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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction/Class Overview

    • 2. Choosing Your Glitter

    • 3. Application: Glitter Eyeshadow

    • 4. Application: Glitter Eyeliner

    • 5. Application: Glitter Lips

    • 6. Glitter Removal

    • 7. Class Project

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About This Class

In this class, you'll learn everything you need to know about glitter and how to wear it!

I'll be covering how to apply glitter, knowing what kinds of glitter are unsafe to use/why you should never use craft glitter on your face, 3 different ways of wearing glitter, and most importantly, how to remove it! This is an easy to follow class meant for beginners.

Feel free to email me regarding any questions you may have, and let me know what other makeup classes you would like to see in the future.

Makeup/Products Used:


• LA Splash Glitter in "Fuzzy Flamingo" (pink glitter with green reflect)

• Wet N Wild Glitter Eyeliner in Silver

• Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Glitter in "Blue"


• New York Color Black Liquid Eyeliner

• Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in "Mother"


• ELF Glitter Adhesive 

• LIT Clearly Liquid Glitter Base

• LIT Foreverwear Glitter Base for Lip, Brow, and Body


LA Splash Cosmetics:

OCC Cosmetics:

Lit Cosmetics:


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Heather Blood

Makeup Addict and Actress


Heather is an actress by day, and a makeup addict/enthusiast by night. She owns more makeup than anyone you'll ever meet, and enjoys creating unusual makeup looks to wear on an everyday basis. Heather has a YouTube Channel (Vessel of Blood), and is an alternative model in her spare time.

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1. Introduction/Class Overview: Hi, My name is Heather, and I'm here to teach you everything you need to know A back later and how toe wear it. Wearing glitter is a really fun and easy way to add something new and sparkly to your makeup routine. In this class, I'll cover everything you need to know from how to apply glitter, knowing what kinds of glitter are unsafe to use and why you should never use craft glitter on your face. Three different ways of wearing glitter and, most importantly, how to remove it. For the class project, you'll be creating your very own glitter islander glitter eye shadow or glitter lip look. So let's get started. 2. Choosing Your Glitter: So you've got your makeup on. You're ready to go out in the town. But one thing is missing your glitter. So how do you go about choosing your glitter? Not for those of you who may not know the difference between craft twitter, which is unsafe for your face and cosmetic. Riegler, which is safe for your face. I will let you know right now. Now, craft litter is the kind of letter that can be found in any of your craft stores like Michaels Hobby Lobby. And this type of glitter is not meant to be used on the eyes or the face. There are a couple of reasons for this, the most important being that they are not screened for any kind of cleanliness. For example, one case that happened in the past was a woman was using craft glitter on her eye, and the craft glitter had been cut by a machine that was rusty. And the woman, of course, didn't know this since you just picked it up at her local craft store thinking it was safe and some of it got into her eye and she got an eye infection because of that, another reason why craft letter could be more dangerous is because they're caught into more hexagonal shapes or shapes with sharp edges. And if they do, get into your eye than they could potentially scratch your cornea, which is nothing to joke about. Your eyesight is a lot more important than having sparkly eyelids. Trust me now. On the other hand, cosmetic re glitter is made of nontoxic plastic, and it's cut with more rounded edges. So if it does get into your eye, it won't scratch you and it won't irritate you. An easy way to differentiate between craft and cosmetic letters is looking on the packaging and seeing if it's advertised for being safe for use on the body or the eyes. So with that being said, where can one get affordable glitter that will not compromise your health? Well, if you love to shop around online when there are a ton of options, a couple of different companies that I've heard of our Sally Girl, which makes the cheapest glitters which I believe are around 99 cents and there are also companies like seen as a rule which makes affordable I and body glitter another option for glitter is by buying something with its own adhesive, which would be glitter Eyeliner. Now the best glitter Islanders that I have come across have been from urban decay. I believe you can get those in Alta and Sephora now for me personally, my favorite types of glitter to use our loose glitters, which come in little containers. I have a couple of different brands I would like to share with you, and these are the ones that I used most often on my eyes. The first is called obsessive compulsive cosmetics. Thes air all cosmetic grade, perfectly safe for the eyes. My second most use company, when it comes to glitter, is called Ellie Splash Cosmetics. I love their packaging. They come and cute little Bali's like this. No one thing of note about the obsessive compulsive glitters and the L A splash ones is that they're only available in one size. And with some other companies you can get glitter that's either more finely milled or bigger and chunkier. And one example of one such company is called lip cosmetics, and they're my third and final most use glitter. One thing I like about the lid is that they have. This option is that you can get the glitters in different sizes, because when you do sometimes and I shudder, look with the smaller glitter. It looks just like a very subtle sheen. But if you want something a lot more dramatic and more out there than you can get something in a bigger size, and then that will be even more shiny and beautiful. So now that you've chosen your glitter, let's move on to actually applying it. 3. Application: Glitter Eyeshadow: Now, when it comes time to apply your glitter, you're going to want to have three things at hand. The first is obviously the glitter you're going to use. The second is whatever type of adhesive that you want, and the third is going to be a brush or your fingers to apply the glitter to your face. I like to use small, flat brushes. That way, it's easier for me to get the glitter directly from the little pan onto my eye without having to get my finger all sticky with the glitter glue. This is a glitter primer I've used from Elf, and you can pick this up in any of your drug stores, and this is only about two or $3. So it's a really cheap, inexpensive way to start playing around with glitter and seeing if it's right for you Now with the glitter primer. What you do with this is you put a little bit of this onto your finger, or you could use a brush as well, and you just put it directly onto your eye shadow and then pat the glitter on top. Another product you can use to apply glitter is called the lit, clearly liquid glitter base. I've used this to make letter Islander to put over my eye shadow, and it stays all day because it drives down to a really hard finish. But it's not uncomfortable on the eyes, and it really does stay all day for both of my eyes. I'm gonna be using this glitter from L. A Splash cosmetics, and this is called Fuzzy Flamingo. Amusing. This elf glitter primer that you can get in the drugstore of What I'm going to do is I'm going to squeeze out a little bit of this onto my finger like so, and you don't need to much just enough to cover your eye. And then you're going to start dabbing it on wherever you want the glitter to sit on top of your eye, and you're going to want to tap it until it feels a little tacky on your island. Then get your brush, dip into your glitter and put it right on your eye. And when you're patting the glitter on, be sure to just pat it and don't swipe it, because if you swipe it, you might accidentally move. The glitter grew and you might end up with it all over your face. And that's when I done with the glitter glue. Now, notice I only took the glitter up to her. My eye creases naturally, because if you bring it any higher, there is a chance of the glitter transferring and going up on your brow bone. Now, for the right, I'm gonna be using my lip clearly. Liquid glitter base. What I do for this one is that because it has a handy little cap, I just pour a little bit of this glitter glue into the cap, and with this glittered, he's if you don't need a lot and then you dip it directly into the glitter and then brush it right on to your eye. The thing that I love about the liquid bases that I feel like it gives me a lot more control because as I'm drawing on the glitter, I'm also choosing where the glue was going to be, since they're one in the same. And for me, that makes the glitter a lot easier to apply. And that's the right. I don't now. One thing to keep in mind with the liquid base is that it does take a little bit too dry. With the glitter grew, it dried a lot faster, but with the liquid one. I try to keep my eye closed, so it's best to just leave your lid as smooth as possible while drying that way, when it is completely dry, it won't have any cracks or crevices in it. Now, one more thing to keep in mind before you go to. The next lesson is that when you are doing glitter eye shadow or anything like that, it is best to do island or first, because I found that if you try to draw liquid islander on top of glitter that's already on your eye, it turns into a really big, clumpy mess, and it's a lot harder to fix. So if you wear liquid Islander, then I would highly suggest to do that first and then put the glitter on afterwards. Now, if you choose to do this kind of a look for your class project, one thing I would recommend is try to use a similar colored eyeshadow base to whatever glitter you're going to use. That will definitely help make your glitter look very even and precise. I hope you guys enjoyed learning about how to put on glitter over eyeshadow, and in the next lesson I'll be showing you how to make Glier eyeliner. 4. Application: Glitter Eyeliner: So in this video, we're going to talk about how to apply glitter as an eyeliner. So in order to make your own glitter eyeliner, the things you'll need are the glitter that you want to use on your eyes. Eyeliner, either your regular black liquid liner or a glitter eyeliner, and the very small, precise angle brush. Now there are two different ways of making glitter Islander. The first is by using the same method that we used in the last video for eye Shadow. And for that you would draw on your eyeliner as you would normally. I find that by using a black liquid liner, it's a lot easier to make sure that your glitter stays in the shape that you want, and it also gives it a really nice dark base to make the glitter really pop in. Stand out. The second wave using Glitter Islander is by using a glitter eyeliner. But as I mentioned earlier, urban decay makes an amazing a range of glitter Islanders so you can use. But if you can't afford those, and you can also use some from the drugstore. My personal favorites are ones from Elf and from wet and wild. So because this glitter islander already comes with adhesive and the glitter in it, it's really simple. All you have to do is draw on your eye. So as you can see, it's very pretty in silvery. Now, while it's still wet, I'm gonna go grab my little brush. I'm going to gently pat on this really beautiful blue glitter, and, as you can see because the glitter is still wet, the blue is sticking right to where we drew the line. And that's it for using the glitter liner as a base. And there's also a little bit of fallout right here under my eye. So just use some tape and that takes care of the fallout. So if you're going for a more subtle wing, that's not really bright in your face that I would use this method because it's very sheer . Now for my other side, I'm gonna be drawing on my island of first with my black liquid liner, and this is one of my favorite black liquid liner is that I've gotten from the drugstore. It's from New York color, and it was only $3 so I've drawn on my eyeliner and you could make it as big or a small is you like. And it doesn't have to be perfect, because the glitter will be covering it anyway. So now I'm taking that little fresh, and I'm gonna be dipping my brush into this lit, clearly liquid glitter base again. And then I'm gonna be dipping at ST into the glitter and patting that right on top of the black liquid liner. And this is what it looks like when all of the liner is covered by the glitter. As you can see, there's a massive difference because this one had a nice, dark base. It looks a lot more opaque, and the blue shines through a lot better, so that about wraps it up for learning how to use glitter as your eyeliner. If you guys choose this as your class project, be sure to let me know which method you tried using glitter eyeliner and then patting the glitter on top. We're using the black liquid liner first and then putting the glitter on top of that, I'm looking forward to hearing about which one worked best for you. Now, in the next video, we're gonna be learning about the last way to apply glitter, which is putting it on top of your lipstick 5. Application: Glitter Lips: So this is my favorite way to apply glitter, and that's by putting it on your lips. Now, much in the same way is using eye shadow was a base. I'm gonna be using a liquid lipstick as a base for the glitter today, and I'm also going to be using that same glitter from the beginning called Fuzzy Flamingo from L. A Splash Cosmetics. So for my base, I'm using the cat Bondi liquid lipstick in the shade Mother. So first, I'm just going to apply that, not a glitter on your lips. You could use your regular glitter primer like the elfin that I used earlier for my eyes. But I personally find that using a glitter glue that is specifically four lips is much easier. My favorite one is this lit for everywhere, glitter base for a lip, brow and body, and I find that this is really comfortable when wearing on your lips. When it comes to using other types of adhesives for glitter, I find that when I put them on my lips, they tend to be very drying, and they kind of crack and crumble off after a while. With this, when I haven't had that problem, so I'd really recommend getting your hands on this. And it comes with a really handy little lip brush. So what you want to do is dip into it with your brush and then start painting at all over your lips. Now, I'm gonna be doing this in sections because I don't want it to dry before I can get the glitter on there. So I'm taking my same little flat brush from earlier and dipping it into my fuzzy flamingo glitter and just patting it right on top. And just repeat that process until your entire lips are covered in glitter. Now, one thing I will say. If you do press your lips together, they will be a little sticky. But as you can see, the glitter will not move, and it's very comfortable. You can talk normally, doesn't feel like something's about to crack and crumble off your lips. And that is my favorite way to apply glitter on top of lipstick. No, I know this may not be for everyone, but it is a fun way to spice up your look, and you could use a more conventional color, like red or pink or nude, but because I like to be a little unusual, I did choose this glitter because it is pink, but it does have a green reflect to it, which means when it catches the light, it looks more green. Course feel free to experiment. Use whatever color you like. You can use blue. You can use pink. You can use red whatever you want. Now, if you do, you use this technique using that particular product from like cosmetics. I can guarantee you that this glitter will not come off even while drinking and sometimes eating as well. I've had days where I've worn this and it has stayed on even through lunch and dinner, which is a really impressive. So if you're looking to invest in a good way to wear glitter lifts all the time, I'd really recommend the Licklider base. If you do use this as your class project, be sure to mention what kind of literate he's have you used and how it worked for you throughout the day. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of looks you guys come up with. And in the next video, I'll show you how to take all of this off 6. Glitter Removal: So now that we've talked about a few different ways, you can put glitter on your face. Let's talk about taking it off. Now. The most tempting thing to do is just to take off later in the shower with the rest of your makeup. But from experience, I can tell you that that is not the best way to remove glitter. You can do that in the shower if you want, but it won't get rid of everything. So if you prefer not to find bits of glitter all over your clothes and your body the next couple of days after wearing it, then I recommend using this method. Usually use a combination of two different things. I use my absolute favorite makeup wipes in the whole world from Neutrogena. Now, when you're using makeup wipes like this first, it really helps to get the majority of the glitter off your eye. Now, sometimes I find the using the makeup lives by themselves is enough to get rid of the glitter. But if the glitter is being especially stubborn that day, I find that using an oil based or a kind of moisturizing eye makeup remover, it really helps my personal favorite one is this one by Avon. It's called the Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover. Other kinds of eye make up remover lotions that I've used have kind of burned my eyes or been really uncomfortable. This doesn't do anything like that. It's very gentle and soothing on your skin, and it really gets the job done. I've used this stuff to move liquid lipstick, other kinds of eye makeup, eyeliner, you name it. Now to use this, what you need to do is moist in a cotton pad like this or cotton ball, but a little bit of this on top of that, and Lynn, just gently massage it into your eye and it will come off on the cotton pad. Not your eye, the glitter. So now I'm going to remove my glitter eye shadow using my make a point. I'm when using makeup wipes like this, I find it's really important to wipe away and up from your eye instead of wiping it down because the glitter could still get into your eye. And while it's much safer to get cosmetic litter and your eye, I'd still recommend not getting it into your eye if possible just in case your eye starts to get irritated and you just want to continue gently using sweeping motions across your eye. And if you notice each time I sweep, I use a different part of this towel because the glitter is coming off and sticking directly onto the towel. And if you keep using the same spot a little, just wipe the glitter all over your eye, which is not what you want Now, of course, whenever removing glitter, you're gonna be removing everything else that's on your eye, some saying good bye to my eyeliner and my eye shadow and my foundation. Now I'm not sure if you guys can see, but there is some litter that's remaining around the outside of my eyes and under my eyes as well. So to fix that, I'm gonna be using take, because glitter can be extremely stubborn when coming off your face, I find the tape is just the easiest and quickest way of removing it. I need to do. Is it a little piece of it and just kind of gently lay it down? Wherever the glitter is sticking to your face and it will come away and your skin will be nice and clean if you also get any glitter fallout when you're applying your glitter. This is another way to help remove that and voila, you are done. As you can see, there is no glitter left around my eyes, as well as no foundation or eye shadow. Now, when it comes true moving literal lipstick, you can remove it in much the same way that we did the eye shadow. And with this, because you don't have to worry about it getting into your eyes. You can remove it however you want, but I would recommend using either the Avon or the Neutrogena makeup wipes. If you want, something's gonna be quick and easy that I recommend the makeup lights and all you have to do is swipe across your lips. As you can see, the top of is almost completely devoid of glitter, and all you have to do is keep wiping away, as you normally would now, because the Kat von D lipstick is extremely long lasting. I'm having trouble getting battle, but the glitter is completely off my lips and it looks a little strange because along with my liquid lipstick, I also removed my foundation with this, so it looks like I have a little stayed around my mouth. But that's just my normal skin. And that's how you can remove glitter lipstick. Now stay tuned in the next video where you learn about the class project. 7. Class Project: And now for the fun part where you guys get to make your own glitter looks for the project . I'd like you to choose one of the three methods I showed in the class. So play around and have fun. And then when you're finished, please upload a picture of either your glitter eyeshadow look, your glitter island or look or your glitter lipstick. Look, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with, and that's it. I have you guys learned a little something about glitter and how to apply it or how to remove it. If you have any other suggestions or things you like me to do in terms of makeup classes, please let me know. And if you're having trouble, please don't hesitate to email me. I'd be more than happy to help if you'd like to see more of my makeup. I do have an instagram and a YouTube channel. My instagram is vessel of blood and my YouTube channel is also vessel of blood. Thank you so much for watching and taking my class, and I hope you enjoyed it. I'll see you next time