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How To Write Social Media That Sells

James Burchill, Bestselling Author & Coursepreneur™

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8 Videos (49m)
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    • Introduction and What To Expect

    • Discover Why Most People Get Sales Wrong And What You Can Do To Get It Right.

    • Simplifying The Sales Process So You Can Write Social Media That Sells! - Part 1

    • Simplifying The Sales Process So You Can Write Social Media That Sells! - Part 2

    • Simplifying The Sales Process So You Can Write Social Media That Sells! - Part 3

    • The Sales Funnel Lie They've Been Telling To You For Years!

    • How To Profile People Using The 3 NLP Modalities


About This Class

If you'd like to stop randomly posting social media and start strategically creating content that sells ... this is the course for you.

First, you'll discover the truth about the sales process - it's not what it seems. One simple shift in perspective and selling (often dreaded by many) becomes almost effortless.

Then you'll discover the 3 stages and 3 corresponding states of mind that result in 100% of all social media sales. 

You'll learn why most people are getting it wrong and what you can do about.

You'll uncover the hidden force behind why the sales funnel model is flawed and the one small flip you can make that fixes your sales process forever.

And finally, you'll learn an NLP strategy that lets you profile people with ease so you can better manipulate  ... er, persuade them to buy your stuff!

Go ahead, enroll in this short but powerful course and you'll see why most people have been writing social media all wrong ... and how you'll be writing social media that sells in no time at all.

Your course includes printable "cheat sheets" and naturally your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

ENROL TODAY ... start writing social media that sells!

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Good stuff, I'm gonna have to watch this a couple times to let it all soak in :)
Very insightful, loved it! Thanks :D





James Burchill

Bestselling Author & Coursepreneur™

Quickly Simplifying Complexity

Hi, my name is James and I'm a fan of productivity and streamlining. I've been working in the technology and business world for more than a quarter of a century and during that time I've learned something very important about technology (hardware or software) and that's this ...

About 80-90% of what your "tech" can do isn't necessary for what you need to get done!

Put another way, most technology has a steep learning curve to...

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