines how you feel at the end of the day, what defines whether at the end of the day you feel Wow, this was a great day. I want more of these days or you say, What have I done all day? What waas that I don't want this again Exactly. Same thing It all boils down to how this part runs. If you feel good about this part, then this is amazing. You can make a clear cut. You don't dilute this into your private life that you wanna have after work and you feel amazing. And this is what I want from you. And this is what today's training is about. A simple change that can help you get that. Okay, so if you're with me, I hope you stuck with me until the end. Now what? In what ways could you possibly mess this up? What does define how this goes? Well, it's your to do list, you know, and he's a situation. There is many, many people that say, You know, when you watch online videos or you look at online articles, many people say No. Forget that to do list. It's not important. Don't you know? Look at the done list all sorts of advice that I feel is really, really bad advice that to do list it's your guidance for the day is your plan for the day. It's an important thing, and the reason why people advice against it is because they don't do it right. There's a right way and doing it as a wrong way to do it now. One way to do it wrong is you don't have what? As I said, if you don't have a to do list, what does that mean? That means that you don't have anything that is yours that you want to get done. And if you don't have a to do list, you fall victim toe other people's work, you get dragged in and respond to other people's on request Jewelry Act. And this is, for instance, why many, many people get to work in the, you know. And the first thing they do it work is they open up email. Why would you do that? If you have a to do this, If you have a couple of things that you want to get done, why would you go to your email and possibly look for things? Um, that other people ask if you that doesn't make any sense. Right? Well, that's why you need to get it to do it. So if you don't never to do list, that's one major mistake. You need to have a to do list. Now, the second mistake the people make is that their to do list looks like this, you know, a bullet point list, and then something comes up in it. Okay, let me add this to my to do list, and this is the next item here. Oh, and something else comes like Oh, this is part of the and then let me ask. You put it here and then you have to do is that is a bullet point list. Now, what does that list due to you when you have a list that is like this? But it's a never ending list. What does that do to you? What that does to you is it gives you options, and the one thing you don't want is options at to do list is enlisted. His help is supposed to help you get stuff done. It's supposed to help you do things. But one important thing and the psychology of humans is that if you have options, you know what happens. Picture yourself in the supermarket and you have all these options off marmalade. 50 different options. What ends up happening you by none. And this is exactly what happens if you have a list like this. People I got used to this and it's and it's not your fault. I mean, who you know, who learns how to do it right? Who learns at school or at work, or any time, any place how to do this in the right way. So they do as memos. People don't and they make bullet points and to make bullet points. And then they say, Okay, so maybe I should be doing this first. Maybe. Okay, so on. But I do this and then I do this. You know, you It's a random action of this, And you probably what ends up happening that probably people go and approach this in a way in terms of how they feel. Oh, you know what? Uh, you know this That's that's a quick one. Or that I feel for that that I'd like to do. But this I don't like to do so I postpone into later. So if you make it to do list like this, the problem that you're facing and it gives you options, you can do it according to how you feel. And there's another thing to that. Lists like that are daunting. You get anxiety and palpitation just by looking at a list like this, because here I made your quickly. But you know how your to do list looked like, right? It looks like this. It's a never ending list. You take off things, you add things, you take off things you add things. It's a never ending list and off course. Anybody who would look at a list like this would feel paralyzed and would feel uncomfortable and would procrastinate to start any off. This because this things that people refer to as to do lists I actually not to do list these are should do lists or could do lists. There are some things that don't have a deadline. There are some things that are maybe more goals. There's some things that are tasks. There are some things that you know do very, very soon in some things that you don't know. If you actually should be doing that. There's some things that are ideas and thoughts and inspiration. Oh, I could do this. So this is not a to do list. This is a should do or could do list. And there's nothing wrong with having, you know, jumping down your thought. Yes, it's very, very important that you get everything out of your head and onto paper. That's important because your mind needs clarity and your mind means to be free to do stuff that it needs to do. Your mind is not their toe. Hold that yes, there to create idea. So that's fine. Write it down. But that's not your to do list. You stop too early, Okay? And in today's video, I wanted to show you how to fix this and how to make it to do list that is not daunting and making you afraid just by looking at it and thinking, Oh my God, how can I possibly do all this? But to create a to do list that is short, that is simple, and that is exciting, that you actually feel like you could accomplish it. A to do list that is actually a to do list. And how do we do that now? This long thing here? And he said, There's nothing wrong toe have such a master list. It's It's a good thing to have such a marvelous, but this is your database. It's all those things, like your ideas, your your thoughts, your kudos and shoe toes, and that's fine. But like with every database, if you think how we work on computers or how we work on smartphones all our life, there is information in a database stop. But that's the background and what you do, you work actually, with every application on your smartphone is like that, right? You work with the U I with the user interface, and this user interface is just an extraction off that master list. So that is your master list. OK, have it. Keep it important. But I want you to create a rial to do list, a to do list and to do list. Is the extraction off what needs to get done the next day? So what I do and I encourage you to do because it will change everything for you is if you actually do a to do list only for the next day. That's what it is because you know, not in our day's work life. There's so many unknowns in so many things that change. Our bosses change constantly. Their priorities are the environment changes meetings, bring up new information so you can't plan for too long ahead when it comes to task. You can off course when it comes to goals and your deliverables. But when it comes to what you need to get done, you will keep changing that so often that it doesn't make sense to make it to do list for the week you make a to do list for the next day. Does that make sense? So that's the one important thing, guys. The one important thing that I wanted you to learn today was that whatever you might have considered to be your to do list so far, I don't think it was a real to do is what it takes now is to make it to do list that is really only tackling the next day. Now, how do we do that? Let's move to the next. So the next thing for you is how do I do that? How do I create that to do list that is exciting me? That makes me feel. Whoa, that's doable, because when you feel that's doable, that's that's half. Half the rate is one. Because you, you know your mind is triggered positively and you you will start things because if you feel you can't, this can't be done anyway. If you don't believe in the completion of the list, you won't even get started. That's where many, many things, including procrastination, comes from. So when you make your to do list, what I want you to do is I want you to think about. What am I working on in the first place? What about working on what? On my project and you have here. You know, you can make it like like a to like this. Like a little like a little one pager on. You can say this is my project one. This is my project toe. Maybe Project three. And I wouldn't do more than that. And then, you know what? The end of the day you think a little bit about what am I working on? And we have a couple of task for these particular projects. Think of them again and again and think also in a way like now, what would I want by the end of the month? Things to look like? What do I need to get done by the end of this month? Let's say you say April, What do I want? What would buy? What would I be happy with by the end of April? All these things that I want these things to deliver I will be awesome. And then you say Okay. So, in order to get this done, what do I need to get done? This week and then you stop based on those things that you actually need to do to define what are my weeks deliverables The lip, Bert, Rob bowls. Sorry about my hand like and then you define what you want to have done this week. Now, once you are clear off what your deliverables are for this week and I'm not saying feelings here like Okay, by the end of this week, I need to have planned Is this presentation or I need to have thought off the next step. That is, that these are not really good task. What you need is deliverable deliverable that he find buy things that you can share things that you can show to somebody. It can be the presentation, a draft version that you will go give somebody to get fever or deliverable can be that you will have had the feedback on the event that you're planning all that you will have had for quote and proposals for something that you want to purchase for your company. Whatever is something tangible something that you could show and tell somebody about. Okay, that is very, very important. And they have to be limited kind off deliverables because, you know, you need to be realistic. Now imagine that. Imagine if you have no your week and you know exactly what you need to be doing that week. You look at your week again and you say, OK, now, if this is my weak, these are my days in the week. Monday Tuesday tend to etcetera. You look at your weekend. What? My commitments already? Maybe I have a meeting here. Maybe I'm out of office here. Maybe there is a, you know, on all hands meeting here. You look at the week and you say, OK, so this is what I'm working on. This is what I mean to get done my deliverables for this week in order to actually achieve what I wanted for this month. This is what I need to get done by the end of the week. These are my commitment. This is what I feel will move me forward when you look at your calendar and you see OK, so these are the slots that I actually have, and you double check. Can I actually make that happen If the first feeling is yes, that's great. If you feel no but these deliverables are important. That's why we started with these. You might want to try and get out off some of these commitments if you committed to a meeting because you want to be more visible. But actually you don't contribute so much there. Get out of it. Get out of it. If you said you're gonna meet with somebody. But the thing is you much, much later, get out of it. Say, say no, I can't. I have another commitment and you can show it even if needed. You know if it's your boss or something, but you know exactly what to do. That's the power off your intention. And then once you have a clear understanding what you need to get, how much time you actually have you take the next day. As we said, it's 24 hours. You take the next day and you say Okay, this is how much time I have Now I would plan my day. You go down and you finish the day. It depends whenever you know you're working hours. I depends on your working on. But you will make a to do list that you will put a task for every single hour off the day. Now you would say Oh my God, I can't do that. Because if I do that I mean, this is too strict and so I want to be flexible. I won't be creative. I wanna have the freedom to change things. Well, let me ask you this. How has this freedom to change things helped you so far. If you're here, you wanna learn a really simple thing that can have a huge impact on how your day turns out . Then listen to me. This is something that is huge. It make a huge impact on my life on how I feel about my date. And I am sure it will make the same for you. This is what I teach to many, many people. And they all are blown away by the impact. This can have commit to a little bit of structure. Try this. Commit to trying this on. You will see what difference it makes. You can't even go down that you say Okay, 12 o'clock. I have lunch and at one o'clock I have the meeting a tattoo, right, separate. And this time I will do this task and you are very specific about these tasks that need to get done that day. Now, here's why did this important. If you now feel to yourself Well, I'm in the wrong training. I don't want these. I don't want this structure. I want my freedom. Here's something. Here's a reason why you should at least try if you don't have that, if you don't put a time and I don't mean necessarily a duration because normally humans are not so good at estimating how long things take. You will get better at doing this, but we're not so good at estimating how much things. So you just say I will do this. I will give myself only this time to finish that task. How far, however far I get. So if you don't do this and if you just have the tasks for the day, you know, here's the thing. If something makes it on your to do list on your real to do it and we said that these are things that will help you get to your deliverables, those things that you want to end your work week with. Okay, if this makes it on your to do list. It deserves a prominent space on your to do list. Why shouldn't be somewhere. And if you don't a specific time and a prominent space and place for your task, you know what your mind and your brain are going to do Your mind and your brain and your brain are going to think off this task as I will do it. I won't do it as soon as there is time. This is the thinking that you will have. If you don't have these things in stop on your day, your mind will step in and will say, I'll do this. But I'll do this whenever there is time and you will fall again for doing things according to how you feel. Like according to maybe, how the environment as you need to commit to doing something. And you know what this does? You just work things off like a machine. You do this task, you make a little ports, you make this task and make a little pause. You make these three task, you make a little post, you just execute because you now and this is the big thing that many, many people ignore. This thing helps you and your mind to separate your planning from execution. What your to do list needs to do is to make sure that you start the day without thinking. Okay, What's next? The killer off all productivity, the killer off every time. Management, energy management attention Management is when you allow yourself to say what's next. What should I do next? You should never get to the stage because once your mind steps in, it will tell you all sorts of things and you will not be able to finish those things that you wanted to do. So the solution that I found for me and that helps so maybe many other people is structure you to do like this. Test it. You will be surprised if you doubt tested, tested for a day or two tested for three days. Have a look at this and tell me how this changed the way to experience or entirely separate your thinking from execution. Separated plan the day before. Look, maybe at your list on the day I planned the day before other people plan the morning you might have heard about it really doesn't matter. Honestly, I do it The night before because I want my brain while I'm sleeping toe already. Process the information. Other people do it differently. But once you start the day, you should not be thinking anymore. What should I be doing next? This is this is your list and I want you to think of your list differently. I want you to think of your list. Now is not as a to do list, but it's a must do list because you have gone through a thought process that he finds very , very clearly those things that you need to get done. And I want you to do them. I want you to do them. And what will help you do them is shot of your mind. You decided on these tasks. You decided on these tasks. There was a reason even if the first day, it doesn't work all well, you lost a day, you'll get better in this. But you decided what needs to get done now do it. Not doing your on a mission. Your mission is complete. This to do list your must do list. Does that make sense? Guys, that was exactly what I wanted to share with you. I hope you like this training. Let me recap for you very, very quickly what this year was about and what it will help you do. Now. The first thing that I wanted you to do as I mentioned to you in the previous is rethink your to do list. Okay. Rethink your to do this. The only thing that you need to change your is you need to make it to do this for the day. This is not your to do list. This is a should do or could do list. It is distracting. It is causing anxiety. It is causing paralysis. It is not allowing you to do those things that you said you would do. And you know what will make you feel great. At the end of the day? What will make you feel great at the end of the day is that you did what you said you would do, and that's the way to do it. And the second thing when we took this a little bit more into detail was How do you create this to do? Is how do you make this happen? And what I showed you here is you make your must do list for the day. You are very specific about what needs to get done. And you put it on the list with a prominent space for the task. Because you know what it takes to get to the deliverables off the week. Guys, I hope you like that. I hope you enjoy this training. I want to toe end your days every single day thinking that was a great day. And the way to do it is this way. You start by rethinking your to do is you simplify your to do list. It makes it very, very clear what you need to do when you cut off your brain. That part of you that actually steps in and always grabs your attention away. You have seen only the tip off the iceberg. This is that to do is this is the first thing that you will have to do Now you can take this and run with this and already succeed big, big time. But if you want to now get a little bit deeper, how do I now execute that to do list? Now I have that and I will do this but are there any wage, any routines, any practices that I need in order to be sure that I execute this and I can tell you there are I go very, very deep into what it takes to actually execute the list. How do you stop the mornings? How do you set yourself up to run through your day? How do you execute that list? Because you might think now, because I have done this before. But I still got sidetracked. I still fell off the wagon. I still lost my focus. There are ways to do this better. And I have this. I have special videos for this in the video. How do you in the course, how do you execute like a champion? How do you manage your energy during the data so that you can execute the list all in the program? How do you manage? Your energy is important because, as you know, how often have you failed it? Hey, I actually have an hour to do something, but I don't feel like I'm feeling exhausted. I'm feeling drained now. What will it take to manage your energy? I have a video for this in the court. That will help you manage your energy during the day. And remember, in the first cheeky of the Fletcher I showed you there is a car. How do you end the day? How do you avoid that? The day of the working day ends like a clear cut and is not grabbed into the rest off your day. The next phase of today, the day when you want to spend, you know, with your loved ones with your friends. You don't want to think about your world. What will help you actually clear? Cut that so that you don't take work home and basically dilute and poisoned the environment at home or in the program. It will show you how toe start the day, how you can manage your energy throughout the day. How you can end your day. Well, it shows you also ways how you can get better. How can you improve along the way? Because there was always being me to improve little steps in there. But does this need to be complicated? No. I only offer your four questions that you need to ask yourself. And these four questions will make it so much easier for you. to get better every single day. So, please, if what you heard today resonated with you if you thought Whoa, that makes sense. Pastor has a point here. This is a re away and the only way to do it. This is the only way that makes sense to run your day by shutting off your mind. Being very clear position your task well during the day. And then, as I said, taking this to the next level one step further, improving how you start your day so that you actually get started on this. Improving how you manage your energy during the day. How would you get two point where you resist the urgency? You know how it is. You start getting these things done and then it Khalid comes and pulls you off. What did you do then? And then maybe your mind drags your attention away. What do you do then? How do you stay in the flow? How do you stay in that state of mind that helps you go through that list and ended so that you can close the day? Well, how could you improve it day by day? So that at the end of the day. You are a productivity ninja. All this you can learn in a very compelling program that I put together for you. You will also see that the moments off people who have gone through this training, you will see what it did to them, how they changed, how they got inspired to even try and do something differently. It's a huge game changer, guys, if you want to feel differently about your day, if you want to run your day so that you feel that you want the day at the end of the date and you want your days to amount to something bigger that you win, that they won twice the amount of winning the week to winning the month. If you want to change the way you experience your productivity the way you manage your time but also your energy and your focus, then I encourage you get to the page and grab the opportunity to change something. It will make a big difference to your life. So having said that, guys, we closed the 30 minutes I'm I feel I'm so grateful that you were here and you gave me the opportunity to share with you A huge way An impactful way to manage your day You're awesome Have a wonderful day Take care Bye bye.