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How To Write Kickass Content Marketing Articles - The Beginner's Course

teacher avatar Sorin Amzu, Digital Marketing Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Intro to the course

    • 2. The secret to kickass content marketing articles

    • 3. Article Example 1 - Analysis

    • 4. Article Example 2 - Analysis + Outro

    • 5. The tools

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About This Class

Learn the secret to write amazing content marketing articles. Even though the course is meant for beginners, there are enough examples and bits of information, any blogger, writer or content creator will find this course useful.

In it you'll learn

  • How to get rid of the fear of the blank page
  • How to create articles that people want to read
  • How to never get stuck waiting for your muse

What are you waiting for? Takes this course!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sorin Amzu

Digital Marketing Specialist


I've been involved in Digital Marketing for over 10 years. I've majored in Journalism and have written pretty much everything from jokes to stories, screenplays, books and product names.

The thing I'm most proud of is the 1-2-3 method, allowing people to generate great product names FAST. I'm passionate about creating content that empowers people do DO and BE more.

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1. Intro to the course: hello and welcome to hell to write kick ass content marketing articles, the beginner's course. I'll be your instructor, Suriname's Oh, and without further ado this. Just look at the agenda for this course. So this is the actual intro to the course. But more importantly, we will be talking about the tools in the next section. Following the tools, we will be talking about the secret weapon all off these, so I'm not going to sugarcoat it. And it will seem ridiculous at the time because it's something that has been staring you in the face for all this time when you were stuck trying to write that great new articles or you were stuck not trying not being able to come up with new content, marketing article topics this this will definitely help you along the way, and I shall. It's not, too. It's not paid. You will be surprised. Following that, we will actually have, on example of an article that I wrote, and I'll explain how the secret weapon helped me and will help you to create great content marketing articles. Lastly, we will have a second example a bit different from another sphere. So this was the intro. I'll see you in the next section. Tools 2. The secret to kickass content marketing articles: Welcome back. I cannot explain how excited I am, how happy I am, how trilled I am that I can be sharing this secret weapon. This secret secret secret procedure technique, the secret tip secret trick with you right now. So the funny thing is, you are staring at it, right? I'm gonna leave you a few seconds toe. Try to figure out what it is. Oh, the the secret. What could it be? The structure, The secret to writing content marketing articles is the structure. Once you have a great structure, the article practically writes itself. Let me show you what is the one thing? The one problem that we've all as writers being facing as writers write, as as a problem that we've had Well, this that we were just here in the blank page. We don't know what to write. Great article start suites. A crappy draft, right? That's just words like these are just eight words. How could I call? Could it possibly stretch this toe? Ah, 1,002,000 Right? Right. Let's right. Another sentence. Perhaps by then, inspiration will come. Right? So how waiting. Oh, great. No. Now we're at 18 words. It's still very far. We're very, very far away from 1000 or 2000 right? That's crazy. It's just This is not the way toe work with with words were articles. That's not how we do it. This is not how professionals produce articles, right? And you want to be perceived as a professional. If you want to be paid as a professional or an expert, or someone who who's a specialist, you should definitely have a structure before a article. Not for another article for all your articles. Now that structure shouldn't be the same. I'm not saying you should have a single structure for all of your articles, but your article, no matter the topic, no matter keywords air trying to implement amount of the team of it, you should have a structure without the structure. Everything crumbles. I don't know. You say, Oh, it's if if Onley it were that easy. But it is it is because if you haven't, if you haven't tried it, if you haven't used it before, like a real structure, well, then it's not really true. You're just not. You haven't really tried, though, so let me let me tell you, just dive into this bit a bit for a bit more in depth. I sort of discovered this technique. I've used it myself and I've looked at other articles and I've seen this to be true. It's it's hard. I was in a state where I was the same. I was looking at this thing. Oh, man, I should How could I stretch this out? Right. Ah, I was working as a freelance blogger for a while. Ah, and I was paid on Ah, like 1000 to 2000 were basis articles. So I needed to know that. Stretch it out. But write those articles. How could I do it? Because, I mean, it's hand. No, maybe did. Let's say the topic is courses, right? And then ago Well, I write something or research something gone lines. OK, now I know a little bit of our courses and then I know they're STAIs. Note. I should have an intro and perhaps an outro, But what comes in the middle? Should I talk about pricing courses? Should I talk about the most popular courses? Should I talk about how courses are built and sure, it's it's ah, lengthy process. But remember this is this is only a beginner's course and hopefully other people who who will come into the score send and learn. We will be able to learn something because if you're not using a structure than something is is definitely wrong, you're not really paying attention to sort of how content marketing works. I guess. So you should act like a professional from the get go. Now that doesn't mean the structure will help. You're right. Amazing. Write articles from the get go right? That doesn't mean but But it will set you up for success, right? Have you ever seen have ever seen in action movie right and action movie who that was just just plain bad, like action was bad that Tyler was bad, but coming out of it, you had fun. There were some scenes that worked, maybe some scenes that didn't work, but on the whole, Have you Have you never seen? Have you ever seen a movie that that just worked together, even though like things in it didn't really merge? Didn't really connect right because it had the structure right? It's did, I don't know. Let's say the the person with a hero who who had all of the weapons and all of the abilities and the good life. But all of those was were taken from him, right from the get go and grow. No, wait, what's what's going on? And then the situation resolved itself and and she gets the girl in the end, right? We're sort of happy like that because because our brain wants us wants us to think that way , wants the hero to succeed so well. We're already working with people's brains. If we if we use the structure that people are used to right then they will say, Okay, I know what the next thing is or I know how they should work. So working where the structure is, the one thing that I believe differentiates experts from people who just block in the free time and see this as a hobby. So let's look at the structure for this course. So have the intro. We have the tools, we have the secret weapon. Have the examples we have the outro. This is This is pretty much how I work on courses on articles. It just helps me create so much faster and so much easier and notice how I've had this sort of ah pyramid type structure. What do I mean by that? Well, in the intro give you a little bit of information about what's going on, then going to specific about how there are some specific tools that you should be using. Right. I don't just give you the secret put weapons in the beginning, right? That's that's like how a natural movie if if an actual movie would have the big fight scene just like five minutes into the movie doesn't make sense. You have to have a build up to it, right? It's a bit of information, a bit more information, and that's talking really specifically. And then something that really draws your eye to the whole thing, right? That's what could it be? I want to know, want to learn? And then once you've learned right not saying you deflate the tension, you just try to ADM or proof to it. So look in the next sections right after we finish this crucial one, right? If there's one thing that you should remember, it's this. Use a structure for your content marketing articles. Once we finish, this section will talk about examples, we will have two different articles. And we will look at how structure help me conceive that article, even even with an article that I had no idea what to write about on that topic. Like no idea. Only just nothing, right? And I know you've been in that situation before and it turned out to be one of my best articles yet just out of the back, right, one of the best. Because I used structure and I thought about it like a person who would really yard right. And obviously the outro since the intro is giving you information about what you're going to read, the outro should be. I try to usually end on my courses with something along the lines off. Hope you have fun. You can contact me. Ah, and you can share, right? You can share your articles or your the way you've used the information in this course in this article, share with me in the comments or by email and so on and so forth because because I do want people's back. I am interested in how people are using this information. I don't just put it up because hey, I'm such a nice guy. I like to meet people. I'm interested in how people are using it. I like to improve myself, and I will love for the same to happen with this course. Now let's go back to the articles for a bit. So on a new article that I would typically right who would have such a similar section? And it depends on the amount of words that we need to, right, Right, That's just playing English. That's how I think about things. If it's a 2000 word article, then perhaps I will need tohave. That's a 16 sections, right? Intra, Definitely those. And then I tried to do this. It might seem, were the beginning. I'll explain in a second. So it's a 16 sections and the reason I do this because I want to see the structure itself. So I need to figure this out right to feel this out. I usually don't have it like this old time. Sometimes I have it as the section title in the last few words, Just get me started. Other times I just have it like this as a structure, right? So let's say we would be writing an article on dangers. I swear to God, this is just off the top of my head. Hopefully hit worst. This is not the cursed. So there is something there is danger about. I don't Uh huh. What you gonna what you're gonna read about in this article about ninjas? What could we ah, think about ninjas? What do you think about as sort of the first real sexual? Maybe easier myths. Myths about ninjas, Right then let's see. Mythbusters, Ninjas, Ninjas vs Pirates. We just We just spitballing here for a second. Ninjas vs Pirates. Uh, geography. Maybe that's saying just in media pain, just being, uh, that's a comic books Nane Jas in the movies Training ninja weapons, Famous name, just maybe. What else? So we've reached with God's about 10 right now. So let's say we will need about five more about geography. Let's say history, right. We've got 11 less. We just need for more. We've been me just right. That's something unexpected that say women injures books, I guess books. Maybe at this additional resources, I will add this toe a lot. A lot of courses additional, um, resource is, and then all we need is just to two more two more elements here. What else? What else could we add? Um, women, ninjas, kidney in years, maybe. Sure. Let's try that kid ninjas. And we need one more weapons that we have a weapons. We did training geography, myths, Kidney injures. Ah, famous ninjas. Ah, and maybe like need ya video games. So there, though, that's one way off structuring on article about ninjas, right? And that these sections are definitely not the final that I would use. Probably not in this type off. Nothing this order. But you know what the great thing about this is? In the beginning, all we were staring at, all we were doing is staring at a blank page. I have no idea about name, just like none. I know there from Asia. I know they dressed in black. I know they have some weapons and has promoted. But even even if I did not know about injures, I was ableto pull up that create this structure. This 15 point structure on in just on a subject I I knew three things about right. So now think about some situations where you want to write a content marketing article on something that you do know something about lets the email marketing our content, marketing or course creation or content repurposing or both tests, right? Many different things. Well, it's just easy. You pick an angle then, right, you pick an angle, you pick a target and you create the structure, right? You just did. You're a research. You create your structure, and then you just actually write the article itself. And that's what I'm saying. In the beginning. If you if someone told you Hey, man, write me a 2000 word article on ninjas. You'd go outside. I just don't know where to start. But you do. Now. You do. You're just You've had these, right? You just have this. Create a matter of minutes. Look at this. We're already 40 minutes in 40 words in right. It's a modern angel. Let's let's go, Let's go. Before there, talk about the myths surrounding ninjas. Black magic, geography men, training Exeter. Talk about what you will read in this already coat and why it's important. Compare the two, perhaps using funny videos or images. Where did ninjas come from? How are they? Poor trade and comic looks? What are some famous ninja movies. Look, human stories, maybe. How do ninjas fraying? What are classical? That are typical ninja weapons. Are there any famous Skrill life Ninjas? What's the history behind the name and the concept? Were were there ever any women? Ninjas line. Can Children become name? Just what are some good ninja video games? Ah, for more Resource is about ninjas and named your culture. And, of course, try to and the article on a happy note, right? Always useful. And then ask the readers to share their stories. Slash the thoughts and, uh, comments section. So what did I do this? Why did I have all all of these, uh, sections, uh, written on? Then why did I actually explain how toe right is what? The descriptions to each one. Since we're not, we're not thinking about making these the final sections. Well, it's a very simple answer, right. Once we've done this, we've actually fleshed out our structure even more so The plank page is no longer a fear, right? We start off with zero words we start off with. Just we did not understand what ninjas are, how where they come from. We still don't know. But we know how to structure the article to answer those questions because the questions are how you will be structuring your article right, based on how leaders actually read. And nowadays, right, And this is important related to the structure secret weapon people don't read anymore. People scan text, and when they do scan text, you want them to scan in the right way to give them a bit of video games, which is not really serious stuff. You do give them perhaps a few, uh, scintillating images off women in just But you do also add the meat of their Alright, give them history. You give them training, give them weapons, give them geography, give them myths. So you do end up with a well rounded article, right? And now you You started this journey. We started together. We had zero words. We had zero ideas about how to write how the structure he had a blank page and how Lucas 100 and 53 words and that's idiotic will be 2000. I guess what you're just you've just wrote, you know, 5% off the entire article and I don't know, under 10 minutes. Bread. This is the power of the secret weapon structure. Structure. Your articles and the article will right itself. I will see you in the next section where we will have a example of an article that I've written using a structure. And we will discuss more about that. See you in the next section. 3. Article Example 1 - Analysis: and we're back with the first example over content marketing article that I wrote. This is one that I'm really proud of. It was one of mime first articles, one of the first I ever wrote where I knew I really wanted to pay attention to the writing itself. I really wanted to make this a success, and if you look here at the bottom, you'll see the number of times it was shared. So it's over 165 times on Facebook over 71 times and Google, plus over 261 on LinkedIn. And then because Twitter has changed the way that it the monitors shares on Twitter, it's no longer there. But the number there is in the hundreds I've seen, and I still keep seeing how these articles is shared time and time again. And I felt like it was a good first example to talk about in terms of structure. Now I won't talk about the the title or how a writer or plug ins or things like that that could be the subject of a different course. Let's just look at this structure so there are only five elements here, right if you go to the bottom. Ah, they're only about five five main sections. It's why content marketing is the number one thing you should be doing when starting a business. And then, as I've done this, I was thinking about the audience. I was thinking, How can I make the sections more interesting? Right? Because if I had the section here called Intro does not, that's not really interesting. The structure when you read a structure for an article that shouldn't be internal usually and it should be final when you actually feel that people will be attracted to those words in the article is called The Seven Hacks. I use against myself to write 1000 words each day, and I still I still live by that I still believe in that I still write a lot, or at least I tried a little in different forms. The second section is how I chose my 1000 words and what they mean to me actual several hacks against deal for me to write 1000 words every day. So notice how I've used the same the same kind of neural structure that we've been talking about right you have a little bit of an intro. You tell people what you will be talking about, what you will be, what they will be reading about. Then I told them what these 1000 words mean. Why they should be important, why they should care and then notice here again in the middle. Or if 12 and then again, 12 the meal. I tried to have the most important thing in the middle in the middle. There are actually the hacks, as I've called them, that allowed me to write 1000 words each day. And then these are hacks. You can still from me. So I've used a few ah, sort of psychological. Or you could call them click Baby Things so that these section is as interesting as possible people. If people see these for the first time, they they they should share it right. I want them to share because I think it's a it's a good article and I really work hard on it. What you should do once you decided to embark on this journey. So I'm not I'm not fine with you saying, Oh, it's a good article and that's it, right. I want you to actually do it. I want people to take action and really focus on the work that needs to be done, because I mean, it's work right. It is work that you should be doing. It is worth that that I've been doing there. The hacks that I talk about here are not about, um, lowering. The time that's needed to write an article is just allowing me to focus on the work itself , right to work a little bit faster and not get distracted from a 1,000,000 different things and just sit down and write And structure is is a good a good thing toe have. Because then, um, the idea is to not procrastinate. Write. You can write a lot of words every day if you don't procrastinate. So if you can help yourself if you can set yourself up to succeed, to write more everyday than that's great. And trust me, a structure is great for that because you're your brain is trying to trick you into thinking you're not good enough or you don't have what's needed. You still need to do more research or in to talk to more people, and that's usually that's usually wrong. What you need to do is greater structure, right? Rather draft. And you have something you can build upon that I don't like. I usually think about it in terms of construction can just build like a multi level building on top off nothing, right? Just drop it down. That that doesn't work. You need to have that foundation right upon which the rest off the building, right. The rest of the article sits on, so you need to have that strong foundation, and then the rest will be fine. And finally, how to find an audience for your, ah, 1000 words from day one. And here I was addressing some fears about people from people coming from people, even like me saying, Oh, well, it's fine. I mean, like, OK, I'll do all these things all right? A lot. All right. 4000 word articles. But how, like, how will it work? How we, like, transformed this into something that people care about people are interested in. So if if anything in terms off this article, success over time, I don't think that these just came over and I don't know no way like this is our months in the making. I wrote this in ah, August of 2015 and ah ah, as off the time of this course, it's 2060 and Geo June, um so it took a while They by day, week by week, my five month, the shares have been growing. But once you get to that tipping point where you get, like, 100 shares and you go, Oh, my God, that's amazing that surely there couldn't be any more shares on the world for me. Those 100 shells, we reach more people and then you start to get more. So you do need to get what tipping point before you actually owe viol are get a lot more more shares on your content. And so I've tried with this to really break it down into things that I would be interested in reading in an article, a title, This right. I'm interested in writing mawr, finding hacks to write them things like that. So this really help me decide on how I should structure the article, right? This is about fears. This is about a plan. This is about the actual hacks are trying to lie when I when I creating a new article title . And this is about why, why this is important to me. And then this is in a larger context, why writing is important and why it helps your business, right? So I was trying to get as much exposure as I could for this article if the angle was a Hey , let's just write an article for bloggers that I would have probably rephrased this. Not the number one thing you should be doing with starting a business, but rather something else. Something else like why content marketing is number. One thing you should be doing. Um, if you're just starting blogging, writes, blogging is I. I like to think of it as a subsection off content marketing, and I will try to maybe explain why they're different than how one is incorporated into another of everything that I use in terms of structure. If you know the stroke, I say, why condom? Mark is the number one thing you should be doing western your business and then reason one right. But this is just 1.1 and then reason toe 1.2. So, besides the actual structure right. I have a sub structure. There are elements within it. But because I did not want to frighten people, I was thinking about how they would perceive it if I had, like 20 points, right? 15 points, like the ninja article. That would pretty scary if I had the whole structure laid out. I try and I toe have the structure. In the beginning, I've seen some people do that with larger articles, and they have, like a Wikipedia style summary car contents in the beginning. And it can do that in war press with some free floggings. I try not to do that because it seems overwhelming. In some instances, it helps For me. I think it's just overwhelming. And for these you can see that I can actually click on these. These are just anchor that I've added in order to help people scan or read the article easier. And then along the way I was adding a few more elements about like they should sign up for my newsletter or they should go and read more Obama writing process, which leads to another article. I send people to walk specific links right then we move on toe section number two. I talk about why I have used it. I still about Google moving on. I have warning. I told people I tell people about hacks. Frighten yourself, right? I I just say you have to prioritize it in orderto for you to actually make time for the process. So I made sure that the structure is is really carefully constructed. Really finally, like it's Karl for colorful. There are images from time to time, right? Another In this article, I think on other articles. So here's like Section number five. How to financials for your 1000 words from day one and again see this 55.1, right, 5.2 and again, there's a structure within the structure is what I'm talking about. If you look at this year, it will make perfect sense. So when I start, I say, Well, I need to find this right. I need to help people figure out that they will need They can find an audience before the actually write the article, right? I was sure that you could do that. I was I was Ah, sure, And I needed it for myself because this was in the early days, I was just starting off my block and I needed something to get people to come to it, read it to, you know, get trafficked with. And so I said, I like numbers and I like things in terms of 35 and seven, Right? So for this, for example, if you know this 5.3 right, there are three subsections for this last element. The hot financials for your 1000 words from they want. And then I said, Well, I'll just have this element, right? The solution. I'll add a new intro, right? A to toe phrase intro. They'll all ads in the section Why this works, right? So have this section is the intro three subsection I have white works. And believe me, I had no idea when I was writing it, I just had five and then 5.1 this and then why it works. And for this and another thing, how to get started with this method and top tips to be successful years in this matter, right? And I want to a second, which is the same UN intro. Why this works how to get started with this matter and top tips to be successful with using this man. Right? And there are again the same with this intro by this work section how to get started using this method doctors to be so seven using this matter in that are three again subsections for this and for me, these maybe I have one. Ah, on a d d mind, But it helps me. This seems like the whole article comes together, right? It just fits. It just looks right, right? Remember when we were talking about the action movie? Right? Some of these are our crap. The the actors on makes sense. The plot doesn't make sense. Maybe action scenes are pretty good. In the end, we come off from, we come from the Children. Well, that wasn't bad. It wasn't that bad. Could have been worse. Or that was enjoyable. Right? Because because the structure was there, what we expected, what our brains expected to happen did happen. And it's short. In certain cases, that looks like a cliche. You are. There was a standard movie that was standard story remembering content marketing. You can use this tour event that you you know that people need an interim an Algerian. They need things that are practical and things that they can apply so they can use these things in their own lives. So just give them that. Think how you think as a reader think how you read and there's good on any on any topic, anything any keyword that you want to use for your Or do you think about what the reader is really trying to figure out what he's trying to do, right? And then finally, I like toe add final thoughts. And again, these are just additional resource is. And one of the reasons why this article really took off is that I I did something. I did something which is perhaps in a gray area. Ah, I I I called the Grey area in terms of content marketing. I just linked toe every single person that I found that was interested or was writing about 1000 words. Even these 750 words, right? It's not really 1000. It's in the same, well national novel writing month, and then I could write a few things about these and then Indian. I just I just went and this article so I just found um, people that wrote about their journeys. Ah ah! And Ah, Truthfully, I really, really read all of these articles, and I found them really great, really inspiring. So writing my own was really a challenge. And so I had to give props to these people. And what happens within war person, I think other platforms as well. Once you linked to them, it sends a ping back. Do those article studios writers to those blocks and they get a notification saying, Hey, this person Suriname Zoo has written article where you mentioned and they go OK, And if the lighter they If they like the article No, sir, share it with the community. Right? That's one of the secrets about having ah ah, an audience from day one. So the structure here the structure is really what brought the article for me, right? I had no idea. And then I worked on it, but the structure was there In the beginning, I didn't just start writing blank page. I said, Hey, look, I think these are the things that are important after of them a reason share some things that I should I should hit some some targets and once I had that I had, like, a draft structure. And then I worked on that, and I started writing on each structure on each element of the structure. I had a sub structure, so I committed make it easier to skin, and I tried to clean it up, make it equal in some parts at any article was just done. And I only had to do the next thing which was promoted. Which again, since I linked in the bottom Ah, to all these bloggers, they already knew that the articles was out. I didn't need to do anything else, but, you know, it doesn't hasn't hired to do a bit more. So thanks for, um, sticking with me in this ah, sort of breakdown of the structure that used for this article. Um, come back in the next section where will have uneven, larger article to talk about. Thanks. And see in the next section 4. Article Example 2 - Analysis + Outro: moving on. This is the second example I want to talk about in terms off content marketing article structure. This is a block post that I did for a Web site called W Curve, and I'm talking about it because it's a slightly longer article and this is just part one apart Off to It's a 6600 were article. It is breathing massive even by my standards. It's gotten over 288 shares. Ah, here's section number two, right, part two and the same structure here is what drove me toe. Actually finish the article with this specific one. I started with an idea or a title. The title was the Gaga Guide to Content Marketing Planning. And what does that mean? Well, I was interested in how people plan their content marketing. When did they know how to launch an article? When did they know if they should launch an article or a video? How do you get people interested and so on? So I started reading a lot about content marketing. I really needed help. Um, I knew I was doing something on my own before I started the blawg I created a list of about 100 topics on the team's 100 articles I could all right about, but that's not really enough. Sometimes you have ideas that will turn into something. Other times they will turn toe won't turn your anything. So the structure here was was fairly simple. Once I knew that, I wanted to write from the perspective off a musician or rather, how, as a musician planets career that is the same way you should plan your content marketing efforts. Since content marketing is a fairly new concept for the new term, people aren't really used to it. I knew I had to break it down and really make it accessible for them. And what of people all over the world? Love right? And that's music of money. They love her. No people, people around them. They love their family. But most of all, most of all, they love music as a matter what type of music they do enjoy music. And so if they know how that works, I was trying to use, um, things that they understand in order to explain something they don't understand. So the structure for this is fairly simple. I had the intro and then I just drove right into it, right? I dove right into the court into the article. Ah, the first real section was plan your entire year. Find your band members work on lots of singles, gained the confidence to do tours by yourself, creased circumstances for you to give interviews, use concerts to differentiate yourself, gather and nurturer of community and leverage past steps and launch your albums. Why did this article turn turn out to be so huge in terms of words? And I think in terms of shares and the impact that it had on me and people reading it Well , what I mean by impacted. So I'm just going to show it this this one commented, uh is here powerful insight or Oh, this is the best article for whom? Whomever wants to put together a content strategy. I was looking for a course on how to do just that. I found it here, right. There's one of the reasons that I write because I enjoy connecting with people like that. Okay, I've helped someone have actually helped someone. It's not just haven't just written on article that the used for s year or for specific promotional purposes for myself. I actually help someone. And when you start with that idea, I just want to help people Where then you will write bad articles, right? Let's get back to the structure. So I knew that I wanted to do Ah, this thing I did quite a bit of research before. I actually had I had the knowledge that I wanted or the courage courage to actually start creating the structure. So far, so far. All right, I really fall about how artists do plan ahead of time, right? They don't leave anything. At least good artists don't leave anything to chance. They know when they do a tour that they will be in a specific country. Ah, specific date. All right. So this is why I talk about your plan. Your year in terms of releases are going to drop any book this year. Do you know who you will be doing? A call up with any videos coming out soon. And then again, just like with the other article structure, it starts with something simple, right? This is a very simple structure. It's a elements. And then you had the intro That's nine. Then you had the Outro. That's then they're pretty simple. Not like the ninja article. That was 15 in total. Right? That's a bit more than this. But inside inside number one plan your year. We have one plane one, right? I talk about a few ah, tools that can help you actually plan your content. Marketing. Trillo is one editor killing there is one. Oh, and a co schedule. Right. And then we move on to the next section, right? And I talk about how Ben members are collaborators, right? Band members. I try to talk about how Hayman do you know that? Ah, there are people who are called Let's say Ah, this is a good example, right? If you ever seen Blink wanted to call pay or Green Day life, you'll remember that there are more people on stage than there seemed to be in the actual bands, right? These are often instrumentalists. They're collaborating life tours, but are on the permanent addition to depends themselves. Right? And it's not just for Bentz singles single stars, but this is well, like Lady Gaga. Beyonce. Somali. Sorry. Just name a few. Like it makes sense because they can play the instrument and perform dance one sensing in the same time for and so on. But so it's I'm trying to help them understand that we do accept that in certain. In certain instances, there are other people around the main star people that often don't get credit for their work. We accepted because we're fund off that ideal lonely genius. I image right? But so what? So why? Why can it be the same with content marketers? Right for go. Well, here's tree types off. Ah, collaborators again along the Adria off three. This is a sub structure, right? So I feel Well, what kind of collaborators could I find? What types could there be there for Sidwell Content Product and sharing? I didn't know what that meant, right? I just wrote it in the structure itself in the beginning, In the draft? Well, I don't know. I'll just fear it along the way. If something happens in my brain, where if I write it in the structure, I will find things about it right again, Uh, right as much as you can and then add it. If I had the other idea if I was not using some that, say, the Hemingway method, I would have said, Well, okay, content collaborators, people who you can use who can talk to the collaborate on content Let's research this part . But then I would be stuck at, like 2.1, right, as opposed to having the whole structure done in a day or in a few days in the beginning, and then, like, have the whole article lay off for you and just work on specific pieces of that right? I think that's the beauty of the secret weapon at the structure is that once you have all of the article laid out, I mean just have to work in the pieces. Me, it's there. The blank page is no longer there. The bookie monster, the monster and across the monster under the bed is gone. You're you know you can break this chain. You can eliminate this fear once you have the structure down. Imagine. I just talked about all these these elements right and again, I like 123 right for me, it's easier. It's easier to scan. I like this idea. One more thing that I've rather here again, really adding to each element. Ah, itself. Um is ah pro example right in a my using a time, I'm sort of saying, Hey, if you don't believe me, if you don't believe what I'm writing here, here's a person that has actually done this And like, what are their secrets? Right? Secrets. For example, These are so powerful power words right that you can use in your content marketing. And then I move on to the next section. Right? Singles means articles, and you should work on lots of singles. You should have drafts. And then it was, ah, really interesting tidbit that I can I can share with you. If an album is made up of individual tracks, right and it is, that's everybody hold up. Then why can't Abou become price of individual articles? Some people say right. Some people say it's cheating, right? Just bun, love the articles and coy the book. But like not really. I mean, is it though if if you're right, I don't know, like, let's say 25 articles, right? And you've written those and they were all on the topic off. I don't know. Content marketing Morning. Just right. You you've written 25 articles on on the idea of Ninjas. Then if a person who hasn't been in touch with your blawg and just find your book that cold , I don't know everything you will ever want to know about dangers but were scared to ask. I mean, that's not cheating. He hasn't or she hasn't been in touch with your blocks. Why would that be different? Why would that not be a real book? Think so. The structure not only helped me create this actual article, but it helped me realize that hate like books are not big things. Books or not. Ah, 100. Ah, thing that has 100. Ah, things within it. And I should work somehow to write that 100 in an instant. It's not a big thing. No, it's a collection of small things, right? And that's for, like, literally any book in the world. The Bible. The Bible has chapters that gave me so much hope. I was so relieved when I just figured out in my brain I was like, Well, well, okay, so I could if I wanted write a book. I just have to write individual articles. I don't have the fear I don't have the pressure off. Oh, my God. It's a bit a bookie should. But this should be connected. And no, I mean he could be. But if you're like writing Ah, that's a fiction, right? Or non fiction could have just work on individual pieces and then try to connect them for Add them together. Try to give them a common team and things like that. So suddenly, suddenly the book doesn't seem so far away. Thousands seems such a huge endeavor have done it. I've done that specific thing I was I had written a book about content about social media. 2011 did the same thing. I had the structure down. Help me, right? Doesn't mean the structure used the structure. It will. He will be amazing for your content marketing efforts. Right. And then I had a few more sections, right just to break out just to break up the the article for people who are scanning, saying OK, but some images. I've got some for examples. I've got some benefits, right? I've had some secrets. Hey, here's your more. Just read more right more on this topic and then sure, so to get started right. 123 for example. Secrets. The next section, right tours. And there's section where you Ah, quick tweet! Breaking it down as simple as I can and try to make a diverse right for it. So I didn't go. 123112345 Because I knew that I wanted to do something special. I didn't want to seem just like, Oh, this is the same section structure as before. This is the same same structure as before. Now I want to be just a little different, right? It was part one. This was such a right. Remember such a huge article 6600 words that it had to be broken up into two parts. The second, the second part right? Took about interviews again. 1st 2nd furred, for example. Try to link to specific things that people have done right? Why should be using this communities And all throughout this I'm using examples from the music industry Life ready gaga with the lay Moscow monsters community No, I bullets. I tried to make this structure work right. Here are some links is why you should be using it. Here's right again April 1 April 2 at country and a structure and an ultra right. Even the ultra can be a structured element, right? And he's helped me because I mean is the same with the ultra with the whole article structure. Go well, hurts. What can I write about watching that should be summarizing the elements should die every cap. Should I have more elements? Should I have? I don't know, call to action. Should what? Right. And for me, I usually use the recap. Here's the call to action. But again, all of these things I write out in my dress structure and I don't know if I'll get to it. Maybe I need it. Then maybe I needed five. I don't know. I still alone settled on eight and then I just kept writing on each of them. Right. This just structure helps you write once you have the structure, I believe you're more than 50% there. Your article is more than 50% written once you have the correct structuring place, so things so much. This was the second example single article that we've talked about using the secret weapon , the content marketing structure, such a secret not a secret anymore. Um, thanks so much. This was the entirety off this course. I hope you've had fun with it. And Ah, I hope we get a chance to talk again on another topic similar to this, perhaps in the counting. Marketing space until then, thanks again and goodbye. 5. The tools: Welcome back. This is the first real section off the course. We will be talking about the only two tools that I use for writing content marketing articles. Now, these tools are both free, which means that you can use them wherever you want. Don't have toe pay a few months after by anything. There will be a nap that I decide the pay because I really enjoyed the app. But that is not necessary. So let's get straight into it. What you're looking at is WordPress. I know Surprising were writing content marketing articles. Some might call them blowing articles. It's just war pris. It might seem a bit different than your installation of war powers or your WordPress admin . This is the installed version, so it's on wordpress dot or not, or corporate dot com. But the differences here don't matter. The things that I will be showing that the things that we will be talking about do not matter. So if you're using weapons that's perfect. We will be covering workers. So the title, the area where you add all of your content if you've ever written an article before this should be fairly thoroughly familiar. This doesn't look different. Haven't done anything special in orderto have Mike wanting articles. Local feelers are a certain way. This is just bare bones, and I have a few plugging that. Allow me to add a few special things in my articles, but we will not be talking about those. What we need to focus on is the way that this type of app integrates with your continent marketing efforts. So this is were pris. Nothing special here. But in the next section, in the next session, Secret Weapon, I will show you what this is all about. Why I insist on using war press for actually writing my miracles now on to the second the second ah, tool that I use to arrive my quantum marketing articles. This is Hemingway. It's the Hemingway editor now. I used this for a few reasons. Number one. It's a lot cleaner than war press, right? So if I were to write, let's say or be, um, we will try to ride the actual ah agenda for this course. We have the intra right, and then we have to add a few words here for the actual course. Then let's say the second part will be the tools. And this is actually what we're talking about. Here, talk about specifically talk. Talk about the specific does used to right content, marketing articles. Then we move on to the first section on. And that would be the secret, the secret weapon. And that's Ah, that is what you're here for. Section number four. That would be the first examples. An article that I have written, and we'll see what makes that so special how it was conceived. So explain the process behind writing the article example number to the same as before all the different article. And then the last section would be the outro try to and a happy note. So there we go. So I use this. I use this stool, it's called him and greater because it allows me to have a very clean environment where I can have the words written on the page. It doesn't get in the way with notifications. All you've got ah, a few teams or plugging that you should update right. Like in WordPress. You don't have all you can add this you don't distracting. You have All these panels have screen options. Ah, If commented. You need to review. There is a lot of junk, honestly, all things that ah they could have made to make this. But I'm sure you could say, Oh, you could have the collapsed Manu and summer around here there's a They're a distraction, free writing. More were, just can arrive. But seriously, it's not really that distraction free. Since these are here up above you can. There are elements that are great out. And then once you click, it is you're just back to here because eventually you will need to go back and actually added all of these things, which I don't particularly like, whereas in the Hemingway Reader, let me show you. Ah, a little bit off a trick here. So if you're using this and I'm not saying that you definitely need to because this is actually online the same experience again. You don't have to bite. I'm boy because I found it much more convenient. I enjoyed having the application on my desktop. I enjoyed it so much the the service online and since this was created by two developers, Adam long and belong, I fought about actually supporting the work because I thought I got health a lot, A hell of a lot off experience and I want to give something back. So the truth is, once you look at this, this is the added section. So you will notice that there are a few things different than a regular worthy. Later there are colors. What are the colors mean? Well, it's fairly simple. If you look here, for example, greenies. One is an example where you have used passive voice for example, phrases in green who remarked to show passive voice right? So instead of saying the girl has walked through the forest, it is much better to you to say that the girl walks through the forced right because it helps the user be more engaged with what you're saying. Then the blue, the blue collar means that this is an adverb and you should remove it again. This is somewhat subjective. Some Evers are good and they do help the narrator and the reader. Other advert are just getting in the way off. What, You're really trying to say this, uh, I don't want to cause pink magenta collar. The what? This phrase has a simpler, simpler alternative. So if you look at here, it also shows you, in certain cases how you should replace your words or phrases. So in this case, instead of you realize you can just say use because it's just simpler. People, uh, get it easier. And, ah, larger majority of the people who will read your articles will have a greater chance of actually understanding what you will be talking about. Then we've, ah, gone to this dark orange here, and it tells us that these sentences is hard to read. So let's see, if you see or read highlight. Your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers would get lost trying to follow its meanderings bleating logic. Try editing this sentence to remove the red, so it's always about four lines already. So it's not only long, but it's also hard to read using words like meandering, split logic and things like that. And then this would mean it's very hard to read, and then the yellow is sentences that are just hard to read. The APP highlights long, complex sentences in common errors. If you see a yellow sentence, shorten it or split it. One of the reason I do use Hemingway on the Web version or the desktop version is that it shows me things like these because in my continent marketing work, I do want to be aske Lear, a simple ah, sometimes even as short as possible to reach as many people as possible with my my message . So the trick here in the in Hemingway it's once you open the app or the editor online itself. You're in the edit section. Notice how this is blue. If you click over to the section, it's now you're just in a different section, right? It's highlight this. You're in the right section, right, right, right. And the same goes for the editor herself, right? Distal back. Once you're here, that means allow. So it's not like the distraction free mold in war purse. You're actually actually no longer a bothered by other things here, right, because it's a Web versions trying to sell you something. Zahr is telling you what it's about or telling it. You should like the ah, the app on Facebook. You don't get up on India to it. It's actually quite a quite a good good interface. And another thing I enjoyed so that was one thing. It's it's a clean interface. It's not distracting nothing. Once we go to the Eddie section, I really enjoy that. It tells me these things. One side right here. I do get a chance. I do get a chance to edit my work while I'm actually writing it right, which it's It's similar to like, Let me go back a bit war. Why it's called Hemingway Hemingway article And I'm probably butchering this quote, but it's ah, it's Ah, right drunk and edit sober. So that means you should be in a more you should literally, literally, somehow switching to a mode where you can just right, right. All of the thing that you want that you can think about not stopping for little tiny and it's right, and then the next day, looking at the work that you've done, you could Actually, you should go back and add it, because it's usually not as great as you as you thought it was the night before. But once once you have that that first draft right, you will a liberate yourself. You'll be free from the they're off the blank page and in the next section will be talking about the secret pimple secret weapon And why the blank pages so, so scary and how to actually get rid of it. What the solution is. Another thing I enjoy is that this tells you this has a visibility score. Now what that means is that it shows you it actually shows you that some elements are easier to read. Some are bad. So you it's ah thing. It helps you grow a construct, a text that is easy to read. But who doesn't want that? And finally, the last finger I will say that I enjoy using Hemingway it Whether they're for is once I've highlighted these, right, I've got the balls and maybe had this, like on h to write a paragraph type once I select everything right, control a control, See? And I go back to It's a war press, right? And then I based this inside. Well, look at it knows that I've used this type of form. I think the heading one right. It's all here. So as opposed to a warp a war document, right? Where the or a note pad document especially where the former team might be butchered, you know, that this works perfectly would warp. Chris, you can just right here, right? It's very convenient, is very destruction free. And then once you feel you've got, like a draft or a structure, you can go back to war press and then you can add it away. So this was the first real section, the section about all of the tools, all two of them that I use for my content marketing articles. Let's move on to the next section. The secret weapon towards eliminating the fear off writing articles and how to Q Q. The fear off the blank page. See you in the next section.