How To Write A Winning Marketing Plan | Arno Burger | Skillshare

How To Write A Winning Marketing Plan

Arno Burger, Marketing & Business Development Expert

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14 Videos (1h 7m)
    • Introduction & Course Overview

    • The Benefits of Creating & Maintaining a Marketing Plan

    • Market Research Methods

    • Defining Your Target Market, Products & Services, UVP, Mission & Vision

    • Conducting a SWOT Analysis

    • How to Create SMART Marketing Goals

    • Metrics & Tools to Measure Your Progress and Track Results

    • The Marketing Mix – Product, Price, Place & Promotion

    • Begin Creating Your Marketing Mix – Product Tactics

    • The Different Types of Price Tactics & How to Use Them

    • The Different Types of Place Tactics & How to Use Them

    • The Different Types of Promotion Tactics & How to Use Them

    • The Elements of a Proper Marketing Budget, Allocation of Funds & Tracking

    • The Next Steps...


About This Class

How much time are you spending on marketing your business?

An hour a day?

A day a week?

80% of your time?

More importantly, do you know whether all those efforts are paying off?

Most people think about their marketing based on

  • What the latest hot tactic is, or
  • What they GUESSED worked in the past

They’re just HOPING that their marketing will work.

In this course, I'm going to walk you through all the steps in building a marketing plan that will practically GUARANTEE that your marketing efforts are rewarded on a consistent basis.

Here’s what you’ll be achieving throughout the course:

  • Do the research that tells you just what your market wants and where to find them
  • Set SMART marketing goals that are actually achievable
  • Put together a mix of different marketing tactics that cover every part of your business
  • Draft a marketing budget, so you know exactly where to spend and how much
  • Finally, put everything together into a calendar and plans that you can implement RIGHT AWAY!

This course takes the mystery and confusion out of creating an effective marketing plan.

Your plan doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think!

Instead, you'll walk through a clear formula that I’ve put together based on proven BEST PRACTICES.

Don't waste another minute floundering around in the dark with your marketing.

Enroll in How to Create a Winning Marketing Plan and you’ll be off and running with marketing that you KNOW will work, in no time.





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Arno Burger

Marketing & Business Development Expert

Hello Skillshare!

My name is Arno Burger and I am a certified educational trainer with more than a decade's experience in the field of marketing and business development. I'm currently the head of instructional design at Mindmekka, a company where we create courses meant, not only to educate, but also to elevate.

I've worked with companies, big and small, on the formulation and execution of various marketing strategies & initiatives. Now, I want to share that knowledge with you...

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