How a "Nobody" can Promote a Book or Product

Franki B. Kidd,

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6 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • About this Class, Start Here

    • The Simple Plan

    • Where To Put it?

    • How To Get Buyers to BUY?

    • Recap & Your Mission Should you Accept :)


About This Class

Hey FBK, here. 

Are you looking for a couple of simple things you can do  to promote your book or product?


In this course, you will discover a few common sense marketing strategies to increase your book or product sales. 

As an average woman from the Midwest, I’m just like many of you.  I’m not some big shot internet marketer who uses overly complicated marketing techniques. 

Nope, that’s not me.  Instead, I share a couple of practical tips that anyone can implement

Click & Enroll now and let's get started.

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The steps were laid out quite well. The only thing I took objection to was the swearing. I don't really think that is necessary and did not add anything to the presentation.
David Henry

Veteran Guitarist-Who wants to LEARN GUITAR?

Franki great class like always. Found lots of useful content. Thanks again Michael.
Very helpful and I plan on using her guide on my 1st nonfiction book. Thanks again!
Mark Anthony Brewer

"Do or Do Not, There is no Try"





Franki B. Kidd

For my writing students, check out my popular Nonfiction Book. 


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Franki (FBK) is a writer's writer. She's an author who writes with a colorful simplicity.

The hundreds of eBooks that she's written for clients through online freelancing sites have become...

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