How To Work It Series: Class 2- Shutter Speed

Lissabeth Anglin, Doing all the things, coffee in hand.

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4 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The Eyelid

    • 3. Focusing & Recommendations

    • 4. Assignment


About This Class

This is the 2nd course in the How To Work It Series. To start from the beginning, check out

How To Work It Series- Class 1: Aperture

This How To Work It Series is for the beginner who would like to learn to harness all the power of their DSLR camera and shoot in MANUAL mode. I explain it all simply and easily- and with a Texas accent, of course. :)

Shutter Speed is essential to understand when you're shooting sports, kids, or anything else that's not standing perfectly pretty much, everything. :) It will also allow you to capture the ambient glow of background light and fill your photos with color.

A few recommendations before you get started...

For the most effective learning, I recommend doing each lesson in order, with your camera nearby so that you are able to locate functions/controls as they are mentioned. It's also very effective to take the time to PAUSE the video while you practice or find the button you're looking for- this may be obvious, but I've learned that a hands-on technique is the BEST way to learn.  Of course, you are welcome to revisit lessons in any order you choose- but they do build on each other, so that is why I recommend starting with this class. :) Also, please make an effort to DO YOUR HOMEWORK and post it for us in the project section. Being able to interact with other attendees and me will allow us to really help each other in specific areas and also tell you how awesome you are doing.