How To Use Reddit For Brand Exposure And Social Media Marketing | Floor Giebels | Skillshare

How To Use Reddit For Brand Exposure And Social Media Marketing

Floor Giebels, Embroidery Artist

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9 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Who this course is for

    • 3. What is Reddit

    • 4. Subreddits

    • 5. Class project

    • 6. How to get on the front page of Reddit

    • 7. Traffic

    • 8. Extra Tips

    • 9. Final thoughts


About This Class

Reddit keeps on growing and brands are catching on. 

In this class I will introduce you to the website Reddit - a community so significant it is often called the 'front page of the internet'. The class will start with the basics, such as what Reddit is, and then move on to describing how you can use it for your own exposure. The platform has many unwritten rules that are handy to know before you start, and I will share my strategy on how I got onto the front page of Reddit!

After taking this course, you will know how Reddit works and how you can get increased exposure for your brand.





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Floor Giebels

Embroidery Artist

Hi! my name is Floor and I'm a dutch embroidery artist with a passion for digital marketing. I started with embroidery in 2016 and never stopped. When I was new in embroidery, I always was on the lookout for tutorials about needle painting and couldn't find much, so I'm happy to share my knowledge with you. I will go over every step so you can stitch along with me.


You can find my work on Instagram

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