How To Write A Winning Demo Video Script to Promote Your Business Online

Miguel Hernandez, Founder of Grumo Media

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14 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Why Do You Need A Demo Video

    • 3. The Challenge

    • 4. A Sample Demo Video

    • 5. The 5 Script Parts

    • 6. The 6 Production Steps

    • 7. Analyzing A Sample Script

    • 8. Timing Your Script Parts

    • 9. 7 Rules to Ensure Your Script is Awesome

    • 10. How to Apply The Success Rules to Your Script

    • 11. An Example of Good vs Bad Writing

    • 12. Balancing Cute vs Boring

    • 13. 5 Major Script Mistakes to Avoid

    • 14. Script Writing Challenge


About This Class

Animated demo videos are one of the most powerful marketing tool a business can use to increase sales, brand awareness and even raise capital.

However your business will only benefit if you start your video with the right foundation, that is, by writing a winning script.

In this quick and fun class you'll learn how to write a fantastic demo video script to promote your business online from one of the top explainer video producers in North America.

Miguel has been producing animated demo videos since 2010 for over 300 brands worldwide including Microsoft, Walmart and many of top Silicon Valley startups.

You will have a unique chance to look behind the scenes of the exact process Miguel uses at Grumo Media, his animation studio, to write the scripts for their clients.

You will learn:

  • Why should all business take advantage of video to increase sales
  • The 3 main parts all scrips should have (and how long they should be)
  • A 7 step proven methodology to ensure your videos are as effective as possible
  • The exact process to ensure this methodology is applied properly
  • A real world example of one of Miguel's top demo video scripts
  • The 5 mistakes all business owners should avoid when writing a script

A demo video will only be successful if it's written properly and this is your chance ensure you start with the right foundation to create a winning promo video for your business!