How You Make A Plan For Your Goals (mindset) | Justin V. | Skillshare

How You Make A Plan For Your Goals (mindset)

Justin V., Mental coaching

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7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Which Challenge Do You Have?

    • 3. What Is The Real Reason?

    • 4. People Connect Pleasure With Actions

    • 5. What Does It Really Cost You?

    • 6. Find Deeper Reasons

    • 7. The Feeling Of Achievement


About This Class

In the class you will learn how to make a plan from the scratch for reaching your personal goals. With what mindset should you start, with questions should you answer before. If you are able to learn this skills for every challenge in your life, no challenge will be too big. In this class you learn how to write on paper your own thoughts. Make yourself a masterpiece and start today. It all start with this mindset.


1. Introduction: in this course, you will learn how you make a plan for reaching your goals because it can be difficult, right? Where should you start? Maybe you want to lose some weight. Or maybe you want to quit smoking. I know it's a hard process. I've bean there as well, and in this course you're going to learn some different steps before you're a go to start with your plan, what the deeper reasons are for your problems, why you behave like this. We're going to answer some questions together. So if you are interested and if you want to read your goal, that's get started. 2. Which Challenge Do You Have?: in this lesson. You just write down the things you want to achieve and why you didn't started yet. So maybe you want to lose some weight or you want t quit smoking. Or maybe you need to talk with someone that you had an argument with before. But something stops you. So write down the things. What you want to achieve a ride down next to it, Why you didn't started yet? Because sometimes you don't even know what your goal is. And let's say, for example, quit smoking. It's a goal, or you are maybe telling yourself it's ago. But if it's ago, you shoot toe, take the full hand. You cannot say, Yeah, I want to do this because we are really great at saying, Yeah, we will do it later. The same works with enjoying moments like we are really good at. No, I will wait for the weekend to enjoy something. It's important to write down a goal. And what is a goal for you? Is that some what you really want? Or is it something that you you just have in your hat and you are just thinking about it and like, yeah, some. Someday I will start 3. What Is The Real Reason?: the next question, we're going to be a little deeper because our behavior normally it comes from the past because we as a human new and me we are such were like a memory card. We have our own interpretations and our own memories. That's the reason how we see things. Life is just interpretation, and everyone see things differently. And mostly it comes out of the past. Think about anxiety. If someone had a bad experience, he will be more careful. Another person will see it differently. So in this question and you can see it in the description, you need to find out what pain you have. What made you to do this? For example, when you smoke, it's for a reason. Is there? Is there a hidden pain behind it? Do you feel stressed about something? Do you are you may be bored. Is it? Ah, way out for your feelings. Do you connect? Are feeling off happiness with smoking? Is it true that you, for example, are smoking and off their debt? You think that you feel better? You think that if you smoke or if you eat a lot, that it gives you happiness, you should find out in this question like, What is my Hayden pain and what is connected to my behavior? And I really want you to think deep about it. Write it down. 4. People Connect Pleasure With Actions: we all want to get some happiness, right? Our go A these days is to be happy 24 7 But let me tell you this. No one will ever be 24 7 happy. So when we are smoking or when we are eating is just a way out to feel happy. We are always trying to achieve our smile on our face. What? Actually, it's a great thing. But the thing is, if you want to try something, you are going to think about negative things. You're going to do bad things because you should ask yourself in the first question, and I want you to write it down. Like what kind of pleasure did it gave me for my behavior? For example, if you are going to eat a lot of sugar if I know it's amazing and I know it's really it gives you a great feeling to either hold back off chips or chocolate. It's a great feeling you want to get that happen is right. But I hope you also realize that if you're doing it, if you are smoking and you're connecting, you're feeding off happiness with that cigarette or with that back off chips. It will be our routine for your for your mind. So that means that the next day you want the same, and this is where an addiction is starting every day. You want to achieve the feeling off the day before and how did you achieve it by eating chips? That's what you made. Think off. For example, how do you think that a dark is learning when he gets some food or when he can get out? Sometimes you can learn a dark even with the clipping with your fingers that he needs to go out. The same works with your brain like you want to have a pleasure feeling. So that's the reason why you're still smoking, probably so right down the feeling of happiness. How does it feel after you smoked a cigarette or after you eat it a lot because you want to create a feeling for yourself mostly, and I want you to write down exactly what that feeling is and what the whole point is off. This feeling is that you write down that feeling off pleasure, that feeling off happiness at the end of this course, it's important that you need to find the same happiness in something else. Like I also smoked when I was a bit younger and I connected the same feeding with, for example, the gym. When I'm going to the gym now, it gives me a feeling of happiness. It gives me a kind of energy, and I connected thing with smoking. I know now if I'm going to smoke, it gives me a worst feeling. But now, in this situation, you are just telling yourself that eating a lot smoking a lot of cigarettes is giving you also that feeling. But it's not the reality. You just trained your own brain to be in a negative routine, so that's the whole point. You shoot, finds your way off happiness, what you created by a cigarette in something else, and it really doesn't matter what it is. And I hope you find some positive things. Like Sports gym. It doesn't matter. Maybe a nice hobby. Create a new feeling off pleasure 5. What Does It Really Cost You?: the four of question is that you've right down. What will it cost you on a long term if you don't stop what? You behave here and I mean on a financial aspect, like, I don't even know how expensive a package off cigarettes is. Um, but just write down. What is it going to cost you on a longer term? Write it down. What is it going to cost you on an emotional level? Because don't forget that if you want to reach a goal and it doesn't work, it's going to be, um, affecting your self esteem is going to be lower your lower in confidence because if you have reached your goal, you have the feeling off. I can do this. I stopped smoking. I stopped my addiction. And this gives you self esteem a boost. You will be called more confidence. So right down. What will it cost you on a longer term on our financial away on your confidence. But the most important is your emotional level, because you are thinking that smoke and gives you a nice feeling. But actually did feeling off achieving your goal is is so much bigger. This kind of happiness. You cannot even compare it. And you can only feel it by, uh, um experience by yourself. So it's really important that you find out what is going to cost me. Maybe there are even some relationships that is going to cost you because, for example, if you see someone you like in a bar or someone else and you just smoked the cigarette, are you really confident to go to that person? Yes or no? If you know you're smelling like the cigarettes. If you don't have a nice breath, what do you think? Is it going to cost you? Maybe a nice relationship. Think about it always. If you want to start with a goal, think always in a longer term. 6. Find Deeper Reasons : important is that you are going to say, How do you feel about it? How do you feel about the fact that you're going to give away a lot of money, that you are maybe going to gain some weight because I already know that you are now going to write down like I will gain more fat or it's going to cost me a lot of money? No. I want you to notice the kind of pain you're going to achieve, like you don't want to be someone that you are 90 and that you look back in your life and that you didn't have the challenge or that you didn't that you didn't achieve the challenge because it's going to make yourself look weak and that's not what you want. You don't want to have this emotional pain because you already know your mind is a roller coaster, and if you are able to see positive things about yourself automatically, you can live a limit it. So find out the pain inside you. What is going to cost you and that's a deep level because if you're going to achieve it, I promise you now that you will be confident. Also in order. Challenges like you already know yourself better, because at this point in your life, you don't know if you're going to achieve it, right. It's not sure, and this gets you a negative feeling. And beside of that, I don't see it as something negative. This whole journey to your success don't see the something big, but see it as something positive you can use like everything. If someone is, something is happening to you and it's negative experience. Don't see it always as a really negative. Don't feel bad about it. It's happening for a reason. Maybe you can learn off it because the fact that you are watching is now, for example, it means that you want to achieve something. The thing what's happening to you that you want to reach ago is actually a positive thing. Use your pain in a positive thing, like use it to be stronger, because without paying, you don't know how to be strong. You don't know how it feels to be strong, because successful people they failed a lot. They had a lot of pain before, and that's the difference. So find out and use your pain as something great because actually, it's a good thing that you want what you for challenge, how hard it is. Success is never easy. 7. The Feeling Of Achievement: in the last step. I want toe right. You down an enormous list off all the positive things you're going to achieve later. And we talked about it already a bit in the perfect videos. But just write down all the aspects. What is it going to bring you? What is it going to bring you on a longer term? How do How do you think you are going to feel? Because people were, for example, social anxiety. They always should have in mind. Like how does it feel when I reach my goal? If I am able to talk to other people, how that I'm able to be myself? How would you feel? How can I compare this feeling off ANC city and confidence with each other? Don't wait for tomorrow to reach your goals because you're going to achieve Ah, new level off confidence you cannot even imagine from the hard things you will learn a lot like it gives you a boost for your confidence. So I want you to write down and just make a crazy list off all the aspects. Like how does how is it gonna feel if I reach my goal? How is it going to feel mental, You know, in an emotional level, if I stopped eating a lot, a lot of sugar, if I lost some weight. So before you're going to start your journey, this is the first step. These are some steps to plan your goal. You have to look it on a deeper level. What kind of pain do I have? I need a new connection with happiness because now you're connecting, smoking and eating with our feeling of happiness, you should find the same feeling in something else, and I actually have the same. I told that cigarettes were going to give me a pleasure. Ah, feeling off pleasure. But now I find it in something else. And when you when you have that feeling, you're going to see that it isn't that hard. It's just it isn't hard to find something else what you like. Just use your fantasy because I know you have a lot of fantasy. So right down in the last step, What kind of feeling is it going to achieve? What? What do I think it will feel? And you will notice that issue achieved it. And if you made a plan for yourself. And you just start today. You are going to surprise yourself. We're going to send me a message like I didn't know it fell, Dad. Good. All right. I want to end this course. I really hope that you learn something new and that you are able to start with your plan because we all have goals. We all have dreams, and sometimes it's just hard to achieve them. I know it. Good luck.