How To Write A Powerful Bio For Authors

Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D., Powerful Fun Teaching

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8 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. How To Writer A Powerful Bio - Introduction

    • 2. Why Is Your Bio Important

    • 3. What Should Your Bio Do

    • 4. Where To Place Your Bio

    • 5. What To Put In Your Bio

    • 6. Different Types of Bios

    • 7. Test It Out

    • 8. Class Project


About This Class

Having a powerful bio is vital for authors.  This class will explain to you not only why they are so important, but what a powerful bio should do for you.  You’ll discover numerous places you need to place your bio as well as which version of your bio.  Even more importantly, this class will help you design the content of your personal bio.  You’ll learn four different types of bios and a variety of ways to give them a “test run”.  Creating a powerful and capitvating bio can make a huge difference in the success of your books, so take this class and put your newly learned skills to work for you.

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