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How To Write a Book Hook That Sells More Books

Franki B. Kidd,

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    • How To Write Book Descriptions Headlines

    • Let's Look at Book Hooks 1

    • Let's Look at Book Hooks 2

    • Book Hook Recap

    • I Wrote My Book Hook 10xs


About This Class

In this course we are going to look at the first few sentences that HEADLINE a Book Description on AMAZON. It’s the part of the book description that the reader sees first. BEFORE they have to click on “Read More.”

I’ll share the headlines of about a dozen books. Some books are New York Times Best Sellers, have won prestigious awards, and some of the books you’ve probably never heard of. 

The majority of the books that I share, are NONFICTION, and I’ll show them on Amazon. However, I’ll also throw in a FICTION book from KOBO just to mix-things up. 

 I’m also going to show my own Book Hook that I rewrote 10xs.  That’s TEN TIMES. Yikes.

 A book’s success is dependent upon many factors, and yes those first FOUR sentences matter.  


 I’m Franki.  I blog at  I’ve had success in the book industry and as a self-published author. I’m from the Midwest. I speak fast and on occasion; I jack up the pronunciation of a word.

 But I share guuud information.

 Click and enroll and let’s discover how to write great book description (hooks).





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Franki B. Kidd

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