How To Use Variable Fonts in Illustrator CC | Anthony Zubia | Skillshare

How To Use Variable Fonts in Illustrator CC

Anthony Zubia, Product Designer & Course Creator

How To Use Variable Fonts in Illustrator CC

Anthony Zubia, Product Designer & Course Creator

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4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Variable Fonts

    • 3. Examples

    • 4. Outro

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About This Class

Variable fonts are a new feature for Adobe Illustrator CC 2018. Learn how you can personalize a typeface through properties such as weight, width, slant, and optical size. 

The six Variable Fonts you can use now in the latest version of Illustrator CC are:

  • Myriad Variable Concept
  • Minion Variable Concept
  • Acumin Variable Concept
  • Source Sans Variable
  • Source Code Variable
  • Source Serif Variable

To learn more about this great new feature, head on over to the Adobe Blog.

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Anthony Zubia

Product Designer & Course Creator



Anthony Zubia is a Creative Director, Art Director, and Freelance Graphic Designer with years of experience in the Austin non-profit and startup scene. He is also a Skillshare teacher with over 2,000 students worldwide. Join his classes below to learn more about Passive Income, Print On Demand, Graphic Design, and how you can earn a living as a Creative.

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1. Intro: Are you tired of the same old font variations such as italic and bold? Well, today's you look a day because I'll be walking you through variable funds. We can change exactly how much you want to italicize or make a font bold as well as change the width. My name is Anthony Zoo Bia, a creative director and graphic designer in Austin, Texas, and I'll be walking through its tutorial. I'm showing you exactly which bonds have their variables, where you can customize them so that you can create your own unique masterpieces and get Maura out of your designs. Let's get started. 2. Variable Fonts: Hey, everybody, it's Anthony, and I'm back with my latest skill share class. What I wanted to talk about today are some variable fonts. So this is a new feature, an illustrator, Creative Cloud 2018 that actually didn't cover in my illustrator class because it's something that I had learned fairly recently, and I wanted to show you because it's something that you might not know about. So with the variable fonds, it can chains the fine in tow, various formats that you like. So, for example, one of them is myriad, but here on the left, I have the original myriad pro. So this is the regular. Of course. There's a Talic and bold, which is pretty typical when it comes to type faces, but with the variable version. As you can see, it's a very odd variable concept, so it's still fairly new, so that's a regular version. But instead of choosing, you know what variation want. You can click the little T with the sliders and look at this. You can change the width of the fine, which is pretty awesome, so you can have it be really condensed or you can make it really wide so when you have it condensed, you know, it's almost like it's not even the same fun. But it's part of the same family, which is really cool. So go to the bottom one instead of just clicking bold. Look at that. You can change the way on it, you know, make it black, or you can make it really light. So this is pretty awesome. This is a great new feature for Illustrator that I think you guys will have a lot of fun with. So another classic one is Minion and again, just like I showed you above. It's a minion Pro has the regular version you can do italic and, of course, bold. Now right here is the main Ian variable concept. So click the tea with little slider, and he contains the optical size of it. So this is pretty cool, because this is a serif font. You know what people say service are the ones that have the little legs on them. What's cool about changing the optical size is that it almost makes it into what's called the slab serif. See how you know the little feet become bigger and figure, and that's like another classification of fonds a slab. Sarah. So it's cool. That is part of the same family. But you're able to customize it and change it so much with the variations. And so again, right here. Want to make it bold but depends. You know how bold you on it. So there you go. You can just change it up. How you like it? Pretty awesome. No, Another variable. Fine is acumen. So right here we got the the regular version. Metallic and bold. Now here we go. Acumen. Variable concept. What's awesome about this specific version as you have, You can change the slant on it. They can change. You know exactly how much of a slant to which is pretty cool. It's instead of, you know, the regular a Taliban bors in you can add your own variation to it. Now, for the last one we can do again. Wait, You know, look how much bolder and blacker this version is, you know, says that it's ultra black, so it's pretty cool. I'm much like ah, Mary, I that I showed you You can change the width as well. So this final looks really cool condensed. All right, so the type family source has different variations. They have the Sarah version, code version and sands. And so again, these ones are part of the variable funds. So look at that. You can change the weight as much as you'd like. Pretty awesome. Again. Right here. This change the weight. Make that one in a little bit lighter again. Changing the weight we keep that one, you know, about average. 3. Examples: Yeah, these air so fun to play with. So I want to show you a little example of what you can do with these. So let's say you need to create a fliers. Are you know somebody like that? You can use the same type family when you have your variations. So, for example, I didn't make that a little bit more condensed. Let's say it. That's your your headline font, and then you can get your title farm. Let's bring the tracking back. It's a normal and look at this. Of course. You know you want to make that one a little bit smaller, but again, you can do the the variations on it. So let's have the with to go back to normal. And let's make this one in a little bit more bold as the as the title one. And again, it's awesome because it's part of the same font family. And then let's get some body copy. So for the body copy, you know, if you want, you can make it a little bit wider, but have the wait go back to normal. So let's use the example that this is like a paragraph and then even if we needed to italicize anything, you can go with the slant. So this is pretty awesome. This is all the same farm. Before you know the headline, you have the condensed version for the title. You have normal, but it's a little bit more bold. And for the body copy, you have it in a normal way. But it's a little bit wider and you can add in your italics. So this is just awesome great new feature that I hope you guys have some fun with. Now the headline. I will bring it back down. And this is another example of Well, you conduce Oh, you can make your own little type treatments and local types and things like that. I'm just holding command and duplicating this. I'm just don't make a cool little title That's his variable fonds for being the size of that down. But again, I can mess with the width, you know, make it wider and then tens the way so that it matches the one above. So this way you can have great balance, you know, when you have condensed on top and then the shorter texts can be wider, but they have about the same wait to them. So I'm gonna make the the tracking a little bit more, given some more space. So just like that, you have a cool little type treatment. 4. Outro: So this is awesome, guys. You know, I hope you enjoy this. You know, a quick little class and video talking about variable funds. I'll beginning guys posted if they released new versions or ther other versions that you can download and you know we'll be in touch about it. Just, uh, you know, head to the class project. Make sure you follow me for more classes, you can check out my past illustrator tutorial if you need to learn some more and ah, you can follow me on social media Anthony M. Zoo BIA and visit my website at juvie. Creative dot com. Thanks, guys.