How To Work From Home Effectively And Successfully | Alun Hill | Skillshare

How To Work From Home Effectively And Successfully

Alun Hill, Journalist and Broadcaster

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11 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Finding Lucrative Work From Home Positions

    • 2. Creative Ways To Work From Home

    • 3. About Your "Day Job" - Should You Leave It Or Keep It?

    • 4. Marketing Your Home Run Business

    • 5. Networking To Promote Your Home Business

    • 6. Arranging Your Home Office For Success

    • 7. Dressing For Working From Home

    • 8. Time Management For Home Run Businesses

    • 9. The Discipline Of Working From Home

    • 10. Home Working - Drawing The Boundaries

    • 11. Overcoming The Isolation Feeling


About This Class

Working from home doesn't have to be stuffing envelopes or selling some MLM stuff to your relatives - nowadays even big companies are realising the benefits of employing people who work from home.

“I am so often asked whether good work-from-home and flexible jobs really do exist,"

(said the CEO of Flexjobs, Sara Sutton Fell, when interviewed in Forbes magazine recently, adding that her list of companies, below)

is intended to help highlight the amazing variety of professional flexible jobs that - yes - really do exist. The job market has never been more open to flexible work options, and from what we see, more employers from all industries are considering work from home, freelance, part-time and flexible schedule opportunities as a component of their business infrastructure every day."

Big corporations like IBM, United Health Group, CVS Caremark, Time Warner Cable, Citrix Systems, Whole Foods Market; government entities like U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Department of Transportation, City of Santa Ana; educational institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, Indiana University, Stanford University; nonprofits like Susan G. Komen for the Cure, American Heart Association, ASPCA, New Teacher Project; and small and medium-sized companies like LivingSocial, K12, Mayo Clinic are all actively looking for home based staff and telecommuters.

But working from home takes a different mindset from travelling to an office.

It's easy to imagine the lowered stress, no travelling, late starts / early finishes.

It's easy to think you can sit around, working around the family and the family chores.

And it's easy to forget about the isolation, the necessary time management and self discipline required.

Are you ready to work from home or telecommute?

Are you already working, but not at your best?

This course will really help you - within an hour!