How To speak like a TED speaker! Introduction to public speaking

Roi Shternin, Entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and coach

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11 Videos (27m)
    • Course Intro - Let's start!

    • Lesson 1 - The ABC's of Public Speaking

    • Lesson 2 - Who Am I?

    • Lesson 3 - Telling your story

    • Lesson 4 - Practicing

    • Lesson 5 - PPT's

    • Lesson 6 - Your stage presence

    • Lesson 7 - PowerPoint Karaoke!

    • Lesson 8 - Putting our ABC's to work!

    • Lesson 9 - Some technical advices

    • Lesson 10 - Using visual Aids


About This Class

Have you ever watched a TED talk and thought "I want to be that guy"? This course will teach you how to speak like a TED speaker! Instructed by a TEDx expert, structuring public speaking, making it easy as ABC's!  After training dozens of TEDx speakers, organizing several events and giving a Talk myself, I've found the best way to teach you how to speak just like a TED speaker!

Being a teacher and trainer for more than 15 years I've developed an easy public speaking system I call:"The ABC's of public speaking", making public speaking a simple template based process, this course will teach you how to use it.





Roi Shternin

Entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and coach

After self-diagnosing himself with a rare and untreated syndrome, Roi is helping to empower individuals and communities through mentoring and pro-bono counseling. Roi has embarked on a journey to revolutionized medicine, making healthcare accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Roi was one of the founders of the TED community in Israel, helping spread ideas worth spreading there and around the world, training Dozens TEDx speakers, professors, and executives and is considered a trainin...

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