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How To Use Social Media For Teespring

teacher avatar Greg Gottfried

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Storefronts Intro

    • 2. Design Shirts

    • 3. Goal Price Colors Styles

    • 4. Title Description Length

    • 5. Continuous Relaunch

    • 6. Tags

    • 7. 2nd Shirt And Storefront Add

    • 8. Storefront Cover Photo

    • 9. Instagram Page

    • 10. Facebook Page

    • 11. Bios And Details

    • 12. How To Link Social Accounts

    • 13. URL Shortener

    • 14. Shop Now Button

    • 15. Content Creation

    • 16. Computer To Phone

    • 17. SquareReady

    • 18. The Post!

    • 19. Facebook Post At The Same Time

    • 20. Hashtags


    • 22. Frequency And Analytics

    • 23. Discount Code

    • 24. Summary

    • 25. Bonus App

    • 26. Bonus Marketing Trick

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About This Class

Create a social media strategy for Teespring that increases your t-shirt sales with internationally recognized digital marketer Greg Gottfried in this 1-hour, straightforward class.

Whether you're looking to get your create a social media presence for your Teespring designs, spread awareness, or get more t-shirt sales, learn how to create a social media strategy to achieve your Teespring goals. From creating your social media accounts, to promoting a Teespring storefront, Greg walks through his process of using social media for Teespring. Learn how to:

  • Create a niche Teespring storefront
  • Create social media pages for your storefront
  • Use hashtags to funnel niche traffic

After taking this class, you'll be able to create social media pages for your Teespring and have a strategy that will help you achieve your Teespring goals and be visible to those searching the internet for t-shirt's like yours.

Meet Your Teacher

Greg is an internationally recognized digital marketer. His business experience comes from a combination of being venture funded in a startup incubator and the real-world business experience that followed.

He places a high priority on reading and education. His favorite book: The Go-Giver - Bob Burg & John Mann.

He goes above and beyond answering questions and replies promptly to messages and discussion boards.

See full profile

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1. Storefronts Intro: I just wanted to give you guys a quick look into what a storefront on T spring looks like. So this is my personal page here. Call it lived co clothing. As you can see in the URL, it is a storefront, and here's our cover photo here. Nice warm welcome with Live Co on the shirt. I'll show you how to customise and make those images on T Spring further into this course. However, as you scroll down, you can see all of the listings. I all the shirts I have available and these will continue to be on here forever. Two days is when the campaign will end, and then it will relaunch itself so your listings never go down. This just gives buyers more incentive to buy. It gives them a sense of urgency. It works to your benefit, So that's another benefit to using T spring in itself. I hope this gives you some insight. There's multiple pages on here. I wanted to do this as a free preview video so you can see what you'll be getting, and I'll show you exactly how to set all of this up. Hope that helps 2. Design Shirts: So now that you've seen what a storefront will look like once it's completed, let's go back a step and explain how to create a shirt so you may have your logos already made. Maybe it's a pocket logo. Maybe it's something that you want your brand to be based around the idea that you've had that you want to put on shirts. Ah, you may have that already made. And if you do, perfect, if not, not a problem. So as you saw, like click to create and sell, that will be your first step. This brings you into the creation portal here. Now, on the right here, you can choose which type of shirt you would like it printed on. If you are designing a clothing line like we are, you're going to want to use premium materials or top of the line materials. Do not go with the budget friendly. This Haines Tagle is T is really not high quality shirt, and if you sold it to someone, they would not be raving about your brand. Now, something like this American Apparel crew is top of the line. The material is super soft. Someone who buys a shirt with your logo printed on that will be happy. They will tell people how great the quality is. Um, and since T spring prints so professionally on the shirts the prince you don't have to worry about the last forever. They're printed just like Nike shirts like under armour shirts. Super high quality printing process. So again, premium shirts or tops the line shirts. That's all you want to use. Now. Let's go a little deeper over here. You can choose long sleeves shirt, Uh, teas. Excuse me, tank tops, hoodies, whatever you like. You can even do mugs and totes stickers. So for this example, let's go with a long sleeve T just just to get a little creative. Um, Now, let's say we have a type of clothing company that uses shirts like this. It's like a 3/4 length baseball style shirt. It's a nice touch. You can add that you can spike the price a little bit because it's not a common T shirt. So let's use this as an example. Okay, so if you have a logo already made on your computer, let's go ahead and hit artwork. Now you can hit upload your own if you have, if you have it on your computer and, for example, let's hit. Click your upload. Now let's come in and find a shirt that we would like to use. Let's go ahead and use this one. So say this is when we already made We want to put on a shirt just like that. You can upload it through those ah, keystrokes over there. And now another important thing to touch on this is gonna upload your image right here. Now you can change the size of it. Obviously, cannot go outside of the box is you have to stay within the Keep it gray. If it's great, it's good. Now, down here, you can see DP I dots per inch. You have to have your design over 120 dots per inch. That is crucial. See how this is 176? Perfect. We can go. I mean, hypothetically, we could go as Bigas as right here would be 120 but it won't fit on the shirt. So you need a high quality design and has to be over 100 and 20. That's a must. If you don't do over 120. It will not allow you to print just one shirt. It'll make the minimum three shirts, and this process will not work. So it's not hard to make images this high quality. Um, you can use a few APS. I'll show you them in this video as well. Or you can just design your stuff. However you're doing it. Just make sure it's high quality. Now we've got that out of the way. Let's say that we did not have a logo made, so let's delete this. We'll come back to artwork and you can do browse artwork. Now you can come in here and you can really pick whatever you like and put it on a shirt. Soccer ball. Since it's a vector image you don't even have to worry about, that's per inch. You can go as big as you like. Let's change that. Are color is white right now. Now you can see it. Soccer shirt. Great. So now that we've got that covered, um, I'm gonna move on to the next lecture here, and I'll talk about the goal colors and styles of the shirt 3. Goal Price Colors Styles: Okay, let's continue from here. So at this point, we can select whatever color shirt is showing. Here will be the listings initial image. You can add additional colors into your listing. However, the one that you select year will be the one that people see first. So let's go with a lacks leave. It looks good with the black soccer ball that will be our 1st 1 So just click the black there and then click. Sell. This T Spring is pushing mugs, so you may pop up a mug here, go ahead and hit the trash to take that out of there. Now we've got our soccer ball on our shirt, a couple settings. We have to change here. We need to address the goal, the colors and the styles. So let's start with the gold. Since our images over 120 dots per inch, as we discussed before, we are allowed to bring this all the way down to one. What this means is, since T Spring is a crowd, a crowdfunding platform, all we need is one person to buy our shirt, and then it will print. However, if it was under 120 dots per inch. It would make us put the goal at three. Then three people would be required to reserve the shirt before the campaign ended for it to sell. So again, keep it over 120. Set the gold toe one and let's continue now. At this point, we can. We can change the colors of the shirt with those sleeves. Remember, the black will show up first because we selected that. And let's go ahead and throw in the other three colors as well. All you do is select them there. Now, while we're at it, let's address the price here. So as you can see, there's an $8.7 profit per sale her shirt at $29. 99 cents. What that means is we can come down to something like, I don't know the exact math, but if it were $22 we would have an eight cent profit. That gives you an idea. This year is going to cost about $21.92 uh, to create and sell. So consider that your fees, anything above that will be margin for you. A good selling price for this shirt is about $27.0. That whips that will give you point. Let's go back here. $27.0 will give you a $5 an eight cent margin. Now, this is not a ridiculously large margin, however. There are no fees involved in this, so why not? All you have to do is create these listings and second price something reasonable. You're not trying to make a killing on every shirt. Try to sell in volume, not making $15 a shirt, $27 of reasonable $5. That's great. And now we can come down and we can add additional styles. This is a great feature that T Spring has, um, and it's perfect for the storefront as well. So go ahead and click and add styles, and you can come in and you can choose whatever you like here. So let's say we would like to make a tank top as well. You can choose which kind of tank top you want, and if you need more clarity on what these are, and here you can always go back to your create and sell page and scroll through and see what they look like. Let's go ahead and do the guild in unisex tank. No, that will bring our soccer ball right here on a tank top. Now it's available in both both this 3/4 sleeve and also the tank top. Let's go ahead and change the colors on here. You can offer additional colors just like we did above. So let's offer a blue Ah, gray and a red. Perfect. Now, if we do see how this is black on black, it looks a little bit. It may look cool to some people. Some people don't like it, so we can go ahead and exiled on that one, and then we'll bring the blue one as the 1st 1 people would see Perfect the price Year 2199 . That works. Let's make it an even number. I like to do that. I think it sells a little bit better. $5 profit. Perfect. Now you can. You can add as many styles as you like. I think there is a total of about 20 colors you can put on in total. So if you added another style and added, um, like 15 colors to it. You would be over your maximum, and it would only allow you to add 20 total. Don't quote me on that 20 but I know it's something around there. Go ahead and hit next. 4. Title Description Length: Okay. Great. Now that we've hit next we are addressed with a title description and so on category. So let's go ahead and fill in the title with what we want to call the shirt. Let's call it soccer shirt. For the sake of this video here, the description is something that you're actually gonna get for free in this video. And I will link to it in the article right below this video. So once this lecture ends, go ahead and check out the article. It will give you a link. That's where you will copy Paste a link directly to this. And you're going to go ahead and come in here and it show more A copy. This whole thing here, this is text up here. Down here is a picture to J. Peg. You want to copy the whole thing coming to your description and paste it right there? Um, that is the description that I suggest you use on every single shirt. It is super effective at turning lookers and buyers. It looks when this is white on white here it looks extremely professional. It looks like t spring. Put it there themselves and it gives people. It gives potential buyers the sense of security, that they have customer service, they can save on shipping and that all of these payments are accepted. So definitely recommend doing that. It's a nice little trick. And, um, I do that on every single shirt that I post. You can select the category here. So let's go in and select sports. And let's see if soccer is in here. Soccer. Perfect. Now, couple more things you're gonna want to make sure that this is set on three days. I'll explain why? Just in a minute. But you do not want to do 20. Anything bigger than three go as low as you can. Sometimes it will be two days. Sometimes it will be four. Whatever. The lowest option is all the way at the top. That's the one you're gonna select. And right here is a your URL. So what I suggest doing here now with the name of your company for everyone will be different for the name of your clothing line. You're going to go ahead and put it in here and you're gonna dress it as shirt number one. So for the name of this company, Let's call it, um, American dash shirts. So that will be the name of our clothing company, American shirts. And we'll call this shirt number one and you'll see why this is useful in a little bit. Now, do not check either of these boxes here. You don't need anything in advanced. Go ahead. Make sure that this girl is OK if it is already taken something like this. Um, someone else is already using American. It's linking to their shirt. We cannot use that. So American shirts one that's the one will be using here and then go ahead and hit Launch. That'll save your design there and then you're all set. 5. Continuous Relaunch: now that the shirt is launched, there are a couple of very important things that we do after the launch. So here you can see our listing. The copy paste description looks great. You can see that weakened by different styles of the shirt. Here, you can select your colors. Um and all someone has to do is come in, pick the one they like in the color that they like and hit by it now. Perfect. Now you see this down here? It's telling us that we have three days, five hours yada yada left on this shirt and then it is no longer available. Now, since it's a crowd funding platform D spring, it gives people a countdown that they have to. They have Teoh pursuit. They have to take action on the shirt. This is great for us because it puts people on a timer. It makes them take action. And I'll tell you the reason that I chose I told you that you you have to do three days or less. Something low like that comes in at this next step here. So let's go ahead and go back to our campaigns here. This is the important step here. Now you can see this is our shirt right here. You want to go into settings? It's a second. It's a gear dial here. Let's go ahead and hit that and we'll come down a little bit to the relaunch campaign. Would you like this campaign to automatically relaunch when it reaches its nd Now it's on its It is right off the bat. It will be set at. Do not relaunch little trick here. Come down to continuous relaunch and set it on three days again. Now, what this will do is after those three days, it will automatically renew itself. The listing will be right back up there will never end for another three days. Absolutely perfect. You will not get an email when it relaunches nothing. So essentially, you have a listing up here forever, and the only time you'll get emails on it or is when someone buys it. So there really is no nuisance to this. It's a really good hack. Not a lot of people are using it this way, but I definitely definitely recommend you. Do I do this on every single one of my shirts? 6. Tags: great. So now that we have this set on continuous relaunch, let's go ahead and go back to campaigns here. There's one more thing we have to do. Post launch. Come into the edit tool here and we're gonna add our tags. These air very important. You're allowed 10 tags. Her shirt and tags sell shirts. T spring does full seo search engine optimization optimization for all of your shirts, which is a huge benefit to using T spring. But the only way that that works is if you have good tags on your shirts. So, for example, what we would do for this shirt is we go ahead and type in things along the lines of soccer , the soccer. Maybe even a soccer coach would be wearing the shirt, uh, soccer ball, soccer team soccer shirt. These are all things that people could be googling. So, um, long sleeve soccer shirt and these are just a few here. You're allowed up to 10. For the sake of this video. I won't continue. These, um you will see in the free preview video that I put in earlier a great way to find your tags using Google trends. I've got my link right here. You definitely want to use that. If you got the time to do it, do it. I mean, if you got good tags, you'll sell the shirt more putting in tags like this or generic, however, the SQL will still kick in. You'll do all right with it. If you put in tags that are on break out on, um, Google trends go sell even more. This year will be 10 times more effective. So once we get that set, go ahead and hit. Save changes. So now we're listening is right here, and it's got the tags built in. Let's move on to the next section. 7. 2nd Shirt And Storefront Add: So at this point, we're ready to get our storefront up and going. We're ready to add some shirts to it. There is one thing to have a store to start a storefront, you must have at least two designs. So what, I'm gonna show you actually get double benefit here. I'm gonna create and sell a shirt from start real time so you can see how short of a time it actually takes to do this. So let's go ahead. We'll go back into sports. Was due a basketball one Looks good. Make that the size we want. Get nice and center there. Put that on a gray shirt. Looks cool. Sell this. Delete the mug. Throw in some extra colors. We throw red in there as well. Looks great. Bring our goal down. The one said our price. Here. Let's do Ah, $22. Great price for American apparel. $5 margin there. Great. Um, at a style at a hoody. Looks good. I don't work. Make that $35 $11 margin there. Adding a few extra colors. I will do. This looks good next at our title here. So basketball copy paste our description good category basketball. Three days and we're gonna come back and do American shirts. It'll all of auto fill it for you. Just make sure you change the number to perfect launch. And then don't forget, we do have a couple of the housekeeping things to do after the launch. Let's go ahead and do those right quick. Come back in here. We're gonna change this to continuous three days. Go back a page, throwing some tags. Wrong shirt there, throwing some tags here. Basketball basketball Coach, You get the point here. You'll fill that into 10. Use Google trends if you like. Save changes. That's our second shirt. Now we're ready to get the storefront started here, so go ahead and hit Storefront. As you can see, I've got two of them set up both for Instagram pages. And what we're gonna do is create new storefront name of your of your store. American shirts create store. So now you can see this is the beginning of our storefront will go ahead and hit ad campaigns and we've got a basketball one. I had that one and we've got a soccer one. Well, I had that one as well updates store. Look at that. How easy is that? Now? We've got both of our shirts right in our store front hosted on T Springs website. We do not need to pay for the domain just like that. And we'll get further into detail on how to customize all this. But this is the basics of starting your storefront. 8. Storefront Cover Photo: Now, at this point, I'd like to show you how to customize the storefront build on it a little bit. So first thing we want to do is come into edit header design. Now we can throw logo in the header background, change the thought colors, whatever you like. I say Just leave it how it is here. Go ahead and add background, and this will give you the option to add a picture. So let me show you how to make an awesome picture on P Springs platform, But someone wearing your shirt so we'll cancel here. We'll go back a little bit. Let's come back to work campaigns and let's go into our basketball design and hit the settings gear dial again now scroll past everything we were at before him, and it gives you the option to put your shirt on models. And this is one of the most amazing parts about T Spring is they have a ton of stock models , all your that you're entitled to use for free, and you see where it says drop image here. It's going to put your logo on their auto populated on their and and format it and make it look like the person's wearing the shirt. So what we're gonna do is find one that we like, and we're gonna be using that as our cover photo. So let's come right over here and choose this guy. Looks like he's possibly on a basketball court of the extremely convenient and that's going to generate for us an HD photo of him wearing our shirt. Okay, that's perfect. So it's go ahead and hit next. Give you two options here, but we're gonna want to choose. Is the download option not this the set social image option? What the set Social image option is gonna do is when you share the link to this exact shirt , it'll it'll give you this image as opposed to just the T shirt right here. Um, but with our style here, we're actually gonna be sharing the storefront link, not the direct shirt link, so we don't need set social image. Just download. So this is full HD and it is full free. So awesome. Awesome. Awesome. That's a great part of T spring. So what we're gonna do is if you're on a Mac, just go ahead and click and drag this on to your desktop. If you're on a PC, right, click it and save it to your desktop. Now we're good here. We can close out of there. Let's go back to our storefront. It's go to our American shirts and we're gonna hit, edit right here at its store. Come back to our edit header design, add background. Let's go to our desktop and let's select our shirt right here. This is going to give us an HD cover photo of someone wearing, uh, your clothing line for free. Once that loads up here, you'll see that we have Ah, we have a shot. Okay, for the sake of time in this video, it's cutting. Office said it. It doesn't look amazing. Um, however, you can try this on a few different shirts and you can pick one that fits perfectly. As you saw in mind when I give you the example, um, the lady that we used her her face. It's kind of cut off just nice, and it fits perfect. So just play around with some models and you can get someone wearing a sure HD. It's It's a perfect cover photo right there. So hopefully that helps you customize your your store front page a little bit, and we'll move on to the next lecture here in a second. 9. Instagram Page: All right, So now that we have our storefront set up on T spring, the computer section is done for now. So let's go ahead and get out of phones here. And what we're gonna want to do is set up our instagram page and our Facebook page the to social platforms will be using for this. So let's start with Instagram. So it's open that up. And what you see here is a great example. This is my personal clothing page here, and I'll show you step by step, how to do everything that I've done. It's all turned out to be extremely successful. The first thing we're gonna want to do is add your account. So go ahead and hit at account and create your your business name or whatever clothing line name, you want to use their and then once you get set up, ah ah, wait a second here so you can pause the video right about here would be a good time. Get your name set up and then once you come back, we're gonna hit the gear setting in the corner there and you're going to scroll down to see mine is already a business account. So where it says, switch back to personal account, years will say, turned to a business account. You'll follow those steps there, and that's exactly what you want to dio. What that's going to allow you to do is have a contact button so someone can email you any questions about your shirts, any help they need customer service. You can select that you are a clothing company, as you can see, just right there that it's clothing. You could select community, whatever you like. Really. Whatever fits you don't with clothing. Um, so that page will be set up. We'll address that in a second. Let's go ahead and get the Facebook one set up. So I'm gonna pass that on to the next lecture. 10. Facebook Page: Now that our instagram pages set up and waiting for us, let's go ahead and set the Facebook page up. So open up your Facebook app more convenient to do it on the phone than the computer here and hit Maurin the bottom right corner going to hit, See all and create page. At this point, you'll type in the name of your company that you want to do, such as American Shirts. Select category. We're gonna do brands and products and the subcategory will be clothing and you go ahead and get started. So all of this, you can hit Skip. For now, Skip all that. Now you've got your blank page to work with here. Perfect. So the next lecture here will go about filling in the bios and details for both of these Instagram and Facebook. 11. Bios And Details: All right, let's go ahead and get started with the instagram account here. So, as you can see, the emojis thumbs up pointing peace sign and down arrow are all from the emojis on your phone. And the way that you get this formatted is in your notes. So that's another little trick for you. This section right here is all copy pasted. You want to design it in your notes and then copy and paste it into the information section right here and now You can try this a few times and come back and see how it looks in here If it's too long. If it went past the t and discount by a few letters, it would bring it down to below the shop. Now, um, section right there and it would look bad. So play with it until you get the form writing how you like it. I like Teoh put four or five lines in there and just short and sweet to the point what someone's going to get, because when someone comes to your page, they're gonna look at it briefly, see what they can gather from the top. So both are capitalized. Some things that you want people to pick up on, and the Emojis just help people. It gives it a fun sense of Instagram like it's not a business. It's more of like a wow, This is a cool little page. So So do that for your information there and then, as you saw down, um, in the website section, which is actually right here that I'll discuss in the next lecture. But that is a huge thing as well. So the cool thing about Instagram is you can put in a website that will click directly to your safari so huge, that's huge. So let's back out of here. Oh, and by the way, almost forgot. You're gonna want to set up. You're gonna want to set up a profile picture. Now you can use the cover photo used, or you can customize one yourself. I'll show you a way to do that at the end of the video as well. And then a couple of words for when someone pulls up your page, the first things they're gonna say. So for me, I did yoga and fitness clothing gets the point across nice, crisp and clean, and so, like I was saying, Let's go ahead, back out. Let's go into the Facebook and what we're gonna do here for the sake of time. I don't wanna have you watch me type in everything. So I'm going to show you a few things that you need to set up this page. You're gonna need your cover photo right up top Here. Um, the profile picture. You can use the same one. Ideally, you do want to use the same one his instagram. So someone can find you on multiple platforms and recognize you, Um, the name there and then under the name you can see at live co clothing. That will be the tag that you want for Facebook. That's actually our Facebook tag. So if somebody wants to tag you, they type in at live co clothing or at whatever your clothing line is. You want to have a good tag there. Nice. Something, something simple. Take advantage of that. That way, if you're making a post and you would like to tag the company in it, simple is that, um And then the other thing you're gonna need is a brief description. So in the about section, just This is what I like to write down live co clothing lives to satisfy the need for high quality, affordable, inspirational clothing that introduces you before you even say a word. So come up with something short and sweet like that that as people are scrolling through, that's what they can read real quick before they hop into all your posts. So that should set up both of your accounts that you get the basics down and, um, we can go from there perfect. 12. How To Link Social Accounts: So once we finish that up, there's one more housekeeping thing we should do. Let's go ahead, close out of here and come back over to Instagram. And we're going to hit the settings in the corner again. Scroll down quite a bit until you find linked accounts. Now that we've got both pages set up, we're gonna want to make sure that we have Ah, we have our instagram sharing to your Facebook page that you just created. Now, what this is gonna do is end up saving us a ton of time. Because when we post something on instagram here, it'll automatically auto populates over to our Facebook page. And that way, we just knocked out two birds in one stone. I'll go into that and depth and a little bit. Um, but that is Karush away. It will save you so much time. So glad we got that taken care of 13. URL Shortener: great. Now that we've got our instagram page in our Facebook page set up and ready to go, the next step is to come back to our storefront. Go ahead and hit view store, come up to the link and copy that. Open up a new tab and find bit dot Li and go ahead and hit. Enter. Now what this is is a URL shortening. So as you can see, the link here is pretty long. Not something that someone could type in, Not something that's pretty to look at either. So we'll come back over here, and all we're gonna do is pasted, and it's automatically gonna convert it to a shorter you, Earl. So it just makes it much smaller, and all we're gonna do now is well, actually, leave this on our page, but get it copied. So you have it in your, um, your copy paste folder. So if you need to paste it later on, you can. So that is a huge advantage. You wanna short in the U. R l So you can use it on your your instagram and Facebook pages. And it looks much simpler, much easier on the eyes 14. Shop Now Button: Now let's open up our phones again. Let's go into our instagram page and what we're going to do here. Get on your profile and hit Edit profile. We'll wait for the website area to come up, and that's right here. Just go ahead and type in manually. You'll be typing in this right here. When you're done, go ahead and hit. Done. Now you've got a clickable link right to your storefront right there. So let's go back out of here and we'll get into Facebook and are you going to do here? Is that the shop now Button and do the same thing right up here. Now my link here is slightly different, and I'll show you exactly what that's for. Its, um, bonus material. Um, but I'll explain it thoroughly, I promise. But that will take care of your shop now button. So when someone comes in and hits shop now, um, it'll go directly to your store front as well. Perfect. 15. Content Creation: so our shop now buttons are now set up. We do not need this link anymore. We've gotta copied in case we do. So let's let's now talk about how we create content to post on Instagram and Facebook. So what we're gonna dio is we're actually going to use t spring entirely. So remember how we made this cover photo here that's along the same lines is what we're gonna do for creating our content. So it's come back to our campaigns. Page here is Go select a shirt and will hit the settings gear dial, scroll down to the models and we'll go ahead and put it on a model. You can choose whatever colors you want here, whatever style shirts preferably. You want to use the style shirts that you're offering. So for this one, it would be tank top and the 3/4 sleeve, Um I mean, it still looks good. It's catchy. People on instagram can easily like that. We'll go ahead and hit next. An instagram posting the pictures. You really just want to get ah following. You want to get some brand awareness your get your get your thing, your pictures and your shirts with the storefront link out to asses many people a spa Ausubel without paying. So if you're going to use a Facebook ad, you're gonna pay for every single person with Instagram. You'd be surprised how many people you can reach and same with Facebook without without paying when you do it from a page like the way that we're doing here. So download that picture. Okay, here we go. Full HD shot. That's perfect for Instagram and Facebook. So all we're gonna do is do that a few times. Well, um, go ahead and come back. Choose stage again. We'll get another person with a soccer ball here. Maybe we will get this one and read just to see what that looks like. Looks cool. Let's go ahead. Hit next. We don't need social. Um, social image there. We just need to download. I do apologize. This is going a little bit slow, but we'll go ahead. Hit download Looks good. Drag that one over here too. Now we've got our two pictures. That's our content 1st 2 shots for Instagram and Facebook Looks good 16. Computer To Phone: So with these two pictures, let's go ahead and highlight them. Will, right, click, um, and share. So now we can send them over email or weaken text them right to ourself. And if you're on an iPhone, it's it's perfect. You can text them right to yourself, and then you can pull it up, pull them up right on your phone. If not, you can email them to yourself. Pullup that email on your phone. And now you've got your pictures on your phone ready to post to instagram, um, and and then auto populate over to Facebook. So just make sure you share that or you can even air drop it if you like, and just get it onto your phone that way. 17. SquareReady: Okay, great. So as you can see here, I chose to text them to myself. It's much easier iPhone, Mac. So all you do is hold down, hit, save, Same for the other one. And for sake of an example Here, I did take a picture of just one of the shirts here, and I'll show you the way I did it. You just come to any of your campaigns. We'll take this one, for example, and all we're gonna do is just click and drag it over here and send that to yourself. Now, the format that's gonna come in is like this. So as you can tell when um you post that on INSTAGRAM, it's gonna cut it into a square, and it's really gonna look pretty bad. So to remedy this, you can get this free app called Square Ready. It makes instagram a lot easier. Go ahead, hit the top left corner here will choose. We'll choose that cut off shirt and what we're gonna do is hit at the bottom center. There's, like, expand like but in there Just hit that and then hit export top right to your albums. Onda J Peg. It doesn't really matter which one you choose. I like to choose the highest number one here. Just the most pixels. Perfect. It's gonna give you an ad. You don't need that because it's already gonna be in your album. Perfect. There we go. So now, as you can see, it's a square, and we can do that for these as well. Um, but it's really generally just for the ones that are going to be cut off terribly. So that's a nice little thing to have square ready at. 18. The Post!: Now that we've got our photos here on our phone, it's time to post them. So the cool thing about Instagram is since we linked it to our Facebook page. When we post anything on our instagram page, it'll automatically a zoo long as we select. I'll show you how to do it. You select shared a Facebook as well. It will automatically post that and the description over to Facebook. Now, you're only posting one time. Um and you're hitting two platforms at once. You cover a lot of ground and it saves a ton of time. So we'll go ahead and hit the post A picture here. And as you can see, our square one came up good. These wide ones here, um, it still works out pretty well since it was why and turns into square. It doesn't cut it off terribly. My view to you could you could still expand that. No problem. Um so let's go ahead and do this one, because it's our square one. That looks nice. Go ahead and hit next. You can leave that how it is. And now we've got our caption of top here. You can write in whatever you like here? I like to put the name of the shirt so this workout is fueled by coffee. It's going and type that in real quick is fueled by coffee for a period. And then just or something in like Lincoln Bio and then at your company's name. That looks good. And you can This is a very direct one. Here. You could put in something like, um, who needs coffee? Toe workout question marker. Thank tag a coffee, holic or, um, shout out to you if you work out, you can only work out after coffee. You can get really creative with it and make some funny captions. But for the sake of this, this is General. It's always nice to throw Lincoln bio with a link directly to, um your profile there and get a lot more sales. A lot more people hit your your shop now button. And then the big thing here is you want to hit the, um this right here that little share it to your Facebook page. That's the big I mean, that's the winner right there. So once you do that, you can go ahead and just hit share as you can see it just posted it. It's formatted perfectly. Looks good. Ah, little strange because it just posted that. However, it looks great right there. 19. Facebook Post At The Same Time: So as you can see here, we just posted that on Instagram, and it automatically sent it directly over to Facebook. Easy as pie. And you didn't have to do anything additional. Ah, I just wanted to show you some proof that it is right here and, um, save you a ton of time, so I hope that helps. 20. Hashtags: So I want to go ahead and show you how to find some good hashtags that you could put on your pictures, how to format them so you can get a ton of likes on your pictures that air that a realtor to. You're not gonna get a bunch of bs over here, so go ahead. As you can tell, a lot of the shirts that I do are yoga or workout related for this American shirts. It would be more basketball, soccer related. But go ahead and type in yoga and it make sure it's under tags. Search that. And as you can see for yoga, there really is a good response. You've got 26 almost 26.5 million posts, and all of these are extremely recent. So you could, I mean, one minute ago. This is a very active tag, and you can come up top and you can select some or so yoga love. And just make sure that they have C 3.5 1,000,000. That's great. Perfect. Um, we'll take it. So do that. And what we're gonna do is we want it to you want to find about Let's see Let's go back a step. So this is a format you're gonna do here. 123456 periods come down another line and then put 29 hashtags in. It will fit 30 for any picture. In the case that you have one in your description already, it would reject it. So do 29. Just to be safe saves a lot of house a lot of time. And all of these tags are ones that have millions of pictures. So they're all very active. That's the big part. If you have something that's very specific in a tag, maybe only 20,000 pictures total you're not gonna get a lot of activity from the hashtag. It's it's kind of pointless. So when you do this format here, don't forget the six periods and then begin what it will look like is see, this lady's got it right here. Three dots. I know you saw that. I'm not sure where it went. Three dots right here. And she's doing the same format that way. You don't have to look at um see, here it is right here. That's what You don't have to look at all these hashtags right in the description. It's kind of it gives you a bad taste in your mouth. It doesn't look very aesthetically pleasing. Three dots is much better, so and you'll just go ahead. And you, you put it in your notes, keep it in there, and then once you're ready to do it, just select them all here, select the whole thing, copy and then you just paste it right into your description. So, for example, we would come into our picture. It's already been done here, but we would just paste it right in the comments on Post just like that. So obviously it's over 30 tags here, so it's rejecting it because we've already got our 30 up here, 29 right there and, yeah, 29. It's so that's how you would do it. And, um, you'll get a lot of likes that way. I mean, there's only a little over 1000 followers for this page, but as you can see, the 178 legs over almost 250 likes. So by using the right hashtags in the right format, you will get a lot of response, and a lot of people will be will be engaging with your shirts 21. Followers: So since Instagram is such a powerful social platform, and since it will be sharing all of our pictures to Facebook, I like to focus on instagram. Um, you get a lot more hot buyers on Instagram than Facebook because people are on Facebook or on their more for leisure, whether on Instagram they're on their for leisure. But it's very it's very tempting for them to just hit a link and check out a Sure and then they end up at your store front. They get converted by the description. They end up buying some shirts. So what I want to do is show you how to find followers finding people in your niche. So since this is a yoga fitness, clothing, um, clothing line here, we're gonna do is go ahead and we'll look for, um, yoga pages. Really? So we'll come through here and we'll see. We'll see if people have a lot of of followers on their yoga page. Um, and you can even I mean come through here if you got the time and see if you can find some big pages for whatever you're see, like this is a good one here. So as you can see this is all yoga related. That's actually a business in. It looks like New York here. So their followers you open that up and then all of these people are all following their their content because they like it there in that niche. So what you can do is go ahead and follow them. Um, if they look like it's a good fit. If it's another company, you really don't want to go ahead and do it. But if it's if it's just a person that's an everyday user that looks like they're into yoga , go ahead and shoot him a follow. I mean, worst case scenario, they they see your request. They see your page and look at the stuff, and they're not all that interested, so they don't follow back. But nine out of 10 times, I mean, they'll shoot you a follow right back. Um, so as you can see from this, we we followed about 750 people and were we haven't followed anyone since we did that originally. But since it's been steadily climbing because all those people, they start liking our pictures and their friends start seeing it, it's It's really a snowball effect, but initially to get traction. This is a great way to do it. Instead of paying for Facebook ads or paying for INSTAGRAM ads, this is much more effective and it's it's free. It's really as much as you want you can get. That's what's nice about it. So if you've got the time to do it, definitely recommend you do it. It's a good way to just just get some initial traction. 22. Frequency And Analytics: so briefly here to touch on posting frequency. Um, initially, when we started this page, we're posting 2 to 3 times a day. Facebook's algorithm is optimized for roughly three posts per day. So it's a great way to grab some traction over on Facebook because whatever you post here on instagram is gonna auto populate over to Facebook. So initially I would start off with 2 to 3 times a day if you got the time for it. If not, no worries. See, all these pictures reposed about, um really, I mean, one a day one every other day. And like I'm saying, I people, really there's a loyalty here. People are following the posts. A post a day keeps your account alive, and it really takes no more than a minute, two minutes. All you have to do is grab your photo copy, paste your hashtags, put your description and and also select shared a Facebook. It's really a breeze, but the amount of of of engagement you can get just from posting on instagram I mean, what I'll get into next to prove it to you is up here. It's your analytics. So I might as well jump into it right now. I mean, I can't wait to tell you about it, but analytics here, you can see all your impressions. So you've got with about one post per day this past week. That's almost 3000 impressions, you know, much that would cost on Facebook. I mean, if you're paying five cents for impression, your if you gonna pay a ton. But now that you've got some traction on on instagram, you just post for free and you're getting free advertising. So 806 people reached with about 3000 impression, so each of them saw just over two times 88 people checked out the profile. And then you can also go to website click. So these are the people that went directly to our storefront. So to website clicks, that's not that great for this week. Um, nor for last week, Honestly. But if they're going to convert its free people, you know, it's it's free money. It's free exposure, and you're you're not paying anyone for ads so you can come down. It's, um, Seymour in your posts, and you can see which posts in the last seven days had the best responses. So you really get some insight on what shirts? Our preferred over the others. And you could come down here to followers. This is the coolest part. I think so. For all of our followers, it will give us a ton of information about them. So we're 89% women, 11% men. You can see the age range here, men and women. So you know who to target cities? Countries, I mean, is it's very interesting. Um, And then you can come down and this is nice. This will tell you went the post during the day, so days and hours of the day that your followers are most on instagram. So it looks like just after midnight on Fridays is an amazing time to post a swell as about eight PM there's high traffic at those times. You do not unopposed like seven AM you. That's super low. So now you know you can scroll through and see which days which times to post that. I mean, this is huge information, so definitely use this to your advantage. It's free from instagram. Um, it's actually analytics from Facebook, believe it or not, but they do it on your instagram followers using your instagram. It's a little confusing, but it's using your instagram followers Facebook information, but via via Instagram. So needless to say, you should be using this. It will give you a ton of insight on your followers. 23. Discount Code: Now, I do want to let you in on an optional step you can do here. I promised you I would touch on it by the end of the video. And, um, I'm going to here. So what you can do is come into promotions and you can enable a promotion. So what this will do is it gives you Ah, you could type in whatever code you like. This count for a certain amount of money. And when it expires, go ahead and then hit. Add discount. So, for example, 1st 1000 that's for 1st 1000 followers. $1 off coupon and you hit enable. It's good to go statuses on so you could do on off And what this is as you could follow up here, um, this would be your store storefront link here and then question Mark P. R. Equals and then the promo, I d. So let's go ahead and use this as an example. You can put whatever discount code you want in here and what we're gonna do is set this as the link for the shop now link and the instagram link. So now you can advertise both your social platform links as discounted links by using our social platform by using our instagram page by buying a shirt through our instagram page, you're going to get a discount by clicking the active Lincoln on the I O. It's a huge marketing thing that you can use and it's super simple to do so all we're gonna do is is remember this question Mark P. R equals Ramadi and the promo ideas this right here. So let's go ahead and, um, go to our storefront view store. We're gonna again copy this. Open up a new page, go to bit dot li and we're gonna paste it. Hold on a second. Here. Let's open up a note here. I guess we got we're gonna have to do it this way. No worries. We'll just open up a new note and well paced it here. We'll do question Mark P. R. Equals whatever the promo I d was. So for this case, it's first 1000 and we'll go ahead and copy that whole thing close out of there and paste it right in here. Now this shortened it again. What? This is now You can go ahead and put this back in your instagram page. You can put this in your shop now button on Facebook, and then, if you'd like, you can advertise it as a discounted link. So easy is that this is a different lengthen, the other one we created before unique Link. But this one carries a discount code. So when someone signs in with her, when someone goes to your store from with this link and they select a shirt, it will give them a discount. Nice little marketing tool. It's a nice little hack. Um, take it with a grain of salt, but But use it however you like, it's it's a clever technique there. 24. Summary: So a recap here summary to touch on everything is the benefit of using T spring to start your teeth. Europe. Your clothing line is that you don't have to buy inventory. There's no minimum orders. You're not gonna buy 25 shirts at once and then try to sell them. You don't want to go into the negative when you're doing stuff like this, starting a new venture, find out how to do it for free. And then every money, all the money you make, um, is all profit. Why would you not want to do that? So t spring here, You want to get a good store going? You want to get a good instagram page Here is Well, um I mean, Instagram is gonna be your marketing. It's gonna It's gonna send all the stuff directly to Facebook. All free marketing people can shop right from your social platforms, and then they can come onto your your store here and buy whatever they like. Um, this way you're not buying a domain. You don't have to use stripe or PayPal to accept credit cards. You're not paying anyone a portion. You get the full percent. I mean, um you don't pay taxes until $6000 in profit. So it's really a win win win, no matter how you look at it and it's all free. So I'm gonna throw in some bonus content after this summary. Some maps that will help you out tremendously for designing shirts for design and content for Instagram and Facebook. And I hope you enjoyed this video thus far. If you have any questions, certainly feel free to write in the discussion board sent me a personal message. Either way, I'm very prompt at responding, so don't hesitate to reach out to me. I hope that helps you guys, and I hope you really enjoy this video. 25. Bonus App: Alright, guys. So here's some bonus content for you. Um, I want to show you an app that I love to use. There's a free version and a $4 version. I highly recommend the $4 version. You won't get any water marks. You won't have to crop anything for $4. You'll make your money back on your first shirt, too. So here it is, right here. It's called Type O Rama. If you're on an android advice device, it is called word swag. Very similar app. So what we can do here is we can put words it customized designs onto a background. So what I like to use this for is for the transparent background, specifically. So go ahead and hit that what this is going to do is, as you can see, all of these are different types of designs that you can do with words with double tap in here. If you get lazy making sure designs you can hit. Get a random quote on if you like. If you think it's cool on a shirt, go for it. So this one looks pretty cool. Dream big and there to fail, so let's go ahead had done. And what we can do here is you can you can keep keep hitting these sections multiple times , and they give you. Really they really make the designs for you. And when you, when you save this and when you uploaded onto de spring in the Cree and sell their like 200 dots per inch so you don't have to worry about 120 dots per inch. Um, and you can you can really play around here, make a bunch of cool shirt designs. So this is how I like to make my shirt designs. It takes no time and saves a lot of I used to make them all manually. This is a is a great one, so this is pretty cool. Let's go ahead and zoom in just to get rid of that. You see that border there? I don't like those on shirts, so we'll go ahead and and we'll do that. Just make sure it's centered. That's a big thing. Um, that is about perfect, so we'll go ahead. You could change the color if you like to. You can put multiple colors in anything you like, so let's just do black for this example. Okay to share gallery. And from this point, it's right in your camera roll. You see, it's right here. It's got a transparent background. Um, and you would just you would send it right to yourself. So again, message email, airdrop, whatever you like. This way, you're going back onto your computer, so get it on your computer and then upload as art and t spring. And you basically just made a whole shirt, uh, with a nap. So it stays down the time and you could get really creative with it. I'll show you another use for it. So if you want to create some clever content for instagram so I'll show you what I mean by that something like this Happy Labor Day. I mean, and stuff like this really blows up when you when you posted as well, even things like this. Um, you could just pick a themed background like on this when we did tropical. So you can see a lot of the quotes here, all tropical, and you can just throw in some quotes in there. It's a nice touch. So, like thanking people for following. That's huge too It's just very easy on the eyes and it looks like it took a long time to make. But in reality, it z that simple app, So that's a big one. I hope you use that. I highly recommend it. Don't be afraid to buy the $4.1. You won't regret it. Za price of a cup of coffee honestly, and you'll make it back on your first shirt. Hope that helps a little bit. 26. Bonus Marketing Trick: our guys. The last thing I got for you here is a pretty creative way to market your Instagram and Facebook pages. So I couldn't get the picture to get onto my computer properly. So I just took a picture of my phone to show you. These are business cards and all I did was a little bit of photo shop and, um, front and back here. What a couple of your top selling designs on what looks like a phone with instagram on it and then just have it. So people see that there's a link in the bio for a discount, and it goes right to your page. So when you just leave these out, I mean, even if you put him on a table like that out at a Starbucks or wherever, people are going to see that when someone sees a business card, they don't think much. When they see a phone, a miniature phone on a table with instagram on it. People want to know what's on that phone, so that's an awesome way to do that. And here's the just wanted to show you the file here. Um, it's just Photoshopped, and you just throw a couple things together and I mean, it prints out pretty good. If you don't have knowledge and photo shop, it's super easy Teoh to use maybe fix ular p i x l r dot com You could use something like that at all I did was I had this photo here, which is an instagram. Um and I put that in the screen of this iPhone I I got em both off Google and then I just put my picture from Type Perama right there and and ah are not from type Rama. Put this picture from T Spring right in the middle here and then edited some of the pictures in the text. It's about it. But you put that on Cem some cards here, and they're really cheap. It's about ah, $20. I think I paid $20 for 1000 business cards from Staples, and they were made the same day, so you can't go wrong, But that's a really neat way to market. And it's super low cost as pretty fun, too. So if anyone asks about your clothing company, um, give him a unique business card and they can look on insta Instagram. They could get to your storefront from there. I mean, what's not to love? So just got to think outside of the box a little bit. The more creative you get, the more sales you get. So play around with it. I hope you guys have fun. And I hope you enjoyed this course.