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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Welcome & Homework

    • 3. Are you Ready to Sell on Instagram?

    • 4. The Mechanics of Selling on Instagram

    • 5. Setting-up Your Shoppable Feed

    • 6. Don't Be a Car Salesman

    • 7. We all Want the Same Things

    • 8. Key Takeaways & Action Steps

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About This Class

What if you could turn your Instagram feed into an opportunity for people to purchase directly from you?

In this class, you will learn how to turn your Instagram account into a shoppable feed without even needed a website. 

We will review:

  • how you can set-up your feed in less than 24 hours
  • powerful tactics you can use to tap into the buying psychology of your customers
  • and other housekeeping items needed to help you set-up your feed 

Who is this class for? Anyone with a physical product, whether art, books, apparel, accessories, gadget etc... or anyone interested in selling products in the near future. 

By the end of this class, you will have all the information you need to set-up your feed and start selling, even if you don’t have a website. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Yes, we got the memo. Instagram marketing is all a rage and offers lots of potential for businesses and creators like yourself. But what if she could turn your instagram feed into an opportunity for people to directly purchase from you day in and out without even eating a website? Well, in this class, I will share best practices to turn your instagram into a shop herbal feed without coming across like a car salesman, because we wouldn't want you to repel all the followers you worked so hard to get. So who am I exactly? Well, my name is one of a gamma fashion e commerce consultant, co founder of e Commerce Academy, podcaster and instagram addict. Why instagram addict, You might ask Well, because, like many of you have been eating and breathing in cigarette marketing these last years and helping e commerce brand increase air following by 600% and their cells convergence. So in a nutshell, I've been helping brands become profitable by leveraging the power of instagram marketing. You might remember that Instagram rolled out sometime last year a shop, not bun, which is available for bigger retailers. Brenes like Kate Spade, Warby Parker and other US based retailers have been testing out the experience. And hopefully we don't really know. Instagram should make the following available to a larger audience in the near future. But until Dan, how can you set up and shop herbal instagram feats you can star monetizing on your products , even if you don't have a website in this class will review how you can set up your instagram shop herbal feed within 24 hours, so when people click on your pictures, they'll be able to directly purchase from you. We'll also review some powerful tactics you need to put in place in order to top into the buying psychology of your customer and get them to purchase from you without even trying. And finally, we'll go through some housekeeping items you need to keep in mind one stunning up your feet . Who's this class for? Well, for anyone who has physical products, whether it's accessories, apparel, art books, you name it. By the end of this class, you'll have all the information you need to set up your shop double feet and start selling . Even if you don't have a website, I'll see you guys inside 2. Welcome & Homework: guys, welcome on board for excited to have you here. So before we get started, I want to talk about the art of selling on Instagram. Obviously, anybody can set up a shop Herbal instagram feed pretty easy. But what about getting people toe actually purchase from you? Right. That's the tricky part. So I want to ask you, if you've ever been in this scenario, have you ever gone to a networking event? Minding your own business? And somebody approached you all of a sudden and started pitching their business or start up whatever they're working on without even asking you for your name just is are you probably felt a little awkward and try to came up with any excuse to get out of their sights. Right? Has that happened to you? Yeah, it's definitely happen to me. So an instagram you can create kind of the same dynamic and come off as desperate if you don't put the right psychology in place. So not to worry. I'm gonna walk you through some tactics to overcome the following, but it is very important for you to think about your customers first. Meaning building a relationship with them because there's a funnel that takes place when you're converting a follower into a customer and then a loyal customer. So essentially, when somebody first discover your brand and they're interacting with your brand there just a follower there's someone who they're interested in learning more. But they're not Nestle ready to purchase, and you shouldn't try toe. Have them purchase from you at that point. So you need to make sure that these individuals don't feel put off by your feed, something that will do. The following is coming across as a car salesman and discounting all your different inventory and pushing people to buy from you. So it's very important to not do the following even if you have, uh, instagram shop herbal feed. Not to worry, we're gonna go through all of the different psychology that you can use entered it. 1/2 people purchase from you, but I just wanted to give you guys that little caveat because everybody one, especially when it comes to instagram and creating into a shop herbal feet. This is not your quick trick to make a buck, obviously going to require some thought and for you to put together a strategy So when followers discover your brand, they feel excited about being part of your tribe and eventually purchasing from you, right? The homer for this class is pretty straightforward. I'm gonna have you guys set up your shop Herbal Instagram feed and share it with all of us . If she wants feedback on what you've put together, make sure to post it because I'll be more than glad to look at what you've been working on and provide you guys with feedback. So what a great incentive toe. Have me review your feet and make sure that you're on track and additionally from that it's a great way to potentially get new followers. So I definitely encourage you guys to post your feet, and I'll be more than glad to review it and provide you guys with feedback. So let's get this party started 3. Are you Ready to Sell on Instagram?: a selling directly on Instagram for you. So are you feeling stuck with instagram, right? You know, you feel like everyone is gaining more followers more likes more engagement, and you can't seem to get any results from the platform, no matter how much work you put into it. You know, it's a great marketing tool, but for whatever reason, you can't seem to get people to purchase from you. So is that you? Another question I want to ask you is, Do you feel like you can't seem to crack the monetizing instagram code? Everybody's telling you that there's possibilities to be earning money through instagram. But for whatever reason, you can't seem to crack the code no matter how many times you tried. You know your product is awesome and people have told you the following, but you just can't get people to go to your website and actually press on the purchase button. Also, do you find yourself, um, really wanting to start earning from Instagram because you are spending countless hours with the platform and you just really want to be able to switch things around? So I'm here to be a little bit of devil's advocate for you. Like I mentioned earlier, anybody can set up a shop herbal feed. But not everyone has the ability to actually sell from it. Because you really need tohave A sound strategy in place for two riel people in essentially to make them feel part of you, Brun and finally feel comfortable purchasing from you. Some other question I want to ask you so obviously, if you're just starting out and you're feeling stuck with instagram the following my not apply. But is your audience super engaged and commenting? Are they engaged in commenting? So if that's not the case, you really want to, um, take more time building your brand? Another question I want to ask you is Do you have a consistent website? Do you have consistent website traffic coming from Instagram? So are people coming to your website from Instagram? Do you are you able to track the following? It's really important to look at your referral traffic on Google analytics and see how much traffic you're already bringing in because this is going to tell you whether or not individuals are interested in your product. And if there's potential and the reason I'm asking you. All these questions is because I want to make sure that you understand the cause of your problem so you can essentially fix it, because setting up a shop herbal feet is not going to be the answer to all your questions. Obviously, it's going to require for you to understand what the source of your current problem is. So if you're answering yes to a lot of the questions that I've been asking you and the previous slide, whether or not you're not able to grow your following base people not really engaging, etcetera. You will need to work on your branding first. And you will need to really take a deep dive as to who you're speaking to in order to be able to have a shop herbal feed that will convert a little bit more about that in the second. So another thing I want to ask you is, are your followers asking where they can buy your products? And, um, so again, you know, if you answer no to all of the following questions, you might want to think about your rending and also think about how to get more people to engaged so that it's gonna be a crucial step. So two things I encourage you to do I have to classes that are available on skill share that you can check out. One is finding your tribe on instagram, which will help you really understand how you can find your demographic, who your audience is on instagram by doing hashtag research to following. And the other thing is creating an editorial counter for Instagram because what I've noticed with working with plenty of brands is that many brands feel overwhelmed of Instagram. And the reason is is because they're not being organized and they're not consistent. So it's like everything. If you're not consistent, it's gonna be really hard for you to start seeing results. So again, I hate to do this to you because I'm sure you started the class being super excited, wanting toe learn how to do the shop of full feed. Obviously, I encourage you to continue looking at the content, but it's vital that you go back and review your branding and really understand who your demographic is in order for you to get conversions meeting in order for you to have people start purchasing from you again, I encourage you to go through the content now if you if you're excited to learn more about it. But I won't be able to guarantee for you to start getting conversions unless you're branding and your engagement is right on. So let's talk a little bit about how can sailing directly on Instagram help you? So selling directly on Instagram can help you test out new product ideas if you don't have a website yet. So if you're very green in the market and you haven't idea of a product, you might already have a prototype posting it on instagram and getting people's reaction and even setting up the shop Herbal feed right then. And there is a great way for you to see whether or not there's potential for that product for you before you even start investing additional money. And another reason I really like to use Instagram shop Herbal feats for some of my client is because it's a great short term solution if you I don't have a website in place or if your website has some usability issues. Ah, lot of times I've met people who were using WordPress and Son of Wu commerce plug ins. I personally don't love that e commerce platform. There's better solutions out there. Shopify is my favorite far and beyond, so if you're not using Shopify or other, like magenta or other platforms, also, squarespace is pretty decent. Then I encourage you to take this opportunity to set up your instagram separable feed because then you won't be driving people to rest because essentially, what's happening is that when people go on your website and which is why I asked you to look at your referral traffic. If you have a lot of people who are coming from instagram to your website and then they're not purchasing, you're getting a 0% conversion rate than chances are is. There's an issue of your website. So again, it's very important to just have that understanding when you're coming up with a solution in order to get more cells setting up a shop, Herbal instagram feed is going to help. You have a short term solution where people will be directly driven to a page where they can purchase directly from you and then obviously it's a great way for you to start generating some extra revenue, but obviously you must wait in the pros and cons. So the one thing that I don't love about having a new instagram feed is that it can freeze your email list growth. Because when I work with a lot of my personal client, what I like to do is use Instagram as a way to capture email addresses we will have in the bio. Ah, see ta A call to action, encouraging people to check out a link. And then that link. We will ask them for their email addresses, whether it's ah, freebie or a very encouraging discount, something that's 30% or plus etcetera, e mails air Great, because 95% of purchases happen via email. So think about the following that our platform, which I'll walk you through who offer you the flexibility of still being able to capture email addresses. But they're usually a little bit more expensive. It requires for you to have an audience that's a little bit more engaged in order for it to be truly effective. You also need tohave. Brendan, that is on point. Are you ready to sell directly on Instagram? Do you feel like you're branding is where it needs to be our people engaged etcetera. Additionally, from that, there are fees, platform monthly fees that can add up If you aren't generating enough cells, I'm gonna walk you through different platforms that have different sort of close ratios. So you can decide what works for you, but really way in those pros and cons when you get started. 4. The Mechanics of Selling on Instagram: So let's go through the mechanics of selling diet directly on Instagram. So the first thing that happens, obviously, its followers discover your feed through Hashtags or bloggers or customers who mention your brands. So they're stumbling upon your pictures. They might go directly on your feet, sir, going through some of the other pictures to get a sense as to whether or not they feel your run is a right fit for them. The second thing that happens is that they like what they see at that point. This is where they make the decision to either follow you on instagram or potentially click on the link above, in this case, like to buy. So then the third thing that happens is that the click on a link, which takes some to your instagram shop herbal page. At that point, they might browse all the different items, decide whether or not they're ready to purchase from you. If they're not ready to purchased, you can take their email address, as you can see in this example again, not all shop herbal feed allow the following feature, so keep that in mind, or the decide that they're ready to purchase from you. So if they do the following, then obviously they'll purchase from you either directly for your instagram or own your e commerce store like in this example. As you can see, there's a journey. There's a consumer journey that you need to take into consideration. But most importantly, you need to really understand who your demographic is first thing. And secondly, what is their driver? What makes them take, Why are they interested in your brand? So a great exercise that I like to use is psyche she Toyota's five y Stickney and he put together this technique in order to get to the core of any problem, especially within a matter of factoring. So you can still use technique to understand the core reasoning as to why individuals aren't interested in your brand. What is your value proposition? What makes them tick would see emotional reason that they're interested in your Bren to exercise is difficult, but it will make all the difference because they will inform the type of images and captions you should be using within your instagram feet. You'll also need to work on your bio, so your bio description, as you can see in this example, Rebecca Minkoff, by a description, is a little simple. She could get away with it because she's a bigger brand, but as a smaller run, you'll really need to spend time thinking as two ways you can peek to curiosity of your customer. Tell um to click on the feed. Think of a reward that you can give them by clicking on the feet, etcetera. And once you have an understanding of the core emotional reason why people are attracted to your brand, you can inject the following information in your bio in your photos and in your captions as well. So let's ghost through D consumer Junie. Essentially, consumers want to date your brunt first before they even purchase from you and a lot of brands. Ah, lot of individuals at that had this misconception that people go on instagram. They like a picture and they'll purchase from you. OK, so let's be real. How many times have you personally done that? One in a 1,000,000. So most people are not impulse buyers. Let me repeat that most people are not in polls. Buyer. It takes them 8 to 9 interaction with the Bren before feeling comfortable purchasing, so the first thing that happens is brand awareness. Like we discussed, they discover your brand. They go through some of the images that you like some of the images. They decide to either follow you or they decide to click on the link. This is where they have their first interaction with your brand, and they decide whether or not they feel part of your tribe. What's and this is why it's so important for you to understand what's attracting them to your Bren and also who your customer is so you can speak to the right people, then the second thing is brun consideration. This is one. They're spending a little bit more time specifically where your brand or clicking on some of the images. And additionally, from that, they might start commenting, etcetera. This is where they're building a deeper connection with your brand, and they're starting to feel more comfortable about potentially purchasing from you in the near future. The following can take anywhere between 8 to 9. Interaction from one month to six months to a year really depends on to consumer, so then they make their first purchase, and at that point it's important for you to continue having a conversation with them so you can convert them into loyal customer and for them to continue purchasing from you. So keep the following in mind when you're setting up your instagram feed. Because again people are not gonna purchase directly from you on and pulls by. It's going to take them some time to feel like they really know you're running and they're ready to purchase from you. So I'm don't need to discourage you. I just want to keep your expectations realistic for this chapter. Make sure that you do the exercise on the five wise so you can have a better understanding of the type of content which will really make your customers excited to purchase from you and how you can build a relationship with these customers through Instagram while still having a shop. Herbal feed So positive video. Now stop the video. Don't go through any of the other out chapters until you figured out what your core emotional value is and why customers are attracted to you and another exercise that I want to give you. If you're having a hard time with the five, Wise is creating a persona. So persona is understanding who your customer is and putting yourself in the life of that customers. So really understanding who that person is and what they do on their daily in their daily lives and understanding how you can translate that within your Brent messaging. Some of you might tell me Well, I have multiple customers. Yes, I understand that there are brands out there that have multiple customers, but it's important to focus your energy specifically on one customer at first in order to be able to get to the core value proposition of your brun. Alright, guys, I know this is a lot to digest, but be patient with yourself. Do these exercises because it will make all the difference and you'll have a higher conversion rate. If you actually take the time to go through this exercise, feel free to at any questions in the discussion section as usual. Alright, guys, see you in the next chapter 5. Setting-up Your Shoppable Feed: Let's discuss the different solutions you can use to set up your shop. Herbal feed. Now there are array of options out there, and when choosing a solution that is right for you, you need to keep in mind three things. First, understanding what your budget is. I will provide you guys with solutions thought are free. But obviously you will have limitations as to what you can post etcetera. So keep in mind that some of these platforms of tribal share with you go from anywhere to $20 to $300 a month. Then also keep into consideration the time that you'll be able to spend to set up the shopping feed platform. And some of the platforms are a little bit more straightforward. Some require a little bit more customization. It also depends on how robust your current e commerce site is. And then, obviously you're tech savviness is well. Do you know HTML and CSS? Can somebody help you? Do you need some extra help? Etcetera. So I included a large selection of solutions you can pick and choose from so you can really take into consideration what's the right fit for you. Based on where your business is now. Like I mentioned, setting up the platform is only one piece of the equation. Getting the cells, which is well requires that used a sort of front of dots. Seymour. It's super easy to integrate. It links with your instagram account directly. You will simply need to include your stripe account and your shipping option. The cost of the platform is around $24 per month. You don't need a website to implement it. They also have the ability for you to do a free trial. So what's great about this platform is that you can create an e commerce shop directly within the platform. Post cart turns any instagram post that you have into a shop. A ble product. You can use your instagram post descriptions to automate quantities and product variations such as color or sizes, and it's built in real time shipping rates so you can directly print discounted shipping label. This platform is really the best solution if you're testing out ah product idea or if you re commerce website needs some extra love and you just feel like your overall you I user experience is not just right on point or if you have really low conversion rate on your current e commerce site. So essentially you will be able to drive users from your instagram directly to a post cart dot CEO shop double page. Now, the counts of this specific platform is that it doesn't allow you the flexibility off setting up an email capture pop up within the page. Therefore, if someone clicks on the link that you have on your INSTAGRAM account and is taken to this postcard dot CEO instagram stoppable page you have, you won't be able to get their email addresses if they don't purchase from you. So again, this is a great solution for newbies looking to sell their inventory and testing out the market. It does come of a price you won't be able to continue growing your mailing list, so keep the following into consideration. But if you don't have a website in place than I really suggest that you start with this platform just to test the market, your other option, which is more intermediate, is for 64 60 can easily been implemented with Shopify and other e commerce platform. The cost of this platform ranges anywhere between 50 to $300 per month with 4 60 you can m bad your shop herbal gallery into any pages within your website. Using their gallery templates. You can also talk multiple products within your post they have at two CART functionality, which enables your customer the ability to shop right from your shop. Herbal Gallery. Another feature which I love is that enables you to schedule your instagram posts within the op. It also gives you the ability to feature user generated content so you can pull in content from different hashtags you might have generated. And this is a great way to make your customers feel like a part of your brand. Finally, you can Ambati instagram galleries or any of the user generated content within your e commerce store, which can really inspire and support your customers purchasing decision because they will see others have already purchased from you. Needless to say, for 60 is pretty robust and allows for plenty of custom ization. They have a NAWF for right now, which enables you to try it for free for about 21 days, and after that, the price ranges anywhere between $50 per month to $300 per month. This platform does required that you have une commerce platform already set whether it's magenta, So Shopify squarespace WordPress who commerce etcetera. And it does require a little bit more time commitment because you will need to put in a little bit more time to set up this specific platform. But it's a great robots solution for anyone who already has a good e commerce website in place. Now, the other option is Lincoln dot bio. The following automatically connects with your instagram feed, and it provides all the feature that 4 60 post cart provide. The price of the platform ranges from free. They do have a free but obviously more limited to $49 per month. You can easily set up your store by linking in your instagram account. You can schedule posts as well. You can pull photos with your brand hashtag from your customer. What I like about linking Dot bio is that it's integrated with later. Later is an instagram scheduling tool, which I've been using for quite some time now for my clients, and they just recently added this shop herbal feature of humans back and it's pretty easy to set up. Your landing page will resemble your instagram feed, and user will be able to click on these images and purchased directly from your e commerce website. So there's not much of a difference between Lincoln Bio and for 60. The only main differences pricing, obviously, and also maybe some of the functionality within for 60 are a little bit more robust than they are with Lincoln dot bio. Next, I wanted to include for you guys some enterprise solutions, so you're aware of what's out there and what big retailers are using. And obviously, some of these enterprise solutions are going to allow for more customization and allow for you to include an email capture pop up within your shop. Herbal feed The solutions are more expensive, but if you already are bringing in a decent amount of cell, they are more robust and allow for more customization, so keep them as an option if you have a larger inventory. Some of these solutions, which bigger retails air using, include sold, seeing you're late and yet poor, so let's go through the checklist to help you decide what is right for you first review the pros and cons of each of these instagram selling platforms. Also review where your business is at where. How fresh, How green is your business? Obviously, if you just started and you want to get a feel the overall potential of your brands, I would start with post CART got CEO as it's super easy to integrate and doesn't really need you to set up UH, e commerce site. The other thing is, you also want to decide how much time you can dedicate to setting up your feed. Some of the platforms are lust rate for than others and will require you to potentially bring a team to help you include some of those customizable galleries within your e commerce. Finally, make sure to change your instagram profile bio when you're created, your shop of all feed with the new link, and also make sure to clearly state that now users can directly shop by clicking on the link. Make it interesting. Picture interest. Have a little fun here in order to make people curious and want a shop and click on the link essentially, finally, a little bit of housekeeping, but make sure that you have all your sq photographs, pricing options for all your product inventory and also all your e commerce links as well. If you already have any commerce so you can be organized and start setting up all your photos and start having understanding as well of the different inventory that you have. So obviously, it will require you to just get a little bit organized. But make sure that you have all the following in place when you start setting up your shop . Herbal feed. If you're having a hard time deciding on which platform is right for you to start with something that feels easy to implement and get a feel for it in the next human, see how many cells you're bringing in and based on your level of confidence, then you can always upgrade to a new platform. So just get started. Get a sense of how many conversions, raid and how many cells were getting. In the next few months. You can review the following. Most of these platform have analytics embedded within the them, so it'll be really easy for you to get a sense which images air performing better, which images are getting better click throughs so you can revise your strategy accordingly . 6. Don't Be a Car Salesman: now, don't be a car salesman. You know that A key feeling you get the minute you step into a car dealership, you need a car. But no, the car salesman will be pitching you hard. You feel so uncomfortable. All you want to do is run the other direction. When you set up a shop, herbal Instagram feeds. It will be important for you to focus on the human aspect of your instagram store. Don't be telling your instagram followers to go buy your products on a daily basis, telling them about the latest discounts. I don't want to see any of the following 20% off everything. Great. Who cares seriously, unless I have a connection with your brand, I am not interested. Do not beat pushing cells at your customer. They will run the other direction. It really comes back to the analogy I provided in the first chapter in which I talked about what it's like to be in a networking event, and somebody comes to you without even asking any questions as to who you are and starts pitching you right then and there. You want to appeal to your customer. You want to build a connection with them. Otherwise, really, don't expect them to purchase from you. And the harder you try to push cells down their throat, the more they're going to run the opposite direction. The same thing would happen to you if you were in a very uncomfortable position. So followers are more likely to purchase from you when they feel a connection with your bread. So you're probably telling yourself yes. Well, I already know that, Lou. No, it sounds a lot easier said than done. How exactly can I do the following? Well, all I can tell you is that the reason most brands aren't able to build a cushion action with their customer is because they don't really know who their customers are. They just have a really broad idea of who these individuals are. They usually describe their customers like while women anywhere between 20 to 35. That's you don't know your customer. That's your answer. You have to really put the time of understanding specifically who that person is. Is that person a yogi? Why were they interested in your specific product? Is your product going to help their yoga practice, for instance, you really need to put yourself in the shoe of your customer. And I've been talking about this. You need to create or persona. So you have an understanding of what does the day to day at that person looks like. And once you understand the following, it's gonna be a lot easier for you to create instagram content that relates back to them and for you to build a connection with these individual because they're going toe, understand your mission statement are gonna understand what you're all about and you'll be able to get them excited. Do not worry. I will be sharing some examples, but I really want you to understand that the reason you haven't or you might have not been able to do the following is because simply your demographic is too broad. You don't have a clear understanding as to who you're pitching to. Now it's important to have value first and sell after. I can't say this enough. You have to provide value. Yes, you can sell your products, obviously, but do it in a way where you're providing your customer value. So let's say, for example, you're selling an art book. Your audience are wonder Luster's who love travel photography. Perhaps you could share the hidden games that are inside your book and show them a few previews to what their appetite to make them dream. You can also provide them with information about the specific photograph you're sharing with them and why it's important to you. For instance, so this is where the editorial calendar comes in. Your editorial counter is your boilerplate. You need to spend the time to tell our story within the next 30 days. If you decide to post on a daily basis, breakdown the story into little snippets. View Instagram as a form of microblogging. Take them on a journey. Let's go back to the travel photography book example Each day. Perhaps you can reveal different little snippets from the book, print out the calendar and tell yourself. Okay, so on Monday, I'm going to make them dream and speak about work, life balance and show them the specific photograph from my book and explain. Hot speaks about work, life balance and maybe announced Tuesday. I'm gonna speak them as to what went through my mind when I took that specific photograph and what it evokes to me essentially you just need to make sure. And this isn't exercise that ah, lot of people avoid. You need to make sure that you've planned out what you're going to be sharing with these individuals on a daily basis. And I can assure you, if you do this simple exercise, you will see a huge difference in the type of engagement you're getting. If you're selling apparel, perhaps you can explain to your customer Why is that? Top your Met models wearing so cute? Maybe you can project situation. So perhaps a caption could be because summer days are all about being out from brunch to sunrise. So you know, that's something you could write because summer days are all about being out from brunch to sunrise. That's just an example. So, really, make sure to tell a story. Be creative, useful copy and come up with a way to connect with your customer. People go on Instagram to dream and escape their daily loves. You need to provide them that escape through instagram. Obviously, for everybody, it's gonna be different. But try to think is to what makes these people take, which is why that exercise that I've been talking about which is creating a persona is so important, especially if you really know your brand. And you really know Hot relates back to these individuals. So you also need to create a sile ized feed. Your images and photography must also tell a story you need to change up your images. Do more professional and stylized. Your photography is two. More likely, people will want to learn more about your brand. A simple trick I use with my clients is to always use the same filter, for instance, and all there are photos, so they're gallery looks consistent. Once you create your editorial calendar, give yourself the assignment to shoot your photos in just one or two days so you can have content. That tells a story based on what all the different ideas you bring stormed. The other thing you want to do with in your feet is make sure to ask for feedback. Let your audience share their opinion with you. Ask them to interact with you. Ask them what their Monday is like. For instance, if you use um, the example we talked about earlier with the travel book, your caption could be something like Monday's can feel like the ying to your yang. What singing to your yang and share when you're planning your next big trip. That could be an example of a caption, for instance, so make sure that you're not selling on every post. Yes, you will see Brown's. You do the following, but usually when they do, they already are quite established. They have a fan base, and they can get away with it. In your case, if you're just starting out, you must warm up your audience. And I'm not saying they won't buy from you. They will. You just need to make sure that you establish trust and that they feel a connection with you. You must share your story and start telling them a little by little. But right now I want to share a couple of example of brands who are doing a fantastic job building a connection with their brand and able to have a great shop herbal feed. The first example is Lorna Jane Active. She does a great job building a sense of community. How, you wonder while they're several ingredients needed. First, you must really understand who would these people like in this like in her case, she is reaching out to women who are busy working women. But they're active, and they take their health very seriously. They're looking for nutrition tips, workout tips and want to connect with other active women. Lorna Jane is involved and creates events for these customer she has for five K races. She also really makes an effort to connect with her audience, and she knows exactly the top of content to provide to her audience. I encourage you to look at her feats. You can get a feel for it. Remember, it's not about your product per se. It's about the story and the lifestyle your product represents. Another Brent I Absolute Love is Gypsy Warrior. Gypsy Warrior is a true statement of the power of Instagram. Originally, it was a retail store base in New Jersey. The founders leveraged the power of Instagram very early on and started selling directly on Instagram before any of the big retailers jumped on the bandwagon again. Just like Lorna Jane, active, Juicy Warrior knows your demographic really well. The understand one makes them take, and they bring in a lot of cultural reference. Let me simply read want some of their caption walled Juan do Witchy Woman morning with a Little Jack. And that's where Jack Daniels, of course, their audience is rebellious there, of rebellious girls who like to live on the edge and their photography product options. They speak exactly to this demographic again. Look at that specific INSTAGRAM account. Look at what they're posting. Look, huh? As to how they're really, really bringing a sense of community and think as to how you can take in some of that knowledge and translate it with your business. And the next chapter will talk about other tactics you can use in order to make your audience feel part of a tribe and Warren Gate, so stick around. 7. We all Want the Same Things: we all want the same things. So what do I mean by that? Well, people feel more comfortable purchasing from a brand they see others have already purchased from you. Why? Because while it's a great way for them to start feeling trust and also getting the feedback of other individuals. So when you are coming up with the different types of content that you're going to include in your feed, it's important to also include some of the testimonials from other customers. And if you just started and you're business is pretty green. Not to worry. A quick little hot that you can use is by reaching out to bloggers and influencers and having them review your product by sending them a free, simple Obviously, the following will require that you set up insolence of marketing campaign, but it's a great way to start generating testimonials, getting reviews and for people to start reading some of the feedback that other individuals are giving about your specific product. So let's go and walk through the dynamics of what exactly you need to put in place in order to generate this trust and for people to start wanting to purchase from you, So let's go through the flights. We all want the same thing. Remember the beginning of the classes book of a powerful tactic you can use to tap into the psychology of your customer and get them to purchase from you. Well, followers are more likely to purchase from you when they see others have already purchased from you. Psychologically, when you show individual testimonials, or you simply show that others have already purchased from you, you will be able to establish trust and get others to purchase from you without even trying . Why's that? You ask. Well, simple human psychology. People want what others have when you have a Bren and you just started out. It's hard to get that first cell because people don't trust you. Do you don't know who you aria and part of the relationship you're building with these customers? It's part of building trust and a great way for you to build. The trust is by showing others who've already purchased from you. So I understand that when you're starting out, it could be a little hard. So how can you establish trust if no one's purchase from you? Well, a simple hock you can use is to reach out to influencers, and you give aways with them. So give away your product in exchange for a testimonial, for instance, in exchange for a post, and this way you can feature that testimonial in your instagram feed and re post a photo off the blogger worrying your item or reading your book, whatever it is. So how can you do the following? So how can you make sure that followers are feeling are generating this trust so they feel more comfortable purchasing from you? Well, it's really easy. You just have to encourage your followers to hashtag what they just purchased from you. In the specific example, I'm showing Magnum and um, something that you could easily do is essentially have individuals take pictures of that peril the book and Austin to hashtag and for you. So you essentially for, ah, opportunity for them to be re posting. So you really must encourage your follower to share what they just purchased from you. And you can do so by having a specific brand hash tag in place so you can easily create the following. This not only will build a sense of community but it's really a great way to meet the folks as well who've purchased from you and build a deeper connection with them. Most importantly, the more people purchased from you, the more trust you will generate a monks, your currents, followers. People will feel more comfortable purchasing from you, especially if they see others are so pleased with your product. So it's human psychology tactic. I know it's pretty straightforward, but it does make all the difference. Which is why a lot of brands bigger retailers on that you might have seen this in some of the e commerce shops. They use the following tactics. When you see some of the inventory, they show other individuals who've already purchased those items. Not only so you can get a feel for the fit, but also so you can feel more comfortable purchasing from them. So another thing you need to do is reward your customers who have purchased from you. So in this case, let's say that these two girls purchased the specific leggings from you. They are posting this picture you will re posted with the hash dogs, but it's important within their pictures because you will have to keep track of the hashtags that are linked back to your brand. You will need to make sure that you're commenting. You'll need to make sure that you're liking it. Re posting, obviously, if it's brand appropriate and also feature it either on your blawg, you need to make sure that you engage with these individuals and you reward, um, from having purchase from you and also from having posted. You can even turn it into a giveaway if you'd like. It's just very important for you to reward these customer who just purchased from you. I mean, these are the individuals who are going to become your brand ambassador, so it's important for you to treat them while now, Like I mentioned, if you are not at that stage, not to worry, just go d influencer marketing route or reach out to friends. I mean, you just need to make sure that individuals see others wearing your product and that you're also featuring it within your instagram feed. Now you need to generate trust like we've mentioned by showing others off purchase from you . You also need to establish a relationship with your customers through your content. We talked about this in the last chapter, you need to build a sense off community. You need to not just feature the different items that you're providing. So whether it's a book or apparel, whatever it is, it's not just about showing your product. It's also about informing them and making them dream escape, really understanding what makes them tick. You also need to engage with influencers that your customers are following, so some of you'll have. You'll have to put together a list of influencers who are part of your niche. And once you do the following, it's important for you to start engaging with these individuals and not just to ask them for favors, but because you want to make sure that you build a relationship with these individuals so later down the line you might collaborate with um, etcetera. It's also will be a great exercise, because by having a look at these influencers and what they're doing and harder connecting with the audience, you can also get a feel as to what really makes your audience tick. If you feel like you meet a little bit more inspiration, another thing I would ah consider doing is setting up affiliate programs for your influencers so they can drive traffic to your page so essentially telling them that you will provide them with a percentage of your of any cell that they bring in. So these air pretty easy to set up and all do the course about the following in the next few weeks, and you also might want to consider running influence and marketing campaigns so you can get more testimonials. So if any of her influence or marketing campaigns where you're providing them with your product for free in exchange for a post, you might have to pay some of the bloggers if they are a little bit more well known. And you also might want to go the friend route as well. If you have a smaller budget, so really try to be creative. Your first focus, especially if your new brand is generating trust and then obviously building a community thes air. The two things you need to really concentrate on when you're building the voice of your brand thes items will make all the difference. D's psychological trigger is what will help make people feel more comfortable to purchase from you 8. Key Takeaways & Action Steps: All right, guys, long. I want to congratulate you for going through all the course content. I wanted to take this opportunity to kind of break down for you Your next steps. You can have a road map and know exactly what you should be focusing on as you're setting up your instagram separable feet. So let's switch to the slides. Let's go through some of the key takeaways and action steps that you should be taking. So the really important point is that instagram hold so much potential to get your brand discovered. When you're using hashtags, make sure to use 30 hash dogs. Try to use as many hashtags possible Dot are relevant to your brand. But overall, the first stop like we discussed, is getting your friend discovered. But then, after that, once you're setting up your shop herbal feed, here are some of the things that you need to be consistent with. The first thing is making sure that you're using beautiful imaginary that speaks to your audience. You need to tell a story through your content based on who your demographic is. What makes them excited. You're Brun is about putting together a lifestyle. You need to provide them. Whether tips you need to provide motivation, you need to support a cause. Whatever is on brand and whatever really speaks to your demographic is what you need to include within your instagram feed. You also need to engage with your audience at all times. So if people are commenting, make sure to come and back. Make sure to like their comments you need to really be consistent. The number one reason that a lot of brands are not successful with INSTAGRAM is because they aren't consistent. They're posting once in a blue moon. They don't really have a strategy in place. They're usually posting the day off. They haven't really thought this through. So really, the boiler plates toe Everything you're gonna be doing is your editorial calendar. You'll have done the business intelligence, which pretty much includes knowing who your demographic is really understanding what you're Brun is about who you're niches. How can you speak to that demographics? You can translate that within your editorial calendar. Make sure that your posting consistently try to post every day, and from there you will start seeing results. Make sure to do your hashtag research as well and include Hashtags in all your pictures. This is how you're going to get this covered, and this is how you're gonna be able to build a community. Now your action steps when you're setting up your shop herbal feed. You obviously need to decide on which products you're going to want to feature and sell throughout the month. So go to your inventory and figure out how many products you want to sell this month. You're gonna have to obviously include these items within your photography for the next 30 days or, I mean, if you want to plan out your calendar for the next 60 to 90 days, I encourage you to do so. The more prepared you are, the better. Now I do not feel obligated to make all your post shop herbal. It's fine if some of your posts are not chop herbal. It actually will be a great way toe. Refresh your feet and tell individuals about some items that are more lifestyle driven. And again, this is your opportunity to build a community, and I I know I keep on repeating this, but this is what will make all the difference as to ha, much of a conversion rate and how much people are purchasing from you. You can also read cycle the same products, just using it differently in different images, styling it differently. It's totally fine. Don't feel obligated to have different products for all your different images. You just have to present it in a different way. So, really, your 1st 1st stop is understanding the different products you want people to purchase from you in the next 30 days. You also need to figure out a way to included within the story that you're telling. So people feel excited to discover your brand and engage with you. And once you have that papillary information, you will be able to finalize your editorial calendar and put together a marketing strategy that makes sense. So once you've set up your feet based on the platform you decided to pick, make sure to test your results every 15 days. Look at your overall analytics, which images are bringing people into the shop? Herbal page Ah, watch pointed people drop off. Which item are people purchasing versus not purchasing and you can optimize as needed. If an image is more successful than another one try to really dissect what is making that image more successful? Is it the photography itself? Is that the garment? Is it the lighting, etcetera? So quite a bit of work, I know, but it will make all the difference you have tow. Understand what it is that you're doing right or doing wrong so you can fix it and start getting more cells again. Don't be shy. If you have any questions, feel free to Adam in the discussion section and I'll be more than happy to help. You are right, guys. Well, that's it. Quite a bit of information, but you have everything you need to set in place your shop herbal instagram feed. You also haven't understanding of the psychology needed In order to make people feel more comfortable purchasing from you. You have everything in need to be successful. Alright, guys will hopefully else unit of the class by