How To Write Your Own Kindle Book Even If You Have A Crazy Schedule | Marc Guberti | Skillshare

How To Write Your Own Kindle Book Even If You Have A Crazy Schedule

Marc Guberti, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author

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4 Videos (11m)
    • Intro: How To Write Your Own Book Even If You Have A Crazy Schedule

    • Planning Out Your Book

    • Finding The Time To Write Your Own Book

    • Publishing Your Book -- Consider Hiring Someone


About This Class

81% of people want to become an author, and yet less than 2% of people end up reaching this status. It's been easier than before to become an author. We can now self-publish Kindle books. We can also integrate these Kindle books into our content strategy by building ourselves as an authority in our niches. 

A lack of time management is one of the biggest culprits for why most aspiring authors don't publish their books in the marketplace. Crazy schedules seem to leave no time left for writing a book.

This mini course will solve that problem. In this course, you will learn the framework for prepping your book and then finding time in your day to write that book. 

This course is designed to provide you valuable insights in a few minutes rather than a few hours so you can watch this course and learn even if you have a busy schedule. 





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Marc Guberti

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author

My mission is to elevate the lives of other through my training courses. My courses come equipped with evergreen knowledge that will still apply many years down the road. If something gets outdated, I come out with an update.

I am a digital marketing expert with over 400,000 social media followers and over 30,000 students who have given my courses a try. I was a recipient of the People's Choice Rule Breakers Award for my work as a teenager entrepreneur. My mantra is that age is not a ...

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