How To Write Crazy Good Headlines: 8 Proven Strategies

Derek Franklin, Teaches Crazy Good Courses You Will Love!

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7 Videos (21m)
    • Why Take This Class?

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About This Class

How To Write Crazy Good Headlines: 8 Proven Strategies

If you want people to enroll in your online course, subscribe your email list, read your blog posts, watch your videos, and buy your stuff, then you're going to love this class!

Because within it, you're going to learn the art of writing crazy-good headlines.

I'm going to teach you 8 simple, but proven strategies for grabbing someone's attention with your words so you can pull them in to take action in some way.

These headline-writing strategies center around:

  • Emotion
  • Clarity
  • Perspective
  • Conditioning
  • Numbers
  • Brainstorming
  • Secret sauces

By the end of this course, you'll know how to take all these elements and use them to craft headlines that get people to enroll, subscribe, buy, and take action.

This course uses a lot of illustrations to explain ideas, examples to show you how they're used, and practical action steps to help you use them in your own life.

I really look forward to sharing a ton of great content with you in this course.

Click to enroll in this course, and I'll see you on the other side.

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Simple, concise, and a good refresher if you haven't written headlines in a while. I recommend.
I like the simplicity and to the point presentation of the class. It is inspiring. Thank you so much...
Concise info. If you don't create a headline that jumps off the screen, you are doomed to throes of all the other boring stuff on the web. Be unique! Stand out! Become successful right off the bat with a crazy, good headline!
Kimberly Purcell

Just Want To Make and Learn Stuff





Derek Franklin

Teaches Crazy Good Courses You Will Love!



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Derek Franklin is an instructor obsessed with not only teaching others great ideas, but also showing them how to put those great ideas into action

He's also focused on making the entire learning process visual, simple, and fun - something that will be clear to you as you progress through his courses.

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