How To Wake Up Early Without An Alarm Clock ( Subconscious Sleep Programming ) | Ashish V. | Skillshare

How To Wake Up Early Without An Alarm Clock ( Subconscious Sleep Programming )

Ashish V., Power lies within you

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5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

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    • 5. Example time with tips

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About This Class

What if I was to tell you that your mind is an alarm clock, and you have the power to send signals to your subconscious mind and direct it to wake up at whatever time you wish?

Picture this, you open your eyes, look at the time and it is the exact time you wanted to wake up. Not only is it straight up awesome to know you have the power to wake up this way, but you're not waking up to a sound that every body hates... the sound from the damn alarm clock!

In this class i will show you exactly how to wake up early without an alarm clock. It will blow your mind!

I did an experiment to discover the negative impact alarm clocks had on our emotions. With health being my number one value and knowing that the quality of your emotions is directly related to the quality of your health. I wanted to find out the impact that alarm clocks had on our emotional life.

What I did was message 20 of my friends and family to join in on this experiment.

I asked them to set their alarm to go off 2 minutes ahead of whatever time they read the message I just sent. Then, I asked them to close their eyes and imagine that they were in their bed, and when the alarm went off... I told them to allow it to ring for 15 seconds. During this time I asked them to become consciously aware of the feelings and thoughts that were going through their mind as it was ringing.

The result?

80% of them reported they experienced negative emotions and thoughts. 20% said it had no affect at all. What was also interesting was that the 20% of people who reported it had no affect was the close friends of mine who was absolutely in love with their life and loved their career.

I came to the conclusion that the sound of an alarm clock sets off a negative association which in NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) we call an anchor. This anchor sets up a trigger (alarm clock sound) which is associated with a negative emotion or thought ( Going to the job you hate, waking up early etc. ) that starts your day off with a feeling of total negativity.

An anchor is a created resource linked to a specific trigger and a specific emotional state. Here's an example of an anchor that you may be able to relate to. Lets say you have a song (trigger) that you and a previous partner of yours used to love, while you used to listen to that song with him or her you had strong feelings towards that person (emotional state). Then, every time you hear that song play, you think about your ex partner and feel the feelings you once had for that person.

That is an example of an anchor, and because most people have a negative association towards waking up in the morning, they are directing that negative thought or feeling to become associated to the alarm sound.

The long term result of this? Well, you will find yourself waking up every day with a sound that you have associated a negative feeling towards, resulting in a negative feeling as soon as you start your day. Brilliant way to kick start your day!

If you want a happier life, then you need to get rid of this negative anchor and find ways to overcome it like waking up without an alarm clock, In this video I show you how to do that.

Be more productive by starting your day with positive emotions that all i want.

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