How To Write A Novel In 100 Days

John Coyne, Author & Novelist

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8 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction--Overview of what the class is about and what you will accomplish

    • 2. Class Project--Your project in this class will start you on finishing your novel in 100 days

    • 3. What Genre is Your Novel?--Types of fiction, from mystery to science fiction

    • 4. Choosing Your Point of View--Who is telling your story? The right point-of-view

    • 5. Characters in Your Novel--How to reveal your characters to your readers, and more

    • 6. Plotting Your Novel--Plotting out your narrative

    • 7. Editing Your Manuscript--Rewriting your novel

    • 8. Publishing Your Novel--Ways to publish your novel


About This Class

This class will slowly and carefully walk a new novelist through the process of writing their first book. It is a class for everyone who has a story to tell and wants to learn how to do it. It is a step-by-step method based on the techniques I have developed as a writer, and used in the writing of my 13 novels. Students have the advantage of posting their own prose on-line and receiving positive feedback from other students. This is invaluable. You learn what ‘works’ and what ‘doesn’t work’ while still writing your first draft.