How To Wow - Key Insights to Help You Deliver A Market Beating Customer Experience | Adrian Swinscoe | Skillshare

How To Wow - Key Insights to Help You Deliver A Market Beating Customer Experience

Adrian Swinscoe, Adviser and author

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15 Videos (1h 5m)
    • Introduction

    • Background On Why Customer Experience Is Important

    • What is WOW Service

    • The Little Things

    • The LIttle Things Examples

    • Identifying The Grit

    • Handling Complaints

    • Why Customers Leave

    • Keeping your customers

    • Asking for Feedback

    • Generating More Referrals

    • Buliding Better Relationships With Your Customers

    • The Customer Journey

    • You and Your Team Matter Too

    • Summary


About This Class

Key Insights to Help You Deliver A Market Beating Customer Service & Experience That Your Customers Talk About

Great customer service, relations and experience are an essential element to any strong and growing business. In this course, I'll will share with you a series of practical tips, inspiring insights and interviews with a wide range of leaders and entrepreneurs on how to design and deliver excellent customer service/experience in a quick and effective way from my best-selling book: How To Wow.


Here’s a flavour of the sort of things you will learn
You’ll learn that it’s the smallest things that can make the biggest difference, what customers really value, why, where you can find those little things that can make the biggest difference and what you can do about them.

What will I leave the course with?
You’ll walk away from this course after having been entertained (I hope), had a bit of fun and with a head full of new ideas about how you can improve your customer’s experience, the service you provide to them as well as a personal action plan that will help you take those ideas and turn them into action and help you make a real difference.





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Adrian Swinscoe

Adviser and author

For nearly 25 years I've been starting, improving and running businesses and projects of all kinds.

I initially trained as an economist (please don't hold that against me) then trained as a teacher and have taught in the UK and overseas.

Although I'm no longer employed as teacher, I've been teaching in various guises ever since an adviser to large and small organizations, as a speaker, a workshop leader, a volunteer and also a guest/visiting lecturer at various unive...

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