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How To Use The Power Of Wordpress Tags To Siphon Loads Of FREE Organic Search Traffic

teacher avatar Greg Jeffries, Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Using The Power Of Wordpress Tags To Siphone Organic Search Traffic

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About This Class

I've been involved in SEO (search engine optimization) now for several years. And I'm always on the hunt for simple tools and strategies that can get me results faster.

In this short course I've reveal and incredibly simple and FREE strategy that you can implement today on your Wordpress sites to siphon tons and tons of free search engine visitors with very little effort and zero backlinks.

Here are some of the tools I use in the course:

Keyword Tool

Text tool to capitalize the first letter of every word

Tool that converts lists to Wordpress tag format

Meet Your Teacher

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Greg Jeffries

Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer


I'm passionate about online marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

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1. Introduction: Hey, very Jeffries here. And in this short course, I'm going to show you a very simple strategy for S E O that you can use to siphon tons and tons of long Tell traffic from the search engines. It's a free strategy. It's very simple to implement its something that doesn't take a lot of time. And, of course, it's free as well. All the tools I show you to use our free. So as long as you have a site WordPress blogged that you have installed already, who can use this strategy? And it's extremely scalable. I've been using it just for a couple of days now, and I've already start to notice hundreds of free visitors to my website just on the keywords that I'm targeting and the the products and services that I'm targeting. But this is applicable for any niche. So any kind of niche that you're involved in you can apply this to, and it's just ridiculously simple traffic secret that is scalable and sustainable. So very excited to share this with you. 2. Using The Power Of Wordpress Tags To Siphone Organic Search Traffic: Piggery Jeffries here and in this video, I want to share a strategy that I've been using implementing recently that's been responsible for hundreds and thousands of free organic search engine traffic to my my blogging website I'm source dot org's on. This is a strategy that kind of a Z. Go along and learn different things. You can apply them sometimes in different scenarios. And so I learned this strategy from a tool in the plugging called Search Shaker. And I took this one bit of information because it was obviously working in that context for what you search. Search Sugar was originally created an intended for, and I am applying it to this blogging website. I'm source that order the Internet marketing niche. You know, it's all based around Internet marketing tools of such, and I'm gonna show you how it's working. So it's not It's not just BS in theory, but I'm gonna show you how it's working here. So let me just so let me just kind of illustrate what's going on here. So I've got my this little Blobel represent my entire I am source dot org's website. Um, I just I a source. This is love. The website is a hole basically, and so it's broken down into different categories here. But you can see on the website and these different categories air pages. So WordPress sites are broken down into post and pages thes air all different pages. And so the categories. We've got the categories down here and below. You know, the cattle on the categories or different pages are different links and different those links. Sometimes they go directly to that particular product or service. But as I'm building out the site and making it more and more robust, I'm linking to a review page that has some content on it and usually a video about that particular product. So this is kind of like the basic structure of I am source dot org's. So you've got you know, the website is a whole got the categories, and we got links that link to pages about specific products on Ben. On the products on the product page is we actually have what I'm starting to do now and what I'm about to show you and share with you that's been very effective. That doesn't require a lot of hard work and time and energy and effort and money. Most importantly is that I'm each of these. Each of these pages right here about the particular products are actually post. So remember I told you, there are two different kinds of pages or content in the WordPress blogging. There's posts and pages on that have different properties. So thes air, all posts and on the post. I've got tons and tons of different tags related to that. This particular, um, product or service are you know, they're just long tail keywords populated in the tags section. And the reason I'm doing so is because these tags would have learned from what I borrowed from certain shakers that these tags actually get indexed and and get a search engine traffic as well. So if I want to rank for up or ideally, rank some, sometimes they don't rake immediately, but with very little effort by just plugging and tags, long tail, uh, search phrases and keywords related to this product or service that don't really get that much traffic, Um, honestly. And that's why most people don't think to target them. But if you plug all of them in together for each one of these different products. You can potentially get hundreds of visitors, potentially thousands of free search engine visitors per month per page on. So that's what I'm doing. So that's I have this structure of the site and then, additionally, what I'm doing to get even more traffic. As you know, I have sourced A or G. I pride myself in filtering out a lot of the other related tools and services out there s O like one example would be less building. And on this building, we've got a bunch of different auto responders. So there are a ton of different auto responders out there. I don't want you have to sort and sift through all the ones that exist out there. So I have narrowed it down to a handful that I recommend over the other ones. However, you know, since this is a page and I a source, that order isn't set up as a traditional blogged, meaning I don't have, like the the most recent post on a home on the home page. I'm leveraging are amusing post on the side, creating additional post outside of you know, this structure right here to bring in even more traffic. So for all the other auto responders that I am not listing on my preferred, you know, selection here of auto responders I'm creating separate post that about each each one of those other auto responders. So constant contact convert kit in the mail infusions soft all the other ones that may not be listed on the list building page. And then I've got tags all the tags that confined for each one of those particular products . So I'm, you know, building slowly building a massive S e o Just siphoning machine here that Saif is all the long tail keywords from the search engines. I'll show you how I'm doing that. And what what tools I'm using Teoh speed this up. So basically, the only time and effort I put into deep reading these pages is I usually create a short video about the to a resource just because that's my preferred BDM. It doesn't take me a lot of time. I've been the Internet marketing space for a long time, most of of these tools I'm somewhat familiar with, So I can just kind of ramble on about them and explain them in a couple of minutes and how I would use them. I try to be, give some value and connect some dots and show people how they can use a tool. The resource I don't just like toe, you know, blindly promoted and say, Hey, you should get this But I try to give them some pointers on how they can benefit from investing in this tool or resource. So I I do that to kind of. I call it anchoring, opposed to anchoring a page, because since Google owns YouTube as well, I feel that they index and my experience the index those pages and post quicker, since it hasn't embedded YouTube video on it. And I just feel that it kind of anchors that post or page in the search into a little better than just having a just having content or text on the page. So I have a video, and I usually write a blurb of some sort of a couple 100 words that particular to a resource. I'll show you an example here, XO click and opens in a new page. I've got a video that I just recorded and just a couple 100 words. Maybe it's a little bit longer. It's just kind of whatever I can come up with in a couple of minutes, based on my knowledge and experience of using this particular tool or resource and them for the tags. I'll go in and show you an example here. So I'm going to go into posts. And then this is a recent post here so you could see all the tax here and to edit them or to post them, um, I would post them here in the tax area, but it needs to be. They need to be separated by a comma. So the tools I use to get the keywords and then paste them in here are are as follows. So I'm gonna show you in a minute. I'm gonna show you in a minute here. So, um, the tool that used to get a massive amount of keywords suggestions, long tail keywords, suggesting that not you know, there's a Google keyword planner out there, but that is it's that tools mainly for pay per click advertisers. That's the whole reason that exist to help people that are advertising advertised and find , you know, keywords on Google's platform. Based on the data that they give advertisers to bid on particular keywords, but it doesn't usually include long tail keywords because those aren't going to make very much money, which, you know, if you are doing, uh, pay per click advertising, you may want to use it to like you were till get some long tail keywords suggestions and bid on those because there's likely gonna be a lot less competition. However, there are people searching for him, otherwise they wouldn't come up as otherwise. They wouldn't come up. This suggested keywords. So for exit click, I'm just going to type in X Ochlik. You know, I keep it religion, Eric, because I'm not gonna try to add anything to this. I'm just going to type in the root word and let it give me all the different variations that it can think of. So it's going to show me all these different keywords. I'm just going to quit copy all, and then I come over to a place that has, um I didn't do this initially, but I've started doing this lately because I, like you, mentioned these tags get indexes individual individual like pages within our within the search engines. So each tag. Its index does like a different search position. So what I've been doing that because is capitalizing every single word. Because if I just scraped this list, they're all you know, lower case and I wanted to make I want to make these index tag pages look as much like a post as possible. A poster page. So I just paste all of these in here and I sort sort and sift through these and make sure they're all related to X oclock. They're not some kind of random, uh, like, uh, non related XO click key word. And I'll remove those, and I just click capitalized sentences and boom it capitalize the first word in every for first letter of every word. So then I take these and I go over to a tool called the limb D L I am. And this is what it's going to. This is the toll that's going Teoh put the commas in there for me, said I could just copy and paste them in the tax because if I just paste this list right here and it's a wordpress, then it's gonna be one super super long word. If that makes sense because there's that These aren't separated by commas right here. That's what wordpress requires in order to split up the work. The the words and phrases. So I'm just click this little blue arrow. It's gonna add that common there, cop, Uh, click. I'm on a Mac, So command a command. See? Copy all that list and, uh, command V paste in there. Click add boot and adds them all in there and published. Boom. And then these pages will get indexed. Are these tags Will get index. So basically what we're doing here to kind of illustrate it, we've got the We got this one post here, and I was doing it the way I was doing it previously. Which it works as well was I was basically duplicating this same page here, duplicating it this many times and basically having the same content and just changing the title of the The Post. But that was quite time consuming. So I was like, You know what? The tags get indexed as well. So in order to speed things up and save a lot of time, how about I just make one post and then just post all the tags in there. And then if I I use it the tool like this Ah, little Senate's capitalize, er tool. Then it makes the index tag pages looked like post anyway, So it's not all lower case and stuff, so it looks natural. Eso So basically, what I'm doing here is I've got the post here, and then I've got all these different tags here, and they're all they're all for long tail cures. And and then once they get indexed, boom, I've got all these little, ah, long till search phrases related to this post out here that all lead back to this page. So, um, without any extra work from from me with, you know, cop just a little bit of copy and pasting All these different tag pages lead back to this one article. So it's pretty. It's pretty neat s. I wanna show you hear that? It does work in my Google analytics. So I'm just going to show you the last a month or so here. I'm in a dashboard for I am source that Borg. And then I'm come down here under acquisition search console, and for this, you're going to have to hook your website up to Google Web master tools as well in order to get this the queries. But basically the queries is Google gives you access to the rial search data that people are searching for in the search INGE's and are how they're actually finding your website. So it's really some really valuable data here. So impressions these air basically the searches that are there actually searching for. So you know, the search phrase here in the last 30 days, like a bunch of people are searching for a hit lead bought and I'm my average position is seven. So I'm on page one, bounced around page one for this particular term, and this is one of the the ones that I was just I mean, I was doing the exact thing. I'm showing you here with just copying and pasting the different pages. But recently I've been just doing the tags in there, and I'll show you some examples here. I'm sure there's plenty that I just did in the last couple days. So these add fly ones are just, uh, just in the last couple of days, almost see if those I could show you hear that it was actually a couple of days ago, so Add Fly is a advertising network and I just could pull this simple quick. I don't think I like spun. These are, um, shook these up in any way. So add fly. Yeah, this was published. So it's 10 15. This is 10 11. You'd see that this is has just been published a couple of days ago. It's already index. We know it's index because it's are You can see that it's already on a page one for a lot of terms. And then here is proof that people are clicking. So this is proof that people are searching. And then this is perfect proof that people are clicking those links. So this stuff works. It's very, very simple. And, you know, this is one scenario. This is one example. You know, I'm in the Internet marketing niche. I have a site of website about tools and resource is really to Internet marketing. It's a very small niche, but this same strategy can be applied to health, fitness, weight loss, dating. There's so many different niches out there. And once you get, you know, past all the English speaking stuff then there's all kinds of other different languages you can translate your stuff into. And there's free translator tools out there. So, like the world of SDO is just infinite. And this is this one very simple, scalable strategy that doesn't take a lot of time, And it certainly doesn't take a lot of money. And no, for a lot of you getting started, one of your main concerns may. I don't don't have a lot of money and you don't need in the S e o Toole's for this. All the tools I showed you here are free other than, ah, domain and hosting, which only cost a couple of bucks a month. So this is like you have no excuse and to not be getting some organic traffic to your website. I mean, I know I have years of experience, so I write my own text here, but it's basically just a rehash on rephrasing of what I I show in my video here. But again, I know my niche. No, my the tools and resources that review so that doesn't take me very long to hammer out. But as far as the technical side of things, you can see that like 90% of this is just copy and paste and you can see that it gets results. I've got click funnel stuff ranking on God get response. Hit Lee host Gator lead pages opted Muster All this stuff was the same strategy. So yes, it's only getting a handful of visits per month per tool or resource is. But I have hundreds of these and I'm I'm not even, like 1% done with with all the resource that I even know of. And by the time I do get done with them, they will be hundreds of thousands of other different resource that I can create posts and videos about. So like, by the time I'm probably satisfied with this, I'm sure there's no reason that I should not be at, you know, I don't know 250,000 unique visitors per month with this strategy just in this niche. So think about the scalability and the the possibility and probability of doing this and other niches on There's all different kinds of health products out there. Weight loss products out there, And there are these, you know, within each of those different you know, health niches for the different products within the health industry. They are. You can build out massive siloed websites using this same tag tagging, you know, strategy. So hopefully you got a lot of value of this. Hopefully you implement. This is like, stupidly simple. So I really hope that you take this and run of this. And if you got a lot of value of this video like it, share it with a friend and be sure to check out all the resource is that I have this stone . I'm sourced dot Work for more tips and tools and resource is for Internet marketers.