How To Use a TelePrompter to Reach The World & Change Your Life - You need to know this stuff!

Stan Hustad, What it Takes with Stan Husted

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5 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. The TelePrompter is a tool you must know how to use - Here is why!

    • 2. You & The TelPrompter & Going Green!

    • 3. Tricks and Tips of The TelePrompter & You!

    • 4. The TelePrompter and The Trust is In The Eyes!

    • 5. Could A TelePrompter Really Help Change Your Life?


About This Class

i am sorry if this is a bit scary but your life, career, and business success will often depend on how well you use the video media to communicate with the world.  did you now that now many companies are requiring yu to submit a video resume to even be considered for a postiion or a job opportunity?

And to do a good video it might be helpful unless you are just great at talking naturally to know how to make and use a TelePrompter!  In fact it will be vital.  I this litte program i will teach you want you need to know and begin to do to do videos, do a green screen, purchase or make a TelePrompter and how to use it.

I will point out that the power you get form knowing how to use these tools can change your career, build your business, and may even change your life....

So let's get in the studio and get On The Air!

Stan Hustad

1 April 2017