How To Use Trello For Doing Local SEO Tasks (Part 2) | John Shea | Skillshare

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How To Use Trello For Doing Local SEO Tasks (Part 2)

teacher avatar John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Bing Webmaster Tools

    • 3. Google Search Console

    • 4. Wordpress Plugins

    • 5. Google Analytics

    • 6. Pretty Link Lite

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About This Class

*Part 2*

In this multi-part course I'm going to walk you through how I use a project management system called Trello to work on local SEO tasks for my clients.

This board covers some beginner and advanced SEO tactics you can use to start getting local businesses better results with being found in the local map pack on Google. 

I also have many other SEO courses you can check out surroundi

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Shea

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic


I am an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic and blogger. I'm always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the constant growing world of SEO & Digital Marketing.

I blog at sharing what's working for me today in the world of online marketing. 

I originally started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

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1. Introduction: they John here in real quick Before we continue on through this course, I just wanted to make sure that you've already watched Part one before. You continue through this, I've actually split this particular course up into separate parts. So you want to make sure you go back, watch part one first, and then enroll in all the other parts of each course to get the entire experience for learning how to go out there and use trouble boards to do your local s CEO tasks? Thanks again for watching. 2. Bing Webmaster Tools: Okay, so now we've already gone through Google. My business. You have my reference horse for that as well, which is a little bit more in depth. Um, we've also gone through. Being place is pretty straightforward to get that set up setting up apple maps, also very straightforward. And then bing Webmaster tools. That's what we're going to cover now. So what you want to do is just Google being Web master tools. That's the easiest way to find the u. R l. And once you're there, you're gonna add in a website, um, you're basically gonna have the capability to put any your else. So I'm gonna add this new site here, and I'm gonna show you what I would do to get this site map. So this is basically going to be used for, really just on entire map of the site, all the pages on the site that being can actually crawl. And we're also gonna be using this when we go to set up Google Web master tools. So I'm back here on my site and I've just installed the Yost s CEO, So you're gonna want to go ahead and do the same once you've got that installed, you're going to go to your column left here in WordPress and under s CEO. You're going to go to XML site maps and basically you've got a You confined your XML site map here. And if you click on this, it's actually going to give you the full U R l um it almost looks like there might be an issue with mine. I just installed it, so I haven't played around with it. It may be that it still needs to save. Ah, you don't need to generate nor, let's see Will take time. Yes. So I dont know why thats not coming up. But that's generally the page that I would use. Um, if you're having any issues with this, I particularly have found that this particular XML site map isn't the best. Um, let me actually show you another plug in that we can use as well. If you do a search for XML site map. There is one by Arnie. I believe it's Arnie BRAC. Hold here. It's literally called Google XML site maps. If we do install, it's going to get this going. Once this is installed, this particular app it's a little bit better version off. You know, something that you can use for XML site maps, and I sort of prefer to this. But you could just use Joost. It really doesn't matter that much. Um, I'm gonna disable mine and Joost, so we'll do disabled. And that means, you know, basically, we're just gonna use the other one. So now that I've got, um, my XML site map installed with the Arnie version, I've got it now here, under settings under settings XML, site map, and let's see if I can get this one to show up. So there's a bunch of settings in here, but you really don't need to change a whole lot. Um, gives me a girl, so here we go. So now I know this is a valid site map, and this is the your own gonna want to use. So I'm gonna go back here to being copy and paste that in it. Add and this pretty much has a layout of all the pages on my site. And then what I have to do is add in this meta tag here into my sight, or you could do it through your DNS provider. But I usually just do this, and I'm gonna show you the easiest way to do this. If we go back, let's go back into our dashboard. We're gonna want to install plug in which I actually recommending the recommended plug ins from the list. I'll be bringing up here shortly. We'll do. You add new and it's called Header and Footer. So we'll do install now. And now this is installed. Just activate this guy, and I'll show you exactly what we can do to get this going. So we can just really easily put in the codes now under settings, header and footer. We want to add this into the head section, so I'm just gonna pace that code. I'm gonna hit, save, and again feel free to re watch this. I know I'm going a little quick, but you can always re wash this to go back through this stuff. So now I've got um I basically added this meta code here into my header and footer. Plug in. Really simply don't go messing around with, like, theme files are trying to edit stuff. Now I just verify, and this is gonna come back and it should say that we're now active. So basically here you can see it's now pending the submission of my site map, which is basically gonna notify being, you know, if I were to go make a new post on this website or add a new page, they're gonna be able to find those pages and index them inside of being the only other thing I recommend doing inside of what master tools here would be. There's a setting where you can choose the geo targeting. If you go under, configure my site in geo targeting, you can actually add in. You'll just want to reenter the you Earl and then just choose your country. So in my case, I'm in the United States and I hit Submit. So that, basically is telling them that I want to target people that air in the United States. Other than that, there really isn't much else to do. I've already verified the ownership, you know, you get some reports in some data that you can get out of this, but ultimately it will take some time to start showing up. Since I just submitted this, you know, if I check back in a couple of weeks, it will have a lot more data to give me based on how things were going with my site. And they give you, like, search keywords, inbound links, other things like that. So ultimately, really easy. Oh, straightforward to get set up if you do this for a client. What I recommend you do is, you know, basically get them. You know, you could get their log in to go do this or just set up being what master on their behalf, and they don't even need to worry about it. And then ultimately, if they need access to it, what you can also do is there's ah, setting in here. Um, under configure my site in users and you could just add them as a user. In that way, you know, you could give them full administrator rights so you could set it up for them. Under your own being account, you have all your client sites under here, and then ultimately, just add them Is administrator in that way they can going and, you know, be ableto do the same stuff, see all the data and all that. So in the next video, we're going to go over the same thing for the Google search. Consul 3. Google Search Console: Okay, so for Google search Consul, you're basically gonna be doing the exact same thing you just did with the Bing Webmaster tools. Google also formally called this Google Web master tools, and it is now renamed to Google Search Consul. So if you see that phrasing out there, that's why um, I've gone ahead and I'm adding the same site, the one Casio Consulting. And normally, they give you this recommended method. It's very easy. If you have ftp access, you can download this file and just uploaded into the root to make it a little bit easier to go through this verification. I'm going to do the exact same method we just did with, um, you know, being so I'm gonna take this each c'mon meta tag option under the alternate alternative alternative methods and copy and paste this Copy this. Well, put it right below the one for being so in the same header and footer Plug in. Save this guy. If we go back, um, we're gonna want to do verify, and that should come through right away. Congratulations. You've successfully verified ownership. We had continue, and now we're pretty much going to do the exact same thing we just did with the site map we want to go to. Let's see, I believe it's under Google Index crawl here is under crawl site maps, and we just wanted to add test site map and you can't put putting the whole you are ill. You just have to take the end of it. So in this case, our site map is just slash on site map. XML copy that, and I don't have to test it. I know it's good. I'll hit, submit and it's gonna say submitted. Refresh the page And now you can see that submitted. And we have the same pending notice that we got within being pretty much the exact same thing is just a matter of finding the stuff and, you know, submitting it. They're all both a little bit different, and then you could do the same thing. Um, we could go in and actually give them the geo target. Let's see, just trying to remember off hand. I think it's under international targeting. You go to country and then just do target users in the United States and its save. And other than that, there's really not much you'll need to do here. It's mostly going to be used as a monitoring tool. Um, luckily, I actually logged into this just now, and I found out one of my sites has some virus issues, so unfortunately, I'm now running malware scans on it. So that's one really good reason that you should have this set up for all your websites and for your client sites. Because if there's ever any problems, this is Google is gonna be the 1st 1 to tell you, and they're gonna inform me through this They'll give you these messages so you can see I've already you know, they notified me of the target country change, and then they give me some suggestions to start out. So get rid of those messages. And if anything was ever come up, um, you know any issues with pages they can't detect, or maybe like links that are broken, things like that. They're ultimately going to report on everything here within the Google search console. So that's pretty much all you really need to do for setting this up 4. Wordpress Plugins: Okay, so we've made it through the better part of halfway through month one here for this one. I didn't really want to cover this to too much in depth, but there are a few WordPress plug ins that I recommend, and I just wanted to talk about each of them and why you might want to install them. So you assess CEO. This is pretty much a given. Um, this is an S e o plug in that you're going to be able to use for your sights. A lot of the items that are in red as we go through the coming months here in this board are gonna be utilizing this plug in, and I'll be showing you some of how that works and some of the things you could be doing Infinity WordPress, completely optional. But if you're managing a lot of client sites, what that allows you to do is install plug in on one website where well, technically, you install kind of like a home base, so to speak on one website, and the plug in will go on every state that you're managing, and it will automatically connect and what you can do is log into a dashboard, where you'll have the ability to update all the plug ins. You can see if any sites have updates that air needed. You can quickly log into each of them all from this one dashboard, and it's 100% free to use. They do have some stuff that's like up cells where you could get, like, maybe say, like backups incorporated into your infinity WordPress installation. But for a free plug in, it is definitely probably one of the best out there for managing multiple sites. Um, another one here, all in one WP security. That's a really good security plug in. And I highly recommend, you know, maybe spending some time there just getting that installed and adding a couple layers of security with some of their built in features. So that way you're you know you don't have to deal with your client sites necessarily getting like viruses on them or anything like that. Header and footer plug in. Obviously, we talked about why that's beneficial as we went through being an Apple maps, and I'm sorry that being in the Google search console set up there, where you could easily put in the meta tag. If you ever had any other verifications you needed, maybe like Facebook pixels or AdWords things, stuff like that, you can really utilize this plug in and just not have to go dig into a lot of theme code through your website. Good reviews for WordPress It's another good one where you could incorporate some testimonials on a page for a client, and what that would allow you to do is essentially get. You'll be able to get some schema markup for those reviews and schema. Markup is basically something that Google can read, and it's really gonna, you know, basically help you out a little bit when it comes. Toe search results in Google just feeling like, you know, Hey, this is a legitimate business that's actually getting reviews and this plug ins going to allow you to do that 5. Google Analytics: Okay, So in this video, we're gonna cover how to get started with Google Analytics. In most cases, if you're working with clients, I could say, you know, probably nine times out of 10. Most of them are already going have Google analytics. So it's really just gonna be a matter of them sharing the user access with your own Google account. And that way you'll be older than just view all the information and they can, you know, you can get in and Manager Justus, they would and be able to see what's going on with traffic and everything. If you did have to add a brand new property, though, what you do is head into Google Analytics. You'll want to go to this admin bar up here at the top, right, and you want to select the account that you need. If you don't have one, you'll just create a new one. In my case, here, I have one just called websites, and then under property, you're gonna want to do create new property, and we're going to just go in and, um, putting the website. I'll do the same one ASIO consulting dot com. Um, and in fact, that's actually the name. So call this literally what it's called, and then I want to take off. Um, the http here and that'll, you know, allow this to be valid with just the w W industry will just do business and select your local time zone. And then you wanted to get tracking i d. And this is going to give you a website tracking code that you can implement into your site . Um, depending on the site. I mean, basically, you want to incorporate this. Most themes nowadays have, like, a setting within the actual back in that allows you to just incorporate this. Um, you know, more or less, this is all you have to do. They do give the option to do, like, PHP implementation. But it seems you add in this tracking code, you'll basically then start having traffic it tracked through your website, and you can utilize Google Analytics to really see what's going on with how much how many visitors are visiting the site and everything that's going on. There's a lot more to Google Analytics, but I'm not really gonna cover that in this. In this particular video, I mostly just wanted to get the set up going. And once you have this going, you're gonna, you know, really have the basics there. If you're doing more with the client, of course, you could link up things like Google, AdSense and AdWords. And you can also even Lincoln Google Web master tools, which is very, very easy to do. And I'll give you some additional data inside of analytics that you can, you know, kind of see what's going on with the keywords and things like that. But I usually don't get to advanced with analytics. I would just keep it really simple If you just, you know, want to use this to do some advanced stuff. I would just search around the Web because you're gonna be able to find all the information for free. 6. Pretty Link Lite: Okay, so something else that I mentioned on this board, basically, I have something here called the set up Review link, and this is completely optional. But I think it's a cool thing that you can do for your clients, especially if they're in the local local business, something that you know that you could really do to help them get more reviews. And of course, if you decide to use this plug in for other things for that client, it's just something really good for doing redirects. So what you want to do is install this free plug in called Pretty Link Light. Just search for that in the plug in directory and get that installed on. What you're gonna want to do is once that's installed, you have this yellow star here and you're just gonna do add new pretty link. And basically what this plugging allows you to do is take that domain and redirected to something else. So I could call this something like review, and I could put in any you're all I want. I could send someone to another website when they visit that I could send them anywhere I want and what I usually do for local businesses is I set up something where if they were to type in something such as me give you an example, he was a business I just did it with. So if I do call smart house dot com slash review. Here's the site I had set it up on it actually redirects them to the Google my business page and then automatically pops up this box here where the user can then go leave a review . So this is just a nice thing you could do for a client you could tell them. Hey, I set up this nice link for you, and that way it doesn't have all this extra junk up here. What you will need to do is get their Google my business, your l And then you're gonna add this snippet of code here. I have highlighted up of the top. The question mark H l equals Ian and review equals one that's basically gonna add in the capability where the review box will pop up. Or what you could do is if we were use the same example. Um, I'll just take their business. Name five. Throw that into Google ST Louis, and you're basically going to get something similar here. There's also a link here which normally you can't just grab. But, um, you know, you could just use something like this where you could take this search string and then make that the, you know, the search phrasing and just give them instructions to say, OK, just search for the business. And then on the right side, you you have write a review in that way, if you pull that up, you'll be able Teoh, you know, essentially give this to the business. That's something they can easily do. Eso really that's all that you're going to do. You know, in this case, if I were to use this example, I'll just make this my pretty link. And if someone were to go to my your l slash review, it would send them. They're really, really easy