How To Write For Social Media (with personality, pizazz and purpose) | Sophie and Leo | Skillshare

How To Write For Social Media (with personality, pizazz and purpose)

Sophie and Leo, Teaching with personality!

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12 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 Mistakes

    • 3. 03 Know your audience

    • 4. 04 Using your research

    • 5. 05 How to make your posts engaging

    • 6. 06 Get Specific

    • 7. 07 Find your voice

    • 8. 08 Cut through the noise

    • 9. 09 The Power of the edit

    • 10. 10 Make it sticky with a story

    • 11. 11 Tips and hacks for writing

    • 12. 12 It's a wrap


About This Class

Want to write for social media in a way that hooks your customer’s attention, cuts through the noise + builds relationships that leads to sales and opportunities? Then you’re in the right place! 

Through this course, I’ll be walking you through some power-packed tools and techniques to help you go from boring and ‘what do I even post?’ on social media, to feeling clear, confident and connected to your content, brimming with ideas and writing in a way that speaks to your audience! 

There’s no room for crappy copy on the internet - it’s got to be engaging, sharp + worth reading. So I want to show you some really simple ways you can apply this to your writing so your customers pay attention. 

Through easy-to-follow video lessons, step-by-step guides and a handy downloadable worksheet to prompt your ideas, you’ll be fully equipped to write captions that captivate and post with purpose. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Cut through the noise + write in a way that gets your offers snapped up 
  • Discover and share your unique tone of voice with confidence and ease (and zero salesy sleaze)
  • Speak directly to your audience in a way that builds real relationships (the key to making sales) 
  • Write words that captivate your customer (instead of sending them to sleep) 

You’ll leave with a breakdown on what to say, how to say it, and plenty of tips and techniques to get your words doing the hard work for you! 



1. 01 Introduction: Hello. I am Sophie. French Andi. Today I'm sharing with you how to like four social media. This is for you. If you are a business owner, freelancer, creative writer, anyone that makes a living on the Internet and wants to be able to do more of that using the power of social media and, most importantly, the power off your words in social media. So what are you going to learn? Well, I'm going to be sharing with you how you can be adding personality most importantly to the words that you're right thing, so that you stunned out from the very noisy Internet that we are currently faced with. You're also going to learn how to write and put you into your writing and into your words so that you can attract your customer engaged with them. I'm really start to build a relationship with them through what you're writing on social media, because that is the most important thing when it comes to growing your business, growing your brand on making sales. I have Bean, a copy writing consultant working with huge brands in the UK, the United States on Australia, really helping them to home their tone of voice and build their brands. The words that they're saying online. I want you to know that fighting for social media can be really easy and cannot be really fun. Country. Andi, I'm really excited to show you how Let's get started. 2. 02 Mistakes: Here are some of the mistakes that you might already be making and recognize. So number one is going into formal or professional or business mode when it comes to writing for your business. Now this is a really common one, because we have been taught and conditioned all throughout school to write in a certain way to write in a professional or formal way. But things change when it's for social media because it's so show. That's the whole point. So actually, what needs to happen is changing pretty much everything you've come to know about right things for business so that you can connect with your audience on. I'm gonna be showing you some really easy ways that you can do that. Number two is feeling like you sound or need the sound like a used car salesman to make any sales through your writing. So examples of our again the things that we've been conditioned to hear when we've heard adverts or cheesy infomercials. We start to think we need to do that things like a sure to join us or have you had an injury at lack? All of these kinds of phrases that we've picked up along the way actually switch on in customers. Brains that were being sold Dio Andi customers don't like it, particularly on social media. Where again it's a social life. So I want to share with you some really great ways that you can actually stop feeling like you have to be like a used car salesman and be more like your self. You can you share your personality and share the brand voice through what you were doing so that you actually can with your questions. Number three is following the same old buzzwords that people in your industry might be using Now. This is only natural because when you are seeing and hearing other things from people in your industry, on perhaps learning from other people in your industry to you are very well going to pick up some of the things that they are saying. However, what this does is actually becomes noise on. That adds to the noise. It becomes the same old thing that everyone else is saying, and it really stops you from Sunday out. So I want to share with you some really great and simple but powerful ways you can stop following what everyone else is saying on being really unique, really different. Make people pay attention. Number four is being really vague and trying to capture everyone and as a result, actually capturing no one. It could be really easy when you're writing on social media for your business and your wife to forget who it is you're talking to on just trying to cast a really wide net with your words that this isn't going to help anyone. What needs to happen is getting really specific. I'm really clear. One who it is You're talking Teoh. I'm really comfortable with being that way on. I'm gonna be showing me some way. That you can do that on number five is being boring again. Social media is a place for being so sure to add fun at personality and to make people listen to walk. You have to say on I want to show you some ways that you can add fun. You can add personality and you can add things that are a little bit different, whatever your brands or whatever your customer, on whatever your tone of voice, you don't have to be doing the same thing as everyone else on. You can really make people listen 3. 03 Know your audience: Theo thing that really important when it comes to writing for social media, for whatever platform, in whatever birth and you're doing that is to know exactly who you're talking to. You might have heard this hundreds of times already, or it might be really new to you. But beings specific about who your customer is is the cage actually reaching them, engaging them on speaking directly to them? A really great way to do this is asking them on that might some really obvious. But if you think about it, when was the last time you actually checked him with who your audience is? What are their problems? And who is it that you're really speaking? Jay? So a really great way to do this is to run a customer research survey because not only does it really help to build your confidence in what you're saying on social media because you know you're speaking directly to the problem, but it also really helps you to actually use your customers Words. Essentially, your social media gets written for you by your customers. The beauty of this is that your customer wants to know that you get them your customer wants to know that you are listening to them and that you are the person that understands what they are experiencing so that that feels like, know and trust, factor on encourages, um, toe want to buy with you and to want to work with you. So by getting really clear on who your customer is, I'm really gaining some valuable insight into what their problems are on using their actual words in your social media. It's essentially done for you and makes it really easy. That is an exercise here that you can download, and you can really use it as a guide to start writing out some ideas really getting clear on who your customer airs, and you can follow it along as we get. I have also put together a sheet of ready made questions that you can add in to your customer research survey to make sure you're getting the very best answers and quality answers out of your customers, and you can download that he on. We're also going to be diving into in a following video what to do with that information when it's you have it and how to apply it. The writing 4. 04 Using your research: they would do you do with all of the research that you have gotten from your customer research? Well, the first thing to do is really simply to print out and have it in front of you. This is your Bible for sharing, being what it is you need to save your customer. What do you need to write about? What are the problems that they're struggling with? That you have the solutions for highlight all off the gold that you receive that you can start the speak to in your writing on social media and then using this, write a letter as if you're writing to your customer or even a text message Thistles toe really help you practice the craft off writing as if you were talking to an actual human being, which you are, rather than the common tendency to speak in a different way because it happens to be for your business. So writing a lesser getting really connected as if you were sharing that with your customer so that you can connect to them and can really get into the habit of speaking to them. Onda. Why is this important to do while your customers are looking for a solution to the problem . That is why anyone buys anything. So when you can show that you really get them and that you actually have a solution to their specific problem, people are going to pay attention to what you're saying, Which again, fields that like no interest there and make some want to work. You can use the space on the worksheet attached to stop practicing, writing that letter, writing specifically to your customer. It was really important when you get specific to think about one person and one person only . It's so tempting to want the right for everyone and anyone. But that is what moves you away from being specific and it gets lost in the noise. Get really clear on the one person. Maybe you know them in real life. Maybe they've been a client before. Get that picture of that person in your mind dick it up on the wall if it helps without them knowing of being really creepy, really allowing yourself to picture that person as you're writing and it will become a lot easier to make sure you're speaking to the people you want to be human 5. 05 How to make your posts engaging: So now we're gonna move on to how to make your post and engaging. So the first thing that you need to remember is that the only question that your customers are really asking whether you're posting value for them, something for them to lead or if you're promoting something they buy from you, they're asking what is in it for many. So that is what you need to be asking yourself on answering as much as you can in your writing and in hosts Andi. In addition to that, you also want to be making sure that you are providing value. You are giving your customers a reason to read your writing on. This doesn't have to be super complicated. You don't have to be the biggest expert ever. But what you do need to do is do you follow the three eat and these three e's are to entertain, to educate what to spot emotion, your posts and your writing want to be doing one. A lot of the three things. This is something for you to check in where, when you're writing, these are some examples off a friend of mine who does this really well on her social media . Andi, who I think we can learn a lot from it, is Elizabeth style, and she is a fashion brand consultant. So here's an example off a post that is educational, one off the ease. So here, Elizabeth asked all your sales struggling when you start a brand new incident, become the sales a marketing manager, which is tricky if you know nothing about the law thing, right? So here she is, using as we talked about earlier the customer research she's looked at, what is it that her customers are struggling with? And she's speaking to this here. She then says, If this rings about and let me tell you that marketing is just telling people over and over and over again what your brand is, a lot of that. So this is a really great remind that for how customers on its providing a tick and then she provides the education piece, which is at a reminder to your diary and set it to repeat daily. So you do one thing every single day toward your sales, and then she provides some examples, she says. Maybe it could be an injury to you. Post a competition on Instagram or send out a newsletter. I'd love you to make more suggestions below to share some inspiration. So here she's actually speaking to her customer on asking them to engage with her as well. Her next post gives him an example off how to be entertaining. Sorry, she starts off with a song from George Michael that we will all start having in our heads as soon as we read it, which is a really great way to stop sparking some emotion and actually stuffing people in that trap, she says. This is the best part of being self employed, and every time I have a bad day or feel tired, I remember that it's the best feeling in the world. There are other pressures, like finding the money to pay your bills every month, which is exhausting. But I liken it to Super Mario when you were younger, running around at Super Speed to collect. So this is a really quick I'm really short example off being entertaining in what you're posting. It doesn't have to be long. It doesn't have to be complicated, but it's giving people something that they can relate to on also providing them with something that speaks to them on something that might even make them laugh and then an example off Sparking emotion is by using a personal story. So Elizabeth here talked about the fact that she is often mode at Birmingham, any seat to do a talk about starting a fashion brand. And I feel fine, maybe even a little excited. Actually, when I was at uni, I was petrified of public speaking, so would phone in sick every time I had to do a presentation. I think it's the number one fear in the USA. It's taken over 10 years to finally come from my fear. But that's a cat. I now wear a piece of jewelry from my family, so I don't feel alone when I'm on stage and I visualize the talk. I'm really well beforehand Raw have been assuming the West. What fear have you confit so again? Here she's using a really personal story, too. Show a transformation to show away that she has changed. Just show something that she has personally learned was something that she has overcome, and she also provides another little personal invite into what it is that she does now so people can take something away from that. But they can also really relate to her. And again, she asked the question to encourage people to engage with her, which is actually what starts to boost your profile. Andi, really grow your following and using space on the worksheets. Look at and think about which of the three e's are you currently using in your writing? At the moment when you're writing on social media on which of them could you probably be doing more off? Providing, of course, that they all seem to be to your brand business on pay, this time to drop down some ideas that fall under these categories so that you can really start to spot some inspiration and some things that you could be writing about again? It doesn't have to be super complicated. You don't have to be writing war and peace, just really utilizing these three e's to make sure you are providing things that your customers want to read and also making sure you are answering the question. What's in it for me? 6. 06 Get Specific: Okay, So the next tip for half the right position media is to get specific. And that means specific about who is you're talking to again, but also what it is you're talking about, what you're saying on what you're selling. It just isn't enough to be saying the same old thing. Everyone else in your industry is saying you want to make it different from what everyone else is saying, But you also want to really speak to your customers desires. You want to make it really easy for them to put themselves into the picture off. What it looks like after after working with you after engaging with you or even after following you, I'm growing with your brand on social media, forgetting specific. You really want to be thinking about What is it that your product or service actually does for your customer and then writing about it? So I have got here an example off a workshop promotion that I had spotted on social media. That is okay, but it doesn't do anything. It doesn't really say anything, and it definitely doesn't spur action, which is really what you want to be doing in your right thing. At the moment, the Post says, We're putting on this workshop to help you gain definite clarity about the direction of your business, explore your values and build the confidence you need to take bolder steps toward building the business you really want. Now you could look at that and think it's OK on first look, but actually doesn't make you feel anything. Does it make you want to take action? Doesn't make you recognize yourself in those words. Does it make you want to continue reading or to follow? No. So there is a really simple way that actually you can start to spice things up a bit on that I want to show you as an example of how you can stop utilizing less to really make sure that in your writing you are doing a lot of those things. So the simple tip is using the phrase so that you can. So with anything that you write, you really want to be talking about the benefit off, whatever it is that you're talking about, what it is that you're selling and using so that you can helps you to get really specific about what that is actually going to do for your customer on before that life, which is ultimately what people are wanting on the reason that they're reading. So an example of how we can spice up this workshop information Oh, you need to do is add so that you can, in order for spicing that make it really specific. The first bullet point on this workshop promotion is gain definite clarity about the direction of your business. So that's okay, but it's not really very specific, and it's definitely not really telling me. How could that benefit May? So I've used sorry that you can turn up, do a lot for each day and know exactly what you're working on. Now that is something that might start to spot my interest, particularly if I've learned from customer research that that's, um in that customers are struggling with. So it's also really utilizing the research that you will have done earlier. It also helps your client to start to paint a picture off them, turning up to their laptop each day and being able to know what it is they're working on rather than potentially where that at the moment, for example, I'm by doing this. It means that they are actually doing something. The thinking about your word. You have made them paint a picture in their mind. For example, if you were to say, don't think about pink elephants, what are you doing right now? Chances are you're thinking about a pink elephant on. You have the power to do that for your customers so that they don't just keep on scrolling on by and you've actually influenced them and help them to engage with something that you're saying. So the next example in this workshop promotion bullet point number two is explore your values. Now I'm gonna be asking. Well, what does that mean for May? What are my values? And I have no idea what this actually means. So by using the phrase so that you can you can start to get again more specific so that you can uncover why you saying you want to make money, but you actually just keep spending on new shoes and I'm making all the excuses as to why you aren't rolling in it yet. Now that is something that would spark my interest, particularly if I'm a person. He was going around saying that I'm not making any money but spending on new shoes again. It paints a picture it gets really specific about what is it that your customer might actually be experiencing, and it makes it really easy for them to release it. And then example Number three using so that you can. In this current workshop promotion passage, it says, Build the confidence you need to take bolder steps towards building the business you really want. Now again, that's OK, but what does it really mean? What could that actually look like for your customer? So you might say something like so that you can show up competently online, talk with ease on sale, cools and treat your family to that dream holiday. Now those are the kinds of things I want in my life. So, yes, I will be inspired to read Mawr to engage with the post on at least a check house a little bit more off whether it is specifically for mixed. So really, use the lighting so that you can is such a powerful way to get really specific about what is your customer one and giving them a reason to keep reading the final point on really tip on. That is to be thinking about what is it about your customers are saying in the head. So again, with this workshop promotion, people are walking around saying I want to explore my values. But what they are saying is I want to make more money in my business. So really making sure that you're driving home that point and that benefit to that. So to summarize, be specific about what is your customer is going to get use so that you can to make sure with everything that you resent, you give them a reason that this is going to solve their problems, meet their desires or change their life in some way. Andi, really speak to what is it that your clients are really saying in their heads on making sure you need that? 7. 07 Find your voice: Theo. Now you re talking about how to find your voice in your birthing If is one of the most common problems that people come across when it comes to writing for social media, but it doesn't have to be accord as it sounds. So the main thing to remember when you're right invitation media is that your brand voice is your voice, particularly if you are a personal brand. But also, if you are running a business, let's say you're not the face of it, but it's still your voice that comes through it. You are the creator of that business, the founder of that business on, But it's a really easy way to have your very signature brand voice. You don't need to make something up. You don't need Teoh, right? A full guideline on what your brand voice is. You just need Teoh do mawr and get comfortable with speaking and writing in the way that you speak. So a really simple way that you can start to do this to get more comfortable with using how you speak in your writing is to imagine that you were telling a friend about your business , your product or your service, your cup of tea so you can do this by actually inviting from around for a cup of tea and trying it out or simply imagining that they were across in front of you on recording it. By doing this, you get to really hear how you speak in day to day conversation on. Then you can use that to copy exactly into your words, so that you can really be practicing that craft off writing like you speak because very often people can be funny. Witty you might be hanging out with your friends would be the most hilarious person in the group. But when it comes to them everything about your business, it doesn't really translate. So the way to be during this is really getting more comfortable with your voice with just using your voice in your business. I'm doing that in a way where you can hear what you're saying so that that translate into or so a friend of mine runs a nine hole crazy golf course, which is hired out for weddings. Andi. They might choose to post something like, Why not hire our nine hole crazy golf course? But when you think about it. Is that really what they would say if they were chatting to someone in conversation? So actually, when they got down to it and when they practiced this technique of writing how they would speak, perhaps what they would say to someone at a wedding fair, they might instead say something like, You know, that fit between the wedding ceremony on the evening entertainment, where everyone's a bit awkward has run out of conversation. Our crazy golf course is the perfect way to actually stop that to stop the Oracle conversations and make sure everyone is having fun on breaking the ice on your wedding day . Now that is going to be a reason for someone to move forward with them. It's going to engage them on again. It's gonna make paint a picture for them. It's a lot more conversational on, and it's a lot more engaging because you're not just thinking about taking the action or hiring the thing. You're actually seeing a purpose for that, and you're hearing it in the tone of voice, as if someone were telling you about it over a cup of tea. On the benefit for doing this is that your customers want to get to know you want to get to know the brand building that know like and trust factor and building that relationship is what makes your customers want to continue working with you. So when you are writing like you speak, your customers get to know your tone of voice. They get to hear what it is the sound like and they get more and more familiar with, you see, will build in that factor. Everything would time you want. Now we're often comes up when I talk about this. Is the question off? How fun or conversational should I actually be, particularly if it's a business that is a little bit more professional? Or that perhaps isn't that fun by trade? So, for example, I worked with a company who were a legal trademarking company. So of course, they are not going. Teoh be the most fun brand in the world. But that doesn't mean that they can't stand out on it doesn't mean that they have to be completely boring and have people switch off. So some ways that I suggested to do this for their particular business were to just add in some colloquialisms to really speak as if they were talking over a cup of tea. So things like, Do you know what? It's really important to protect your business legally, and here's why. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but it's just really thinking about what is it that you would say in person? And how do you translate that into your work on if he did want to put a bit more personality into a more professional business in a way that is fun but also stays true to your friends? There is an example of something like those nightmares about trademark gremlin don't have to come true if you have the right legal protections in place. So to wrap up right like you speak, imagine that you were having a conversation with your customer over your cup of tea on record it so that you get into the habit off hearing how you talk about your business. Add colloquialisms to just great up that business jargon to make it feel more conversational and to help your customers connect. Did you 8. 08 Cut through the noise: So the next thing we're moving onto is how to cut through the noise. The Internet is a very noisy place. Social media is hat with people shouting by my stuff. Do you might think, Listen to me on. We want to make it really easy so that you can really cut through that without having to do anything extravagant. But we're just some really simple but powerful tests. Science shows is that the human brain actually switches off when it reads the same old word over and over again. When it thinks it knows exactly what's coming, your brain will shut down, and that means your customers brains will shut down if they think they know what's coming. So a way for you to cut through the noise on make your customers actually pay attention to what you're saying is to use power words. So these are the words that are different from the same old buzzwords that you might be hearing or you might be guilty of using from your industry. So some of these words that you might be familiar with that your brain switches off when they hear are things like this course is jump at with something. This is something that you would have heard everyone else say that they're cool. Another example is you will experience this on so much more on so much more is something that we kind of want to be sick about because you've heard it so many times. Your brain is just gonna switch up whenever you see that on what does so much more even mean? It's not saying anything. It's not telling you anything, and it's really a waste of work. So when you start to use power words, you start to really make an impact in your writing. So these are some of the words that your customers might not be expecting, or at least spots something in their brain for a course. For example, instead of you saying that something in jam packed like everyone else, you could say that this course is using with tons of information. Or you could say it is sizzling with incredible things that you need to know. So a lot of people in their call to action, for example, what might say something like Put your ticket now Well, that's all very well. It might not splash someone on to take action because they hired a 1,000,000 times before. So some alternative ways that you could be saying this offing like snap it up, secure your place, look in your feet access. Now these are a little tentative ways to say the same thing, that they are different and they make your customers brain's weight up because they perhaps one expecting, I put together 100 different ways that you can add extra sizzle to your sentences so that kind of power wears that you can use to spice up what it is that you're saying to light up that part of your customers brains with words that are different to what they're expecting . And all of that is available in the beauty act that comes along with it another way that you could be cutting through the noise on D writing things that are going to be different from perhaps what your customers are used to on also that is different from what other people in your industry might be saying is to use metaphors. A metaphor is something that explains one thing as another thing. So as an example, if you follow these simple social media writing tips. Your coffee will be more than that seen from the notebook, so get using the social media tips so that you're writing can be as hot as that seen in the notebook. 9. 09 The Power of the edit: Okay, Now we're talking about the power off editing on adding the fun stuff in Leicester. So everything that you have learned so far, you might be unsure of how you can pack it all into everything you're staying on. And sometimes it can feel quite overwhelming and where to start. But actually, the key here is to just stop. Don't feel to yourself and just start writing. Really? Think about what is your message on? What do you want to say to your customer in your social media? Writing in your posts? Write it out without a filter without thinking about any of these tips. First and foremost, just get writing, then use the power off editing to strict things back to move things around. To use the tips that we shared with you today to really look at, where can you on in Mawr? Power words. Where can you potentially use metaphors? Where can you add in a bit more engagement, a bit more entertainment or a bit more emotion? For the first and foremost thing to be looking at is your message. So a lot of people think that they have to know exactly what to write will be really good at writing on the first attempt. But know that your first piece of writing is always going to be rubbish. The magic happens in the editing. This is where you get to apply a little tips. And when you really get on the spice Andi, you might be asking, Is it really worse alot of the editing effort? When you come to writing the social media and the answer is yet, social media is such a powerful tool to be able to sound your product annual services, so spending a little extra time, really making sure it hits the spot of your customer is so worth it. 10. 10 Make it sticky with a story: okay for the next tip for writing for social media is to make it sticky with the story. So what do I mean by this? Well, science proves that the human brain had not help but respond to a story. We all know that when we hear someone telling a story, as long as they're telling it well, we wanted to know what happens on. For thousands of years, human beings brains have been responding to stories, So why would we not be using this technique in social media? So the reason it's important to use storytelling in your writing is because it makes what you're saying memorable, and it makes it stick in someone's brain, which is really what you want to make sure they are engaged with what you're saying. So let's say, for example, you are looking at your friend's dog for the weekend, and they tell you in passing that you might want to hold that own feeding the biscuits because they don't get upset stomach. Now you might hear that. Chances are you won't because as soon as you see the cute dogs face, they just want to feed him biscuits. Imagine then instead, if your friend told you a story about the last time someone fed the dog. Biscuits on the dog exploded Diarrhea that spattered all over their new carpet. Chances are you would remember that, and you would not be feeding the dog biscuits. It is the power off storytelling when it comes to making people listen on and really getting your point across. So how can you use this when writing for social media for your business? So you want to start telling people a story about how what it is you do can help them rather than just telling them what you do instead of using a customer testimonials. What you could do as well is explain perhaps what a customer looks like or felt like when they first came to work with you on an example of what life is like afterwards. So if you're a personal training, for example, you might want to stop painting a picture off what James life was like when she first came to you. And then you get to describe what is different about her life. Now, if you think about the fact that personal trainers get the most business when they post before and after photos. How can you apply this rule to your business by sharing a story off what someone's life is like before they work with you? Or boil product on water, things like for them active? You can use the space on your worksheet to start brainstorming on thinking about some of the experiences that your clients and customers have shared with you about what has been going on for them before and after they work with you and start really generating some ideas on how you can start turning back into a story. 11. 11 Tips and hacks for writing: So now I want to share with you some really quick tips and hats that you can apply to your writing to your social media based on some key questions that I have received. So the first hack on this is something that might sound really, really simple. But it's so powerful, and you would be surprised how many people miss it on. Don't do it, and that is using contractions. So contractions are the difference between I am on. I'm for they are on their so many people when they are speaking for their business, go into that very formal mode on. Actually, just using this really simple technique helps you to make it more conversational instantly . The next tip is using the website word Very doctor Home toe. Find lots of inspiration on brand new words that you might not have thought to use, and there are different you what other people are using. Some of the words are more elegant, more sophisticated, and some of them are just full or power words and really help your people stop in their tracks. You can describe to word guru Don Ho like I do and receive a different word and its meaning every single day. So you'll be feeling you over Cavalleri. That comes new ads. The economy's in your writing. The next hat in writing for social media is to not feel the pressure to have to come up with something new every single day. You're human being. You are working your business. There is lots to do, and it's OK if actually every single day you don't feel inspired. A witty. But what is really important is that you just take some time and put some time aside to create content for your business, to do writing for social media to come up with more ideas to brainstorm things to do on. Then you can schedule all of this in on a social media scheduling tour I personally use later home. There are also things like buffer and hoot suite that set things up so that you can just put in your right thing and it will send out for you. This is a really great way to allow yourself that sacred space to be really creative without feeling the need to come up with stuff of the time. So another tip based on a really common question is around. What ratio should you be? Sharing sales posts compared to value posts on personal insight Post. So while there is no hard and fast rule as I talked about a lot with social media, you do want it to be so sure, and you want to really build that trust with your customer. So for that reason, you really want to be looking at about a 40% on value on what you're sharing. Around 40% on more of the personal or a motive. Things particularly your personal brand, more of the storytelling and then 20% on what you're selling on, guiding people to take action with you to move them on to the next step on. Then finally, one of the biggest battles in writing for social media is actually knowing what toe right. So I've put together a bit of a bonus list off 50 ideas for your social media writing, so you will have tons off from that you can use to get your inspiration going. When you take that time out to plan, I'm bright. Your station media content 12. 12 It's a wrap: on. That is a wrap. Thank you so much for being here with me on this course following the journey and following through. I really hope you enjoyed it and taken away from really cool that you can start using straight away for writing Great content, feel social media. That really is no room for crappy copy on the Internet. It's gotta be sharp. It's gotta be good. And it's really got to connect with your audience. I would love to see what new tips you stop putting into practice on would love you to share them with me. So if you have enjoyed this course, I would love to hear from you. You can tack me on Instagram at Sophie French creative, and I love to see what you come up with good looks and get writing.