How To Write A Movie Script : Planning

Jim Bruce, Blues Guitar Teacher and Author

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9 Videos (57m)
    • How To Write A Movie Script - Planning Introduction

    • The Pitch Letter

    • Beats Page 1 to 55

    • Beats Page 55 to 110

    • The Planning Board

    • Software Planning Introduction

    • Using The Software Planning Tool

    • 'Looper' Script Analysis

    • How To Write A Screenplay - Conclusion


About This Class

How To Write A Movie Script : Planning The Outline & Structure A Movie Script

It's common for a new screenwriter to attempt to write a movie script without a firm idea of the overall script structure. This is a mistake, born of enthusiasm and a blind belief that the script can be developed as we write. The fact is that a screenplay must have a definite structure, if it is to have any chance at all of being made into a movie.

Aristotle's original concept of a 3 Act Story is still valid, but modern screenplay writers have further developed the basic idea into a precise craft. Building on the idea of beats, or scene sequences, a modern script consists of a series of events and turning points which need to be in the right proportions and relationship if the movie script is to be of interest to the money-men in Hollywood.

Against conventional wisdom, the movie script pitch letter normally created at the end of the process when the screenplay is ready for submission should be written before even starting to plan a script. How to use this is just one of the gems you will find inside the course.

Inside the course 'How To Write A Screenplay' you will learn:

  • How to plan and structure a screenplay for maximum audience appeal
  • How to write and use your movie script pitch letter as a powerful creative tool
  • How to transfer your scene ideas to a visual planning board
  • How to create and use a 'beat' planning tool using FREE online presentation software

At the end of the course you will have in your hands a strategy enabling you to effortlessly create viable movie screenplays in the correct format adored by Hollywood, giving you the best chance of success.

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Great class, very clear and provides simple and effective tools to get the job done. I jumped right in to writing my script and found that indeed, this way of working gives meaningful structure and stimulates teh creative process. Highly recommended.





Jim Bruce

Blues Guitar Teacher and Author

After making a living out of playing acoustic blues guitar in Europe for many years, I became interested in teaching online about 15 years ago, and began creating lessons. In 2103 I was voted N?2 top blues guitar teacher by users of

While blues guitar remains dear to my heart, the last year I've been concentrating on novel writing, movie script writing and internet marketing. It's all about creating and being the best we can possibly be!

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