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How You Can Generate Infinite Blog Post Ideas!

teacher avatar Mike DeVincent, IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (1h 56m)
    • 1. Lecture 01 Brainstorming A Ton Of Awesome Blog Post Ideas

    • 2. Lecture 02 Why It's Direly Important To Constantly Brainstorm New Blog Post Content

    • 3. Lecture 03 The Feedback Method

    • 4. Lecture 04 The Public Question And Answer Method

    • 5. Lecture 05 The Transparency Method

    • 6. Lecture 06 The Knights Of The Round Table Method

    • 7. Lecture 07 The Festive Mood Method

    • 8. Lecture 08 The Review Method

    • 9. Lecture 09 The See Saw Method

    • 10. Lecture 10 The Comparison Method

    • 11. Lecture 11 The Contrarian Troll Method

    • 12. Lecture 12 The Epic Rant Method

    • 13. Lecture 13 The Storybook Method

    • 14. Lecture 14 The Epic Post Method

    • 15. Lecture 15 The Testimonial Method

    • 16. Lecture 16 The Big List Method

    • 17. Lecture 17 The Freestyle Method

    • 18. Lecture 18 How To Go Forward With The Utmost Confidence And Freedom

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to brainstorm a near infinite amount of blog post ideas!

So if you're a blogger who wants to brainstorm a near endless amount of awesome blog post topics, then you might love this course! :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Mike DeVincent

IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer


Thanks so much for reading my teacher profile!

I'm an IT nerd who is passionate about the world of teaching!

My main goal as a Skillshare instructor is to share some of the best skills that I've learned after spending countless hours interacting with all kinds of technology over the years.

I can't wait to see you in class!

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1. Lecture 01 Brainstorming A Ton Of Awesome Blog Post Ideas: Let's brainstorm Aton of awesome blawg Post ideas. This course is all about brainstorming awesome blawg Post ideas. So if you've struggled when brainstorming blogged post ideas, or if you would just like to brainstorm all about a ton of awesome, different blogged post ideas, even if you have never created your first block post than enroll in this course, have you ever been frustrated because you have no idea what to block about? Or maybe you're just fresh out of ideas? If that's the case, then this course was created for you so you can skip the frustration and annoyance of not knowing what to block about and instead start to focus on all of the beautiful content ideas that you will now be able to create for almost any audience. Who is this course? Four. This course is for you. If you would like to brainstorm a ton of awesome blawg post ideas. So if you are a current blogger who wants to create a ton of awesome content or if you are struggling from writer's block, Or perhaps you are a new blogger who wants to start blogging strong right out of the gate, then you'll love this course. However, if you're not a blogger, if you never suffer from writer's block or if you already have the next 12 months off blood content already planned, then you should probably skip this course. Ask yourself, how much is this course really worth? Imagine if you hired ah, blogging consultant to brainstorm these ideas with you. Or imagine if you paid a professional blogger toe help you with blawg ideas. That would probably cost you a few $100 maybe even a few $1000. What about all of the frustration that you could avoid simply by enrolling in this course right now? So ask yourself, how much is your time and your peace of mind really worth? Finally, tap in tow Boat loads of supercool blawg content ideas? Imagine if, instead of being frustrated because you had no idea what Toe blogged about that, you had a massive list of cool blawg post ideas that would work in nearly any knish. If any of this sounds cool that enroll now, you'll start to brainstorm a ton of awesome content ideas, and you'll also have a lot of fun. I'm also going to be around if you ever have any questions or if you would just like to brainstorm. So I am super excited to be here with you. Thank you so much for checking this out. And I will see you in the next lecture. 2. Lecture 02 Why It's Direly Important To Constantly Brainstorm New Blog Post Content: why it's so important to constantly brainstorm new blawg post content. I would like to thank you so much for enrolling in this course. The main reason why blogging is so powerful these days is because, as you know, the cost of website traffic keeps going up. I was researching keywords on spy food dot com the other day, and I found something totally startling. I discovered that the cost of paper click traffic costs up to $400 per click for certain keywords. I also found out that some companies, such as Amazon and Target, are spending tens of millions of dollars on advertising every single month. This leaves the small entrepreneur like us dismally out of look when it comes time, toe by traffic, because it's so easy for us to be priced out of the market. That is why content marketing is more powerful than ever, and it's why constantly brainstorming awesome and unique content ideas can be ridiculously beneficial for your small business. But there's a problem that you have probably noticed. You've noticed how difficult it can be toe blawg consistently and reliably. You probably realized by now that when you start toe block or when you start to plan your block, it can be so easy to run out of content ideas. Or maybe you just suffer from epic writer's block whenever you want to create new content, because, let's face it, you can have the best ideas in the world. But if you don't have awesome contents on your blawg, then nobody is ever going to visit your blawg frequently. That's why it's so important toe blawg as consistently as you can. So you not only train your visitors to continually read your blawg content, but so you can also get lots of content marketing power and also so you can get as much awesome blawg content in the search engines as possible. And that's just tipping the iceberg. Really, there are so many benefits to blogging frequently. You can use your blawg to promote your own products. You can use your blawg to generate massive authority. You can also use your blawg to promote affiliates products to promote your webinars, to build your email list and to generate traffic. But what happens when you run out of things to say When that happens, it is just too easy to quit blogging altogether. I have been the unwilling witness to several of my good friends and colleagues. Ultimately quit blogging. That's why I'm so passionate about this topic. And that's why I created this course. And it's why you should watch every single slide. Because I've been blogging since 2010. I've had so many of my good friends ultimately quit. They're block. They quit their blawg because they run out of cool stuff to write about. So if you have ever been frustrated, overwhelmed or just unsure how to come up with awesome blawg content ideas that I am so confident that you are going to love this course, I'm always brainstorming cool block content ideas. It's something that I love to do. So just remember that if you would ever like to brainstorm with me, all you have to do is ask. I'm always around. I love to brainstorm about blogging, so just remember that and thanks again for enrolling. I also look forward to seeing you in the next lecture 3. Lecture 03 The Feedback Method: the feedback method. This one method is probably the most powerful method, and you could form your entire blawg around this one type of vlog post. I call it the feedback method. The feedback method is all about answering a question that your readers, students, subscribers or anyone asks you. This is arguably the single most powerful blood post because it allows you to build unshakable report with anyone. Whoever asks you a question, even if you don't have an audience yet, you could write a block post about a question that you saw on Social Media on a forum on Quora dot com or absolutely anywhere. For example, let's pretend that one of your blog's readers e mails you and they ask you a question. The funny part is that your reader is pretty much guaranteed to expect you not to respond. In other words, they think that you're too busy to respond and answer their question. Face it. How many times have you e mailed someone a question, Be it an author, an instructor, a blogger or a business, and then they never reply back to you. So when someone asks you a question about your business or about trouble that they are having. You can knock their socks off to the 10th degree and winner reader for life by answering their question thoroughly. So if somebody asks you a question, be it in the course on social media or via email, write them a thorough and awesome answer. Instead of just replying to that email or to that instant message, why not immortalize the best answer that you can ever give by writing a blawg post about their question? You can simply reply to that person and then say something like this. Thanks so much for asking that awesome question, you rock. After putting a ton of thought into that question, I decided to write an entire block post because it is a very powerful question. Then you could have ah, call to action. Please check out the block post here and let me know if you find it to be helpful. Thanks so much, and police have a beautiful day. Now here's the thing. If you answer questions in that way, not only are you never going to run out of awesome block post ideas, but you're also going to develop massive report and goodwill with your audience. At least one person will read that blawg post like it's going out of style. You might just develop Ah, fan for life with that method. So not only are you generating massive authority and good will and prestige with whoever asked you that question, but you're also going to be improving your bounce rate for your block because I bet you a steak dinner that whoever asks you that question is going to spend a long time on your block reading your post. They might click around your block to other pages. If you do this habitually, perhaps the effects could snowball into something awesome. So make it a point toe. Ask your audience what problems they're having. Also, if you don't have an audience, then don't stress out about this. Just always keep your eyes open wherever your potential audience hangs out to see what questions that they're always asking. If you have an email list, ask your subscribers what problems they're having, or you could set up an email auto responders sequence and Sprinkle your sequence with good questions. To find out what your audience is struggling with, literally ask your email subscribers to reply to your emails and to tell you what problems they're having. This is going to make your content 10 times more relevant, and you're going to make your readers so happy to know that you actually care about them. You'll also have a finger on the posts of your audiences mass desires, which is always a genius idea when you need to brainstorm awesome content. I would just like to stress the power of this method because when you put forth some really effort and some real time helping people who ask you questions, you're going to build a super strong relationship that can last a lifetime so your audience compounds on itself. It snowballs with every person that you ever help with this method. Also, remember that if someone asks you a question, the smart money says that they're not the only ones who have that question. This is one of the most generous methods, and you'll be creating content that you know, for a fact people want to read. Thank you so much for checking this out. I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture. Also remember that if you would ever like to brainstorm or ask any questions. Perhaps you just want to plan a supercool block post. If that's the case, please never hesitate to give me a bus, because that's what I'm here for. And I love to brainstorm a few. Thank you so much. I will see you in the next lecture. 4. Lecture 04 The Public Question And Answer Method: the public question and answer method. In the last lecture, we brainstormed about how powerful it can be to answer questions that people ask you directly. Then you turn those questions in tow. Epic Blawg posts. But what if you don't have an audience? What if you just want to brainstorm some block post content ideas right now without weeding ? That's why I'm a huge fan of Web sites like Quora dot com. War your forum dot com and answer the public dot com because you can type in any key word and these sites will provide a massive list of questions that really humans are asking. This is super powerful because you could use this one method alone toe. Have enough content for the entire year or the next few years, depending upon how frequently you intend on posting. So maybe you could just answer one question per month indefinitely. Another huge benefits of this method is that it helps you to establish yourself as the expert authority in your niche, because when your audience visits your blawg, they're going to see you answering a ton of questions that they, too, may have wondered about. So one problem you might have is choosing which questions to start out with, because using this method can be overwhelming. For example, if you visit Quora dot com and enter a few key words in your knish, you're going to find so many questions that people have. So here's my advice. Spend time analysing what questions people have and then make a list off the top 12 questions that you would be able to answer the easiest. So which questions are personally the easiest and fastest for you to answer? Also, ask yourself what excites you the most? What would you have the most fun answering One thing I would like to stress in all things blogging is to always go for the low hanging fruit. In other words, always take the path of least resistance. Ask yourself, What do you want toe blogged about? This is vitally important because again, I stress that I have no so many bloggers who ultimately end up quitting, never quits blogging. The purpose of blogging and the benefits of blogging get bigger and better the longer you stick with it. So I beg you, give yourself a chance, right? The content that's going to keep you entertained so you can entertain your audience in the long term. In return. As always, if you would ever like to brainstorm with me, never hesitate to give me a bus because I'm always around. And I love to brainstorm about all things blogging and writing. Thank you so much for checking this out. I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture. 5. Lecture 05 The Transparency Method: the transparency method. The transparency method is when you give your audience ah, status update as to what's happening in your business or in your life. This could be really cool for a few reasons. First of all, this is a type of blawg post that you can create whenever you want. It doesn't matter what year it is. It doesn't matter what type of audience you have. And it doesn't matter if you are an absolute novice blogger because you can always find an excuse to write about whatever is happening in your life right now. The best part is that you can even turn this type of blood post into a promotion simply by adding a small PS at the end of the post. Another massive benefit to this type of post is that you can make it as frequently or as rarely as you want. You can make this type of blood post every single day. You can make this type of blood post toe once per month, once per quarter or once per year if you want to. So ask yourself, What are you involved with right now? Have you started, participated in or joined any Facebook groups. Any Pinterest group boards? Have you taken any cool courses lately? Have you tried any new software for your business? Have you seen any movies gone to any cool restaurants? Have you taken out any advertising? Could you turn that into a cool case study? Perhaps. Has your business undergone any specific change? Have you undergone any specific change? The main idea that I'm trying to emphasize is that you can use this as an informal status report, case study or just a quick update. Always remember that you can be as personal as you want in your blawg or otherwise, totally impersonal. It's up to you. Give yourself a chance in the long run by writing whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and whatever you enjoy the most. The main thing is to have fun with your content, because when you have fun with your content, your content is going to be fun to read. And you'll also be attracting people who are naturally attracted to you and who are prone to enjoying your content. So the transparency method is all about writing a blood post regarding anything you're doing in your business or your life. Maybe you created or joint a Pinterest group. Or maybe you're teaching a course. Maybe you're writing email newsletters taking this course writing a cool book. Or maybe you went to the zoo and have some awesome pictures that you could share. Also, remember that you could always insert a call to action in your blood post. So maybe you tell your audience about a webinar that you have been planning, and then you can invite your audience to your webinar right inside of your blood post. Maybe you've been trying out a supercool email software. You could share your affiliates link to that software with your audience right inside of your blood post. Maybe you can show pictures of your zoo trip and then share a link to that webinar that you're hosting tomorrow afternoon. Or maybe you just started a brand new Facebook group. So then you can invite your audience to your Facebook group with that blood post. The main point to remember is that the transparency method is really like a status report. You can write absolutely anything that you want in your status report, which makes it a very cool and flexible content idea that you can use any time that you want. Also, remember all of the bloggers who I have known over the years who eventually end up quitting because they put too much pressure on themselves to write content in a very specific niche . The transparency method gives you a ton of freedom to write basically anything that's going on in your business, in your blawg or in your life. For that reason, it's a very powerful method. Thank you so much for checking this out, and I will see you in the next lecture. 6. Lecture 06 The Knights Of The Round Table Method: the Knights of the Round Table Method. This is a really powerful blawg post idea that does admittedly involve a lot of work but can be one of the most powerful block post ideas to create in the long run. And you can even turn this type of log post into a product if you want. The main idea here is to brainstorm what types of questions your audience is asking and then ask as many bloggers as possible to contribute to an answer. You then turn all of those answers into an epic block post. The powerful genius of this idea is that you will ultimately be promoting several different bloggers in this type of post, so you will be providing massive value to other bloggers and to your readers as well. So this is a great way to generate massive good karma in the blogging world because you will be helping and promoting a lot of people. It's also a really powerful way to generate authority because you will be associating yourself with other bloggers in your niche who might have mawr respect and authority than you. For example, let's pretend that you are in the weight loss knish. If you are in the weight loss knish, you are probably going toe. Have a good idea as to what the main problems that your audience have. Maybe your audience is always looking and trying how to lose weight in the winter when it's too cold to exercise outside. The main idea here is to pick one very popular and powerful question. Maybe your audience wants to know what diet planes work the best or how to lose weight on a small budget. It's a good idea to focus on a very popular question, because ideally, this type of block post is going to be long and epic, so it involves a lot of effort. You may as well put together something that's in high demand. I would also like to quickly note that if you have no idea how to brainstorm in demand, blawg post ideas. More importantly, what questions your ideal audience is asking. You can easily check out the Google keyword tool or Google trends, or my favorite check out Quora dot com. These websites will give you an idea of which topics are the most popular. In any event, once you know what your question is, the next step is to begin to make a spreadsheet of a bunch of bloggers in your knish. You can find bloggers in your nish on Buzz Sumo on Trigger on Pinterest, on Facebook, on instagram or on Twitter. There's so many ways to find popular bloggers, however. I actually like Pinterest the best these days because you can just type in any key word. And then you see a ton of popular blogger posts that are being pinned and shared everywhere . So put forth effort finding popular bloggers in your knish. Maybe you make a list of 10 bloggers, 20 bloggers, 30 bloggers, 50 bloggers or even 100 bloggers. To be honest, the more time you spend on this step, the better off you're going to be because not everyone is going to be interested in contributing to your block post. So always aim for the stars. Let's pretend that you searched tribe or dot com, Pinterest dot com, twitter dot com and instagram dot com for 50 bloggers. Munish you find their block, you join their email list and you put them in a spreadsheet. You can't eventually begin to contact them and ask them if they would like to participate in a round table type blood post. Explain to them that after conducting your research that you are creating a massive and epic Blawg post, you would love for them to contribute. In return, you will obviously give them a permanent back link, so they are also incentivized to provide awesome content. That's an important nuance here because you want to make it worth their while to provide an awesome answer to the question that you ask. So in exchange for their response, you will promote their blawg and provide some S e o juice for life, which can actually be great incentive for them to provide to you and your readers and awesome answer to whatever question that you're asking the even better news and why this is secretly a ridiculously powerful blawg method is because after you assemble enough answers to your question, you're going to have a massive and epic blawg post that search engines and your readers are going to love. Moreover, every blogger that contributed to the block post might be willing to share that blood post so they can help you promote it. Now don't count on them promoting it, but they might if you ask. So after you do all of this work, be sure to share the block post with every blogger that's contributed an answer. So maybe if you get lucky, they could tweet it out to their followers. Maybe they could link to it on their block. Maybe they shared on Facebook. Mention it on their podcast. Or if you totally hit the jackpot, maybe they email it to their list. So when you do all of this work, make sure to personally reply to every blogger that contributed and let them know that the block post is now live and that you are providing to them. Ah, back link. This is one of those blogged posts that can develop Aton of authority, goodwill, reputation and hopefully s CEO traffic in the long run. Thanks so much for checking this out. If you ever want a brainstorm about this method or any other blogging method, please never hesitate to give me a buzz. And I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture 7. Lecture 07 The Festive Mood Method: the festive mood method. My God, Father used to say that every day is a holiday and every meal is a banquet. That's a great outlook on life tohave because remember that tomorrow is never a guarantee. I'm saying that metaphorically and literally, because every single day is ah, holiday, and it's also a great excuse to write a block post. More specifically, there are literally holidays every single day. Today is a holiday. These holidays also serve as an awesome brainstorm exercise, and it's a perfect brainstorming exercise because there are new holidays every single day. So you will always have an awesome excuse to write about something. One website I love to bring Storm with is check i day dot com Check i day dot com lists several holidays that happen every single day. So maybe it's National Milk Day or National de Clutter. Your desk Day work Harder Day Outsourcing Day Technology Day. Bring your dog to Work Day. The truth is that these holidays give you an excellent excuse to write a short blip about your thoughts regarding that holiday, How it relates to you or, if you're creative, how it relates to your knish so exert effort, being creative and brainstorming how a specific holiday could relate to your knish. For example, you might announce Technology Day. You could tell a cool story about technology, Then remind your audience to attend your upcoming webinar, where you talk about the common technological problems that experts have in your niche. What I'm really trying to say is that you can turn this daily holiday into an excuse to write about almost anything, and you can even turn that into a relevance promotion relevant to your knish. If you are creative, you can talk about how the holiday relates toe one of your products, how it relates to an affiliates product, how it relates to an upcoming Facebook live session that you are hosting, how it relates to your latest YouTube video, how it relates toe one of your upcoming webinars or how it relates toe Absolutely anything in your niche. You can also turn these holidays into your own personal story, so maybe you can tell a story that's pertinent about whatever holiday it is and how that relates to your niche or any offer or promotion that you have going. Maybe you have a funny technology story that you could tell on Technology Day. Or maybe you have a weight loss story that you could tell on weight loss Day. Telling stories is always an effective blawg post because it allows you to build massive rapport with your reader. People love to read stories, and they're always going to love to read stories. You'll also attract people who dig your style. They like you, and they want to read mawr of your content. The other benefit to the festive mood method is that you can do this every single day if you want to. For that reason, it's something worth considering practicing and brainstorming, so add check i day dot com to your favorites. There are other sites like this, however. Check I dot com is the original daily holiday website, and it's a really cool brainstorming tool. You could cater your entire blawg toe, announcing celebrating and telling relevant stories and lessons in your niche into the very fabric of this block post. Or maybe you could do this every month, every week or just whenever you have writer's block. Alternatively, you could simply Sprinkle your other block posts with an announcement of what holidays occur on that day. So maybe you write a weekly newsletter or a daily blawg post, you could simply make a note of the special holidays that are occurring that day, week or month. Either way, this one method alone can potentially give you enough brainstorming power to create content consistently and reliably. And you're going toe have so much fun as you practice writing and implementing these holidays into your content. Thank you so much for checking this out. I'm having so much fun teaching this course. My only intention is that you are having fun as well. So I'm speaking right now with a big smile on my face and I will see you in the next lecture. 8. Lecture 08 The Review Method: the review method. The review method is all about writing reviews of absolutely any product that you use, even if it's not directly related to your niche. Of course, it's better if the product or service is directly related to your niche. But I believe that given yourself freedom to write is more important than anything else. In any event, writing reviews is a genius blood post idea. That's evergreen, and it will always be relevant. I've lost count of all the products that I've reviewed for myself and for many different clients. I would estimate that at least hundreds of products I have reviewed pitching machines, basketball hoops, electric skillets, air conditioners, laptops, solar panels, portable power generators, video games, books, courses, WordPress, themes and plug ins s CEO software, email marketing software, webinar software, live chat software, restaurants, bars, Aton of different product launches and other niche products that I'm forgetting. The reason I just went on that many tangent is because I love writing reviews and, more importantly, people love to read reviews. There are about a 1,000,000 reasons why writing reviews is very powerful. The first reason is because search engines love reviews. People are always searching for reviews before they buy stuff me included. It's something I always do. Before I buy just about anything I search for and read as many reviews as I can. So, in my opinion, Google loves reviews because their end users love reviews. The second reason why writing reviews is ridiculously powerful is because you can sell almost anything as an affiliate these days. So if you review a physical product, make sure that you provide links to that product as an Amazon affiliate. If it's a digital product, maybe on Cook Bank, on JV zoo or on you to me or any marketplace, make sure to get an affiliate link. So after you review your product, you can simply have a call to action that says, Thank you so much for reading this review. If you found this to be valuable, then please consider purchasing the product using my affiliate link. The third reason why writing reviews rocks is because it's something that you can always right. There are product launches going on all the time every single day, and you personally use products every single day. So what products do you use every single day your computer your laptop, your desktop, your s CEO software, WordPress, Pinterest, instagram, your smartphones, your email marketing software. You did me courses, kindle books and tons of other products and services, so you will never run out of cool stuff to review reason Number four is because reviews are very valuable. Reviews are content that your audience will enjoy reading. One of the most genius marketing lessons of all time is to make your advertisements valuable. If you can make your advertisements valuable, you're really going toe. Have an advantage in your life. That's the beauty of reviews. People love to read reviews, especially if you have an audience already. They're going to be asking you for your advice anyway, so writing your review is an awesome excuse to write. Ah Blawg Post. It's also important to talk about some of the nuances of writing a review. The most important nuance is that your reviews should never be fink. If a product has limitations, be sure to be very clear and honest about the limitations. This is important because if your audience even slightly detects that your review is fake or slanted, they're going to lose massive amounts of respect for you. You will also develop a ton of bad karma if you reviews are fake because, as you know, most people on the Internet they don't really trust reviews to begin with. A few years back, Amazon was suing people on Fiverr because they were writing fake reviews. So fake reviews are a riel problem. You can stand out by being totally honest and transparent when you write riel reviews. I know personally in my circle of friends, family and colleagues. We secretly mock how fake and borderline ridiculous many of the reviews are out there. So what I'm trying to say is, give your reviews a chance. If a product you reviewing has flaws, be up front about it. Your readers will appreciate UME or since you are trustworthy and honest. Also, let me give you another Super Ninja tip. Let's pretend that you are reviewing an email marketing course. Maybe one of the biggest setbacks off that course is that it doesn't teach anything about how to build an email list. Maybe the course is not really designed for people who don't already have an email list. It's on Lee for people who already have an email list you can make note of that in your review. That way you could potentially talk about how the course is awesome. However, the one downside is that it doesn't really cater to people who do not already have an existing email list. People are going to trust you a little mawr for having something negative to say about the product that you are reviewing. Here's where things get a little interesting, and it's something that I always try to do. When I write a review, create a bonus four year readers that makes up for any downfalls that the products you're reviewing has. So, in this example, let's pretend that you are reviewing the email marketing course that does not teach how to build an email list. Maybe you could create a small bonus that teaches the top 10 ways to build an email list. Then you could simply offer that to your readers as a bonus if they end up buying that course through your affiliate link. When you do that, it really enhances the proposition tremendously because now you're offering something powerful to your audience. Not only are you honestly reviewing the product and not only are you being transparent with any potential limitations. But now you're offering a bonus that complements the original product big time. Now, of course, this is not mandatory. You don't have to offer a bonus if you don't want to, and you don't have to promote any products in your reviews. If you don't want to, however, I'm just trying to give you mawr ammunition toe work with offering a bonus that enhances the offer. It could be a fun exercise to brainstorm, and it can tip the scales in your favor if just by a little, because ask yourself this one question. If you offer a cool bonus, are your readers mawr likely or less likely toe. By using your affiliate link, I think that they are at least a little more likely to buy. Now let's talk about review templates. One tip I have is to use a review template one way or the other because as someone who spent one summer doing practically nothing but writing reviews for a client of mine, I realized how important it is tohave templates so you can write reviews quickly. You might be asking, OK, Mike, then what's the best template I can tell you that there's no right or wrong way. There's no right or wrong template toe half. I recommend that you develop your own and always improve and adapt as your own style and taste develops. However, that being said definitely use a template because it speeds up your review writing tremendously. So here's just a sample review template Section one name of the product you're reviewing and a brief introduction of the product. Section two. What you Liked About the Product. Section three. What you Did Not Like about the Product. Section four. Who the product is four. In other words, who could benefit the most from this product? Section five. Who the product is not for. In other words, who would this product not benefit at all? Section six. Tell your readers how they can buy the product if they want. You can include an affiliates link with a call to action in this section. However, you don't have to if you don't want to. You could also introduce your bonus to all who by via your affiliates link and explain why it enhances the product. Also, if you promote the product as an affiliate, be very honest that you are promoting it as an affiliate. Section seven. This could be a link to contact you so your readers can collect the bonus. It could also be a summary of your review, and what do you think about the product? So in summary writing reviews is something that you can do periodically or frequently. And it's very flexible because you can write reviews for products you use professionally or any product that your audience might really benefits from. Remember to always be honest and forth, coming, be transparent. And if you're also promoting the product as an affiliate, always be upfront that you are an affiliate, so your audience never feels like you're trying to cheat them or ripped them off. Thank you so much for checking this out. I am a massive fan off writing and reading reviews. And if you ever wanna bring storm or ask any questions, remember that I remain at your beckon. Thank you so much, and I look very much forward to seeing you in the next lecture 9. Lecture 09 The See Saw Method: the see saw method, the see saw method is all about listing the pros and cons of something in your knish. You might be thinking the pros and cons of what, and it could be the pros and cons of absolutely anything, and I'll talk more about that in a second. The main benefit of this type of post is that people are so fascinated with not only the benefits of something but arguably mawr. Also that this advantages of something this is a post that you can brainstorm for absolutely any knish, and you'll probably find that people love to share and find this type of blood post to be quite irresistible. So maybe you have the pros and cons of blogging, or you can dig much deeper the pros and cons of blogging every single day. The pros and cons of promoting affiliate products in your block, the pros and cons off promoting your webinar in your blogged, the pros and cons of using the seesaw method, the pros and cons of using the studio press framework, the pros and cons of using squarespace, the pros and cons of using a free blawg service, the pros and cons of using a paid blogging service. As you can see, there are so many different blawg post ideas you can brainstorm by using this method. In fact, I'm confident that if you spend an hour or so, you could easily plan an entire year's worth of content just by doing this one method alone . Best of all, it's something that's fun to do, and it serves as a great brainstorming exercise. Thank you so much for checking this out, and I will see you in the next lecture. 10. Lecture 10 The Comparison Method: the comparison method. The comparison method is when you compare multiple products, services, courses, theories, ideas or absolutely anything. This is another one of those blood post ideas that your audience and prospect Ivo audience might find to be irresistible. I know whenever I buy a product or service, I spent an unfathomable amount of time researching before I spend a single red cent. So this type of block post could be very attractive from that standpoint. So here, just a few sample ideas that you could work with. A Weber versus get response vs Click Funnels, which is the best auto responder for newbies. Blue Host versus Host Gator vs Name Cheap versus Go Daddy. Which host gets the best being for the book? Jenny Craig versus Weight Watchers. Which weight loss service is better? Microsoft versus Apple. Which computer is right for the modern entrepreneur? As you can see, you could write oodles of content using this one method, and the more experience you have in your knish, the more awesome content you'll be able to generate without putting in much thought. Moreover, prospective buyers and readers in your nish will love this type of content, and it's something that can work and absolutely any knish. Once again, this is another method where you can easily promote any of these products as an affiliate. So if you're comparing a physical product, make sure to get an affiliate link on Amazon. If you're comparing some type of service, then check to see if they haven't affiliates program that you can plug into this post once again. Always be up front and honest that you're promoting the service or product as an affiliate . And if you want, offer a cool bonus to all who by via your link, so you can enhance the proposition. Thank you so much for checking this out, and I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture. 11. Lecture 11 The Contrarian Troll Method: the contrary in troll method. The contrary in Truell method is when you take a ridiculous contrary in viewpoint on a traditionally agreed upon idea. And I have, ah, dirty confession to make that confession is that once upon a time, I loved to truell on Internet forums way back in high school, when the Internet was an up and coming thing. One thing I learned early on is that Truls get a lot of attention. It's something you have probably noticed. Controversy almost always attracts attention. It attracts attention on Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube, on instagram, on Cora and on Internet forums. Now it's very important that I'm perfectly clear. I'm not talking about mean trolling, unethical trolling, bullying or anything that's not cool. I'm talking about taking a controversial stance on any topic in the main goal here is to get passionate response. This is one of those ideas that the gurus are always using. For example, I've seen many experts say that email marketing is dead or social media is dead or the X y Z nish is dead. You can also use this type of post and absolutely any nish. For example, let's talk about the weight loss knish. Maybe write a block post about how drinking water does not help you lose weight. You could then back that fact up by talking about how the Onley method to really lose weight is when you burn more calories than what you consume. So technically, just drinking water doesn't help. Or you could talk about why Americans will never get in good shape. You could back that fact up by talking about how prevalent fast food is for Americans and how they drink way too much soda. You could even talk about how it's easy to lose weight, even if you eat fast food, or why most dieters are literally guaranteed to fail. But then, the most important part is that you always have to back your ideas up. Otherwise you run the risk of being labeled Clickbait patrol or fake news. The point here is that your content, if contrary in cannot be contrarian. Just for the sake of being shocking, you have to back your title and your claims up with decent logic. Our people are just going to write you off. Let me give you a really cool example of a contrary and block post that I made a few years ago. I talked about how website traffic is ultimately mawr important than the quality of your content. As you know, the gurus and business experts are always ranting about how content is king. That's something you've probably heard. Content is king. Everybody agrees how content is king. I pretty much ripped that theory to shreds with the block post, and I talked about how traffic website traffic ISMM or important then content. I did give some solid reasoning behind that clean, which is very important if you want to create this type of content. Otherwise people will write you off as a Truell. Here's the funny part. Back when I wrote this blood post, nobody ever commented on my block. Ever. The most comments I ever got on a post was maybe one or two comments, and they weren't really comments. They were just spammy comments. Do you know what I mean? Comments like Great post Check out my block. No one really contributed value or acknowledged what I was saying. However, this one post generated over 10 comments, which might not seem like a big deal to you. However, it was a very big deal to me at the time, and I loved the idea of people commenting on my content. People were arguing back and forth. A boat of traffic really was more important than the quality of content, and it got people talking. It got a few people arguing. Four ends against me. It was one of the first times that people were passionately attacking me or passionately agreeing with my content. So the main benefits of this type of block post is that if you passionately attack a common belief in your niche, and this is a very important ends, if you can ethically back up your viewpoints with solid and moral logic, then a lot of people might passionately read and share your content, especially the other contrary ins of the world. However, I must warn you that if you're a freed of getting negative attention, do not use this method. Onley. Use this method if you have alligator skin. This is a method on Lee to use if you could defend your viewpoint, and also if you have really thick alligator's skin. If not, please never use this type of block post because you may have people passionately attacking your viewpoints, so use this method with caution. However, if you have a thick skin, you might get a chuckle out of this method. Thank you so much for checking this out, and I'll see you in the next lecture. 12. Lecture 12 The Epic Rant Method: the epic rant method. One thing that almost always gets a response is passion. You can formulates passion anyway, that you choose. Maybe you had a bad day at work. Maybe you got ripped off at a fast food joint. Or maybe you got cut off in traffic. Maybe you just have a passionate story about life, about marriage or absolutely anything. Use this type of block post to tell a story, and it might really be a bad story. Maybe it's stuffed to the brim with high drama, intrigue, mystery or passion. A passionate rant of a block post isn't something that you should do all the time. However, it could be a great therapeutic mechanism, and it condemn finitely. Get the attention of your readers. Let me give you an example off my passionate rent. Have you ever felt that a lot of products, services and marketers make false claims? And ah, lot of the products out there just don't work as advertised. I've noticed that, especially a someone who has worked in the I T industry. So many people are frustrated with technology. They literally hate technology. This is something that I've seen far too often I've noticed that it's hunt of products out there, don't work or are otherwise mawr difficulty to work then as advertised. Of course, I'm not naming any brand. Names are even referencing any particular product. However, on average, a lot of products just don't work as advertised. In my opinion, let me tell you, people are for us to raided with products that don't work is literally everything a piece of junk. Does anything actually work as advertised? I've seen people smash computers, break down into tears and totally lose cool with technology. One day one of the heads of the department told me that they needed a new computer. What? I checked their computer. There was a blatant boot mark on the desktop computer. I later found out that they really had a bad day, and they punted their desktop across the room. This is a 100% true story, but let's keep this as our little secret. Okay? No. As someone who was working as a client system administrator at the time, I could have easily elevated the situation. But guess what? I understood their frustration. I know how frustrating life can be, especially when technology doesn't work nothing ever works, so I didn't make a big deal out of it. I serviced a brand new computer, and I set it up the same day. No harm, no follow. And I hate to sound like a grow church when I say that. But have you ever noticed that some products, some services, some gimmicks just never work as advertised? Maybe you just don't believe any advertising at all. Maybe you view most marketers to be totally unethical and unreliable. If that's the case, then this blood post idea will be an excellent idea to not only vent your frustration but to also passionately entice your audience to rally behind you. So ask yourself, what are the top frustrations that your audience has? Or one of the top problems that your audience has? Maybe the email marketing software they use never works the way it should. Maybe their smartphone APS never work the way they should. Maybe they're frustrated because they have no clue how to build an email list, how to generate leads or how to effectively use technology in their business. Maybe they're ghostwriters programmers or outsourced work never perform the way that they should. Maybe they're operating system. Their car alarm there. Copywriters are absolutely anything is a dismal wreck. Maybe I've just been brainwashed working, I t. But I honestly believe that there's always a segment of people who are absolutely frustrated with how things in their industry are going, and they love to rally behind people who feel the same way. So this type of blood post not only allows you to tell an awesome story, but it also allows you to dig deep into the frustrations that your audience is having. So talk about the frustrations that you have experienced. Dig deep into your readers annoyances and problems, then optionally try to offer a solution. It's also important if they're doing a passionate rant to do this in a tasteful way. I would never mention any specific authorities, brands, individuals, blog's or anything specifically by name, because that might be bad karma one way or the other. And it's just not cool to do instead talk about general frustrations and general thoughts on problems that your audience might be having, or problems that you yourself have had. This type of blood post idea is going to appeal to that person who was frustrated because you're going to be showcasing your own frustrations and proving that you understand how your audience feels. Most importantly, if you tell a really personal story about your own frustrations in life or about a dramatic situation, people are going to remember that and bond with you big time. So what frustrations have you personally experienced in your niche? What frustrations do you know exist in your niche? Brainstorm there and right about that, Be honest up front and forthcoming. Tell the most difficult truth first and perhaps offer a solution to your frustrations and to your readers frustrations using your own unique and priceless wisdom and experience. Either way, this is a really powerful blawg post idea, especially if you have an audience who was always asking you questions, because then you already know exactly what your audience wants and what frustrations they are experiencing. Most of all, if you can illustrate to someone the frustrations that they have been having and then actually offer a simple solution, then they're really going to appreciate and maybe even love your content, right? The real question is, are you willing to help your audience and to provide beautiful content that can help them. Do you know the top 10 frustrations that they have? Because if there's one thing I learned working, I t. It's that people often times would love nothing more than a helping hand. They would love nothing more than a guiding light. And people are most definitely frustrated so they can relate to your stories to your frustrations. And they might just find your stories to be captivating. Thank you so much for checking this out, and I will see you in the next lecture. 13. Lecture 13 The Storybook Method: the storybook method. In the last lecture, I talked about telling a very dramatic, serious and passionate story. This method is kind of similar in that it's also a story, but maybe a little less of a dramatic story, because telling stories will always be one of the best blood posts that you can ever make. This is a very flexible method of writing because it doesn't matter what nish urine and everyone has stories. Best of all, people love to read stories, stories of one of the few things that people actually remember. So it's a great way to build a relationship with your audience, even if you're writing stories that don't necessarily correlate directly to your knish, and I'm going to give you a really cool example of that in a minute. But first, ask yourself what stories could you tell? A story about your frustrations, a story about your drastic and utter failures? Ah, funny story, a story about a disadvantage that you have had in your life and how you overcame that disadvantage, A story of trials and tribulations that you have endured relevant to your knish. Ah, story about the products you created, the books you've written. Or maybe the friends that you have made in your knish, a story of your highest honor achievements or rewards a story about an embarrassing predicament or something significant that happens in your life. Remember that this is your story. These are your stories, so you can write about whatever you want. Also remember that after you tell your story, you can always include a short call to action, promoting whatever it ISS that you would like to promote. If you want to, you can promote your lead capture page, your sales letter, your upcoming webinar and affiliates offer some other blood posts that you wrote or absolutely anything that you want. Or maybe you don't want to promote anything. It's all up to you. There are a few reasons why writing a story is arguably the best way to build a relationship with your readers. First of all, if you're diehard, fans are ever browsing your blawg, and if they like your style, then nothing is going to stand out and make them remember you Mawr than telling a personal story about your life. Second of all, everyone has stories. It doesn't matter what your age is where you're from, what mish urine or where you are at this point in your life. Another cool reason this might be a good idea is because it could potentially immortal lives some of your best sales content simply by telling a cool story. Another idea I'd like to talk about is that often times the best sales letter. It's simply a story. You can think of this as an awesome story of your frustrations of your discoveries or any story. And then you can simply add a tiny PS at the end of your story, promoting anything that you want. What I'm really saying is that there's not much of a difference between an epic, long form sales letter and a really cool story. Or maybe it's a much shorter sales letter that tells an awesome story, talks about the frustrations that you have talks about, the efforts you've endured in order to find your solution. And then, of course, you pitch your solution in the form of whatever product you are promoting. This all leads back upto one of the most important marketing lessons I have ever learned, which is to make your sales content valuable one way or the other. So in my humble opinion, it's OK. Toe blatantly pitch your products and services as long as you make that contents valuable one way or the other. And I'm not saying that your stories have to necessarily sell anything. It's simply an option, and it's something that you might wants to brainstorm and experiments with. Either way, one of the best ways I know of to make your content valuable and worth reading and also memorable is simply by telling stories. The main reason stories air so powerful and why there's such a powerful selling tool is because people remember stories more than just about any other content, and they can relate to stories. One story I always tell is, when I used to work, I t. I always saw people destroying their devices. I've seen people slammed laptops, punt desktops angrily shriek at their smartphones, barge into my office, crying you name it. People can relate to that type of story because we've all suffered from technical overwhelm at one level or another. So after telling a story about my own technical frustrations, or how I've witnessed other people smash their keyboard into tiny pieces, I could easily add a little call to action. Let's talk about how you can add a call to action at the end of almost any story. Here's a cool example simply by saying, If you can relate, toe how frustrating it is to build a lead capture page, then you might love to check this out. It's the best book I've ever written that shows exactly how to build a lead capture page, and I promise you will not lose your cool. Or maybe have you ever been as frustrated as I have? If so, you might totally love this webinar that I'm hosting tomorrow night that shows exactly how to eliminate any technical overwhelmed. We'll have a ton of fun, and I hope to see you on the call. You could be as flexible as you want with this, and I promise, if you try hard, you can come up with some awesome stories that are worth writing about and that are worth reading. One block post I wrote literally talks about how my high school English teacher slapped me in the face in front of the entire class, and that's not a metaphorical symbolism or anything. My high school English teacher literally slapped me right in the face in front of the entire class. That was a really fun block post, too, right? It was super personal, helped me to build massive or poor with my audience, and I could have easily added a simple PS to sell absolutely anything that I wanted after the post. So why not add a simple PS with a call to action at the end of your story? Once again, that part is optional. However, it's something I recommends that you at least consider, so you can try at least to sell your stuff while blogging at the same time. You don't have to be overly promotional if you don't want. But heck, if people enjoy your stories, they might really enjoy whatever services that you are offering to the world. Thank you a 1,000,000 times over for checking this out. It is my humble honor to be here with you, and I thank you so much for checking this out. I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture 14. Lecture 14 The Epic Post Method: the epic post method. The epic post method is when you write an all in one guide about absolutely anything, you could write about any topic and try your best to make it a super powerful guide. So maybe you want to write the all in one guide for email, copyrighting the all in one guide to cleaning out your closet, the all in one guide to teaching online courses, baking the perfect pumpkin cookies or the all in one guide to writing your first blawg post . My advice is to make the block post anywhere from 1000 to 3000 words long. So Google has a lot of content to seek its teeth into, and it also gives you a goal to strive For now, this advice is not set in stone, however, I usually find my average blood posts are above 500 words. So if you want to make an epic blood post worthy off book marking and sharing, then 1000 words to 3000 words. Seems like the Goldie Locks zone because any longer than 3000 words, then your blood post becomes a book, which could be, ah, high quality problem. But in my opinion, 1000 words to 3000 words is just fine for this type of post. To be honest, this is easily one of the most powerful post methods because not only are people going to spend time reading this type of content, but it's some of the most powerful and useful content that you could ever create. Another reason why this is awesome is because it works and absolutely any knish so you could block about lead the generation, astrophysics, belly dancing or how to make gourmet cookies. It literally works in absolutely any niche. The one downside of this type of post is that it can take a long time to write, so obviously it would be very difficult to write this type of post every single day. However, you can maybe schedule this type of blawg post once per month if you're super anxious or maybe just once per quarter or once per year. Another major reason why this is very powerful is because people share content like this, at least in my experience. If you look on Pinterest and really start checking to see which block posts get shared the most, you will probably find that the epic, all in one guide type post is something that people really appreciate and share. So the main strategy here is to make the content so awesome that it's worthy off book marking. The even better news is that you could even turn this type, of course, into a webinar, a book, a podcast or even a short video course if you want. At the very least, you could turn the Blawg post into an email auto responder sequence. If the content is awesome, why not repurpose that content? The main idea is that this type of content is very useful. It's the type of content that you can be proud of. If you write a post about the ultimate all in one guide to email marketing or the ultimate guide to building your email list, people are going to potentially love that content. When people genuinely enjoy that content, they're much more likely to share that content, which is a big deal. They might even link to it on their own. Blawg providing to you awesome S e o benefits and potentially more website traffic. Google and being are also going to love this content because if your content is shared. And if you're bounce rate is good. Google and Microsoft are going to notice that, especially if you're Blawg is plugged into Google Webmaster tools, Google Analytics and Microsoft Webmaster tools, which I definitely recommend. Another reason why this is awesome is because it's going to build massive authority. People who read these types of posts are going to appreciate your effort, and they'll realize that you know your stuff. So this block post might take a lot of effort. However, in the long term, it is worth your while. In fact, you could easily focus on this one type of blood post and never have to worry about any other type of posts. Thank you so much for checking this out. If you ever want a brainstorm or or if you ever have any questions, never hesitate to give me a bus and I'll see you in the next lecture 15. Lecture 15 The Testimonial Method: the testimonial method. The testimonial method is when you write about your hopefully positive or maybe negative experience you've had from absolutely anything. So if you've taken a course, listened to someone's advice, maybe listened to a podcast, use the product or otherwise used some type of service that rendered you any type of experience, you could definitely write an awesome blawg post about that one major nuance. Why this is more powerful than most people realize is because a few writes an uplifting testimonial for a service company or teacher. And then you share that testimonial with that person or service. There's a good chance that you're going to develop massively good karma. So maybe an authority in your niche teaches a course. You could then take that course, execute the methods provided and then right to your experience about that. I have personally written a ton of testimonials for different product vendors over the years, and I've had my name and face plastered on different sales letters doing this same exact thing. So not only can you provide some worthwhile content doing this, but you can also expose yourself to a bigger audience. Potentially, of course, the more in depth. Your testimonial is the better, So this really might be more like a case study rather than a mere testimonial. So maybe you can talk about how a course changed your life, how you acted on a certain idea that someone taught you, or how you tested out a software that worked. And maybe you got beautiful results as a result of that software. This is another cool blawg post idea that's useful to your readers, and it has the potential to really spark the interest of the person or organization that your rating a testimonial or case study about one word of warning is to never intentionally bury somebody or speak terribly against someone, because that comes with its own risk and bad karma. Que and catch up to you if you do that. In any event, this can be a very useful block post, and you can even earn some potential friends doing this. If you have good stuff to say. And if you're worried about using someone else's name in a testimonial or a case study, you should ask them for permission before you write the testimonial. They might really love the idea, and you never know. This could be a really cool way to earn friends in your marketplace. Just remember to always be honest, never lie in your testimonials or your case studies and try your best to make the content helpful for your readers. As always, if you ever have any questions or just want to brainstorm, never hesitate to give me a buzz and I will see you in the next lecture. 16. Lecture 16 The Big List Method: the big list method. Making a list of something isn't on Lee, one of my favorite blood post ideas, but it's also something I used to create courses, e books, videos and other products. Let me give you a really good example. Some of my best and most popular courses are simply lists. I have one product called the 21 Hardest affiliate programs, which is merely a list off the best affiliate programs that I have ever found. Over 2100 students are enrolled, probably a lot more by now. I have another course called the Massive Traffic Rolling X, which is merely a list off my favorite website, traffic and advertising methods. Over 1600 students are enrolled in that course, too. Once again, it's probably a lot mawr than 1600 students. By now, I have other examples of this to many of my courses are simply lists the seven best traffic methods. The five best ways to write content fast 10 email marketing optimization methods, the best blawg post methods. I think you get the idea. This type of content is ridiculously popular. If you're familiar with popular magazines, they're often stuffed to the brim with lists. People love lists. They're awesome to read, easy to understand and digest. And they're very valuable. While also entertaining many of my courses in much of my content follows this same exact structure. Creating a list off organized information is perhaps one of the best blood post content ideas you can ever right, mostly because they're super fun and educational for both you and your audience. Another major benefit of this type of block post is that they're super easy to write. If you have time to research, you can compile a list off organized information that your audience is going to love. And that's the most important part because they are beneficial and helpful to your audience . So this blood post could be epically helpful, enticing your audience to actually read the content, bookmark the content and remember that if your audience actually loves your content, it's going to improve your bounce rate dramatically. Which brings up another benefit of writing a list block post, which is it can work and absolutely any knish. It doesn't matter if you are in the dog nish the Internet marketing knish, or even if you like to write about psychology lists are super popular, They're fun to write, and anybody can write them regardless of their skill level. And something you might consider is even turning this block post into a course. If you have a list of something that's super valuable, and why not leverage that awesome content as much as you can? This is just food for thought. And if you would ever like to brainstorm, or if you ever have any questions, please never hesitate to give me a bus. Thanks again for interacting with me. It is my humble life honor to be here with you, and I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture. 17. Lecture 17 The Freestyle Method: the freestyle method. The freestyle method is your number one tool to fight, overwhelm and writer's block. It's when you write absolutely anything that's on your mind, and I mean anything. I alluded toe One sad fact earlier in this course that I've known so many bloggers who ultimately end up failing. They get too stressed out about being too serious. They're scared to act themselves, and they almost never give themselves freedom to have fun. That's more important than anything, because if you're not having fun writing, are you mawr likely to quit or are you less likely to quit? You're obviously much mawr likely to quit. So my advice is to give yourself freedom to write about whatever you want, especially when Writer's block is knocking on your door. Don't take yourself too seriously. You don't have to write like this all the time. But if you ever run out of things to say, break out the freestyle method. In other words, if you feel like blogging about a movie you watched last night, a cool video game that you've been playing a book you wrote or a book you read a new dog or kitchen that you just got an experience that you had the love of your life. A fishing trip with your grand kids or parents or absolutely anything. I say give it a whirl with the utmost confidence. What's the worst that happens? Are people going to get mad at you? Well, those people who get mad at you were never destined to be your readers anyway, So forget the haters, forgets the bullies, the daughters, the naysayers give yourself permission to write absolutely anything that you want. Also, if you're stressed out because you want to stick to your nish topic, always remember that you can add a simple PS to the end of your block post and tie it all together with a pretty bow by writing about how almost anything you ever write about relates to your knish. In other words, what did your last fishing trip teach you about your knish? What mish lesson? Can you learn from your new kitten? What did the movie you saw last night teach you about your knish? What did your trip to the store teach you about your knish? How does tomorrow's holiday relate to your knish? Admittedly, these are wild examples, but they're infinitely powerful because I'm trying my best to emphasize that with creativity, you can turn absolutely any situation into a cool blawg post that's relevant to your niche . This is a skill that's always going to last. So if you're ever suffering from writer's block because you can't think of anything that specifically related to your niche, then I beg you to give yourself the freedom to write about whatever it is that you want. Remember that if your audience likes you, then they're going toe. Love your contents pretty much, regardless of what you're writing about. And always remember that if you act like yourself and be true to yourself, you will attract the audience that you were always meant to attract. So once again, I stress to be creative. Give yourself permission to let your creativity run wild. Just because you write about a nature walk you took yesterday doesn't mean that you can't include some nish related content. Ornish related lessons at the end of your post in a P s to make it more relevant for your readers. I can't stress this enough. Give yourself permission to be free to write whatever it ISS that you are passionate about , never fall victim to writer's block and never fall under the impression that you absolutely must stick toe a tiny nish topic. If you've been around long enough in this beautiful blogging universe, you realize that too many bloggers quit. I believe that this block post method is your number. One way to fight the dismal longevity off bloggers because it grants you the ultimate freedom to just be yourself and have fun. So you can combat the icy clutches of writer's block wherever it may find you, and so you can attract your audience who truly appreciates your style. And you'll never have to force yourself to write on a topic that you don't feel like a rating about that day because now you can write about absolutely anything that ever crosses your mind. Thank you so much for checking this out, and I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture 18. Lecture 18 How To Go Forward With The Utmost Confidence And Freedom: how to go forward with the utmost confidence and freedom. First, I would like to thank you a 1,000,000 times over for taking this course with me. We just brainstormed a ton off awesome block post methods in this course. Please remember that if you would ever like to brainstorm about all things blogging, that's what I'm here for. I usually spend at least one hour per day brainstorming with my students rears and subscribers, so never be too shy to brainstorm with me if you want. Just remember that I'm always around if you're ever stuck suffering from writer's block or if you're not sure how to proceed. To be honest, I'm already confidence in your ability to write awesome blood posts From now until the end of time. You could just pick one of these methods and right awesome content whenever you wanted. Or maybe you want to mix and match. Maybe you want to write one block post from each category every year. Or maybe one particular block post method really sounds awesome to you, and you want to focus on that. There's so many different ways you can slice the cake going forward, but I just want to leave you with one piece of advice. You realize by now that I'm always ranting about how I've known so many bloggers who ultimately ends up quitting. It's really depressing. That's why I always harping that you should block about whatever you want, period. Of course, if you are a mish blogger, then you can always find creative ways to tie whatever's on your mind into your blog's topic so that it's relevant to your knish. Wish your audience a happy Thanksgiving and then tell them sincerely how thankful you are for the world off online marketing. Tell your audience how you saw an awesome movie and how that movie inspired you and reminded you off how thankful you are to be a writer and that your upcoming book will show them everything you know about writing in one fell swoop. The main thing I tried to accomplish with this course is that there's no one set in stone method to write an awesome block post. There are so many ways that you can connect to your audience while building massive or poor respect goodwill while writing good content. The master secret is to remember that if you stay true to yourself. You'll never have to fake your writing because you'll track to the audience that you were always meant to attract. And you'll never suffer from writer's block because you're giving yourself permission to write in your own voice, regardless off what mish you are in and regardless of who your audience is. I am so confident in your ability to achieve. And I thank you once again for spending this time with me. This has been Mike the Vincent, and I'm signing off. Please have a beautiful day and never hesitate to give me a bus.