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How To Write a Book Hook That Sells More Books

Franki B. Kidd, Frankie Johnnie Writing Books

How To Write a Book Hook That Sells More Books

Franki B. Kidd, Frankie Johnnie Writing Books

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5 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. How To Write Book Descriptions Headlines

    • 2. Let's Look at Book Hooks 1

    • 3. Let's Look at Book Hooks 2

    • 4. Book Hook Recap

    • 5. I Wrote My Book Hook 10xs

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About This Class

In this course we are going to look at the first few sentences that HEADLINE a Book Description on AMAZON. It’s the part of the book description that the reader sees first. BEFORE they have to click on “Read More.”

I’ll share the headlines of about a dozen books. Some books are New York Times Best Sellers, have won prestigious awards, and some of the books you’ve probably never heard of. 

The majority of the books that I share, are NONFICTION, and I’ll show them on Amazon. However, I’ll also throw in a FICTION book from KOBO just to mix-things up. 

 I’m also going to show my own Book Hook that I rewrote 10xs.  That’s TEN TIMES. Yikes.

 A book’s success is dependent upon many factors, and yes those first FOUR sentences matter.  


 I’m Franki.  I blog at  I’ve had success in the book industry and as a self-published author. I’m from the Midwest. I speak fast and on occasion; I jack up the pronunciation of a word.

 But I share guuud information.

 Click and enroll and let’s discover how to write great book description (hooks).

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Franki B. Kidd

Frankie Johnnie Writing Books


In New York on my way to Penguin Random House


My Skillshare Success Story.

From $200 to $2000 in a couple of weeks. From 10 students to 10K students.

Franki (FBK) is a writer's writer. She's an author who writes with a colorful simplicity.

The hundreds of eBooks that she's written for clients through online freelancing sites have become hot new releases and best sellers in their category.

She prides herself on writing and teaching others how to write books and compelling content that inspires the reader to take action: pursue a dream, learn something new, buy your product, start a business, make money online and much more.

Her teaching style holds your hand while pushing you into the water to make you swim (Write a Book or Pursu... See full profile

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1. How To Write Book Descriptions Headlines: and this course, we're going to look at the first few sentences. That headline, a book description on Amazon is the part of the book description that the reader sees first before they have to click on the read More I'm Going to Share With you the hairlines of about a dozen books. Some of the books are New York Times best sellers and are have won prestigious awards and some of the books. Ah, you've probably never heard of them the majority of the books that I share our nonfiction and I'll show you them on the platform. Amazon. However, I also throw in a fiction book from Kobo just to mix things up. I'm also going to show you my own book Cook that I rewrote 10 times like Seriously, look here, the tent here at the time for these are the 10 times I'm going to show you our practice, and this is how it's looking when I got through right now, Oh, look like then book headlines matter. Your book headline matter. I'm Frankie, I blogged. FBK writes dot com. I have success in the book industry. I found success in the book industry and as an independent author. I'm from the Midwest. I speak pretty fast my trip over my worst. But I do share good information if you're okay with all that lick in a row and let me show you how to write some great book descriptions headlines. 2. Let's Look at Book Hooks 1: girl. Wash your face. Stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you're went Who you were meant to be by Rachel Hollis Now, as you can see Amazon unless you see the headline, but it does not let you see the full book description unless you click on Read more and they have to go down and you click. Read less. But first, which the first thing you see on the pages? Just the headline. The first couple of sentences Now with this book, What else? New York Times bestseller Again. I see that so much that I kind of just skip over it. Sort of kind of. Now here's her tagline, and I like that she starts with the question. Do you ever suspect that everyone else has life figured out and you don't have a clue? If so, Rachel Hollis has something to tell you. That's a lie. So I really like this question because it it gives you an idea what the book is about, and I think is well done. Think this tagline is done is well done. I wanted to switch things up a little, so I threw in a cookbook. I see that the author's name is Cook's illustrated and obviously like it, says editor. So this is probably a magazine or something like that. You know, like Sports Illustrated. I guess Cook's illustrated may be related, although I'm not sure, and we're just focusing on headlines, book descriptions, the headlines and book descriptions. But I thought I mix it up and throwing a cookbook. So here's the tagline. Now again, if you click here, you see where it says remora, and they read the full book description. But if you like this, this is what Amazon initially shows you when you click on a page. And this says a perfect soup recipe is one you make forever and it's me. Let me let me re read it. If that that's looking my brain. A perfect soup recipe is why you make forever. It is comforting, nourishing, the very essence of flavor. I really love that part, the very essence of flavor and this handsome, focused cookbook. The experts, a cook's illustrated boil the world of soup down to the very best choices. Each one a kitchen. Some of this is kind of a little choppy for me, but I like that it says Boil the world of soups down to the very best choices. That's a really good line, say, 123 because they want to three lines. A perfect soup recipe is when you make forever kind of like it. Kind of like it is comforting, nourishing the very essence of flavor. I like the part and this handsome, focused cookbook never thought about a clickable gives being a handsome or focus, but it's different. I kind of like it kind of kind disorder. The next headline of the book Prescription we're gonna Look At is from the book Bad Blood Secrets and Lies in a Silicone Valley Startup. Now, if you click on this, this is what I mean. You see, Amazon just lets you see the little headline So you have to really Nellie with your headline, it says. A national best seller. Now I like that you don't see that too often. You may see a New York Times bestselling lists bestseller, a Wall Street Journal bestseller, a USA Today bestseller, but I don't see it often a national best seller chilling res like a West Coast version of all the president's men. The New York Times Book Review She Just Regis Get Chilly reads like a West Coast version of all the presidents. Man, I really like that mind. That's a really, really good lying tagline. Chilling reads like a West Coast version of all the President's Men. And if you've seen that movie, haven't you know seeing the movie a long time ago? The New York Times Book Review So they got a quote from The New York Times Book Review, and that's something you know, we all wish we could get a review from The New York Times Book Review. That's something I don't really see often. And I really like the tagline that this that the New York Times Book Review gave them. I do want to say that you can use a book review from A From It doesn't Have to Be from Someone Famous are from a popular publication. If you get a book review from just the average Jane or John Doe there, says, Hey, this was a great book or they say something really clever or funny are edgy or whatever. You can use that, because when people look at your headline, they're not Yeah, it matters if you see like New York Times Book Review. But if it's something is really clever or funny or whatever the book is about, if it's something that really catches your attention, it's not gonna matter of Donald Duck wrote the book. Right Broke The Book review If The Lion King wrote the book review, you could literally put Lying King and or Fred Flintstone and people wouldn't Care. They just want to know that this is a good book. You want something that pulling me in Growing Up a Business. Adventures in Beer from the founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery by Sam I'm really gonna try to pronounce his last name updated business versus oh, here's his tag line, you see he goes 123456 Okay. Updated business wisdom from the founder of Dogfish Head, the nation's fastest growing independent craft brewery, starting with nothing more than a home starting with nothing more than a home brewing kit, Sam See turned his entrepreneurial dream and tweet foamy reality in the form of Dogfish Head Craft brewing, one of America's best and fastest growing craft breweries. Now what I think about this headline. I think that updated business wisdom from the founder of Dark Hair Fish, the nation's fastest growing independent craft brewery, might mean something to some readers. It just seems out of place with this headline. I think if he had just started with starting with nothing more than a home brewing kit, the founder off Dog hit a dogfish head turned his entrepreneurial dream into a former reality. So again, I don't think that's the way I probably would have done. It is put the Dogfish head here. It still is putting his name because people may not know his name, but they probably if they recognize that brand of beer, then they might, you know. So I probably put out probably all he did. He doesn't have to hear Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, starting with nothing more than a home Bring Kit Sam See turned his entrepreneur dream and tweet for me reality in the form of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, one of America's best and fastest growing craft breweries. OK, so he says it up here and he says it down here. I don't think you needed bull places, if anything, if you wanted to. Both the fine. You should just voted it down here. But I think this is catchy, I think is a tagline that very catching pretty good, pretty well done. This course is obviously about headlines, so I'm not even gonna look at any other factors like the book cover of the book title, because this particular courses just dealing with headlines. But of course, those things do matter. The book cover the book title. The number of reviews. All this stuff matters, but let's free. So the book is educated by terror. TERROR WEST over New York Times bestseller Screw Rushes Out Doesn't Impress Me, An unforgettable memoir about a young girl who kept out of school, leaves her survival this family and goes on to earn a P H. D. From Cambridge University Book Club. Pick for the now read this from PBS News Hour and the and it Cut it off because in order to see the full description, you have to click on Read more. But we're not focusing on the food fuel discretion. Amazon just shows you the headline. So The New York Times bestseller This are our best tell already. Say it and don't press an unforgettable memoir, that's cliche unforgettable member of her that I like about a young girl kept out of school , leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge. So right away, this is the type of story we all love is a fish out of water. She's from this survivalist family, and this fish gets out of the water and gives a P H. D. From Cambridge University that piques my interest. That's a really, really good headline and tagline. Then it goes on the same book. Look big Book Club pick for now. Revis from PBS News Hour. Maybe even if you don't watch PBS news hour, you've probably most certainly heard of it. And if it's a book club pick that's giving this book some more credibility, um, overall, I'm hooked fish out of water. We all love fish out of water stories, so that's a good time. Let's keep going 3. Let's Look at Book Hooks 2: in this section will start by looking at the headline and hit lines and book descriptions off several books. The first book is Shift On by Nicky Woods. No, let's breathe a hit line, I'm going to read it and You can read Along With Me and shift on 20 stories of turning trials into triumph. Best selling author Nicky Was collaborates on 20 collaborates with 20 contributors who unleashed so storing inspirational biographical tales that are destined to touch lives. Autism, career transition, depression, betrayal, death abuse and chronic illness Make way for survival forgiveness. Hill ing rehabilitation introspection. So if I were to click this tab, you we would be able to read the rest of the book description. But I want to focus right down on the headline. 12345 Okay, five sentences, some of more four synthesis, some of our fire synthesis and what I like about this hit line. Although it doesn't like Pop, what the author has done is she's done a couple things first, she says, best selling offer so that that that's like a selling point. OK, your best selling Arthur. The second thing she's done, she's really put a lot of key words in here. So you see where she says, autism, career, transition, depression, betrayal, death, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So if you were looking for a book, say, like on Career Transition and you put in the words career transition, this book might pop up. Or if you're looking about for a book about will have who have overcome depression, this book might pop up. Are you looking for a book on autism? This book, my pop up. So what she's really done is and put in a lot of keywords, and the Amazon allows you to do it. May. I don't think, um, this is the most you know, most appealing headline, but it serves this point for a nonfiction book. So, um, shift on, she's giving those keywords. The next book we're looking at is Make Your Baby It by William H. Mick, Raving Male with his hit line, He goes our whoever wrote the headline. Sometimes they use a copywriter, the inspiring number one New York Times bestseller that should be read by every leader in America. So this is a quote from The Wall Street Journal. Here's another quote. Powerful USA Today so What he's done is include quotes by well known publication or publications that a lot of people know of. And that's the selling point. I see so many books with New York Times New York Times bestseller that that doesn't really do it for me. But he gives credibility to his book to let you know that if this publication, which is a well known publication like The Wall Street Journal, are a U. S A U. S, A. Today endorses it, this book is worth checking out. I've been reading this book, sweetie. It's actually a good book, but the headline you see he's put it in bold find. Okay, The next book is Hot Mess, too. Mindful Mom 40 Ways to Find Balance, Enjoy. And every Day. And the Authors. Alley Cats. I haven't read this book, but this book, the headline of the book description, caught my attention for any mom who typically rise around with her hair on fire and needs a break. That's a funny line, and if you repair and many of us are parents, although my mama my Children are grown. But if you're a parent, you know what it's like to run around with your hair on fire, which is would have to have a hectic life. And then it goes on. The headline goes on to say It's so easy to find yourself constantly overwhelmed are burned out in the hustle and bustle of society today. But it's important to slow down and take. And you see, this is the 1234 she's got the first. Those are her four sentences. Now I really like the boat first line that life does it for me again. I haven't read this book, but for any mom who typically runs around with their hair on fire and needs a break and thats so that's like that's a good opening line. I think the following to lines are just average, but she really started with a bang. This book is called F Anxiety. Hardcore Self Help by Robert Duff PhD And here's his tag wing right here. Sorry, have some of the cut off hard core self help F anxiety is for those of us that find the prospect of raiding a traditional self help book to be way too boring. How are you supposed to make a positive change in your life. If the book itself feels like a chore, this book definitely is not a chore. Now what I really like about this is that is very relatable. He has clean sentences. If you already have a 1,000,000 things to do and you're feel with anxiety, you don't want to read a big, thick, boring book. This complicated to read. That's a chore to read you want Something is not a chore, something that simple. So I think these four sentences are very clean. Very nice shot with those for headline censuses of the book description. The next book, The Life Changing Magic of Tightening Up by Marie Condo. And in her headline, Here She Goes, The New York Times Bestselling guy to de Cluttering Your Home from Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Condo takes readers on a step by step through her revolutionary Kon Mari method for simplifying, organizing and storing. So there she's using keywords again. I'm just so over people saying the New York Times bestselling book or guide, because even though no, everybody does not make The New York Times and I know if my one of my books made The New York Times, I'm certainly gonna put it on there, I guess because I see it so much. It's not. It's not. I'm not impressed, but it is a selling point. And like I said that one of my books hit. You can believe I'm going to put that tag line on it as well. But what really catches my eye about this clean her clean for sentences is that she uses a very powerful word, which is revolution area. And if any of you have ever found yourself in a de clutter or cluttered myth and you need to de clutter, you've probably tried a lot of different means to de clutter and you've probably failed alive. But when she said she stays there with her method are a copywriter. Whoever wrote the copy for this headline of her book description that her method is revolutionary and because it didn't make The New York Times best seller list, you noted it sold a lot of copies. Um, and so this book here with that work is what, what, what would draw me and revolutionary cause? I'm like I've tried so many different ways to de clutter, but she's saying her technique, it's like none other also what she's done it. Like I said, These use keywords simplifying organizing this story. I'm sure that if you were to type in de clutter, how to declutter or something, or I want a simplifying method of organizing are storing you. Would this book we come up because she shoes some of those keywords? We're next going to look at a poor tree book called a titled Milk and Honey by Rupee car. Hope I'm pronouncing her name correctly. Now here's her headline. This book. We'll see how many sentences 1234 present. This book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose. Deals with a different pain. Hills. A different heartache. Milken Hunting takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life. Find sweetness in them because their sweetness everywhere. If you're just willing to look now, the first line just didn't really catch me. This book is divided into four chapters where I was really pulled in, she says. It deals with a different paying hills, a different heartache, that is, those two lines are so powerful. Then it goes on to say takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and find sweetness in them. So I think it's very clean writing. She nailed it, deals with a different pain, heals a different heartache. Really, really good. Copy the headlines here. Really? Really. I just I just I just find this is one of the clean this written headlines. I really like it. And again, what may appeal to me may not appeal to you, but I think, well, you find ah, book description or the headline of a book description that's really clean that's served this purpose. Everybody is not going to like it. But I'm just showing these examples, and I'm going to show some more just so you can wrap your rank brown. Excuse me, I can't talk just so you can wrap your mind around to start looking at headlines. Amazon gives you a certain amount of space with headlines. You could put about four or five lives, and then you'll have to say, If you want to seem, or if the reader wants to see more, they'll have to click on the little box. But I'm just just trying to get you to focus in right now on again, just some various headlines and we're gonna keep looking at headlines. Book description, headlines 4. Book Hook Recap: Okay, Phil Estelle. Recap of book headlines The first thing will cover is that you can use keywords you'll recall in the book Shift on that. The author used a lot of keywords, and I've highlighted here some of the key words she used. And it is important to use keywords because keywords are metadata. Meta data is invisible is invisible. Medic Metadata is invisible to visitors but is visible to search engines. So what I mean by that is obviously you see the words career, transition, depression, betrayal. But what you don't see is behind the screen. But high in the algorithms. Thes keywords were being calculated in factor into how this book is shown because Amazon is a search engine. What I would say is you might try using long tail keywords because it's going to be really hard to compete for keyword like, say, depression or healing. It's gonna be really harder. Let's just look at autism, a key where you might she might. The author might try to compete if you're doing, if you go over key words you might try to compete for was called long tail keywords. And that's just a string of words it could be two words and be five words. It could be, you know, is a string of words. So I testament you might go for s burger syndrome. You might go for Austin ism spectrum, you know, just some different keywords that everybody is my going to use. You might wanna like. I say, go for some long tail keywords. Also, some of the books. I'll go back and share as I'm doing this recap and some I want. Of course, if you want to go back, I'll I'll share the links. And also, you can go back through the video if you like, and look at the books and the book girl. Wash her face stopped believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be. The author are the copywriter or the person who wrote her book headline. The X is thought provoking question. Do you ever suspect that everyone else has life figured out and you don't have a clue that makes you think I'm Does everybody else happen together and I don't So you can ask the question that causes the reader to say good point? Yeah, I thought about that. So it's about provoked, invoking question, and the next one is a quote from a famous person or source Now, because we didn't touch on any fiction books, I am going to go. And we didn't go to Kobo, which is another online book retailer. I want to go over there now, and we're gonna look at a fiction book, and we're gonna look at a quote from a famous person. So this book, where the crowd at singing and let's is by Adela Delai Owens It's a okay. You see how on Kobol, let's stop for a mini sound kobo. They also share the first couple of sentences. Think is three sentences here, and then, If you want to remora, you click on re more. But this is the headline. So it goes. New York Times Bestseller A. Reiss Smith Hey, Jack up these names. A recent a Reese Witherspoon Hello, Some Shining Book Club and Reese Witherspoon. You know she's the actress, and she says, I can't even express how much I love this book. I didn't want the story to end. We re so I can't talk. Reese Witherspoon Spoon painfully beautiful. The new YORK The New York Times Book Review. So she's got a couple of things going on in her hand line. She's got that New York Times bestseller status. I've told you that's not a big deal to me. But then she's got someone famous saying, Hey, I couldn't even put this book down, which gives her book, you know, an extra you know, off. And then you have a New York Times Book review saying, What did they say? Can't even seeing painfully beautiful. So this headline this book headline. She has a lot going for herself, and I haven't read this book, but it does look interesting. Let's keep going. Next. You could use a review from what I call John or Jane Doe say, a reviewer rigeur book. They liked it. They wrote a review that was clever or funny or thought provoking or energy or whatever. You could use their review. They don't have to be a celebrity or someone famous for you to use their review. Never gonna look at one of my books and I'm gonna show you what I mean. One of my books one of my opinion. Ames's Frankie, Johnny and I. This is one of my books. And you see, I start with the question struggling to start your nonfiction book. Do you wish there was a simple outlining process that is more closely aligned with a nonfiction book writing process? Now? I wrote that into 5th 20,015 I'm not in love with it, but what I'm going to go back and do this is an actual review. I even just copied and pasted it so you'll see some of these words kind of run together. But that's the way she typed it. So I don't even know who this person is a man or a woman. But they say I have been contemplating writing my outline for a month with no idea how to do it to do it. Then I stumbled on this and, well, read the book in an hour and now feel ready to get it done. I'm excited. I can't make that up. When I read the review, I was so excited, and I put it down here and editorial reviews. You'll notice that most people down in their editorial reviews they'll put like something from Buzzfeed are The New York Times or whatever. But it is OK to put just something from the ordinary person that reviews your book. So what? I want to go back and do and is put a heart review up here at the top or I should say his or her review because I don't know who that person is now. The next thing you can do with your headline is share any awards you've won. Okay, so that's looking a book. We're gonna look at the Underground Railroad By Colson Whitehead. So here's his hairline. Here's the book here. Here's Colson, Whitehead and a Ghost winner of the Pulitzer Surprise and the National Book Award and these air very prestigious awards. The New York Times bestseller again That doesn't bring my bill or do anything for me. And then a magnificent cent tour de force chronicle ing a Young slaves adventures as she makes a desperate bid for freedom and the Enter Bell himself. So again, the storyline Okay, but what really would just draw you in is saying a Pulitzer Surprise and National Book Award. So if you have your book has won any awards, even if it was ah award from your hometown, you want to include that are you can't include that in your headline and your headline. You want to say something powerful may be clever, humorous, honest. Whatever would be a nice fit for your book in the book Milk and Honey by Rupee Car, which is an inspirational poor tree book. Um, what she says is very powerful is hills a different heartache. Oh, I'm sorry. Deals with a different pain hills. A different hearty colleges just hit me there. And it's no wonder this book is so popular. Um, so again, with your headline just just if you be your authentic self, use your authentic words. Speak from the heart You really can't go wrong with doing it that way. And I really love how she's just said Milk and Honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments of life and finding sweetness and down because their sweetness everywhere. Well, im just like blown away by this headline. The first line, That's OK. But then I think from lines, uh, here, on down from deals with a different pain. From here on down, she really nails it. I want to leave you with this. You can write the best headline book description ever You Can is writers. We get so caught up and writing our book that when it comes to write in our headline and then the entire book description, I can feel very overwhelming and we get nervous. And so we just I know for me. It just takes me sometimes a really long time to write a good headline. But then when I just calm down and tell myself I am a writer, I can write a few sentences. I can, I can, I can. And I usually come away with something that's, you know, not bad at all. One of the things you also could do is their arm services. I know Brian Cohen. He's an author, and he has a service where he will write your book description for you. I am not a Philly. Enough Brian Cohen service. I just I'm familiar with his work, and I know that he does really good work again. I'm not getting a commission or anything. I just thought I would mention it, so if you decided that you just don't want to do your headline, there are options out there available for you, but I would say, Give it a try. Go back through each of these headlines and find some headlines and book descriptions on your own and practice writing your headlines. I hope you have enjoyed this course. I know I make a lot of the steaks and I just keep rolling because life is about just not being afraid to put yours self out there, So I x that you give me a review. Thank you. Signing off franking. 5. I Wrote My Book Hook 10xs: Hello. So I'm going to try to turn my book description the headline of my book description into a hit line that increases my book sales. I have to write. Oh, excuse me. I have to nail four sentences. Oh, it's about 30 to 100 words that hook that hook The reader. Can I do it? Can I write a book hook that increases book sales? We're gonna find out this is what I have so far struggling to start your nonfiction book. Do you wish there was a simple outlining process that is more closely aligned with the nonfiction book writing process? Great news. It's okay, I think I wrote this in 2015 and it's time to update because I recently did a class on the book headlines, book description, headlines, I decided that I needed to put my money where my mouth was and go back and update some of my book headlines. So what I did was to me about an hour to write. Thes book headlines are of a great ah, nope. But I'm gonna start from the bottom to the one I actually selected. That's at the top, and I don't think it's bad. I think I still have some work to do. Like I said, it took me about an hour to do these. So here it goes. Are you struggling to finish that already started book, But find yourself stuck because you did not create a book outline. Do you wish there was a way to easily create a book outlining that would then produce an amazing book? Look no farther. Because, Frankie, Johnny, that's my pen Name is a freelancer, and inside this book, she shares a simple process. She ease it so clunky she uses to easily create a solidly should be structured. A book outlining. And that's okay, this is number 10 going up. Is this a year? You finally. Is this the year you are finally going to write your book? Or will you continue making excuses and getting stuck because you did not create a book outline because you didn't rip because you didn't want to risk hating your book before you started writing it? Good news. This book shares 12 outlined templates to help you create an outlying thin and then write an amazing book. Yeah, All right. How are you going on this one? now. How are you going to write a book if you don't? First, if you don't first create a book outline. No, not the big, bad, boring outline of yesteryear. I say It's for yesteryear's Should be of yesteryear. Discover how to create an easy, breezy outlying from a freelancer who has created over 1000 book outlines as all right l are really right. Creating a book outlining should not be is painful as removing wisdom teeth. Forget about the boring way, miss. So it's so taught you to create a book outlining school. You're an adult now, and there are new and exciting ways to create and create a book outline. I don't think they don't know what happens when you here's the next one. What happens when you give yourself permission toe? Unlearn that boring book Outlying process you learned and I don't want to say high school, but school and Discover Frankie Johnny should be Frankie Johnny's super Easy book Outline Process, which turns the basic book outlying in assisting into a creative, thick process outline that makes the book fun to write. That's kind of clunky. I kind of like this one. According this one coming up. According to Mac Come Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours to become and an expert. It took Frankie Johnny, creating 1000 book outlines and pulling out countless strings of hair to master a book outlining process that a simple fun and nothing like the boring way you learn to create a book outline in school. Kind of get a little loss, but I started out good. I got this one from this book that I just wanted toe This book that I was reading The book headline was sort of like this, and it gave me an idea. Was entrepreneur Book, but it gave me an idea of the kind of change mine, So I tried to be creative here. I don't know if it worked me. Read it, Frankie. Johnny can sing. She can dance. She can't cook, but she can't create a durn good book outline. With a free last summer, she has written nearly 1000 book allies. That's true by combining a simple book outline with what she calls her thick paragraphs, making the book Phyllis if it can right itself. I kind of like them in this clunky there are clunky like I see it. Excuse me. I spent about a Knauer working on these. And so let's go to number three. We're going up backwards, working as a freelance or Frankie, Johnny has written nearly 1000 book outlines by combining a basic book, Outlying With What she calls her Thick process book outlining, she turns what could be a tortuous process into a pleasure, pleasure, pleasure full? I don't know, pleasure writing experience. I need to fix it. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could create a book I line that makes it feel like your book is practically writing itself? Frankie Johnny created hundreds of outlines working as a freelancer before she discovered outlining Does not have to make you hate your book before you start writing it. So I've created thousands, about 1000 outlines. But it took me hundreds before I got to that point. That I didn't feel like tortured. Here is the one I'm going to use. How long have you been planning to write your book? Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could create a book ally that makes the book feel as if it's practically writing itself by combining a basic book outline with Frankie Johnny's revolutionary Thick paragraphs Prop Big Bear Grass book Outlying process. You'll discover the outlining isn't so bad after all again, It took me about an hour. Yeah, I know. Excuses, excuses. Not saying these are perfect. But I am going to change out the other book hit line that I have in the description in the book description. Gonna change it out to this one. And I'm gonna report back and let you know if it help the book. Any of the books sell? That's what. A couple of books a day, but we'll see if it helps. I saw him in my Amazon KDP page and nonfiction outlined book, and I'm gonna stroll down and the sea right here is where c start struggling to start your book outlining process. I'm going to fix it. I'm gonna want to replace it. I mean, I'm gonna replace it. Hold on. So you see, I went in and I added the new paragraph here, and we'll see how it goes. So, as you see is preparing my fouls. When you go in and make a change to your Amazon book, it has to update it. So it's updating. I made the changes, and I'm gonna report back and let you know how it worked out. If it worked out with me changing that paragraph, I could have done much more and I probably not. Probably I will. I am doing a class own writing book description, Headlines and I find is easy to look at other people's book and give tell what works until what doesn't work. It's harder to look at your own book and go in and try to make changes and tweaks that increase your book sale. So I thought I'd take a have a go at it just playing around. And I have, like so many books under so many different pen names. Okay, start. It's done. It's done. Okay. One second I have to hit the publish button and it's it'll say, You see, it says it takes about 72 hours. Usually is a little faster than that. I, at least in my case, is always a little bit faster than that. But as I was saying, it's hard to is easy to look at other people's work, their book description, the headline of their book description, their book cover and say OK, Well, this really this worked really well or this didn't work. But with your own work, that's a little bit harder to do. As writers, we get scared. We're okay. We're writing a 60,000 word book are 25,000 Word e book. But we get so terrified when we have to write four little sentences. Or you know 700 words for our book description are 250 words or whatever we're account. You uses icis scaring and also because we write books. If you're If you write a lot of books, you write books often. So a lot of times some of the your older books you don't get a chance to go back and update and tweak and do little things and make it better. Yeah, with some of my older books. I'm I haven't done a great job. We're going back and updating and making the tweaks and everything like that. But it's important. The books that are that are older and I thought no longer were updated, are contained, get information. I just completely pull those books. But the books that are older but they're still could still contain good information. I left him. So let's see how it turns out. We're gonna We're gonna We're gonna publish it. You see, it's published. All right, we'll chat again. So signing off this is Frankie. No E.