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How To Use Hashtags In Social Media Marketing

teacher avatar Jayadeep Rath, Digital Marketer | Google Ads Certified

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 44m)
    • 1. Introduction To Hashtags

    • 2. History Of Hashtags

    • 3. Benefits Of Hashtags

    • 4. Hashtag Strategies For Social Media Marketing – Part 1

    • 5. Hashtag Strategies For Social Media Marketing – Part 2

    • 6. How To Create And Use Hashtags The Right Way

    • 7. How To Research Hashtags

    • 8. How To Track, Monitor And Analyze Hashtags

    • 9. Evergreen Hashtags You Can Use Today

    • 10. Hashtag Campaigns And Case Studies

    • 11. Final Thoughts And Next Steps

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About This Class

Do you want to learn How To Use Hashtags In Social Media Marketing and take advantage of this modern day communication tool ? If yes, then you are in the right place.


Hashtags have become a part and parcel of contemporary social media communication. It has evolved with time into a powerful tool to categorize topics and conversations as well as to track, monitor and analyze content across multiple social media platforms.

What is a hashtag ? Why are hashtags important ? What is the purpose of hashtags in social media marketing ? If you want to know the answer to all these questions and more, this course is meant for you.

If you’re serious about your social media marketing, hashtags should play an essential part in crafting your campaigns.

Here is the course outline to help you plan your learning experience depending on where you are are in your learning journey.

1. Introduction To Hashtags

2. History Of Hashtags

3. Benefits Of Hashtags

4. Hashtag Strategies For Social Media Marketing - Part 1

5. Hashtag Strategies For Social Media Marketing - Part 2

6. How To Create And Use Hashtags The Right Way

7. How To Research Hashtags

8. How To Track, Monitor And Analyze Hashtags

9. Evergreen Hashtags You Can Use Today

10. Hashtag Campaigns And Case Studies

11. Final Thoughts And Next Steps

Hashtags can help you to target your audience, expand the reach of your content, grow your brand and more. You have a choice to take advantage of this powerful tool or be left behind as hashtags will continue to be relevant and impact our social media landscape.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jayadeep Rath

Digital Marketer | Google Ads Certified


Hi !

I have been a digital marketing practitioner for the past 15 years and a google ads certified professional. I have worked across industry verticals in agency as well as in-house environments across multiple functions of digital marketing and hold 6 certifications including Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Analytics, Google Ads Mobile, Google Shopping and Google Ads Video.

You can connect with me on Linkedin and/or Twitter so that we can get to know each other better.

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1. Introduction To Hashtags: hi and welcome to the digital marketing must recourse. You are listening toe JD Pratt. In this class, you're going to learn how to use Hashtags in social media. Marketing has to accept everywhere they're online, they're offline and they have even found a place in the dictionary. You may like it. You may hate it, but you cannot ignore this modern. The communication tool as social media invades into our daily lives like an untamed virus has stocks have become a part and parcel off contemporary social media communication. It has evolved to time into a powerful tool to categorize stop its and conversations, as well as to practice, monitor and analyze content across multiple social media platforms. Hashtags are now an integral part off social media marketing, and you have a choice, the choice. So either learn how to use hashtags or take the risk of being left behind in the online as well as the real world. Hashtag have become a way of life for people, and brands are learning to use Hashtags in order to create and filter conversations, interact with consumers and pants, and to promote their products and services to this new generation off end users. Before we dive into the course and understand hashtags and the role they play in social media marketing. I want to make sure that you are in the right mindset. You need to realize that when you're dealing with social media, it's all about building curiosity in the conversation. And it's not about selling your product or service or getting somebody to take action right away. It's all about building your relationships and Nancy in your prospector, creating a sense of loyalty and subsequently taking a place in the mind of your audience. And it goes without saying that Hashtags will play a significant role in your social media marketing efforts. Now, what is a hashtag? Why are hashtag is important? What is the purpose of hashtags and social media? Well, we've been dive into the intricate details of these questions as we move forward in the scores. Let's touch upon the answers in brief so that you are well equipped to make sense of things as we move into the deep end of the course. Ah, hashtag is created by including the hash symbol or the pound sign in front of a word or phrase without spaces you can use only numbers and letters in your word or freeze. You may also use an underscore, but it is not recommended. Hi. Pins, dashes and special characters like these will not work in a hashtag Ah, hash tag is a label used on social media sites that makes it easier to find information within a team or a specific topic. By clicking on the hash tag, it's possible to see all the other tweets or posts that are using that. Hashtag. The purpose of the hashtag is to categorize and Pilger topics. Bring ideas from different sources together into the conversation, inspire exchange of carts and encourage others to join in the discussion. Essentially, ah, hashtag makes the content of your post or tweet accessible to all people with similar interests as a pulls your content into topic specific feeds. In effect, the youth of Hashtags will allow your content to reach audiences beyond your current colors or fans. To sum it up. It's a social media tagging system that categorizes or filters content into specific topics . Hashtags present a significant opportunity for digital marketers toe, identify social media conversations, really living to their business and get their content in front of the right audience. If you are serious about your social media marketing, hashtag should play an essential part in crafting your campaigns. You need to deploy strategy hashtags in order to extend your reach and join other relevant conversations. Hashtags go much beyond helping social media users to find relevant content. They do a great job to foster and build communities off loyal pants and brand advocates across social media platforms. Remember, the same hashtag can be used across multiple social media platforms, and this paves the way to cross pollinate your message, offering social media users a cohesive and seamless experience, regardless off where the interact with your brand as social media drives and crowdsourcing conversations, user engagements and interactions, it is important for brands to realize that they can and should shape social conversations. One of the best ways to encourage user interaction and crowdsourced content generation, both of which benefits your brand on most occasions, is through Hashtags. Hashtags can help you to target your audience, expanding leech off your content, grow your brand on more if you aren't using them, you're definitely missing out on one of the most effective on impactful ways to make sure your voice is heard in today's crowded market. Please, Now that we know what Hashtags are, why they are important and the purpose of hashtags and social media, let me quickly share an overview what we're going to cover in this specific course in the next Listen, we're going to touch upon the history of Hashtags on understand how it all started in the first place. Then I will discuss the benefits and the usefulness of hashtag in Lesson three. In less important pipe, we will discuss strategy, ways to use Hashtags in social media marketing and also understand the different types of hash stocks that are being used in the social media space. Next, you're going to learn how to create and use. Hashtag is the right way, keeping in mind the do's and dont's as well as the best practices to follow. When you are dealing with Hashtags. We will also discuss the common mistakes to avoid in this lesson so that you can create the right hashtags for the right audience. That's in lesson number six In Lesson seven, you're going to learn how to research trending hashtags and also find the related Hashtags Based on your main key word. When you complete this lesson, you will be in a position to executive your hashtag in your social media marketing. But it's not over yet. This is the digital age, and it is important that you have a mechanism in place to keep a tab on the impact of your hashtags with appropriate tracking, monitoring and analytics. You will learn how to black, monitor and analyze Hashtags in Lesson eight. Listen, nine is an interesting lesson when I go to a few evergreen and popular hashtag ideas that you can use today to take advantage of the hashtag revolution that is taking place as I speak. This lesson is dedicated to the lazy ones out there who do not want to think too much for their own concepts and ideas and still want to get going right away. Next, we will look at a few hashtag campaigns and studies to better understand how digital marketers and brands are using the stool to their social media marketing mix in lesson number 10. And then we'll round up the course with a few final parts, possible next steps and the key to Kikui's When it comes to using hashtags in social media marketing. Remember, markets are conversations. Your audience will talk about you whether you like it or not. There is a plethora of content online on the intelligent use of hashtags in your marketing mix. To filter this content into meaningful topics of conversations can go a long way in redefining the way you communicate with your existing audience. Build your own line brand identity as well as allow potential customers to discover you in the social media space. Come along and travel the distance with me. It will be an exciting journey. Let's do this and see you in the next lesson. 2. History Of Hashtags: hi and welcome back. Now that we understand what the HASHTAG is, it's always nice to know where it came from. How did it all happen? Who was the first person to use the hashtag on Twitter? So many of us forget to remember the people being concepts we use every day. Well, it all started in August 2007 when a person called Chris Messina asked his followers how the filled about using the pound sign group conversations on Twitter and gave an example use case and thus became the first person to use the hashtag on Twitter. Would you like to see the historic week right now? Well, here it is. I actually feel that the relatively low number of retweets and likes do not do justice to this. Do It by Chris Messina. By the way, some interesting conversations happened in this thread, which you may want to explore impact. In one of his responses, he mentions the heart process that went behind the using this symbol, the group messages. It appears that Twitter resisted the concept of Hashtags initially, but has stocks came into prominence again when it was used to group conversations off the San Diego forest fires in California. Subsequently, it so happened that Critter officially launched the hashtag feature in 2009 and Facebook introduced the concept into its platform. In 2013. The hashtag became popular in printer to such an extent that it was eventually adopted by most of the social media platforms categorized in permission. Although with varying degrees off success, the hashtag slowly became mainstream over time and is now being used by a majority off users in the social media space. Not without reason, though, as adding a hashtag immediately provides context for other social media users cookie crack and explore a specific topic in greater detail. That's it for this lesson on the history or past tags. And don't forget to give some love to the original tweet that started it all. In the next lesson, you will learn all about the benefits and usefulness of Hashtags in social media as annoyed Today, I will see you in the next lesson 3. Benefits Of Hashtags: hi and welcome to lesson number three. In this lesson, we will look at the benefits of Hashtags in the context off Social media marketing. Why do Hashtags matter? Why are hashtag It's important? Why can't you just it nor hashtags? Why are has stocks useful? These are some of the questions we will answer in this lesson. The benefits of using hashtags are obviously there if used appropriately and with context, and of course, provided you ensure that it adds value to that specific conversation has that's do a great job in defining your content and filtering them into groups off related and topical information. This way, social media users know what they're getting without exploring the sea off information available online. Remember, you have to take action to differentiate yourself with nimble soft and death signals rather than making a loud noise. Hashtag is also help you to join and initiate conversations based on the topic surrounding the hashtag, businesses can use hashtag X to increase their social reach, improved their brand recall and expand their audience by seeking out popular and trending hashtags related to their products and services, which is relevant to their target audience has a social media marketer it helps you took are get your audience and maximize your engagement based on their topical preferences, thereby gaining visibility only in front of those that are seeking more information about the specific hashtag on the surrounding topic. Hashtags are a great way to discover related real time in commission in one single window and share in permission related to that topic, thereby enhancing your reach. Your targeted audience. For example, if you are a travel agency trying to promote destinations and holiday packages, it will be much easier Target audiences who fall of certain hashtag related to travel rather than all across a huge and crowded social media platform like Twitter, you can also create your own original hashtag to compile trivia related to your business vertical and share it in all of your informational posts and tweets, thereby creating a central hub overtime showcase in your industry. Know how this will enhance your reach as your hashtag becomes more and more popular as all posts and tweets will be viewable by any user with one click off your branded hashtag bling . Ah, hashtag is an incredibly powerful way for businesses across verticals to encourage interaction, engagement and conversations with their target audience. You can crack, monitor and analyze. How will your audience is liking your brand product or service? All the posts and tweets are filed under that specific hashtag on. You can use tracking tools to understand the impact off that has bad. We will look into the details for analyzing Hashtags in greater detail in a forthcoming listen. The use of hashtags within social media, as well as offering mediums like banners, television and printed material, creates significant opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience and gain top of the mine. Recall from that audience. If you are looking to reach a new audience or engage with existing audiences in a streamline manner like never before, and create new lines of communication with your customers, on social media and outside, it is time to embrace the hash tag as an important component in your social media marketing mix. Congratulations. You have completed this lesson on benefits off Hashtags. In the next lesson, you will discover a few strategy ways to use hashtags in social media marketing, along with some other different types of hashtags that can be created to gain maximum mileage. Stay focused, stay motivated and let's take the scores or word. I will see you in the next lesson. 4. Hashtag Strategies For Social Media Marketing – Part 1: hi and welcome back. Now that you have understood the deeper meaning of Hashtags and how it all started, as well as their benefits and social media marketing, it is time to pick the scores a notch higher in this lesson and the next, you're going to learn about some of the hashtag strategies and the types of hashtag so that you can use effectively to take your social media marketing to a whole new level. Please note that it's one thing to use. Has stocks on a completely different ball game, but it comes to using hashtags strategy. Klay First and foremost, it is important to use Hashtags on multiple social media channels as long as the platform recognizes hashtags and your content is relevant to that audience has Stocks may have started on Twitter but is now catching up across multiple social media platforms. When you use your hashtag across social media channels, you will derive greater mileage and brand recall as you will reach your audience wherever they decide to interact with you in a seamless manner. Let's quickly run through the top social media platforms, along with a few guidelines for using hashtags before we get into the types of hashtags on the strategy. Straight up in your social media marketing. Most social media platforms used hashtags in more or less the same way to organize and filter data and make it easier for users to keep track of the passions and interests. However, each network has a different take on how they used them. Twitter is the network that brought us the hashtag in greater. It is suggested not to use more than two hashtag export wheat for optimum engagement, mainly due to its character count. Restrictions on further too many hashtags can appear spammy and may not necessarily make sense for the topic at hand. Licking a hashtag on Facebook will bring you to a separate page dedicated to the hashtag. Just as in Quetta, the user has tax on Facebook has not gotten the extent it has on Twitter. You can use one or two has stocks on Facebook as well, which can be in the form of one popular or trending hashtag and one custom aspect tailored for your brand product or service. Instagram has a completely different take when it comes to Hashtags. The platform allows up to 30 hashtags having said that research figures have shown that no more than 11 hashtag spur post triggers the highest level of engagement. Although there is no hard and fast rule has, talking on Instagram is very popular, as that is the way you categorize your photos on the platform organizes the photos based on Hashtags. If you have to take a picture on Instagram, it will create a link to a page with other pictures on the same topic. Hashtags on Pinterest are applicable in the description off a pin. However, hashtag search results may not provide very relevant results in Pinterest. In YouTube, you can use hashtags in video titles or descriptions to ensure that viewers find your video . When the search for a specific hashtag there are two ways to find videos using Hashtags, you can search for aspect. You can click on a hashtag in the title or description of the video. Either way, you'll see a result speech that showed the top trending videos for the hashtag and the most recently uploaded contended. If you are already using hashtags and still are seeing results, maybe it's time to have a look at the types of has stocks. You're using and perhaps had a few new ones to the mix. Now that we have seen what is possible across social media platforms, let's try and understand the types of has stocks that you can create and use. Remember, there are no hard and fast rooms on the types of hashtags that we will discuss now is just toe open your mind with a huge possibilities and innovations that can take place if you decide to let your imagination do the talking. The idea is not to compartmentalize yourself, but with demonstrate the numerous ways you can use hashtags. And, yes, you should always mix and match your hashtags to optimize the benefit. Er, did I prom your social media marketing efforts? First, let's get a sense of the possibilities. For example, you can have brand based hashtag X on campaign These aspects. You can also have content these hashtags under trending Hashtags. While we're listing out these types of hashtags, please take note that there is a huge opportunity to club more than one of these types of hashtags to create another hashtag type altogether. You can also have industry related hashtags on even focused Hashtags. Another important has that type that is open used is the geo targeted hashtag or the location based hashtags. We can expand this list to include celebration or occasion or entered hashtag profession centric and lifestyle. Hashtag says. Well and yes, let's not forget the descriptive hashtags and the product focused Hashtags. There is serious opportunity to combine. Descriptive has stocks with product focused hashtags, just as the location based hash tag can be used along with givens and professions. You can also have something what I call shameless plug or self promotion hashtags. Really, As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and I am sure you will come up with your very own twist, who has tags by creating something entirely new or by using combinations off any off these hashtags. But now let's quickly run to each of these with a few examples, just to make things easier to understand. At the outset, let's talk about the brand beast Hashtags on the campaign based Hashtags, a brand based hashtag, is unique to your business, and once you get people to use your brand based hashtag, you are on your way into what is called crowd sourced social media promotion. It could be your direct brand name or a tagline that is synonymous with your brand. A campaign based hashtag signifies a special promotion or campaign, but you need to be careful with this on. The major challenge is to ensure that the campaign is associated with your brand unless it has the clout to stand on its own. Unlike the trending and content, these Hashtags or even the industry and local has bags brand and campaign hashtag created with an objective to enhance engagement and brand recall, as well as to connect the team of your campaign to your audience. Let's discuss a few examples. What brand and campaign bish Hashtags. We all know how Nike has associate ID the tagline. Just do it with its brand. And this hashtag just do It is very often used in social media, although the hashtag itself is prone to getting hijacked by social media users. If you have been in tow this for some time, you might also recollect Pepsi has used Pepsi perfect as a brand and campaign based aspect . You can optimize your results with Brandon Campaign Hashtags, provided you create multiple posts and tweets and weave a story for your audience and, more importantly, get your audience to talk about you with that hashtag when they interact on social media. Another idea to think about is to combine your branded hashtag with a geo targeted hashtag . If you're trying to generate interest about your brand in a particular Jew location, a great example off a brand and campaign hashtag is Coca Cola's share a Coke campaign, which is broke, a fact that a simple and effective message can yield big results while on the topic of brand and camping based Hashtags. Let's not forget how it got uses a brand and campaign hashtag when they used their tagline Have a break. They also have, ah, my break hashtag and they have created a community within these hashtags. As more and more consumers use them to engage with a KitKat community again, it is grown to hashtag hijacking as the hashtag have common use in our daily lives. There are two sides to this aspect, and care should be taken to ensure that your brand personality is not lost in the social media lines that is created for such hashtags. The time rule is to keep your brand and campaign hashtag is consistent and you need to your brand and more importantly, use across all social media platforms to help your audience interact seamlessly with your brand on campaign hashtags. Another important point to remember is that you should monitor your brand and camping hashtags and respond to and engage with people using them to finance your overall brand personality. All said and done, people will actively look at and use brand based and campaign based hashtags, which gives you another opportunity to make new connections on social media platforms. No, let's discuss content. Hashtags content has stocks are not used, could find your business, and they're not branded for yourself. As is the case with Brandon Campaign Hashtags. Further content has thanks and may not even be trending or popular. They're simply hashtags that the note the content of your post or tweet content has. Stocks are used very often as they get your updates, seen my audience for that specific content type, maybe because they're specifically searching for only using the country and hashtag in social media to explore topical content. For example, hashtag is like social media, digital marketing or Facebook marketing. You know, specific content basically There is a very thin line in the distinction between all these types of hashtags and rather than the exact terminology, it is more important to understand the use cases off all these hashtags that we're discussing right now. In this lesson, that's it. But this Listen, we've been continue this discussion on hashtag strategies and types of has stocks in the next lesson as well, where you will learn other types of hashtags. Put driving your social media hashtag strategy forward. I will see you in the next lesson. 5. Hashtag Strategies For Social Media Marketing – Part 2: hi and welcome back. Let's continue where we left off in a previous lesson. And look at the other types of hashtags, which you can use for your social media marketing. Let's begin with trending hashtags, A trending hashtag is a type of hash tag that has become very popular in social media platforms, basically trending hashtags that those that has caught the attention off social media users may be due to some current even taking place or news about a personality and so on. Trending hashtag is a very dynamic and in all probability change very frequently. If you are going to use trending hashtag, senior social media hashtag and strategy, you need to be on top of what is trending at the moment and use it to your advantage. For example, when you see a trending hashtag that relates to your business, you can participate in the conversation on, engage with the audience and make yourself known by creating a sense of curiosity rather than direct sales messages. If you use a trending hashtag in your content update, you can potentially get your message seen by an audience who's frequenting the trending Hashtags content page. Keep in mind not to spam trending hashtags to preserve your reputation in social media. Your reputation on social media can go back very quickly if you start posting content through the trending hashtags, which is not related to the topic. Sometimes you can actually get you banned from social media platforms as well in sharp exercise trending hashtags with caution. There have been instances where brands have used trending hashtags to promote their product . When the hashtag itself actually denoted a tragic shooting incident, for example, in this case it happened because the name of the place was similar to one of the products of the brand. This means it is important to do your homework and understand the context of the trending hash tag before writing the trend. Contrary to this, there have been occasions were brands have successfully piggyback on trending hashtags, just like KFC rode on top of the National Fried Chicken Day hashtag. As soon as it started trending in social media circles, we will look at how to research and find trending hashtags in a port coming lesson. For now, let's continue discussing the other hashtag types and the strategy used in social media. Next, you can tailor your social media marketing hashtag strategy around industry based hashtags . These are the hashtags that directly symbolize a particular industry or a micro specialization. Within the broader industry, For example, it can refer to the hotel, real estate, construction, health and fitness, travel industry, and so on. Examples of such hashtags are travel tips, health tips, really state and so on. I'm sure you get the idea, Let's know, understand hashtags based on evens, whether you are attending and even as a participant, speaker, or even hosting and even using an even based hashtag group, all posts off. That event can boost your social media, reach even the based hashtag on a great way to engage and to participate in all conversations surrounding the even. There is an opportunity to mix and match here. For example, if you are a fitness blogger, you can ride on the even specific hashtags off the best marathons or half marathons in the world. If you are a travel blogger, you can use travel based even hashtags like the S a T w hashtag, which is meant for the Society of American Travel writers and their evens. If you're into fashion, you can make use a popular fashion events as and when that happened, like London Fashion Week, which uses still f w New York Fashion Week, which uses end Why FW etcetera again. The opportunities that even the based has stocks offer to you are limited only by your imagination. There are even is happening all around you at the local as well as at the global level and some of these evens, such as music concerts and charity events of extremely popular, which means that these hashtag have a great way to connect with like minded people. Let's now talk about the geo targeted of the location based hashtags. Let's assume that you are a local business, a drink or specific city. In such a scenario, you need to connect with your local customers by making yourself recognizable with local and city based George targeted Hashtags to get your business known in your city. Of course, you can further qualify it with your industry if you want to get granular on more targeted . Having said that, nothing is stopping. National and global companies who used city based local George targeted Hashtags who had breast a specific audience living in a particular city this way. The filter the conversations into specific audience segments which can in effect, help them to be highly targeted in their engagements on conversations again do not spam. The location has stands. It is also important to engage and sure in Christian other conversations within the location. Hashtag social is all about sharing and caring. You can perhaps retweet another tweet with the hashtag, and people will be generous enough to return such favors. Local hashtags may report to a particular city, for example, New York City. It may also be further qualified around the community concept. For example, I love NYC and so on again. You should always keep your mind open to mix and match city based hashtags with other types of hashtags. For example, you can combine a location with an industry in one hashtag. Of course, if it is already created, there might be already appalling for the hashtag. It is also important to note that location has tax can also refer who are particularly the new. Often even now, let's discuss celebration are occasion or you enter the Hashtags celebrations, festivals and special occasion has tags also garner a significantly high following and offer an opportunity for social media marketers who ride the wave. A few examples of such hashtags can be a new year 2017 2018 and so on. You can also create the same magic with Christmas 2017 2018 and so on. There are National Celebration days, weeks and months, which you can also use as hashtags. You can check out this resource to keep track off these celebration days and months and follow the related. Hashtags hasn't. When the happen, you will discover a celebration for every day of the year. You need to see if there is a hashtag to support it or, better still, go ahead and create a hashtag to celebrate a day or the month. For example, you have these national and international celebration days like World, A Book Day, World Wildlife, the International Women's Day, National Dessert Day and Ceron. The real magic happens when you are in a position to take advantage of these days and ride on the popularity of the Hashtags as the community celebrates these occasions. Somewhat related type of hashtag is the time of the year hashtag when you have hashtags for seasons like summer winter and so on holidays that gold. When it comes to hash tagging popularity, for example, try catching the New Year's Eve. Happy New Year, hashtag Merry Christmas, hashtag and so on. Social media is community based on people enjoy celebrating together in sharp. Never forget to pick advantage of celebration holidays and occasion based hashtags profession centric hashtag can also play a significant role in your social media hashtag in strategy. For example, if you are a photo clapper, there is a huge opportunity in following the photograph was Hashtagged. You can make it more granular and qualify. The professional has tagged with a micro specialization within the profession. For example, wedding photograph er, destination photograph for and so on. You can have hashtags for artists, doctors, ships, fitness trainers and so on. Another angle for further qualifying, a profession based hashtag, is to add the city or a location has stock. For example, you can have New York photograph er's California for the grabbers and so on impact. You can also combine three types of hashtags in one hashtag like Ah, for example, New York wedding photograph for mutually waiting for the grabber. Now let's take a look at descriptive hashtags descriptive hashtag scan Ripper to a person, a thing, a personality type, a place, an emotion, etcetera. These hashtag ceja American nature and may not be as granular as some of the other hashtags . Having said that, there is opportunity in using descriptive hashtag, which you should not ignore. For example, descriptive hashtag is like pretty sarcastic, gorgeous, clever, awesome snob, happy fun, beautiful, handsome, cute etcetera can lend a personal voice to your social media post or tweet and make it more interesting and engaging. Of course, you need to be careful in using descriptive tags so as to make it relevant to the post or the tweet. Remember, you can quickly ruin your petition if you spam these hashtag all day without relevance or reason. Product focused hashtags can refer to a specific product category like, for example, mobile phones. You can also further qualify it with a brand or a model to make the hashtag more specific and more granular people always search for and keep track off product based hashtags. It can be extremely effective to use brute of business stance because they establish a direct connection between your product and your target audience. Then there are the lifestyle based Hashtags. There is a tendency for people to connect with and have conversations with other people who have common lifestyles. For example, if you're planning to have a destination wedding for a beach waiting, it is very likely that you will follow these popular hashtags and join their discussion. Finally, let's discuss what I call the shameless plug Hashtags. These are hashtags that social media users use her blatant self promotion, like Follow Me or Like this photo Hashtags, for example. Another popular but related hashtag is the follow four follow Hashtag, which sends a message that you'll follow back anyone who follows you. That concludes our lesson on hashtag strategies for social media marketing. We discussed a large number of hashtag types, and if you mix and match or combine hashtag types, I'm sure you can create and discover several other innovative hashtags. The possibilities are indeed a limitless, and you are limited only by your imagination. Give wings to your imagination based on the perspectives you discovered in this lesson, and take your social media marketing who, ah, whole new level. In the next lesson, you will learn how to create Hashtags the right way where you will also discover the common mistakes to avoid and the best practices to follow. When it comes to using hashtag for your social media marketing, you are making great progress. Stay focused and stay motivated. I will see you in the next lesson. 6. How To Create And Use Hashtags The Right Way: hi and welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to learn how to create hashtag. It's the right way, the different ways you can use hashtags in your social media marketing some bad examples and some good ones says with. We will also discuss the best practices to follow and the hash like mistakes to avoid along the way. Let's take this course forward. Ask that basically categorizes different people who are not related in any way into the same group with a common interest as discussed earlier. Ah hashtag is created by including the hash symbol or the pound sign in front of a word or praise without spaces or contrition. Numbers are valued. Do Hashtags can be used anywhere in your post or weak even within a sentence? If it makes sense, it is suggested not to start a sentence with the hashtag go. If it is true, totally out of context, that is, unless the first board itself, which you were using as a hashtag, is responsible for creating a meaningful sentence, you can. Weaver has stag within a sentence if it has a natural flow to the sentence. For example, something like this. The first step of course, before getting down to actually creating hashtags is a complete understanding of your business, product or service. You need to have an idea about your industry keywords, and the charge on that is used in your industry, as well as an understanding off the typical audience. In terms of demographics and the court processes, hashtag allow you to project yourself to your existing audience, become visible to a new potential audience, join a conversation, voice your opinion and find like minded people like one place to discuss, engage and intellect, the predominance of super reason. In terms of hashtags, they're not, yes, sensitive, so you don't have to worry about that. But what is recommended is that you should use a maximum of 1 to 2 words in your hashtags at the most three words, and always keep it short and simple. And it's a good idea to capitalize each word. You don't want to make it too long, otherwise you can actually be very, very annoying to your audience. So, for example, if it turns out to be something like this, people surely scare your audience survey, and it's going to hurt your branding any time you put species. That's the end of the hashtag common examples of such mistakes. But people have species and hashtags anything that it would work. Maybe something like this. Another important thing. The Lord. Don't stop your post or tweet with too many hashtag exit variables of the same keyword you need to put yourself in other people's shoes. Make sure let your has stocks and the sentences that contain the hashtags, apparently today. Guess what. If they're not friendly to die and go topic, you combine them with some sort of direct cell. It's certain that you're hash faction. Spoil your online repetition rather than enhancing. It is important to know that sometimes less is more. Some people have the idea of saying Okay, I got a cool picture of this service or product or whatever. They might be hash tagging, and they're going to use a lot of variables off the same word or freeze with looters and other variations, believing that they're going to get a lot of traffic. But think about it. You have really human beings at the other end. They're just going to ignore it because it will appear Spammy couldn't at this point. It is important to Lord that you should be extremely careful with what you have stacked. Ask your said, Can you? It has that be used against you. Well, we can definitely be used against you. Of course, it may not always be easy to predict how social media users might use your seemingly innovative hashtag, but he should always be equipped to react and address to any negative situations that may arise. Butto the hashtags creating bad word of mouth across social media. You want the thing? Can this really be used against me? If yes, what can I do to prevent that for work? And I do so come back that so you need to be in a position to manage your online repetition . And yes, even big brands can go wrong. Sometimes McDonald's, for example, use the hashtag Magdy stories, which was supposed to show is great stories and good experiences. But can you imagine what happened next? People who had bad experiences began to include that has back in their posts and tweets. So whenever somebody has like this or look at the hashtag in the hashtag deed, they saw the positive stories as well as the negative stories. INSURE has Bagging is not an easy game. You need to its secular hashtags with caution. Sometimes these things are going to happen and Ewings. So maybe you could have a person in your company who's dealing primarily with the petition management to respond So those stories and turned them from a negative story to a positive story and do a hash tag on that. Perhaps so, as long as you have a game plan has tagging can take your business to greater heights. Now let's talk about some things which you can do right in your house. Talking strategy will plead in your hashtags. For instance, your hashtag message may work your advantage if it is actionable. When your message is actionable, the probability of generating a response and thereby a conversation increases. It may be difficult to get people to be active your message, but you need to create an opportunity. 1st 4 people do the act, for example. You can ask questions. You can evoke emotions. You can make them laugh or cry or even get them angry. You can show urgency and scarcity in your message. Have gold to actions in your message and so on. If you analyze social media conversations, you will notice that updates that ask questions evil emotions and gives an opportunity for the Social Media User studio. Yeah, I'm likely to get more responses and more interaction. That's what you want. You want people to interact with you. You want to grab your message in such a way so that it is easier for people to become a part of their discussion. You want social media users to jump into your conversation. You should also jump into their conversations as well, given an opportunity. And that is the way social media works. You need to make people feel important you need to give to get. As an example. Let's say you're targeting gamers and there's a new game that has been released for simplicity. Let's call it Space Invaders. 123 You can see space invaders 123 years out, making a hash tag off the name of the game. Who's the person was already got on it. Share your experience. In a message like this, you're tapping on the emotions off people who are really excited gamers in the Crew cents. Plus, you're giving them a sense of importance, and you're also saying that their opinion is valuable to you. In such a circumstance, you're creating an opportunity for people to start a conversation. You can ask them, What do you think? Offered asked who questions. Ask what questions asked how and other types of questions. I'm sure you can get your imagination ruling Now It's social media user. Start reacting and using the same hashtag in their messages. That's an indication that you're hash tag is working. Sometimes you may need that the engage with you in terms of lights and shares, and in this case, you can speak trivia facts. Share a court had some kind of intrigue and curiosity value to your message that will grab the attention off social media users on. They will be more inclined to like share and your message. It goes without saying that the content in the message has to be good enough. It won't serve your purpose if you have the hash tag, but the content itself is not exciting. Sometimes using visual content and videos instead of plain text complete the bus. It has been seen that on many occasions, image based content, a Kratz more engagement as compared toa simple text based Post. It is important that you include a mitts off media Hormats like pits, links the majors videos, etcetera in your social media updates. Another week create has stocks is to add controversy in your messages. You can use hashtags like cannot believe, unbelievable or the name of the controversy itself Hasn't hashtag whatever that might be. It could be a breaking news story. It could be something major that has happened and is like you to impact your audience in some way. You can ask, what are your parts on the controllers? Whatever that might be. Having said that, it is important that you do the research on the controversy itself and ensure that getting into this conversation does not harm the reputation of your brand. You can also incorporate humor well, creating hashtag hashtags letter Funny gives your message an opportunity to spread across social media. It's funny, witty or clever and catchy. Users will be excited to be a part of the conversation. The idea is to get a conversation going in the first piece. You should also use other people's hashtags inside of your response, so you're actually jumping into their conversation, trying to add value and piggybacking on their conversations. But don't forget to add value. You add some sort of value on a consistent basis through social media and use. Relive. It has stocks. You can always limped back to your article. Your blog's your video, etcetera. Remember, create periodically pursed and distinguish yourself from people who are trying to sell the birth and services only with Hashtags. The chances are social media users are just people lowering them. One mistake you can commit when pleading hashtag is to always use genetic and popular terms in common usage. Sure, sometimes it may make sense. But if you keep on using hashtags like awesome, beautiful, happy, clever and other descriptive hash gnats, which we have already discussed in an earlier listen, these want your target audience for you. Instead, you should try and create hashtag that are specific to your target audience, the cortex of your tweets and posts, and really went to your business. Another common mistake that is made is not to research the background and history of the hash marks that you plan to use before you decide to use the hashtag. Always plug it into instagram or Twitter Search and see what kind of images and messages pop up and whether these are in line with how you want to project yourself to your social media audience. And, yes, always try and look for meanings. That may not be evident on first plans, as there is a possibility that the hashtag can be twisted could present your brand in a negative manner. Another common mistake, which we have already discussed, is to use a bunch of hash starts in a message without any relevance with a post. Know that we and, yes, I do not commit the mistake of not keeping track of your hashtags, it is extremely important to crack, monitor and analyze your hashtags. It goes without saying that the biggest mistake you can make, of course, is not to use hashtag cycle. Remember, if you're creating hashtag senior messages, you're giving yourself an opportunity to be in front of your targeted audience who are interested in the topic of the hashtag who may or may not be a part of your existing plan and polities. Ah, well crafted hashtag can be the right vehicle for your audience to engage, discussed and connect with your business on social media. That's it. We have come to the end of this. Listen, and I would like to congratulate you on your focus, motivation and your persistence to compete this course Now you know how to clear it and use has that's the right way. You have also learned about the mistakes you should avoid and the best practices Sukalo. With that said, Let's dive into the next listen where you will learn how to research asteroids, find trending and related hashtags on more. I will see you in the next lesson. 7. How To Research Hashtags: Hi and welcome to listen Number seven in this Listen, you're going to learn how to research. Hashtag find blending aspect how to identify hashtag struggle in answer your reach How to detect hashtag strength. How to find related has stocks and more at the outset you need to do some research who kind of get an idea of what's trending, what's doing well in your specific leash, whatever that might be and really go from there. This is all possible through some pools, resources and websites always remember that the tools themselves can come and go. But if you understand the concepts well enough, you can always discover new tools to do the same job for you again. Let's talk about a website that basically shows you what is trending if you really don't have a specific productive service that you want to promote and you just want to get some ideas first and start doing some brainstorming, there is a specific website called stat. We expect Starcom, that is S t A T w E s t i C s dot com If you go to this website and click on the hashtag tab, you're going to see the trending hashtags within credit for us within this week. Within this month and within this year. You can also see what's moving up, What's moving down, what's remaining the same on what people are talking about. Basically, based on the time period you select. If you want to hone in on specific a trending hashtags, you can get a fair idea what is happening on this and similar websites and take advantage of trending hashtag X by riding the wave. This is one way of looking at it. There will be occasions and under most circumstances where you're not interested in the trending hashtags in general, what you are invested is probably the training aspects within your niche or industry vertical. What I recommend you to do in this case is to go to a website called Hashtag Dark org, which is useful for finding out the top trending hashtags in different categories such as business, technology, education, etc. Cra. It also includes a host up information on has stocks which can help you in your hashtag research. All you have to do is enter your hashtag and the website basically shows you kind of a credit for our trend. Love for a specific Hashtags. I can input my own and I can also select a hashtag from the popular Hashtags. For example, let me drill down on the social media hashtag As you can see, it gives you a 20 for our friend glove for the hash tag. Under the view, you also have the prolific user for the hashtag as well as the recent tweets, which in effect, get you an indication off the power users and influencers for the hashtag being analyzed. This kind off sets the tone for you When 32 a conversation regarding your own hashtag with people who are currently tweeting about the hashtag. Let's now move on to another word site where you can get related hashtags. Sometimes when you're trying to think of Hashtags to use to promote campaigns of products, you want to know how different hashtag say related to your main key. Word has stratified, not me shows you the relationship between certain hashtags and allows you to see how closely linked and how popular they are. The website basically showed related hashtags. You'll also be able to see a selection off posts using a certain hashtag top influencers, usage patterns and more. In this case, we are interested to identify the religion Hashtags for a specific main passionate. This is extremely helpful because you can see the inner parts of the conversations drawn intelligently from interlinked pleads with the main hashtag. As you know, a conversation has more than one word, but generally speaking, it has a mean team. This website allows you to see the main team unless all the words of the hash stands that are associated with that theme or topic in analyzing all these other tweets. So let's stick to the team that we talked about earlier, which waas social media and let's take a look at the conversation as an example. What this does is it analyzes a bunch of pleats extra top tweets, and it says, Okay, social media somehow is related to social media marketing. Ciman. Please book quicker. It's a grand, obviously, as human beings, we know that to be true. We know that if somebody uses social media as an hashtag, the user will most likey also enter the other Hashtags mentioned here. This basically gives an indication that the other hashtags are related to the main hashtag and this knowledge will help you to create a hashtag strategy and on your main cured as well as the related hashtags so that people in that knees or the target audience realize that Hey, this guy knows our jargon. This is a great pool, So basically draw set up hashtags. If someone has given you the main hashtag, go to your word, you can do a deep die you can identify related has stance and jump into the conversation armed with this knowledge, another thing that you can find on this website is the popularity and the correlation from the main hashtag, which again gives you an opportunity could pick an analytical approach to your hashtag strategy. You can use this as a brainstorming cool, and you can also use this with George these keywords down and then make sure that you're talking about it, too. Maybe if you have expertise in this niche, you can jump in and talk about me and hashtag as well as the related Hashtag, Sichel and Nancy. You'll reach in social media. The Social Media Analytics Search Tool, a talk walker dot com, allows users to easily measure the impact of hashtags looking at a variety of metrics, including mentions, sentiment, engagement, potential reach and more. It basically gives an overview of what is happening across social media for the brand or topic under analysis. There is another website called trendsmap dot com that is D r e N V s MLB dot com. If you want to see what a particular do location is talking about, Prince map will do the job for you. You can basically get an overview off the most popular hashtags off a particular location or at the global level. You can zoom in and out of the map to get the exact view that you want, and the overall effect is visually appealing. If you're tracking major global hashtags, and it's a great way to see exactly where the HASHTAG is getting the most attention, it can also be useful for researching and understanding how major events are being talked about across social media in different locations off the world. Remember, it's more important to focus on the concepts and use the Web sites as vacants only if you take your social media marketing strategy to a higher level. It's always recommended to continue your research and discover new tools and new insight with new features as social media, analytics and research is still evolving. That concludes this lesson on national research. In the next lesson, you will learn how to plaque, monitor and analyze hashtags, which is more or less a continuation of our topic on national research as many websites of overlapping features which allow you to research hashtags as well as the monitor and analyze Hashtags. After you complete the next listen, you will be in a position to use all the tools mentioned in both the lessons. But you should also learn to discover new websites performing the same functions. I will see you in the next lesson. 8. How To Track, Monitor And Analyze Hashtags: hi and welcome to lessen eight. In this lesson, you will learn how to track, monitor and analyze Hashtags again. Always remember to focus on the concepts first and be in a position could discover new websites and pools doing the same function. So let's David right back dot com As an r i D e e e e g dot com is an interesting website. The tool analyzes Hashtags and gives an indication of the strength of hashtags as well. A Stratus New hashtag score a topic. You can also get instant feedback on your hashtag choices as it analyzes the hashtag. As you type and comes out with its findings, you can find a whole most of sadistic. It's including the number of tweets retweets on potential reach. It helps you improve your own use of Hashtags by guiding you on the right past that to use and also gives data intelligence. But cracking and comparing popular has stocks that you may be able to use to improve your hashtag campaigns. Right back dot com does a good job in streamlining the process of finding the best hashtags by tracking, monitoring and analyzing the hot stocks that have been populated across social media had board dot com, as in t a g p o a r d dot com gives us natural off. Our hashtag is being used and brings together has that content you are watching into one place. You can also filter the results by social networks and see how asked used genius between different platforms. All of the hashtag dot com helps. You could crack, monitor and analyze social media data, although there are limits depending on whether you're using the free or the premium version of the pool. The website uses several variables to analyze the data from different perspectives. Based on your input. Search has added dot com as in H A s ich 80 80 dot com is a social search engine that searches hashtags on your favorite social media platforms. This website offers a quick and easy way to crack Hashtags as it brings all conversations based on the hashtag into one place in real time. When you see a hash tag on one of your social feeds or anywhere else, you can know more about the hash, not by using this website as a social media marketer, you need to be on top of the hashtag game as the means. Sometimes we associate it with your brand or product by social media users without you even realizing it. It is important compact mentions of your brand on social media by using simple tools like Google alerts so that you know in your product or brand is mentioned, and be in a position to respond and enhance engagement if the sentiment is positive and to reduce the friction that is created in social media, if the sentiment is negative, another point to note when it comes to tracking, monitoring and analyzing Hashtags is that the use of pass tax has been evolving and it is no longer restricted to online use only there are many times we see TV commercials, print and magazine ads with Hashtags, which means it will be to your advantage to keep track how hashtags are being used off line to bridge the applying online divide in marketing. If you are creating Twitter page campaigns, it would be worthwhile to include Hashtags to practice in, analyze and see if any conversations are taking place during and after your campaign for that hashtag. If you're creating contests, obviously racking hash bags associated with your contest is a must on social media. Before we conclude. Let's take a quick look at Twitter to find out how you can use hooter search through crack hashtags. The advantage of going the quicker we is that you are not dependent on 1/3 party website for your research, you can simply input the hashtag in the search box will attract them in real time. You can also use operators and advanced search, which includes Hashtags as a search. Great video on Britta. All sudden done hashtag tracking, monitoring and analysis is an important component of social media marketing and should not be ignored. A strategy on analytical approach to Hashtags online as well as offline can take your social media marketing to a new level. Remember hashtag excellent break. We filter the lies being generated in social media. Cracked campaigns create conversations and participate in discussions, all of which will add that it's trapped liver to your social media marketing efforts. It goes without saying that tracking, monitoring and analyzing hashtags will enable you to create content that appeals to your target audience, have meaningful social media conversations on build a community revolving around your products and your brand on multiple social media. Platt comes. That's it. You have completed this. Listen and you're one step closer to completing the course. In the next lesson, we will take a look at a few ever been hashtag that you can use a day in your social media marketing efforts. These are those popular hashtags that people use being Andy out to participate in social media conversations. Stay motivated, stay focused on Let's take the scores forward. I will see you in the next lesson. 9. Evergreen Hashtags You Can Use Today: hi and welcome back. In this lesson, you will discover those evergreen and popular hashtag so that you can use today to give winds to your social media marketing efforts. Least take note that evergreen hashtag so I'm refering to in this listen may not necessarily be the same as the trending hashtags we discussed in an earlier listen. Evergreen hashtag X are not restricted to a specific trend in a specific time period. On the other hand, there always being used by social media users their continual or recurring in major. And at those popular hashtags that are most used in social media circles. You will be able to reach a wider audience and a Nance your social media presence if you use these hashtags intelligently enough to clap your social media posts and tweets. Having said that, you need to strike a fine balance between these popular Hashtags and those that are more specifically targeted. Keeping in view your industry product service company brand and so on. Instagram tags dot com gives you a lot of these evergreen hashtags based on several categories. For example, you have animal tags, baseball tags, basketball, love, Dad's movies, music, nature photograph, e travel, food, fashion, entertainment and so on. You may take note that most of the evergreen and popular hashtag zehr universally applicable across multiple social media platforms. This may not be the case always, though, as some hashtags, maybe isolated, are restricted to a particular platform. But most of the time, the conversation does spill over across social media platforms. You can find loads off these evergreen hashtags at hashtag now dot co. As also, top hyping. Hashtag Starcom Web star dot me is another useful resource to find popular hashtags, which you can use today. There are hashtag like Happy Friday, but you can use on Fridays to signify the end of the week. You can also use transformation used a, for example, to show the world your change. Sunday Monday Hash tag Since the message that it's time to have some fun, you can Cory league this hashtag with your brand hashtag in the post or tweet to create an association off your brand to the message giving your brand a personality off its own. This, of course, will depend on how you want to project your planned in front of your target audience. If you do it this way. There is a possibility that your audience becomes less defensive and more inclined to listen to you when you actually send product based messages with product based hashtags. Courts are extremely popular in social media, and you can align your ports with the insta quote hashtag on instagram. Inspirational courts, when done right, can result in a lot of engagement. Having said that, making it a habit and deviating from your core message and philosophy frequent e can backfire in the long run. Inspirational courts are not something you want to share. Who often it's all about balance, really, and it all depends under demographics and psychographic off your target audience whenever you decide to lend a spark of motivation and inspiration to your posts and tweets, ensure that they relate to your product or brand yet has that stark gum is another great piece. To locate evergreen hashtags for instagram and Twitter, you should not consider a trending hashtag to always remain evergreen on popular as trending hashtags, A generally restricted was certain period, which is the time when they are popular. Remember, Hashtagged meanings can change over time, and people can misinterpret them further. Some Hashtags may not actually mean what you think they mean makes your to research the hashtag and see the kind of content that has been posted with that hashtag you do not want your message in a bad neighborhood along with derogatory content integrated with hashtags that you are using, ensure that you opposed the evergreen hashtags based on the time zone that your audience is online and the international timings. For example, if you post an evergreen hashtag like G, I am, that is thank God that it is a Friday. You need to take care off international timings and ensure that it is actually a Friday before posting this hashtagged. Since we are refering to the T. G I has take here, you will do well to know that there are the days of the week hashtag just like the couple of ones I had mentioned earlier in this lesson dedicated toe each day of the week, which can become a part of your pre scheduled social media posting calendar. It is important to know these hashtags as they can suddenly become trending hashtags on particular days of the week. And more important, you can predict that friend thereby enhancing your social media presence on visibility. If you can stay in sync with these hashtag so it can make your social media presence more meaningful, you can keep your social media accounts fresh with these popular days of the week. Hashtags Obviously not all of these hashtags, maybe reliving to you or your business so you need toe pick the ones that you can use as a part of your social media strategy. Let's check some of these evergreen hashtag. It's now on Mondays. You can use the Monday Monday hashtag to show that you can have fun at work, even if it is a Monday. On the other side of the spectrum, you have the Monday blues hashtag where you project the downside of Monday's just after the holiday weekend. Monday Blues is the perfect hashtag to its press profound grief because the weekend discover and it is back to the grind again. You can also bring about a positive tone to your message with this hashtag, depending on how you use it. Sometimes it can be rich diffidence. If a business or a brand can bring about a human side to its social media messages and that's where these hashtags come in handy Monday. Motivation or motivation Monday are positive Hashtags that can be geared towards any industry or business. Has every business can share motivational and inspirational quotes to start off the week on a positive note. To win over the audience, you can use this hashtag to inspire your followers and set the tone for the week. Another plus toe. This hashtag is that positive and inspirational post can to have the added benefit of getting more like stags and Re Grams music. Monday is another tag used to suggest music to people on Mondays. Highly relevant if you are in the music and entertainment industry, these hashtag dismembering about a lighthearted side to your business or brand as well. I had mentioned about grants permission to use the HASHTAG, which is otherwise known as BT. In short, this hashtag can be accompanied with a before and after photo or a situation showing your progress or transformation over time. This can be great or showing off improvements in your processes, CES customer service standards and so on. Transformation used. They can be used in different ways, depending on what message you want to get across. If you are a personal trainer, for example, it's a great way to show results with a before enough, a short. If you're selling products and have a new model with new features, you can show the transformation or, if you prefer to go the inspirational rule, you can even showcase some of your clients with their transformation. But using your products or services, basically, you can show how your product the service has transformed the customers are other businesses. This is a great way to get testimonials coupled with an evergreen hashtag hip used A or used a tip. HASHTAG is effective for any business to show off your exp But these are knowledge about your industry in front of your audience and share your hearts to help your target audience . Then you have the travel Tuesday hashtag, which can become very meaningful for specific industry verticals. But you can also relate your message using this hashtag with some fun and exciting destinations and places to visit and put a human side to your social media messages. You. State Street is one of those evergreen hashtags, which is frequently used to offer something of value, which is special to your audience again. If you offer great things that your audience has a taste for, they will look forward to your used a treat hashtag every Tuesday. Having a regular user tree will be useful in building anticipation and engagement with your brand on social media platforms. If you have technology related advice or a gadget to shore, share it along with the pick used the hashtag While you're at it, you can also ask a tech related question and initiate a discussion or conversation with your audience. There. Take me back used. It can be your first. No, Australia has tag off the week where you share old photo or a message off your business or brand. Perhaps this can be a way to show the evolution off your product or brand over time. Let's talk about the grid, Mr Hashtag. It's now first you have with Mr Wisdom or wisdom witnessed A, which has a similar tone or message with a Monday motivation. And you can use this hash tag with your words of wisdom, which appeals to your target audience and Israeli went for them. Then you have the way back Witness T or the Blue BTW hashtag, which is against similar to the take me back. Use the hashtag, and any company, business or brand can use this hashtag teau showcase old photos off their early years and bring about a nostalgic element into that social media you question on witnesses. You can also have another evergreen hashtag called Wellness Witness T, which is best suited for health and fitness brands, where you can share tips and advice on food or diet, nutrition, fitness, etcetera, brands and other industries can also use this hashtag with their own twist to make it more meaningful and relevant for their audience. We all know what the hump they has. That means you can have a negative perspective or a positive side to it. For example, you can use it to showcase their difficulties of the week, reflecting that you were in the middle of the week and have a lot of distance to go. Or you can set a positive tone to your message and congratulate yourself and others from making it through the first half of the week. Just celebrate what you have accomplished already this week and motivate your audience to join the celebration. Are you can even share something inspirational and motivational to help people push through the rest of the week. You can also use the witnessed a workout. Hashtag keep it is relevant to your business personal or corporate brand. You can perhaps share a health related tip or your team members can take turns in sharing them. Favorite. It's a size or health food. The way back witnessed a hash tag is yet another opportunity to take a trip down the memory lian and be nostalgic yet again. The wine witness day is for the wine lovers are there. If it makes sense to send a message with this hashtag do lift a glass of wine for your audience. Throwback Thursday or E V. P. Hashtag is similar to the way back with Mr Hashtag, but is more popular in social media circles. This hashtag can be put to good use with an image of something that already happened some time ago, so something you or your company did in the past. Your company's growth brought out the services you are four years ago. It can also be a clever way to post something that you may have missed the opportunity to post when it actually happened. There has to be a method to use this hashtags. Do not use this hashtags just because you can use them. Use them only if it makes sense to your audience, your business and your brand. The tank full Thursday Hashtag is another evergreen hashtag, which is highly reliving for reflecting on things to be thankful for, and you can really engage and in 32 a conversation with your audience. But using this hashtag and asking them to name something that they are thankful for. The bank, because the hashtag is also an opportunity to show gratitude, were lined customer or employee off your business. You can also use the thirsted hearts hashtag to share your thoughts with a court, along with an image or something original reflecting your brand philosophy. The Friday night hashtag is an evergreen hashtag, which can be used for asking about weekend plans are sharing them as you ease into the weekend. The Pride of Monday hashtag is also used at times to show pictures of your team members having fun as the weekend approaches. Or you can share something funny to symbolize the hashtag post amimour. Something funny to bring about a relaxing tone to your social media post as your audience slides into the weekend mode. The fall of Friday or hashtag So it's strictly popular and evergreen in the crew sends and can be used to pad and highlight other people of brands work following. And it can be a great way to highlight brands and deliver jewels and, in general, from making more meaningful connections in social media. The F F or the follow Friday or the feature Friday hash taxes. An opportunity to spotlight another user on the social media platform. And this in turn, Millie could them returning the favor, which happens very often. And Social Media. The Flashback Friday or F B hashtags, which are somewhat similar to the throwback Thursday hashtag, but not as popular, can be used to follow the same team of sharing old vintage pictures to recollect something from the past. If you happen to miss the opportunity, proposed that old picture on Thursday, this is yet another opportunity to big in your archives for a look back. Please note that all the hashtag we're discussing now should not be used frequently, and it's not at all necessary what do you use all the hashtags mentioned in this lesson? The best practice is to use these hashtag sparingly, and more importantly, it should make sense and be really living for your target audience. The Passion Friday or the Friday passion has tag can be used by fashion houses regularly to showcase their creations. Other plans can also use this hashtag by bringing about their own pursed, perhaps by highlighting a team member wearing a new outfit with a passion. Prayed a hashtag. Let's look at the weekend hashtags. Now you can use the Social Saturday hashtag to share something that's fun and amusing and relive in for the weekend keeping in my Indio brand image. There is the Saturday swag hashtag, which is ideal precluding brands but can be used for other products, services and brands as well. Sochi's stuff that relates to the lifestyle of your audience. The Saturday night Hashtag, which is similar to the Friday night Hashtag, is fairly open, injured and can be flexible enough to be used for sharing any type of ongoing weekend activities or events. You can post a photo of your fun evening as long as it is in context, and your audience relates to the message. You can also use the shout out Saturday hashtag to give a shout out to one off your team members or take this opportunity to bring one of your plans into the spotlight. Finally, if you do not want to miss out on Sundays, you can use popular hashtags like Selfie Sunday or S S and get personal by having you and your team member speaks. Lt's or show pictures off your office or even itself. Use with your products and post them on social media. With this hash tag, you can take this a notch higher by getting your audience to post or tweet there. Sylvie's with your products as well. The Sunday Fun Day hashtag can also be used to share what you are up to on a Sunday afternoon or even suggest a fun activity for your audience. That's it. You have now learned a large number of evergreen hashtags, which you can use throughout the week again, use these hashtags only their relevant and in context toward your brand stands. For then there is that generate can always never doing moody hashtag, which you can use frequently. You're sparing you, depending on your business. The court off the the has tag is another generate but everything hashtag, which you can use when you come across some words of inspiration that you think would be relevant for your audience. Using these evergreen has stocks will definitely help your brand and Nancy. It's visibility could new audiences on social media. But there are some ground rules to using these popular Hashtags never used and never been asked that just because you can use it, it is important that your brand or your business belongs to the hashtag. Before you leave in a Russia, cry out all of these wonderful new hash backs you have learned in this lesson. Always remember that all of these hashtag are constantly being used by majority off social media users. And if this will be the only strategy that you used, your content might be, but it very quickly in a matter of minutes, you can take your social media marketing to a new level only if you combined your targeted and branded hashtags with these ever been ones in an intelligent and cohesive manner, keeping the interests off your target audience in mind, and that is an important step to growing your presence and visibility on social media. Congratulations on completing this lesson on Evergreen Hashtags. You are in the final lap of the course. Stay focused and stay motivated. In the next lesson, you will learn about a few hashtag campaigns and case studies which will help us to practice the art of social media marketing with better results going forward, I will see you in the next lesson. 10. Hashtag Campaigns And Case Studies: hi and welcome back. In this lesson, you will learn about a few successful hashtag campaigns and his studies, which will enable you to discover how hashtags can become. The vehicles were reaching out to your audience. There are basically two is friends can take advantage of cash tax. First, they can create their own has stocks and, secondly, taken right, don't blending Aschatz. There is no right or wrong strategy year, and one cannot say with certainty whether creating your wound has tax is better than using trending hashtags or the other way around. Let's explore a few examples and see how brands creating successful campaigns are. Hashtags. The first successful hashtag campaign that comes to mind is Bodies Want and Ari Campaign. It's a classic example of social listening were already launched the hashtag campaign, based on a social media user Street who actually coined That's that and tweeted authority about how badly she wanted the RDR. It is you're wondering who was our defend who had created this has this is her Twitter profile. I already took notice and seize the opportunity to turn the hashtag around into a full fledged social media campaign that was immensely successful already created a contest out of it and gave an opportunity for users to be one of the lucky pants to win and Ari for a team all social media users had to do was create and share a post on Twitter using the hashtag want and Ari. It was a campaign that achieved tremendous success in Britain as it increased awareness and desire, or darty Ari. The campaign also undermined the incredible power of social media to generate organic word of mouth and a Nance reach Another. One of those stopped about hashtag campaigns happened when GFC took advantage of the naturally trending National fried chicken, the hashtag and with extremely successful in writing the trend. As it happened, it worked out well for KFC as it weaved it spoon promotion into one of the more popular and trending Hashtags celebrating the National Pride Chicken Day. Of course, it's brought up perfectly complemented and naturally trending hashtag, and it got the engagement and the reach as the audience was highly targeted, consisting off booties in social media. Another interesting hashtag campaign, which was carefully crafted and immensely successful, was the colors hashtag my old swingin polo, the ash back was basically combination off the words polo and colors. The brand wanted to engage the digital savvy audience and came up with the idea of encouraging social media users to join the conversation with this dedicated hashtag. They organized a tweet race and ask users to become Poehler's. Every time a participant tweeting with the hashtag, a virtual pullo on their dedicated micro site would move and that participants would take the first position. The person to send the last week before the car crossed the finish line would win the contest. And obviously, a brand new car was the price for the winner. The hash. That campaign was a huge success and regenerated more than one lack 50,000 tweets within eight hours. At an unbelievable rate. Oh, my cleats per second. The share a Coke has. That campaign by Coca Cola was yet another highly successful social media campaign in which the strategy was to create the company's logo on bottles for two P off the country's most popular means. Social media users had the opportunity to have a generic name out of the 2 50 names printed on Coca Cola bottles and were encouraged to share these bottles with friends and family members. They could also share their experiences in social media with the share a Coke hashtag and those who shared were entered to have the photos featured on the company's website. When people found their own names, the natural reaction was the snap a picture and posted on social media. Coca Cola has since then created other portions off this campaign with success. Yet another example of a successful hashtag campaign happened when Penny's Diner took advantage of the trending hashtag college in my words and rode on the back off to create huge engagement in social media. Then his diner had a brand personality off its own and was well known for its funny tweets . You must have seen that comin praises like college, in my words, as a hashtag can take apart off with spoon and spread all across social media. Much of Chinese social media content is geared who it's initiating a conversation, and they took this actionable hashtag and made it their own by relating it to their plan and were therefore successful as it caught on with everyone starts on their college experience is ah, well crafted, good on campaign with a that unites strategy can inject new life into your social media presence. Further engagement with your friend Onda Nance. Your reach. This was amply proven with Domino's Let's Do lunch hash that campaign targeting its followers with the upper off a cheaper visa. The promotion basically reduced the price of a particular Pisa by a certain amount during a given period every time someone put it with the let's do lunch. Hashtag this type of campaign, which benefits the entire group for participation and is built upon group mo mentum and crowdsourcing to lend wings to the campaign is a great way. Who is a witness about a particular type of Pisa and at the same time increased sales as well as generate word about across social media. Dr. Martens was well known for its footwear, and it stands for something. Hashtag campaign was a highly successful social media campaign, as it was a clear case of associating a personalized plays with its brand at a symbol of self expression and individuality. It was successful in enhancing the core values of a brand, evoke emotion and give a reason for social media users to share their own experiences in relation to the stand for something hashtag another hashtag campaign would mentioning his experience through me back hashtag, which was the desert offer twist to the popular crew back first hashtag, which we have already discussed in a previous listen. The brand took advantage off a highly popular hashtag and leveraged it to create its bone hashtag, where Expedia asked social media users to Paige nostalgic posts with the roomy back hashtag and gave a few social media users the opportunity to visit their destinations in the posts and tweets. The travel company was extremely successful in tapping the emotional side of social media users on travelers, highlighting that it is all about experience and memories you create in your travels. That sets the tone to remember things in the future. There are several others successful hashtag campaigns that are worth mentioning, but I am sure you have gained inspiration and learn from these incredible campaigns which demonstrate how powerful Hashtags can be in terms of building and engaged social media audience. Always remember to keep your campaign consistent with your brand image. For example, you cannot support to be funny if you're Brandis pursuit to be serious, and you want to men in that image in front of your target audience. If you want to engage your audience, you need to give sufficient reasons to them so that they can engage with you. Be responsive and make it a point to participate in your campaigns as much as you can by interacting with social media users has that campaigns are effective when their creative and will align with the brand. The main challenge is to send signals, not distinguish your brand from the rest of the noise that is already prevalent in social media. Has stocks have a crucial role to play, and it goes without saying that they are here to stay? Congratulations, you are just one step away from completing this course. In the next video, I will share a few final parts and leave you with enough reasons to explore the fascinating world of past bags in social media. I haven't see you that 11. Final Thoughts And Next Steps: hi and welcome to the final video in the course. It has seen an exciting journey together in our quest to understand how to use hashtag in social media marketing. Thank you again for staying focused and motivated to travel the distance in this course. Now that you have understood the nuts and bolts of how to use hashtag senior social video marketing, it's time to execute your hashtag strategy and cut through the social media noise to make your brand the heart of conversations. In all probability has tax will continue to be relevant as a means to filter relevant information from the digital platter? Because without saying that the integration of past acts in your social media marketing and proved to be a powerful tool to create a significant impact and build a social media community around your brand has that's now play an important part in everyday conversations and are having a significant impact on our social media landscape. In short, hashtag activism is influencing the way social media is evolving and giving social media users and marketers the Mo mentum reprise social media conversations. I can't wait to see how you use hashtag in your social media marketing. Thank you again for making me a small part of your life in this learning experience. I go to see you again in another course.