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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Know Your Audience

    • 3. The Visual Equation

    • 4. Pass The Test

    • 5. Conclusion

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About This Class

Do you want to master the art of writing on the internet?

For this purpose you will have to “reprogram” yourself, leave behind old ideas about writing and embrace a new way to finally reach your audience

In this second class I will continue teaching you what this process is all about

See you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

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Daniela Andrea Guasti

The best way to a great day is to learn


Hello Friends,

My name is Daniela A. Guasti, I have a dregree in turism and I?m from Buenos Aires, Argentine.

I like to learn new things everyday because I think that knowledge is the foundation to have a happy and meaningful life. And so, I also like to spread my knowledge with other people, in order to motivate and help everyone I can.

You can contact me or message me if you have any doubt with my classes. I?ll be glad to help you always.

Have fun learning!


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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome to my new class. How to write on the Internet too. So do you want to master the art of writing on Internet? For this purpose? You will have to reprogram yourself, leave behind all ideas about writing and embrace a new way to finally reach your audience in the second class. And we continue teaching you what this process is all about. So it turned role in the glass. He double bottom below the video and see inside. Thank you. 2. Know Your Audience: hello and welcome to my class. So let's continue. It's very, very important to know your audience audience. Okay, you have to know your islands as your own Children. Many interpreting your some blowers believe that they know their all ins well, but in reality, they are only able to define it with simply socio demographic parameters. Those that are put in the business plan. Remember that. Know your audience is about all a quality of research. Exercise. Excellent example. Suppose you have a mommy blogger on only know about your audience east that they are Spanish speaking mothers aged between 18 to a 45 with average to poor rotating power, living large here or in centers in terms off communication. This delimitation is a starting point, but it will do not. It will not do you a much good what? You really need to know what those moms really are. You have to know them as your own family to know what their lifetimes are, what their consumptions habits are, what problems they have, what motivates them. What they love, what they hate, what they do about that, why they do it, why they do it. Okay, when I'm with whom. For this you'll have to segment a mother that is to know your audience over there. Also, it's very important to define the tone very well. Choosing the right tone for communication is important in all areas in the interactive channel. Like Internet, it is even more so in the Net. There really are stops being a mere passive receiver. You cannot relate to him without taking these into account. Okay, Internet interactivity competing completely changes the term off their relationship with the reader compared toa other media. When we write within to do it in our term on entering Kabul, Writer would usually projects himself into what he writes by putting himself in the middle . But on Internet, your reader is in the center. The correct thing, therefore, it to write in the tone off their reader. Put your the reader in the thunder off the communication always right in his open or her tone. Not in yours. If you really know your guns well, you will not have a difficult defending with surgical precision. The most appropriate tone to communicate with him or hair okay and also is very, very important to optimize your headlines I m in the 21st century. The criteria for building good headlines, it different and not at all. Early deters have related. Yet we have not completed the transition to a digital world. We continue to think that the elements off a content are in simple from one another, as in a paper Shona or a printed booklet. But this is no longer true at this point. You know well that the first contact with the reader will. Your content will often occur through a headline out of context, but every really considering it. The real will not access your content if he cannot find it. And he does not understand what he denied your ease off the content on. He does not realize what benefit he will get from reading. These three points are the three battles that you will have to win with your starter. Do not fool yourself in there fighting. You fight against other headlines. Pursuing the same goes using the same weapons as you. To win, you have to do better. As an example, imagine attics about China. Lee's childish tantrums oriented, two possible solutions. The correct interim high idling will be free, infallible Metal 20 challenge entrance on the in court a news for print media type on, which is not Toby used on the Internet. Could be. Do they make you nervous? Try these solutions and save yourself once and for all. Okay, so let's review the critical points that define a good heads lying to better understand what worked in the first example on what fails in the 2nd 1 Okay, so the head Ling must have full meaning for itself or it won't understood you wouldn't be understood out off context. OK, You're islands will only dedicate their valuable time if they perceive that in return they will get some kind of benefit of off beat. Okay, if you're able to announce in the mill in the in the tittle, the benefit, I assure you that you will capture the attention off many more people go much more people, while some always threat to use keyword a thing says how Well, uh, how would we'll find someone interested in the subject on act accordingly? Especially, You're thinking about improving your is eo day. Your CEO also vacations with told meanings plans on local inns. These are interesting journalistic resources, but they can confuse on disconcert people from other cultures, and they're not always understood when they are out of context. Also, remember that size mothers Okay, try Ah, our headline that don't exceed a 70 characters. Okay, if that cannot be, at least make sure you don't exceed 100. Remember that certain shines and social networks have a limit off characters. If your titles too long, Bill will, could it? In addition, in the particular case off Twitter Ah, headline that leaves no room to add other things. It is not friendly with people who want to share your content. And that's something OK, that a dimension to the source off or a compliment. I'll Leslie I remember to distill the headline until it reaches eggs. Max Mon Degree of purity synthesize everything you can. Okay, one more is one less opportunity. Remember that when you're rating, you're headlining. Okay, so this was all for the video. Hope you like it for Unit one 3. The Visual Equation: Okay, So let's continue with the test and the wishful equation. What thus do these mean? Okay, they bring of your reader needs visual information. A long text without images is that they're current for most people. The reason A written rule according to which any content of our doing the network should include at least one main image that illustrates the subject being treated. You must assume that it is unlikely that your things will survive without Easter support. Okay, Experts are not tired of repeating this idea over and over a thing. They have no shortage off. Reasons to begin remembered what we saw in the first class. They you must keep your text within a brocade visa instructor A highlights ponies on other similares resources. Although a note images can be visually enemies to your text. And so, in other words, with good styles, you can make the tricks work visually, almost as any much. Okay, Ive you think a little leaf friendly you can find ingenious and disrupted solutions toe with a more visual appearance to your content. Okay. For example, you come in, you can make diagrams on draft picks on our door or physical paper. Take pictures with a mobile phone and use those photos. Us illustrations. Or you can record video by a paralyzing a key part off your explanation on. Then alone read. Do you two on Embedded to the boast. Okay. Finally, you could You should know that there are many for re sources on the internet that can help you with this. Some banks off popular images off her part off the free cattle. Oh, okay. With a simple Google search, you can find them. Um, you look for a common media images going in the gold, certain shine, then it is very important to pay attention to surgeon excesses off the same from the view. From the point of view off the study of usability, there are some basic recommendations about certain excesses excesses that are a counterproductive in 10 in terms off design so that you do not make them OK, so these are don't be. See your spikes off. They typefaces great for their body off the text. Don't be seduced by them. And that the state type off A my place is certainly not. They're not were readable. It is a beginning, a rarer, very common there with the same. Remember that us to trigger the text. Ah, readability has absolute purity over any other consideration. Also, but tried to avoid backgrounds full off life or cooler. You should have a very good reason for the background to be other than white, okay? Or almost white. Unless your web, it's based on visual information. I barely has takes Trey. Also to be shine arose with interline spacings on front sights, smile and tactics are very disgracing the legs together make it difficult to follow the decks and cause fatty Okay, also white. My things are very, very convenient. Do not leave your text. Took love to other elements. Hour off the pace. Okay, other columns, photos. It's a terror. So let your text breath So you do not steal their readers breath. Okay, well, he wasn't for the video And see you in the next one. Thank you. 4. Pass The Test: Okay, so let's continue with the glass. OK, so and now we're gonna see about the past test off rest and read aloud and reading aloud a text to know if it works isn't our research, but but in tax for Internet is particulary useful. Okay, reading aloud what you have written and you will detect much better problematic sentences. You will be more easily. You can more easily check the flow off the text and you will ensure that the turn off the communication is the one you want it at all times. If you read that takes after reclaiming it, you will see that it does not seem the same to you. Even if you have no change anything they do, they test and see for yourself. Professional editors often let their days risk for example, a 24 hours and to see then with the ice off the reader, your brain does not process the thing. Reading off the text that you have shots return yourself as a new text that in play that explain Sorry what you can either word on not realize, even if you ready to 20 times the same paragraph. Okay. Said has it ever happened to you also is very convenient to put Instance to Revere tests You you won't forget what you have written overnight, but at least you would not remember how each sentence is result. Great. So wait one day on we re ready. Eat allowed. Okay. Some also is very important. The good spelling. Okay, turn your a good spelling into an obsession. It is obvious that spelling is important on and off the Internet so much that it seems almost unnecessary to remember it. However, you should know that under the red there is one more reason to write correctly. According Toa, A popular video A by Matt Cutts Although spelling is not directly taken into account as a rating factor in gold surgeon shine, at least there is a certain correlation between the ranking on well written content to these We're gonna a And when the inevitable reflection okay, it can be assumed that a poorly written well, well Hurley acquire the reputation necessary to benefit for next England. A significant number off links mentions on visits from other websites. Okay. Do you want another reason in the case off electronic commerce it has didn't shown in several studies that misspellings translate into loss off. Say list. OK, this is very important. Went a eat with a summary. Okay, as we have already seen, many people return Lanyon Internet. You can see the glass half full or half empty, but I prefer to sit. Have full. It is a good on that. Thanks to Internet, many people read who otherwise would not. Do not change. Your reader should make it easy. Um, if it is what everyone suspects, Okay. Even the most willing to read make it easy. I would wait toe top gold content on the internet is to provide a summary. Do it if they were note in least Okay with Francis highlighted. So in the next beer, we're gonna do one off this list. A second cold conclusion. Okay. See you in the next Leo. Thank you. 5. Conclusion: Hello. What? Come to the last video. So in this video, work on a list and summarize all the key points we have learned in the glass. So Ah, right for Internet, the 20 Commandments. OK, so the 1st 1 it to define your audience and know it will throw only using the method. Do no threat. What do you think you know your audience is not you not nor your friend. Okay, remember that on Internet, you reach many people who do not read off the internet. That has important implications. Okay, so keep them always. Percent Put your really in the center. Speak to your audience in his or her tone, not yours. Also, speak directly to the reader as if you had it in front of the top. Teams are in front. Okay, Great. An imaginary arca tippy article T pile breeder and right for eat. Okay. Lean on stories. They were impossible. Communicate through emotion. Writing a story optimized headlines optimize done more and make sure they make full sense. Have keywords on X scribe benefits. Go straight to the point. Avoid brambles Unsealed convolutions. Okay, a Remember that Writing for the internet in snow shots writing. Okay? Controlling they look off your text is an essential part of your relationship with the reader. Bring the name means as this for destructor to your text. Avoid the league effect. Good. The one we have seen. The first video about Earth on idea on If you want to write another idea, right. Another partner for okay. Remember to write short on a correct sentences. Organize your ideas into least tabled the grants or any resource that convince Sarah ctor and sympathies. Okay. Use frequent headings to separate different parts off the text. Readability and cleaning is the first. Its first do not use a great tape tape faces or colored backgrounds. Also try to facilitate a comfortable reading. Okay, A large spring to interline spacing and generous margins. Focus on the main idea and avoid at all cost to ramble or loss or lose focus. Okay. Do not neglect battery. Now use many headless. I shall said it. Do not relate it. The value off the matches Look for solutions to get strong mutual support for your tests. Okay. And which your counted wings. Unquote. I'm try to prefer your stale violating that this stunt. Okay, a day and then really eat our blood. They do not rest to polish it. Okay, so these west Sorry. Thank you for seeing the glass if you have any Any doubt Oh, please ask me. Please leave a review and took out my other classes. Thank you so much for watching. And after your I say keep learning. Keep growing. Thank you very much.