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How Your Personal Brand Can Attract Ideal Clients

teacher avatar Larry Easto, Best-Selling Writer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Good Clients Are Good For Business

    • 3. Ideal Clients Are Best For Business

    • 4. Identifying Your Ideal Clients

    • 5. How To Attract Ideal Clients

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About This Class

On completion of the class project, students will:

  1. understand the value of ideal clients
  2. know how to identify the kinds of clients who are ideal for them and their services
  3. know how to apply the best strategies for attracting ideal clients

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Larry Easto

Best-Selling Writer


If you earn any part of your livelihood by selling your services, I want to help you attract more clients.

In other words, I want to help you generate more of the new business that you want and deserve.

Long story short,  I have come to understand that marketing services is all about establishing and maintaining relationships with those wonderful people we love to serve … and are good at satisfying.

These marvelous folks are also known as ideal clients.

As short, user-friendly learning opportunities, Skillshare classes can help busy people like you learn more about what marketing is as well as the skills necessary to ge... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi there. I'm Larry East. Oh, welcome to buy online course how to attract ideal clients instead of chasing. So so Leight's. My entire career is being based on providing professional services from legal services to consulting than writing, speaking, teaching and coaching. I've had the good fortune to connect with some wonderful clients and amazing network contacts. It's been an exciting journey of learning that just gets better and better. Like me. When you chose self employment, you probably accepted as clients whoever wanted whatever service you could provide. More often than not throw starting. New business was soon replaced by the need for cash flow. As a result, anyone who could pay for what they wanted instantly became clients and, by extension, our new best friends. As their businesses grew, we needed a constant flow of new clients to replace those whose engagements have been completed. Over time, most of us generated mixed bag of clients. Some are good, even ideal. Others are so so and still others are not so good. Not so good Clients are those people you'd rather night even associate with, let alone serve. They drain your energy, frustrate you and bring up the worst side of your otherwise likable nature. So so clients air well. There's so, so pleasant enough to interact with and easily satisfied serving them neither, and energizes you were drained. You overall, you hardly think about them Between their infrequent appearances as board employees describe their jobs, thes clients help pay the bills way good clients air those people you love to serve. They keep coming back for more services, willingly pay your fees and also refer friends and acquaintances to you. And if that's not enough, serving good clients helps you feel good about yourself and your work. A few things air better than good clients with whom you enjoy mutually beneficial relationships. Given their wide range of choices, why do your ideal clients choose you? Perhaps an even more interesting question is, Why did you identify specific clients? Is ideal. Regardless of the service that we provide, we all face a bewildering range of choices and running our businesses. Among the most critical of these choices is what services to provide and what kinds of clients we want to serve. Based on the services you have chosen to provide who are the ideal clients for these services since it's your choice as to what kinds of clients you want to serve. Why not true to serve good clients? In fact, why not take this choice? One step further ensures to serve ideal clients. Think of idea clients as good clients with friend benefits. Ideal client relationships also include the joy of interacting like minded people with whom you share common values and interests. Without a doubt, ideal clients are important to the ultimate success of our businesses. When serving ideal clients, you will love what you're doing and also get better at doing it. Life is too short to settle for anything less than the best. By the end of this class, you will know how to qualify. Good clients, understand the value of ideal clients. Be able to identify the kinds of clients who ideal for you and your services and know how to apply the best strategies for attracting ideal clients before getting into the course itself. There's one other important thing to keep in mind. The class project will get you started on the process of attracting more ideal clients instead of chasing, so so leads which major no to me. So so clients or even worse, pliant. They're not right for you. Assuming that the process unfolds the way it's intended, you have a very clear idea of who your ideal clients are and how to attract more of them. How great will that feel? So let's get started. What are the characteristics of a good client? That's the first lesson. 2. Good Clients Are Good For Business: even though this lesson is about good clients, let's start with the counter example. Very awful. Learn about what's good by examining what's not good. My worst client ever was not so when I chose, nor did he choose me. He was what might best be described as an inherited client by way of background will Practicing Long. One of my best referral sources was a lovely man named Jim, who was a financial planner. Jim served a number of elderly clients, many of whom had no family living in the immediate area. Whenever one of Jim's clients needed a new will, he would call upon me to exist his client with the preparation of will. One such client was Bert, who was his ornery and cantankerous and individual as I'd ever met. Fortunately, with Jim's help, I managed to complete the necessary legal work, ensuring that I followed every relevant guideline to a T. Bird appointed his nephew, Charles, who lived about 2.5 hours away to be the executor. I'd never met Charles and based on birth behavior, and this description of his nephew had no desire to meet him ever. Unfortunately, such was not the case would Burke died, Jim notify Charles of his uncle's death. Charles immediately contacted me and told me that he was too busy to make the trip to make the funeral arrangements, so instructed me to do so reluctantly. I did it when advised of the funeral details. Charles responded that he was just too busy to attend the funeral and advised that he would contact me after the funeral to look after the estate. Despite several attempts to set up a meeting with Charles, he was always too busy to make the trip. Several weeks after the funeral, while I was with another client, I heard shouting coming from the reception area. So I excused myself, went out to investigate. It turned out that it was Charles demanding to see me. Immediately after a very heated discussion, he agreed to return later so that we could start working on the estate. My one and only meeting with Charles was something I had never experienced before, nor do I ever want to experience the game As soon as we receded, he criticized the will, complained about the cost of the funeral and showed it at me for interfering with his administration of his uncle's estate. And on and on. When I'd had enough, I stood up and left the office. I told my secretary what was happening and asked her to call the police. I then returned, ordered him out of my office immediately and told him the police were on their way and that if he was still in my office when the police arrived, I would have him arrested, even though I had no clues to what the charges might have, Bean eventually Charles hire his own lawyer and, on payment of a very large quarter proof E. I released the original well and related paperwork to his lawyer. If there's a moral of this story shows how important it is to select his clients. Onley those people with whom you think you can get along What are the characteristics of a good client? The number one characteristic of a good client is that they're able to express what they want and need. This ability to is vital for a service provider, regardless of the service. Charles was too busy to tell me what he needed wanted regarding his uncle's estate and when he found the time to meet. His communication style was to show his complaints at me, as service providers were constantly faced with clients who wanted yesterday. In many cases, what these clients actually get is the rest job full of mistakes and needing a lot of rework. A good client, however, understands the quality. Work takes time and plans accordingly. While most service providers can and do work independently, there's nothing more frustrating than being unable to reach the client. Smart clients know that it's cheaper to get it right the first time than to fix it. Later, they make themselves available. Unlike Charles, who was too busy to plant or even attend his uncle's funeral, let alone look after the estate administration bargain is a bargain except when it's not often paying less than market rate for work results in getting work of less than average quality. That's because service providers who work on the cheap often must take on more work than they can really do well just to make ends meet. It's a good idea to discuss your payment terms with clients before the work begins. By breaking large fees into installment payments, clients are better able to budget the costs of fees. As a service provider provider, you can minimize your exposure to bad debts. When the client stops paying, you start working. Qualifying clients is critical before undertaking any work on their behalf. Qualifying is a process that involves satisfying yourself about two basic issues. First, can the potential clients achieve the outcome they seek and secondly, can? Can you, and are you willing to help these clients achieve that outcome? Once the process of qualifying clients has being completed to everyone's satisfaction, there's one more important step before getting yourself hired by these new clients. How does the relationship feel? Business relationships that feel good at the offset invariably work out well. Based on your initial impressions, Ask yourself the following questions to assess your feelings. Note that these questions are not intended to gather factual information. They're more like an intuitive check. Far too often, I've denied or ignored these feelings on league reread, not having followed my instinct, the bottom line and how relationships feel. If they feel good, go for them, they will probably work out well. If you get no feeling about relationships, figure out what will make them feel good and do it whenever relationship feels bad, don't go there. Qualifying clients is more than a single step in an individual transaction. Properly handled. The process of qualifying clients can make a valuable contribution to your overall marketing plan. It's part of the process that helps sustain the flow through your client pipeline. Even clients failure to Qualify offers marketing payoffs. If prospects don't qualify for whatever reason, it does not mean that they will never qualify with their permission, treated his clients and keep in touch with them. When they do qualify, they will probably come back to you. And if they like the service you provided to them, they might worry for others to you. 3. Ideal Clients Are Best For Business: clearly idea. Clients are ready, willing and able to pay us for help in making the changes they want provided we deliver the appropriate services and value clients will pay The fees for services has agreed. Carefully qualified and effectively served. They also fill the role of business partners. All clients conservatives windows on your market. Once you've attracted the most potential clients and help them become actual clients by duplicating the process, you can have also attract others like them. After you served clients their satisfaction, I asked him about how to connect with other people like them. That's probably the easiest way there is to generate more referrals, but don't stop there. Changes a constant in today's marketplace The next time clients want your help, they may well want something different. As part of helping them with their current issue. Ask about the kinds of personal business changes they anticipate in the next few years, along with providing clients with your customary high quality service, invite them to help you with your market research. They can help you listen to the market, which in turn will help you continue to attract and serve mawr and better clients by hiring you clients demonstrate that you are likable and that they consider you to be trustworthy, incompetent when you satisfied them or even better, exceeded their expectations and delivered a memorable experience. They will happily and voluntarily sing your praises in combination. These two factors represent a fabulous seal of approval for you and your services. From a marketing perspective, the seal of approval also means an endorsement or testimonial, regardless of what you call this two factor combination. It's a powerful combination that will help you attract more business for your business. Appropriately used client testimonials confirmed that you are a good person with whom to do business, their objective third party confirmation that you're likeable, trustworthy and competent, reassuring potential clients that you can help them. Once you've helped clients, you can probably help them again. Similarly satisfied clients. They're usually happy to recommend you and refer others to you. But repeat and referral business or not automatic they can't be taken for granted. To help clients as catalysts for new business, we have to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. This will help remind them of how we help them in the past and that we remain ready, willing and able to help them and others like them. The world's best musicians practice their skills every day. Louis Armstrong once explained that he didn't practice for one day. He knew it. If he missed two days practice, the critics knew it and even miss practicing for three days. The public knew it as service providers. Few of us need to practice our skills daily. On the other hand, we are subject to the use it or lose it phenomenon. The longer we go without using our skills, the less effective we become. Inserting clients. We have the ideal opportunity to improve our professional skills, and the more we practice our skills, the better we become at using them. And as we get better what we do, we also improve our ability to attract new clients. Good friends help us meet our personal needs. Among the best summaries of human needs his Maslow's hierarchy of personal needs. Using this model, our most basic needs food, water, shelter and warmth are set out at the bottom, moving up each next level sets up a higher need into reaching the top self actualization needs applying this model to our service businesses, either directly or indirectly. Ideal clients can help us meet different levels of needs. Realistically, clients cannot directly meet physiological needs like food, water, shelter and warmth. Nor can they directly help us with safety needs such a security, stability, freedom and freedom from fear. However, with the revenue generated from the fees they pay for our services, we can purchase the resources we need to help meet these needs. On a physiological and safety level, our personal relationships with clients help us meet our needs for belonging. Each ideal client is also a friend and as such contributes to our sense of belonging. What's even better is that the relationships with clients can also extend the sense of belonging without breaching confidential aspects of individual relationships with clients. We can share with others the experience of working with clients by discussing such elements . It's how we felt and what we learned. We can establish and enhance non client relationships with interested like minded people. Like our client relationships. These connections were helped heighten our sense of belonging. It is when we reach the self esteem and self actualization levels that their personal needs get a major boost from clients. When we assist clients in achieving the results they seek, we ourselves experience first a sense of achievement we helped bring about the desired results. Second, a feeling of mastery. It was our skills and how we applied them that made the difference. Third recognition clients will probably recognize the value they received and finally, respect. We help make a difference for our clients. Thes experience helps experiences All helped boost our self esteem. Many self employed people are driven by a higher Nathan, simply earning a livelihood. Those of us who are so driven choose to use our basic towns to serve others or otherwise make a difference in our world. Whenever we effectively help clients make a difference in their lives, we usually experience a sense of fulfillment that sets of Yes, that's what it's all about in terms of meeting personal needs. It just doesn't get any better than that. One of my most recent consulting clients was also one of my favorite ideal clients. Jean Pierre are JPs, as he preferred to be called, was a very knowledgeable, experienced consultant from his high level work with a major international consulting firm . His area of expertise was system I taste, system ization and operating efficiency with large healthcare organizations. A few years before we met, JP left his position with a large large consulting firm to start his own small boutique firm. His plan was to deliver especially services to smaller and midsized health care organizations. One of his earliest obstacles was in helping potential clients understand that his small firm could deliver the same high quality services as the major international consulting firms. When he contacted me, he explained that it was my combination of writing and marketing experience that attracted him. As it turned out, JP also loved to write, which made for a perfect fit for my preferred format for delivering services whenever possible. I try to guide clients from the process of solving their own problems rather than solving the problems for them in J. P situation. This meant I could help him with preparing his own marketing messages instead of preparing communications for him, a perfect fit for each of us. With expectations clarified, we agreed on how much time I required to prepare my portion of the work. JP assured me that he would be available if I had any questions. He also aspirin invoice for the retainer so he could transfer the funds to me and we could get started. The initial invoice was paid on receipt, as were all other invoices. Working with JP was a real joy. Whenever I offered advice or suggestions, it was actually fun to watch him process the ideas. If he liked him, he grabbed them and, like receiver, catching a football and ran with him. If, on the other hand, he didn't appear to like them, he would ask for clarification, even asking why and how. I thought he could apply the most effectively. From JP's perspective, he seemed to really appreciate the fact that I was introducing him to ideas and concepts that he himself could use to address his own issues. All things considered, JP represents a perfect model of an ideal client for me. And as for you, your ideal client is someone you love to serve and are good. It's satisfying someone who finds a perfect solution to end Met unmet wants or needs in your service is someone who is loyal to you, frequently uses your services and is likely to recommend you to others, someone who is absolutely the best for you and your business 4. Identifying Your Ideal Clients: No, it's your turn. Who are your ideal clients? Think of those people you love to serve and who are also very satisfied with your service. Maybe they return for more help. Referred new business to you are even saying your praises at a testimonial. Keep the process simple and subjective. What did you really like about working with him? What did these clients need want and expect from you? How do you meet these? How did you meet these needs and wants? And what do you think they like most about working with you? You can go under a lot more detail if you like, but these four questions will give you enough information to get started. As you grow and develop your business, you can continue to refine the criteria for ideal clients. Once you know the kinds of clients you want to serve, the next challenge is to find them. Buyer personas are popular marketing tools that can help you meet and overcome this challenge. If you're not familiar with the concept of buyer person is a fictional generals. I generalized representation of your ideal clients When use properly, these per Sinus can help us define an intern internalized the kinds of clients we want to attract. They help in two ways. First, there we can refine our services to fit our client's needs. And secondly, we can develop communication strategies to get the right message to the right people. Creating a buyer or ideal client persona involves much more of the slapping and name on a vague demographic category. The person is based upon riel information about riel clients. This slide includes three samples of a buyer persona. The two at the top illustrate what it completed by her personal. It can look like the sample of the bottom is, in fact, a sample template. There is no standard form or format for a buyer. Personas. There are plenty of free templates online that you can download and customized for your own use. Keeping things simple. Creating a buyer persona is a three step process. First, you want to gather demographic information. Second, identify clients, pain points and or potential opportunities. And finally consolidate your findings. The slight has another example of a template of a buyer personas. You probably gathered this information when you started your business. If you not specifically gather this information now, would be a good time to identify and gather this data. For purposes of your buyer persona, the best information is objective and specific. For example, age 20 to 25 is better than young adult Located in San Francisco would be better than on the West Coast. If your services air intended for individuals or families, it would be good to include criteria such as education, family situation, interests and so one. Similarly, if your services air intended for businesses or other organizations, you would want to include more specific criteria, such as nature, size, age, target market, etcetera. If you need some help in identifying criteria we use, check up the factors that go into creating Facebook ads. There's lots of really useful information there. Keep in mind that these demographics are useful in planning your marketing activities. They represent a useful starting point, not a guiding principle. What problems or opportunities to your ideal clients face on an ongoing basis? If you're going to be part of their solutions, you need to fully understand what they're facing. The best approach would be to talk to current clients and network contacts with sort of the same target market is you clients can tell you what you're doing right and how you fit their needs, as well as how you occasionally fall. Short network contacts can share with you their insights and observations about the pains and potential gains common to your target America. The next best approach would be to conduct a survey to obtain the necessary data. While an interview or discussion can lead to deeper discussion in his insights, some respondents may be more willing to open up, especially about negative points in survey format. Another approach would be undertaking your own secondary research. This would involve monitoring forums and chat rooms in which members of your target market raise and discuss issues that affect them well, not 100% accurate and reliable. These conversations can help identify specific issues, patterns and trends. All of this data will paint a picture or pictures of your ideal client. Use it to construct a detailed buyer persona. Give them names, faces and biography built upon everything you discovered. And remember, buyer personas aren't set in stone. Here's a sample B two C buyer personas that I found online at blawg dot Alexa dot com. Given her interest in setting up an Internet business, Rachel would represent an ideal client for consultants who provide any kind of e commerce solutions, website design, online marketing, content, marketing and so on. Also, in view of the family's financial pressure, she she would also represent an ideal client for a bookkeeper, accountant and possibly a financial planner. Note the box in the lower right corner. What would be the best way to communicate with Rachel and David? Turning the scenario around If you could provide services to Rachel Thistles what your buyer per sonically looked like? You would, of course, customize it to reflect your own vision of a ideal client for your services. Here's a sample business to business buyer percent that I also found it blogged out. Alexa dot com has a business to business persona. It's simpler and more focused. The top portion suggests that John is more marketing savvy than the average business client . The true value of this person, it can be found on the bottom elements. Care and precision are essential in any communication sent to John. If you provide B two B services, this could be a good starting point or model for your ideal bit by your persona. Whether you provide business to consumer or business to business services, revisit your client needs periodically and adjust your person is unnecessary, especially when making changes to your offerings ever when pursuing a new industry. When done right, these personas can help you relate to clients as real people with real interest in concerns . Keep them in mind when brainstorming new service or marketing strategy. Fictional or not, WHO well researched buyer ordeal client persona could be your best marketing friend. 5. How To Attract Ideal Clients: The best approach to attracting idea clients is to apply the best strategies for marketing services. Thes strategies are generating referrals, networking, connecting with potentially helpful strangers and keeping in touch to wrap up the class. Let's take a look at the relationship between your ideal clients and each of these four strategies. Referrals represent the absolute best strategy for generating new business. Unfortunately, when scrambling for new business, the temptation is to ask anyone and everyone for referrals of any kind of clients. This approach is probably the most counterproductive strategy possible. Not only will this waste a ton of time and energy, it will generate huge amounts of stress and, even worse, handicapped your long term business success. I know I've been there. When looking for referrals, it's essential to maintain your focus on your ideal clients and, by extension, your idea. Referral sources help your referral sources understand what kind of referrals your are ideal for. You share your ideal client persona with them. Despite its importance as a marketing strategy, networking results in more wasted time and energy than any other business activity. In order to make the most of networking activities, however, they arise and Whatever your reason for networking, it is essentially use your ideal clients as a networking filter. If a networking opportunity has the potential to connect with or learn more about your ideal clients, by all means go for it. On the other hand, if there is no connection whatsoever between your ideal clients and networking opportunity , don't waste your time networking in the simplest of terms. There. Two basic reasons for connecting with strangers. First, for business development and support purposes. And, secondly, to attract potentially ideal clients. There are three main categories of factors at play. A role in the development of your business as a thriving entity. In one way or another, each factor has some connection with your ideal clients. In some cases, these connections there very direct and obvious in others, the connection is a simple A supporting your ability to attract and serve ideal clients dealing with the people category. For example, there is a very obvious connection between referral sources or referral partners and your ideal clients. As noted earlier, it's important that these people understand who your ideal clients are and how you help them for suppliers. On the other hand, the connection is not so obvious at best. Their product or service makes a critically important contribution. For example, in my case, click funnels supplies and support software, which, among other benefits, simplifies the distribution of this course to people like you who represent my ideal clients for other suppliers. The connections Not so director obvious. In helping maintain my ongoing functionality, my computer guru helps maintain my computer system, which in turn supports my ability to attract and serve ideal clients. I leave it to you to determine the nature of the connection of the other factors. There are two basic ways of attracting potentially idea clients. One is third party referral, and 2nd 1 is self referral. Third party referral is the traditional referral of new clients discussed earlier. The term self referral describes what happens when a potentially ideal client learns about how you help clients and connects with you, regardless of whether your goal is to generate third party referrals or self referrals. The approaches the same. Tell the story of how you help clients by helping potentially idea clients understand how you help other clients like them. You will also help them understand and appreciate how you can help them as well. There are three key elements to include in your story. Your brand statement, your compelling reason and social proof. Your brand statement distinguishes you from the competition and promises potential clients what benefits they can expect from your service. Remember that your combination of resources is unique to you. No one else possesses exactly the same combination of skills. Talents know how and experience is you do. This means that no one else there's clients exactly the same way as you. Your distinctiveness contributes to the rationale for prospective clients choosing you with the sound and honest, compelling reason for choosing you. Potential clients will ignore the crowded field of competitors shouting for their attention . Testimonials represents social proof. The demonstrate to prospective clients that year. You are reliable, trustworthy and honest as public affirmations. They tell others about the faith another person has in your product or service for storytelling purposes. Testimonials confirmed the truth of your brand statement and compelling reason. Many people believe that keeping in touch effectively may is the most important marketing strategy for generating a continuous flow of new business by way of clarification. Keeping in touch is the practice of maintaining contact with those people with whom you have an existing relationship. This would include in your all of family and friends, network contacts and connections as well as existing in past clients. By keeping in touch with these people, we can maintain and reinforce our connection with them as this. A case with connected with strangers telling your story is part of maintaining this connection. Not surprisingly, the same three elements your brand statement, compelling reason and social proof are also essential elements of this story. Your strategic purpose is to remind your ideal clients and contacts of the benefits of your services. This will help them remember you when they need tree help arises a game. And now let's wrap up the content part of this class with a story. I used to have a lawyer friend also named Larry, whose idea clients were similar to mine. Our offices were in small towns 35 miles or 57 kilometers apart, two or three times a year. When one of us needed a break from the office. We would schedule a day to do client rounds for us. Ismet contacting specific clients and advising them something like I'll be in your area. It's such a such a day and would like to stop by to say hello if the clients were available . Invariably they welcome to visit. On the morning of client rounds, we would each visit 2 to 3 of her own clients. Work airway towards your lunch location, about halfway between the two of us. At lunch, we tossed a coin and the winner got to choose whose clients we visited together in the afternoon. The loser got to chose got to choose who drove. After the afternoon rounds, we returned to her lunch venue, retrieved a parked vehicle and each headed home. In addition to being thoroughly enjoyable, afternoon's are cruising and schmoozing sessions were very popular, keeping in touch practices, each of US enhanced relationships with existing clients and at the added bonus of a guest lawyer for the afternoon visits added a sense of specialness. Our sessions were also amazing business development tools. Invariably, we each got at least two new business engagement soon after our client rounds and for months following, we each had many repeat and referral business engagements that were in some way related to our client rounds on the personal level are cruising and schmoozing sessions were enjoyable afternoon spent with friends. From a marketing perspective, they were keeping in touch with the ideal clients, which in turn continued generate, repeat and referral business. And now it's your turn. The class project will help you apply what you've learned in this class. Now it's time to walk the ideal client talk and start working on your ideal client persona once you've completed it. Posted on the Class Project Gallery, who knows? Maybe other students represent potentially idea clients who you can help what a great bones were taking this class, and this brings us to the end of the class. It's been a real joy for me to share some of these ideas with you. It's my sincere hope that you've learned some new things that will help you track Maurer of the ideal clients that you deserve. Just because it's the end of the class, it doesn't mean that you'll be on your own to face whatever marketing issues that may pop up down the road. Let's keep in touch with this community for him, and thank you so much for purchase spitting in this class. Keep on being awesome