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How To Use GMAIL To Maximize Your Productivity

teacher avatar Kosio Angelov, Productivity Expert, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (2h 20m)
    • 1. Welcome Message From Kosio Angelov

    • 2. Overview Of The Entire System - What Can You Expect

    • 3. How To Set Up Gmail For Maximum Efficiency

    • 4. How To Consolidate All Your Email Accounts Into One (And Why)

    • 5. Inbox Zero Fundamentals - The 5 Strategies That Make It Possible

    • 6. How To Decide Which Emails To Keep And Which Ones To Discard

    • 7. How To Quickly (And Easily) Unsubscribe From All Unecessary Emails

    • 8. How To Create An Unlimited Amount Of "Throwaway" Email Addresses

    • 9. Advanced Unsubscribe Technique

    • 10. The ONLY 5 Actions To Take With Each Email

    • 11. How To Take Your Processing To The Next Level Using Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 12. Filters Are Your Best Friend - Use Them To Boost Your Productivity

    • 13. How To Use Labels Propely

    • 14. Typing Speed - Where Small Impvorements Lead To BIG Results

    • 15. How To Secure Your Gmail Account And Make Sure You Never Get Locked Out

    • 16. Advanced Security Options - Taking Your Gmail Security To The Next Level

    • 17. Boomerang for Gmail - How To Schedule Messages To Be Sent In The Future

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About This Class

A step-by-step system for reaching inbox zero, drastically reducing your email count and increasing your productivity


Do you ever feel like you can never take a break from email... that you can never get ahead of the constant stream of messages coming your way... that instead of you controlling your inbox, it controls your life?

I for sure did.

I was spending HOURS PER DAY IN MY INBOX and I was always behind... never catching a break... never seeing the coveted "inbox zero".


I decided to fight back.

I read all the books, took all the courses and put all the gmail and inbox zero tactics to the test. Some worked, some were a complete waste of time and some needed a little tweak.

I ended up creating a step-by-step system that allowed me to go from 3651 unread emails to a constant inbox zero in just 60 days.


You can get all the battle-tested tactics so you can get back control of your inbox, eliminate all the stress and start using Gmail productively and efficiently.

Here is just a taste of what's inside this course:

  • How to set up Gmail for maximum efficiency
  • All the options, features and tweaks you need to enable in order to turn your inbox into your productivity hub
  • The ONLY 5 tactics you'll ever need to ensure that you are always on top of your emails
  • How to consolidate all your emails into one inbox for easy access
  • How to get rid of ALL THE UNNECESSARY emails that don't belong in your inbox - less emails to process, less time needed
  • How to create an unlimited number of "throwaway" email addresses - this simple trick will blow you away
  • How to process emails in record time
  • The easiest (and quickest) way to decide what action to take with each email
  • How to make Gmail do all the heavy work for you with the proper use of filters
  • How to DRASTICALLY REDUCE your email count
  • Increasing your typing speed with this simple tactic will turn you into an email processing ninja
  • How to make sure your Gmail account is fully secure
  • Use this simple technique to practically guarantee that you Gmail account is never going to get hacked
  • And much more...

This is a step-by-step inbox zero system that you can start using today. Just login, watch the videos, follow along and watch your productivity soar.

Gmail can be your productivity headquarters... but only if you know how to use it properly.

It is time for you to:

  • Get in charge of your inbox (and your life)...
  • Start using Gmail to its fullest potential...
  • Drastically reduce that time that you spend in your inbox...
  • Finally achieve (and keep) inbox zero...

Are you interested?

Let's do this!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kosio Angelov

Productivity Expert, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author


Kosio Angelov is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of the "Lean Email Simple System" and a master trainer in the art of "doing the right things, the right way". Enroll in his courses and learn how to be "Successful By Design", how to break the busyness bubble, achieve exponential productivity and live life by design, not by default. Whether you need a productivity boost or to reach inbox zero and tame the never-ending flow of emails, Kosio's strategies will get you there... fast.

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1. Welcome Message From Kosio Angelov: Hey, welcome to the program. My name is Cole CEO. Angela. Finally, I congratulate you for taking action. So many people are so frustrated about email, they get thousands of emails. They spend our Senate remarks, but they don't know nothing about. No, you You should take action. You enrolled in this course, you took the most important the hardest that now it's gonna get easy. Now you're here. Now I'm gonna show you assistance. A step by step system on how to use Gino more for the if you have to use it to its fullest potential because a lot of people use Gino. But really, the people use it to its fullest potential. And if you don't, it's like having a very nice, very expensive car that you just keep in your garage. You never take it out for a spent. So the goal of this entire problem is to show it how to use Gmail more efficiently, more effectively. She can spend less time in it. The idea is last time in email and Gmail More time is something more productive. Because if you spend hours in your in box, then this is This is time that you could be spending doing something more productive. Something is going to get you to your version of success or closer to your goals. So the entire goal of this program is to get you to use Jim O to its fullest potential. She can essentially Indian, used less of your time doing it. And it's a system. It is a system. And you have full access toe. So good jumps. It is key to go at your own pace. There is no rush. If you want, overwhelm yourself. Do it in the not recommended. But you can the point that I'm trying to make years go at your own pace, Jonah. Do it. And they in a week in a month in year, completely up to you. You here have access to all of it. So go Jump is I don't want this to be something that overwhelms you. So if you take a few videos then you take a pause. Then you continue perfectly fine. You're here. You have access to everything. Go at your own pace. And I don't want you to be scared of the technology technology. Super. He's if you have a Gmail and I'm assuming induces, you're in this course. That's all we need. None of technologies. Hard work. I'm not gonna overwhelm me with something that you won't be able to understand. It is super easy. I'm gonna show you a live demonstration of absolutely everything gonna hold you by the head . And I'm here 24 7 for you. I'm gonna answer all your questions. Have a question posted below the video post in discussion boards. I'm here going toe. Answer your questions. Having sort of that I wanted in this first video, I want to show you four keys to success. This entire system is going to show you how to use Gmail more productively. This is going to show you how to use this system, this course more productive. How do you get the most out of here? So instead, the what step number one is? I want to follow the order. Everything here is designed in a specific way. It's a system. So follow the order. Don't even you might be tempted to skip to the skipped A module number three for them. And then you're in model three and then you watch the video and then you're like Wait. Where is this coming from? That's because you skip. That's because we discuss something in more detail that relates to module three. So even if you think that you're already know this skim through the videos. At the very least, follow the order. There is a system. There is a mandatory madness. So follow it and you're going to get the most out of this entire step. Number two Step number two is I want to disregard whatever does not add up. Okay? You want something you like? That makes no sense to me. That is completely wrong. That's fine. I'm not here to tell you that my way or the highway. I'm giving you a system that works. It works for me even worse for thousands of other people. But it does not work. Ah, 100% of time for 100% of the people. So I'm gonna teach you a lot of stuff. I'm gonna teach you with a lot of strain. It applies in most cases, but it does not mean there is no other way to do it. I don't know it all. I know a lot about Jima, but if something doesn't add up you watching their like that makes no sense this regarded. That's perfectly fine. Having said all that, I want to also keep on open mind. Okay? Some of the stuff is going to be counterintuitive. What you've learned before, it might be counterintuitive. It might be the opposite of fortune. Currently. Don't. That's fine. Keep on open mind. Go through the training, go through life examples implemented, and then the site. Don't just disregard to say that makes no sense. I'm not going to do it. That's it. Keeping hope of my go through it implemented and then made the decision. Maybe. Maybe you realize, huh? Another implemented. Now I see what he means and it makes sense. So he open mind. And the last thing that I want to touch on in this introductory video is there. Stop versus mobile. Gmail is huge. Get on your phone. You can get on your tablet. You get all dressed up on the laptop. You can even buy a fridge with email capabilities. But that's for a different video. The whole point that I'm trying to make here is you can get, you know, on any poor for most of what you're going to learn in the scores requires you Toby on the desktop. The gold jim o dot com and log in in order to implement, wants to implement their It works 99% on old platforms. Implement only that stop. Then you grab your phone. It works, but you might not be able to set up on mobile and let me We're going to discuss futures and futures for some reason. You cannot set him up on your iPhone or in the Andhra you can go stand up on your desktop. They're going to work on your phone, but you cannot set them. So once you go through the views, I don't want to be like what? Where's the iPhone version? Where's the android force? Set it up on your desktop. It's going toe work on your mobile phone, but you might not be able to set it up on your phone. And if I need to show you how to set up on your phone in to show for people to use 100 for people to use iPhones for people to use Nokia for people to use blackberry and then chance there, I'm still going to leave somebody out. So to keep things need to keep him uniforms. We're going to discuss in 99% of time how to do things on the desktop. So implement on that stop, it works on mobile. But to keep things simple, going to show you how to do it on desktop. So that's how you maximize your time here. You maximize information to training the system by following the order keeping open line. This regarding will doesn't make sense to you and implementing everything should Lord on the vessel. Welcome to the course. That's the whole point. I wanna welcome you want to congratulate you for taking the first step is going to be a fun journey. It's going to be an easy journey and at the end of it, you'll know exactly what to do. She can spend less time in email and you can take the time invested. Is something more productive? More fun, Something no related to email. It's a system. It works. Just give it a shop. Just follow the order, do the exercises and I promise you, at the end of it, email would be something it should look forward. It's not gonna be something you like. You open your phony like have so many emails. You don't want to even open your inbox for going to eliminate all the stress going to eliminate all the overwhelmed M O is going to become something that helps to become more productive, not something that stresses. You're so welcome, Little Course, I'll see you in the next video. 2. Overview Of The Entire System - What Can You Expect: Hey, welcome to another video from Gmail for product. If the in this one I want to give you a brief overview of this entire course. You know what it is that you can expect now? A big fan of setting the expectations, right? She can make your own adjustments. I want you to know exactly what's coming in. What order is coming? She can prepare yourself mentally because the better you state your expectations, the more you can get out of this entire course. So, as you see, there gonna be six modules currently because I'm always updating this program. But the main modules are six. We start off with module, um, one, naturally and marginal one isn't intra motive. This is where we are currently. This is work which is going to get to know each other. You're going to get to know me. What's to come? So this is the intermodal, then. Number two is where the magic starts happening. And number two word likely going to discuss. How do you set up Gmail for robbery? Because chances are you already have a Gmail account, otherwise he wouldn't be here. Let's be honest, but how do you set it up properly. I'm gonna walk you through the different options that you can use the optimize your Gmail account. How do you set it up? One of the options. What are the little tweaks you can go to maximize your productivity? This is all in module number two, which is the 1st 1 from the actual content. Then after you set up your GMO property, we're going jump into. How do you get less emails? How do you get less emails in the inbox? Because the less emails you get, the less not meaning to spend processing that we couldn't talk about. What are the emails that deserve to be in your in your in box? What are the emails that don't belong there? How do you How do you make the decision? How do you eliminate the ones that don't belong there? How do you prevent him from coming? Because the name of the game is toe. Yet listeners, not the process. Let's see most but to get less enough, seen any books? So I'm gonna show you a very simple yet different than what you might have seen before system for getting this. He knows so we can make sure that the emails that they're currently in your involves they're going to get there in the future are the ones that deserve to be there. This is all in module number three. Then once you know how to get less emails and you're actually getting less emails we're going to talk about how do you processes e mails? How do you process them in the fast, effective, efficient manner she could spend less time doing? We're gonna talk about what are the different options? How do you do it? What a different extension that you can use toe. Maximize your productivity. You're getting less. See, most you know how the process and faster the next one is. How do you secure your account? Because, really, the way we think about security when we think about email. But let me give you this example. Everything or at least 95% of your accounts online required to have on email and password. If you lose the password, the only way you can get it, the only way can reset is to send an email back. So you're e mail. What happens if somebody can actually hack your Gmail account. They're not only going to get access to your personal information to the emails, but then they can go and view, said the pastor, and gain access to absolutely every account. That's associate ID with your Gmail account. And I'm not saying this to scare you. I'm just pointing out that knowing how to security account is vital. And, of course, Jim, I go. They do a phenomenal job it making your account more secure. But they also provide you some options that few people know that can get it to the next level. It can get it to be even more secure. She don't have any risk of getting your account hacked because hacking is one of those things that people think it's not going to happen to me. Trusting it happens to a lot more people than you realize it has happened to me. This is how I know how to secure my count, and it's a horrible frost is having to get back your account from being and the last module module number six. Let's jump into something more positive. Model number six is where all the bonuses are. You gonna talk about different extensions different programs. How to get it would even though the higher level So 1st 1 is an introduction mortar, We get to know each other. Then the next one is How do you set of geo properly? How do you get less emails? How do you process the emails that you get half security account and a few very interesting bonus section with all the tools, all the extensions we're going to review them. We're going to discuss which owns are actually useful. Which ones? They're not so useful. So this is a basic overview off what you can expect by the end of this, By the end of here or even by the end of here, you're beginning less emails. You will process them much faster and overall, you'll be less stressed out about emails. In general, you know how to use Gmail in a productive manner. She casement last time in it and more time doing something more productive and is where this goes in the first video. This is so I urge you toe follow the modules in the pre describe order. Of course, if you're right now, you're getting inundated with the most. You just cannot get on top of the power. Females feel free to jump here. But if there is, if you don't have a particular problem right now that you're facing Dejima. But you're just wanted to get it to a level where it's less stressful and you spend less time. Follow the order. The most you can get out of the system is by following the order because it's assistant. If you can just wants that, then something to going on to discuss here. Mainalnd mixes because you've skipped this one or something with this custom here doesn't make sense because you skipped something here. So this is what you can expect This These are the six modules I want to have. A very clear expectation of water is to come in with orders to come. You can make your own judgment in how to approach this entire problem. How much timeto invest in it because I know everybody situations different. I know. Ideally, everybody's gonna go through the program in the same order, is gonna watch all the videos. But I know this is not realistic. People have lives. You might have kids. You might have limited time. You might be doing this on your finals week. If you're still I know everybody's situation is different. So won't you to do what's best for you. But in order to do that, you need to have a clear expectation off what it is. The camp. So these were six motors. We're going to start with how to set up Gino. This is what's coming next. So see you in module number to heaven. Amazing. They and I'll see you in the next video. 3. How To Set Up Gmail For Maximum Efficiency: Hey, welcome to module number two in this one we're going to discuss How do you set up Gmail properly? And let's be very clear when I say properly, I mean in a way that maximizes your efficiency. There is no right way. There's no wrong way of setting Gmail. There's only different waste. And fortunately, and unfortunately, Jim O offers a lot off options. So my philosophy on this is very, very simple. If you don't you something than disable it because there's so many different features, and I doubt somebody out there is using all of them. So if you're not using something, disable it so it doesn't distract you because you don't need distractions. When you enter your email, your here to do one task and want, ask only to process all your emails. And the more distractions you have, the more you risk going to inbox to do something and then realizing 30 minutes later that you clicked on a link that took you somewhere that took it to Facebook, that took you to watch some funny video. So if you don't use it, these able it. That's the philosophy here and before we get started, As you see, this is a brand. You Gmail account yours. My a little bit different might look a lot different. I'm using a brand new brandy fresh out of the fresh out of box Gmail account. So just follow along. I'm gonna show you a lot of options in this video. Just follow along the buttons. The options are always going to be the same even if you're just right now opening in books and it looks a little bit different and the last thing I want mention as you might notice, I'm currently using a Mac computer makes no difference. What use? Whether your Mac person, When those person makes absolutely no difference. Gino looks exactly the same. So I don't want you to be thrown off by the browser that I used by the computer that I use . Yours might be different. It might be exactly the same regardless, the GMO interface is going to be the same for all of us. So enough talking about this. Let's get started. Let me show you how to set up Jim O for maximum productivity. The first thing that I like to discuss is what's called display density and you can give from right here when you click, This little icon displayed this. The gives you three different options comfortable, cozy and compact. And the difference between these is basically how much space is in between the lines between your emails. So I usually if you click on cozy, you're going to see what the difference is. It changes how much space is right here. I'm a big fan of the calls you want to me. The counter comfortable one gives you way too much space. The compact makes it very hard for you to read stuff. So I would say, if you have no if you, If you're starting from scratch, use the cause you want. But if you, for some reason need to use any of the animals, theyre here. Click through them. As you soon assumes you click, it changes. So collect through all these, see which one makes the most sense. But I would say Stick with a cause you want. That's the best one that works for most people, and that's a little just a fun little thing to get started. It's not really a vital setting, as you might imagine. So how do you get to the settings, you click on the same icon and then you go on settings. This is where the magic happens. This is where the major settings this is, where our this is, where you can optimize your inbox. Some of the stuff is going to be automatically, said few, and it's perfectly fine. So if I don't mention something, let's say the maximum page size here. You can change them stuff. If I don't mention it. If we don't talk about it, then use the default setting. Whatever Jim O provides you, that's good enough. The 1st 1 that I want you to unable if you don't have it is right here. Send in our hive. I want you turn it on show sending our hive bottom in reply. What that does is gives you the option. Once you re polite to somebody, let's say somebody send your name bullets. The ice in Geneva, you got an email you received that he open it. You wrote me a message back instead of having to send and then go back to your inbox and clicking. The are high button. Even neighbors has sent an archive. It allows you to just click the button, send the email. I have the message. It makes it much more fast. It makes it faster, makes it more efficient. So enabled option right here. The next one that I want. Your neighbor is the one that's right underneath says unable. Undo sent. This is a lifesaver, Some. But sometimes you just type anymore out you look the same. But then you're like, Oh, my God. Why did I say this? Oh, my God. I have a misspell or oh, my God. Plugging your own freak out as soon as you enable this. It allows you a 12th period between clicking the send button and the email actually being sent. And these 10 seconds can make ah huge difference. You realize you miss about something or you didn't want to send them or you miss build the person's address. You can just click, undo, and the email doesn't get sent. I find that 10 seconds is ideal, but feel free to make a list were making more. So whatever you do just enable this one is going to save you a lot of stress because it allows you toe undo a sent email in 10 seconds. And this previously was not an option in gym. Oh, you can only find it in labs. And now, because so many people using it, they actually made it part of the interface, so enable it just right, click here and then choose whatever you want. I would go with then seconds. The next one that I wanted to enable is keyboard shortcuts right here. Keyboard shortcuts. Turn it on. We're gonna discuss in the processing in the processing module how to use keyboard shortcuts and why they're so important and how they can save you so much time in so much effort. But for now, I want you to come here right here and enable it so keyboard shortcuts and click on the next thing that I want us to discuss is this thing right here. The people which the people would it allows you to display more information about participants on the right off each conversations and you can really hear and learn more is going to show you what that means. It means that on every email you're going to get something like this. He got here the name of the person you get what's your what's your relationship to them and then some pictures. If you're not using Google, Plus, if you're not using it, then this makes no sense to be displayed. Because if you're not really active on the social network of Google plus than the information, this place here is just a distraction. So unless you're a big fan of global person, used a lot in you communicate with friends or family or colleagues, or would have you enabled us. But if you don't, I would strongly advise you to hide it. You just makes things need. It doesn't distract you. It's not really a thing that a lot of people use, so I would advise you to hide all the other features right here. Oh, the other settings under general are perfectly fine, so just crawl all the way to the bottom and click safe changes. That's very important, because if you don't save them, if you just change them, but you never click the safe changes. Nothing will actually change. So that's a Sfar as the general, the General tab ghosts. Then you can go under labels. My philosophy on labels is this. If you don't use it hide it, and if you don't use it on a regular basis, that's when I mean if you don't use, because all these are very nice. But how many times do you actually use? Do you actually go in this map for how many times do you actually go in the trash? Chances are you might go there maybe once a week, maybe once a month, maybe even less so. If you don't use it, hide it. For example, start the most I don't use starting. Most probably you don't use them as well, so hide it, see it becomes automatically. It starts getting a little bit more organized, sent email. If you know somebody that goes into their sent emails all the time, I'll suggest you hide. Same goes for drafts if you don't use it. Hide. Same goes for all the other ones, whether it's in the categories or the system, labels go through them and leave only the ones that you actually use. In my case, in most people's cases, that is inbox, and maybe maybe the sent email, So whatever use, keep it on whatever you don't use hide. And by the way, if you hide it you're not did leading anything. It just goes right here under more. So if you click show, it shows here all the time. If you click hide, you just need to click more and go. It's just two clicks away, but it makes things much more organized, much more need. So again, Whatever you don't use, click on the hide bottom. Then if you go under in books, this is where the biggest difference in your account is going to be. And before we get into the actual changes that I want you to make, let me give you my philosophy on your inbox. Gino currently currently allows you to have multiple inboxes, So if you go to inbox, you have a primary. You have social, you have promotions you might have even more. While they might seem like a phenomenal feature at first, to me, they're a big distraction, because now, instead of checking just one in books, you have three in boxes, and you're not the one who makes the choice of what goes under. Social world goes under promotions. World Ghost under Primary Jim O makes the choice for you and this phenomenal and amazing your gym. Oh, is it is still based on an algorithm. It's a machine. It's not. Somebody is not a person behind your inbox. The decides which email goes where it's based on an algorithm, and when that happens, chances are sometimes you're going, they're going to make a mistake. Something and needs to go in. Primary is going to social. Something needs to go in. Promotions is going to go into primary. Having more than one in books to me is a distraction. My philosophy on email is this. You should receive the emails in your inbox, only the emails that actually deserve to be there. If there is an email that's under promotions that does not belong in your inbox, it should not get into the in box and all, regardless of which tab using, because it's just a waste of your time. A lot of people keep a lot of important most in primary and then promotions something that they check out from time to time. That is not a good idea. You should be on top of your inbox all the time. You should know how to process all the emails. If on email should not be in your inbox. It should not be in promotions. It should not be in social, very to keep it very simple and very clear. I think you should disable all these options and stick toe one inbox. And you might be thinking, Oh, my God. Who has? He's saying this. I love this features. Once you go through this entire problem, you see, you'll realize that there is a much better way if you just keep everything in one inbox. So I want you to disable the social, the promotions and everything else you might have. So how do you use your going settings? You go on settings again, and then you click on inbox right here. I want you to disable social and promotions as you see your left only with primary, because this is one that you cannot disable. So you'll see why this works. You see how it works? They don't. For now you have to against trust me on it. Just disable. This is going to save you a lot of time. You're going to be crossing your emails much, much faster. So once you disable this, just lift primary and make sure this setting in box that is left to the fault. So once you've done this options click save changes and you see you went from a very disorganized three tab inbox to just a simple inbox that this place all your emails, trust me on it. This is a very, very good choice, and this is a much better choice there, having to choose between three different taps. So let's continue with settings we were on in books, accounts and import. There's for now nothing that you really can do here. We're going talk about Emma consolidation in a different video. For now, you can skip the counts in import and saying goes for futures and broke out of citizen importance innings. But not really important right now. Same goes for forging and all this. This is phenomenal features. We're going to discuss them later. For now, click on chat. My philosophy and chat, as you might imagine, is if you don't use it during it off. If you don't use it, turn it off. This is going to turn off this entire future over here. It allows you to chat with people. If you're not somebody who chats with people using Gmail chances are you might be using your phone. You buy abusing What's up? Your five. Using a specific job program? If you're not using Jim O chat, just disabled, you don't need it. You're not going to use it. Just clogs of space provides more distractions. So click on off and then click safe changes and you see this whole section here disappeared . It's already becoming much more clear just from doing that. Those few settings. So let's go back to the settings. If my computer decides to load, that would be awesome. So we're waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. So we were in the charts. Let's continue labs is something we're going to discuss in the bonus section. You can for now just go through these. There's there's some cool labs there, sometimes useful, sometimes not. So much can go through this, but we're going to discuss them in great detail later. Offline. Nothing to change here, teams nothing to change here. So the major change that you did are in general and the biggest one of all Waas in inbox. You disable these and you went from this inbox. This was the initial set up. As you can see is very cluttered, toe what we currently have clean organized. It just already can relieve your stress just by having less options, less buttons to click from. So we went from this. So this you see there is a dramatic. There is a dramatic big change, and you're already on your way to being less stressed out about email because everything is much more organized. So this is the first step in getting more productive and more productive use out of Jima, setting it correctly. So go through the settings. If you need to wash the video again and follow through, click all the correct buttons. Disable enable all the options and you'll be on your way to having a much clean inbox. So that's it for now for this video in the next one, we're going to talk about how to consolidate more than one email in tow, Juan Gmail account and why that is important. How to set it up for now. Go through the settings, click on the correct buttons, enable and disable what we discussed. Organize your inbox in a more effective and efficient way to the airport you don't use and I'll see you in the next video 4. How To Consolidate All Your Email Accounts Into One (And Why): Hey, welcome to another video from module number two. In this one, we're going to discuss email consolidation. And if you haven't heard this term before, it is a very fancy way of saying combining all your email accounts in the one. Why would you want to do this? You might be asking yourself why I heard what I wanted combined and get more emails in Gmail. Well, the logic is very simple. Instead of checking 345 or how many accounts you have, you consolidated everything into Gmail and Jim O becomes your hub becomes your headquarters this way. You just need to log into Gmail one place wanting box and take care of all your emails. What air? There, Personal business or want Outer won't ever. Outer accounts. You have. It just makes it It makes it simple. You don't have to remember different passwords for different accounts. You don't need to check more than one place. You just check Gmail and let this be your hobby. Your headquarters be your only place that you check emails. Maybe you wanna have a personal account and you have a business account for your business. That's fine. You can use Gmail as you help. So how do you consolidate emails into Gmail? It is a simple, two step process. First of all, you need to make sure that all your emails from all your secondary accounts come into Gino . Second, you need to make sure, and sometimes this is optional, but you need to also be able to send emails as your secondary account. So if you have, let's say a personal account and you have a business account, you want to make sure that all emails coming to the same in books in this case GMO. But you also want to make sure that you can send emails as yourself, the individual and as the business. So how does enough of on introduction? Let me show you how to actually do it. You log into your primary account, you go settings settings again and the screen that you'll be working with mainly for email . Consolidation is accounts and important. So let's start with how do you get all the emails into your primary account? You've logged into your primary account. Now we need to logon to your secondary counts, and I'm gonna show you for one. But the process is the same. You just repeated over and over again and you can add up to five different accounts. So let me show you how it works. You log into your secondary account and for this example, I'm going to use Jim. Oh, you log into your gym account of the Hartnell REAC O or whatever you have the process going to be very, very simple. In this case, I'm going to log into my secondary gym account. I've already logged in. If you haven't just click out account and TV email and to your password surprises stuff, So open the secondary account as well. So the point of this exercise is so we get all the incoming emails going forward from the secondary account, Which is this Do the primary again. How do you do? He log into the secondary account. You go in there settings, you click on settings. But instead of going to the accounts and import, you want to go to forwarding and pop IMAP. So what we're doing here is we're going toe add a forwarding address. This way. Any email that comes to the similar letters is going to be forwarded to this email address . So again you're in the secondary account under forwarding and pop. So you just click here and you had a Nemo where all your Amos are going to go to. So in this case, we want our emails to go to the primary account soap. Simply. Just enter your account. You make sure you don't have any misspells, and then you click on next. So you just sent her an email click. Next. So this is just going to give you a confirmation that you're forwarding all your emails toe this email address So absolutely double triple quadruple check. This is the correct email. Others. So once you do this, they're going, Jim, I was going to send on email confirmation to your primary artist. This is to ensure that you have the correct address. So just go into your primary and wait for anemia, and you see g mail forwarding confirmation received email as secondary email. So opened this and you're going to see a lot of stuff. You don't need to worry about it. You just need to click on this confirmation link. You just need to click and once legal form, wait for a little bit Fujimoto load and you should be all set up. You see, police go for forwarding emails from secondary account toe primary account. So why is this? Confirms once. Sometimes it takes a little, but sometimes it just you click a button and that's it. The days, obviously the day that this is going to take longer than expected because I'm recording a video. So of course it has to be today. Come on. Okay, I had to click it again. No idea why, but usually you just clicking ones and that's it. So that's it. Now, any email that's sent to the to them so the secondary email account is going to go in through the primary and you can delete the confirmation email. You don't need it again. That's it. So now all your emails from your secondary account are going to go in the primary. If you have more than one Jim account, you do. You repeat the same process. You log into it, you go to forwarding. You add your primary address as your forwarding. The process going to be a little bit different is going to look a little bit different if you have a hot New York counter if you have ah, Yahoo account, but for sure, most of the main email providers give it the option to forward. So just log in, maybe need toe. Look for it a little bit, maybe contact the support, but there is going to be affording after just enter the mangy Madras. You have confirm it, and that's that. So step one complete step one. You need to make sure that all your secondary emails get in tow the primary. Now, how do you make sure that when you're logged into your primary account, you can email as your secondary account? How does that happen again? You log into your primary account, you go under settings, you go on their accounts and import. Now, here you are, working with the sin email ass. How does this work right now? If you go to compose, you see that you cannot really select who you're sending the email from, because you only have one in matters. So you go in there. Sandy MOAs had another email address. You don't you just click on the link is going to pop up here. You add your name. This could be your name. It could be a business name. It could be a different name that's using had whatever you need to add and then add the secondary email, others you have. So if you remember, the secondary moderns for me is this one. You click on next steps and then make sure that you spelled everything correctly and then click on send verification. Now the opposite process is going to be. Instead of checking your primary account, you need to check your secondary. So you're going to your inbox. You see, I received it automatically. You click in the confirmation link, you click and confirm. Hopefully, this time is gonna work from the first time, and that's it. Now, if you go into your now, this is all set up. You can see I can send email as my secondary email account. So here's how the magic works now typically composed and sometimes just takes a couple minutes. So not perfectly composed. Come on, should be working. I know you're working. Today's definitely not the day to record his videos, but we're going to persevere because this is technology and you cannot let ah single problem stop you in your way to progress. So Leslie composed Come well. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer, but you can always verify that you've done your job correctly by going to your settings, going toe accounts and import. And you can see send email ass as long as this is here, sooner or later, you're going to see it's going toe. Update your account and you'll be able to send There you go. So previously, if you remember, you couldn't change the from it could only say two and enter the email that you want to send toe. But you could not. You didn't have the option to choose from. Now he can see I have my primary account and I also have my secondary account and you can repeat this process up to five times. You can have upto different five different centers, so the process again was. You go into your primary account, you click on your Golder accounts and import Sandy Mos. Add another account. You add your secondary account this time because you want to be able to send as your secondary account. Then you go into your secondary account. You click on the verification link and that's it So now what happens is I can completely ignore this account going forward, because any email that comes here, if right now you send me an email here, I'm going to receive it right here. And he for some reason, I want to e mail somebody as this Imo account. I don't need to log in here at all. I just need to log into one primary account plea composed and just choose the correct account. And I show you how this works for Jim O. But the process is relatively 99% exactly the same for any otter provided you might have. So if you have a yahoo right here, you still look you still, you go to your secondary account, you click forward whatever that wherever it might be, and you enter your primary account. That's it. Now, all Yuri most on your secondary account. They're going to go to the first. And then if you want to be able to send as that email or that person or daddy in books, you go into your primary account settings goal under accounts and import. Send Mos, add another email. You all if you have your own to me or you're able to download your emails toe outlook. You're going to have this pop three settings. You can use these as well. And of course, naturally I cannot. I cannot provide instruction specific instructions for each and every email provider, but it always works the same. You forward the emails from your secondary account to your primary, and then in your primary, you add another email your own, and then you're able to send email as your secondary account and receive emails that go to your secondary, come into your primary account. It sounds a little bit too complicated, but it's super duper is. And if you have any questions, you're a little bit lost the technology. Sometimes you can get confusing. Just send me an email sent me an emo I'll doing best toe walking through the entire system or even better, post a comment in the comment section or the discussion boards so everybody can see. Maybe have on a well account. We're going. I'm gonna walk into real process, and then somebody else down the road is going to have the same question. Now. They don't need to waste time. They need to post another comment. They can just go into discussion board and see how the process works. But the idea of this video super simple. Consolidate all your emails into one. Maybe have a poor, similar business. Maybe have more than one personal some people have on email that they have some sort of an attachment. When you were a kid in the open email, you know, Dungeon Dragon 54 now you also want to be to have something more professional. Instead of checking two email accounts or three or four, consolidate them into your one mangy mocha. Make your life super easy. So that's how you doing. Email consolidation. If you have any questions, forced him in the comment section below. I'll do my best to answer as fast as possible so we can consulted at your email and make your life easy. Having an awesome day and I'll see you in the next video 5. Inbox Zero Fundamentals - The 5 Strategies That Make It Possible: Hey, welcome to modern Number three. In this one, we're going to drastically and dramatically lower the Mondavi most that you get because listen, you can be the best that crossing a most. But if you keep on receiving the other vemos that do not belong in your in box, then it doesn't really matter. You can never catch up. So in this entire module we're going to discuss how do you get less emails which emails belonging books, how to remove the ones that don't belong there and all that amazing stuff is going to allow you. I don't spend less time enables because there's nothing would go less emails last time in the inbox, more time for you to do something more productive. Something more exciting, something more fun than email. But before we get into the tactics, I want to show you the fundamentals off in books zero. If you haven't heard this thing before it simply amis having no emails in your in box because you're on top of it because you process everything and we're going to discuss the tactics in great detail. I'm gonna show you everything we change to know in order to eliminate the emails don't belong in your inbox. But I wanted to start force with the fundamentals and the fundamentals. No, for Gmail, particularly these air fundamentals for inbox zero and they supply toe. Any involves that you have. Once you master these once you master this mentality than everything else becomes that much more efficient because I can show the tactics. But if you don't know the logic behind if you don't know why these tactics are there, how do they fit in the system? Then they're not as efficient. So I wanted to make a brief overview to show you the fundamentals off inbox zero. And you can see they're only five. And we're going to go through in very fast. They're super easy. There is nothing that you were like. Oh, my God, like I don't get it. So these they're super easy. But we need to first start with the broad overview, get the entire system, get the fundamentals, and then we're going to get into the actual tactics into the actual things that you can use . But this is going to take it to a whole new level. So without further ado, the inbox zero fundamentals. First, the first key to succeeding with Inbox zero is what I call three times by 20 minutes. And these you might have guessed. This refers to how many times you check your email and how much time you spend in. You need to be on top of email. You need to control your inbox. No, the other way around. And the only way to do it is to have a pre designated time and a cap on the time that you can spend in your inbox. Because how the people usually approach the bosses, they open it, they keep it open all the time, or they check it whenever they have a time. You know, we have five minutes before the next meeting, you quickly scroll to your emails, you quote unquote look for important ones. But then you always feel like you're behind, because every time you check your email, every time there's gonna be at least one email. It's not 10 or more. This puts you in charge. This putting control. You know exactly when you're going to check your email. Exactly how much time you're going to spend and three times by 20 minutes gives you an overall off. One hour, 60 minutes, one hour. Predict any for right now you're thinking, but I get so many emails, I cannot spend one hour. I need at least Oh, then this module is exactly for you because you don't need to be spending more than one hour per day in your email. If you're doing it and your job is not associated with the mail, you're nothing support or something that relates directly to email. Then this module is exactly for you because you shouldn't be spending more than one hour. So you need to start with choosing three times during the day saying, Okay, I'm gonna check my email at 10 o'clock. I'm gonna check my email after lunch, so I'd want a cloak, and I'm going to take it one more time. At five o'clock, you put the time around. You have 20 minutes, you process or your emails your in control. You no longer need to check your email. Whenever you have the time, you have a designated time. You have a cap on how much time you spend that pushing control. As soon as you get control of email, things change dramatically So three times 20 minutes. Number two number duke is you need to process all your emails. And by all I mean, every single email that comes to me box. After you're done with this module, you only be receiving emails that belong there. But for now, you need to internalize the idea, the cheating process or your in laws. Because what happens if you don't? How do you judge for Nemo is important or not? You can only do it based on sender or subject line. But here's the thing. Not old people, right. Good subject lines and e mails. Oftentimes that air sent for businesses from companies. They have amazing headlines because they're designed to catch your attention. But these were the emails that you don't need to be receiving. This is the most that waste your time, so you need to get into the habit of instead of processing only the important, the most unique to process over. And you see how all this fits into the system. Once you go through this motor, once you've eliminated the emails that don't belong in your inbox. But for now I want to start processing or he knows you check your email. You check your in box three times the 20 minutes each and he process everything. Is there the open email? You deleted? You replied to it. Here I have it. Or you Ford to somebody. That's it. But you need toe open each and every message, and you need toe processes. Otherwise, you start piling up. Let's say you don't have the time. You're like me. A process. These emails later later never comes, because later, when you log in instead of 10 emails that you didn't process and I have 10 plus 20 new once and then you don't process some of them. And then that's helping start piling up. And that's how one day in a month, a year from now, you open the box. And how did it get 1000 unopened ninos? That's the way you don't you process or emails. You don't run the risk of getting toe unimaginably big number of emails. Rule number three. The rule number three is something that I call the one touch and his you might have figured out from the actual wanted troop. You open your inbox, you process Auriemma's and you touch each and every email Onley. Once you open it, you need to process no more. I'll open it. I'll see if it's important. And then based on the importance, I'll see if I need to process you process or e most, you process them. Once you're going through in books, you open email and you do something with it then and there. Imagine that you're not allowed to go back in the in box and open that even you open it. You need to do something with Danity. That's it. You replied to it deleted. Send it our have it for later or you Ford. That's it. You open email, you process it then and there. And this that's creating float because you go from complete lack of control of email. He opening whenever you can. You process some the most. You process everything then and there you start being controlled, and once the momentum starts going, you're going to see how everything becomes that much easier. Rule number four a rule number four is you need to disable all notifications. Grab your phone, grab your iPad, your tablet, whatever you have that you can receive. Email went and disable the knowledge stations. You're on top. Agreement. We have a schedule time. You know you're in charge. You don't need to be getting notifications that are going to the structure, because the worst thing you can do is constantly be distracted by you know, you're working on something. You're writing something. Then poof anymore comes in and poof anymore comes. That's distracted. And every time you get distracted, it can cost you 21 minutes. Scientific research to regain your focus, you do it once. Not a big deal. You do it three times you've already lost potentially one hour. Just because you got interrupted, you're in charge. You're in charge. You have a pre scheduled time. There's no need to receive notifications every single time getting email. So grab a phone, grab everything that receives in une mail and these able you notifications. And number five, the last one. And this is a bonus one. Never check your email first thing in the morning or lasting at night. Why's that? Did you ever have you ever to sit down and think what actually comes in your email? It's not something that's really important to you. It's what other people need from me. It's other people's agendas. It is not something that important to your life is more important. Toe everybody around you. So what happens if you check in first thing anymore? Rarely that those good news come in your email, ready open the moon. And then there's, like, this amazing used. It just sparks you up and get you accept. Usually it's bad news or something, something that happened during the night or somebody needs something from you and it stresses you out. So get into the habit of not taking your email first thing in the morning. And no, now it's a is the thing you just roll out of bed, you haven't even opened your eyes. You grab your phone and you look for 14 called important masters. Never first thing in the morning never lasting tonight. Same things for the same thing saying thing goes for lasting and that what happens if you check your email before we go back? Either you're going to get something that's going to create a to do list that's going to keep your brain going, because now I need to figure out ways is gonna fit. The more we get a bad news. Hey, your server is now. Hey, you have this meeting tomorrow that you didn't expect. This is going to prevent you from having a good night's sleep because it's not really productive. There's nothing going to do about it then and there he just going to keep your mind active . Preventive formula, flee. The next day you're exhausted, kills your entire productivity so scheduled three times in situate that it's never first thing in the morning and never first thing at night. My ideal time is 10 o'clock in the morning. After you've done something super important, you wake up, you got yourself a breakfast, maybe exercise. You did something important on Lee. Then you check email. Then one time after in the afternoon and one time in the early evening, maybe 567 o'clock and didn't give yourself enough time to relax. So did that yourself from work. And then you just go to bed. So this is the five pillars rules, keys to success. Whatever you wanna come. Once you start following these inborn zero becomes, release becomes not something that you've heard about people doing. You've heard that it exists in some of your friends might be doing it. It becomes a daily reality. You keep it every single day following these rules. Once you get these and you combine them with the tactics that we're going to discuss specifically Teoh Gmail your time that you spend you need books in the stress associated with it cause dramatically that so is it. Invokes the inbox zero fundamentals. Now, you know, three times per day, 20 minutes, each processor the most the want the truth that she most only wants these able notifications Never first thing in the morning never lasting at night. And I'm gonna show you how to reviews your email account specifically Ngema. But I want you always to keep these in mind because this is the grand overview. Everything else this is this charge. Everything is you're going to learn its tactical. But the tactics don't matter if you don't have the proper strategy. So that's why I wanted to make a specific video. She can learn the inbox zero fundamentals. So apply these as soon as you can, and I've seen in the next video 6. How To Decide Which Emails To Keep And Which Ones To Discard: Hey, welcome to not a video for a module number three in this one. I want us to discuss the different types of the most that you get and why some of them belonging in books and others should not be there. So this is the theory is going to help all the tactics that are about to follow because each one of us gets a ton of emails and there is a there is a big percentage that does not belong in any book. So before I show you how to eliminate all those I I want to show you how to distinguish What are the different types of emails? Because if you don't know if a email should be in your inbox or shouldn't being any books, knowing how to remove it is not really going to help you, because you'll be confused where you should keep it or removing. So before we get to the removing, I want to show you what actually needs to be removed. So once you get into the right mindset, the tactics are super. He's so let's get to it. There is generally two types of emails that you receive first are very typical hands when I call personal e mails these air emails that come from people that know you person these are people that maybe are your friends, your family, your colleagues, your co workers. It doesn't matter. Somebody who knows you personally knows your name knows We are knows your email has sends you a personal message, something that's dressed personally. Do you receive a ton of these? So I don't need to explain for the second type of e mails is what I call non personal e mails. These air typically most accuracy from companies and websites that don't necessarily know who you are, even if they have your name here. You're John Here, here customer 115 year, even if the most says Hi, Joan, we're so glad that you're part of our whatever. So these were typically emails that come from a company from a website. They don't come from ah person, and these can generally be split into two categories. Category number eight is the information that you receive can be found elsewhere and category number category B is information that cannot be found. Elser. Let me give an example. Let's say that you receive on email from Amazon. You know you went on Amazon or any other website. You bought something, and then they send you up an email that says, Hey, here's what you both here is your confirmation Hughes, your tracking number. Here's your fax information. Whatever it might be, it's important information. It is not personally interesting because you're not getting email from a person getting email from somebody server. You're getting a company email, so that's a non personal email. But Kenny find information elsewhere. Chances are you cannot. You receive the tracking number, and unless you keep that email, there's no week and get the tracking number. Other than you know, you call the customer service or will have it. So this falls into this category. We'll force. Here is typically social media updates Your own Facebook. Here on Twitter Europe interest. You get an email that says, Hey, you're a friend Just posted this. You get an email in your inbox. Is no person addressed you because it's coming from the social media website. But the information can be felt elsewhere because if you go on Facebook or on Twitter or whatever the website is, you can see the same exact information. How, given out example, something that falls in the no personal category newsletters. All of us subscribe to some sort of onions that maybe some marketing use it or it's some sort of technological newsletter or news news that or sports these air updated to receive their no person addressed to you. But information can not be found elsewhere. Most of times most of times is their emails that are specifically designed for subscribers . So if you delete that email, there's no we can get the update on something. But they are some newsletters which air, let's see subscribed to a block and every week, the same journey, mo se saying. Here's the five polls that we posted on the block. It's no personal to you and you can find the information elsewhere. So now that you know all this, what do you think are the most that you should keep and you should? Well, it's very is everything this person invest you naturally. You should keep everything. There's no personal and you cannot find information elsewhere. You should keep everything that there is no person and you can can find information somewhere else. You should this regard because it creates redundant because you get an email that, hey, five, your friends post this on Facebook. You don't need that anymore. You can go on Facebook. You can check Facebook on your own later on, and you're going to see the exact saying information. So if it's personal, keep it. If it's not personal and you cannot find information elsewhere, keep it. If it's no personal information is something that you don't necessarily need to be in your email to receive. Then you should this regard the email and the whole point. The whole point of all this and the whole point of this entire module is 24 one. We're tryingto increase imports were trying to keep in your inbox Onley things on the information only pieces of information that are important to you. You should trust that every time you open in books needs can three emails. It's not going to be a waste of it. It's not going to be an update from ah website. It's used three months ago and you bought a jacket and now they're send you couples. If you care about the coupons, that's different. But if you just didn't even know you subscribe. And now they keep on bugging you with updates with coupons with the latest deals. But you don't care about the company. You don't care about the products, then this decreases the importance because you cannot trust every single time you open in box that the information that's found there is something useful. So all we're trying to do here is increased the importance your bogging through invokes, and you can trust that 95% is actually something that you wanna read this person dressed you or something that's actually important. Maybe it's a tax information. Maybe it's a tracking number. This is important stuff. This is something you should receive. But the other thing that we're trying to achieve here is reduced. Redundancy. Reduce redundancy. Don't waste your time because if you receive an update about what happened on Facebook or linked in or on Twitter, and then you go on Facebook later on, or on twitter or length or whatever you face, whatever social media website years and you can't see this information so you found it in your email. You scan through it. You know what your best friends are doing, and they'll hit only going on Facebook and then discovering the same exact information. This is a waste of your time because you can go on Facebook straight to Facebook and skip your email. So email such as these that redundant should not come pick your inbox or maybe updates about recent posts. If you're on the recent post, you can go to the website that you're subscribing toe, and you can check out the post on your own time while they come to your inbox. They interrupt your foot because maybe you're checking email. First time of the day is before a big meeting, and now you're seeing coupons and updates from social media websites. It's It's a distraction so always ran to achieve. Here is increased importance can reduce redundancy. You should trust it for you in the opening box. The stuff that you're going to find the information going find the emails that you're going to find our person dressed to you or important and important does not need to be cut and dry. It's not a cookie cutter. If it's tax information, it's important if it's updates about your sports team, it's known important. It needs to be important to you. So put it in very simple terms. If you get an email, this not person addressed to you and you ask yourself the question right here. If I never received this email ever again and the answer is, it doesn't make a big difference. Then chances are this email should know becoming dream books or if you ask yourself, Wait, do I have you care about this and you're like, Yeah, actually do. Even though it doesn't make sense, maybe doesn't make sense to anybody else. It's important to me than that emotion cup. So it's a It's a liberal art. It's not a heart size. This is what you should keep. This is what he should. But this is going to dramatically help you when deciding what emails to keep and what emails not to keep. Once we go into the tactics, because I'm gonna show you how to eliminate the majority of the most. They don't need to be in the in box, but the decision off water stay there and what shouldn't is completely up to you. But now you have a framer. You haven't framework Nike in the side, though I need to keep this email do. Why not? Do I have to not keep the semen? And now when you get into the tactics, it's gonna go much faster. You wouldn't waste any time being like who? Not sure what to do here. You're gonna know the tactics, and, you know the strategy, the mindset that goes behind. So remember this increased importance reduced, redone. That's every mother to get should be important and should not be redundant. If you can get the information somewhere else, then you should be getting in your email your email should. The only for communication is that's what it is. It's Elektronik. Now it's for communication. You shouldn't be getting any of reminders. It should appear to do list. It shouldn't be a place where you entertain yourself with the latest news. It should be for communication between you and the world. Whether that's your friends, your colleagues or companies and businesses attract with that depends. That's personal to every person. So remember this increased importance reduced redundancy, and now we're going to jump into the tactics and I'm going to show exactly help implement all of this in Jima. So I hope you have an amazing they and I'll see you in the next video 7. How To Quickly (And Easily) Unsubscribe From All Unecessary Emails: in this video, I'm going to show you how to mass unsubscribe from all the emails that don't belong in your in box in the previous video with discussed, which are the emails that you you should not be receiving at all. In this video, I'm going to show you how to actually eliminated how to find possible emails that you can unsubscribe from and prevent them from ever coming in your inbox. And it's a very simple process, and I'm gonna walk you through it right now. As you can see, I've logged in tow a dummy account that I have that I used just for demonstration purposes . And I have 1962 on the red emails. But don't let that shock you. This is just dummy account, and this is just for demonstration purposes. So the slow way, the not reductive way of doing it is you can open each of your emails one by one, and you can see if you can possibly unsubscribe from those in most maybe their emails that come from a from a company. Or maybe it's a emailed. It comes from a marketer or some sort of ah newsletter that you subscribe to. So you can always click on one email and scroll down to the bottom and see there is a way to unsubscribe or change your subscription options or something like this. This is the slow it Let me show you the productive way. So I'm going to give you a ride below the video. You're gonna find ah, least off cures that looks like this. And it forced him. I look a little scary, but let me break enough use. You see exactly what's going on. Essentially, this is a list of cures, you see. Answer, Describe off, out. Unlisted. So this is just a bunch of key words that you can search for and find potentially Musto unsubscribe from and the or this is just something that Google and Jim O use. So you're essentially searching for this keyword and this keyword and this cured and all these keywords combined. So instead of the one of one by one, I want you to just gravel these you confined arrival the video, so select all of them and then just right click copy gold to your Gmail and in the search bar can go in your inbox. It doesn't really matter in the search bar just based, so it might look a little bit unfriendly. They own care. Body just copy pays the holding. Click the search button. This is going to display all the possible emails that you can unsubscribe from, and G Well, there's a little bit of a poor job here because he sees says about 90 70 most, and you might think 90 70 most not such a big deal. But if you start clicking the 97 become 1 85 then they become 1 50 out of many. So it might seem like you don't have a lot of the most to get rid of at first. But the home led the numbers for you. So you came here, you pace. It'll this and you clicked on search. So the best way to approach this is you open the 1st 1 and you know what you receive. You open the MoU. Hopefully, no, Who is it from? If you have no idea how he got the same or if it's a company, you're a person that you don't really care for. You can go down and click the unsubscribe button and I'm using this just for demonstration purposes. I'm not going toe really? Go through a waste your time showing you how the process goes. But it's very simple. You search for all this, you decide. If you want to keep this, then go ahead and just click the next button and go to the next one if you want to unsubscribe from. Here's a perfect example. This is a new email from Twitter, and this just gives me updates on who I can follow. But if I really want to find people to follow, I can go to my Twitter account and I can do with their I don't need to be receiving this email. I don't need to be receiving any, most from Twitter, for that matter. So all we need to do is just go down and look for some sort of an option that says all tout or on subscribe or change your setting. If this Aimo is here and you search for what I'm showing here, then there's going to be an option to opt out. So in this particular case, all you need to do it. Just click off out, and then there you go. Success e mails like this will no longer be sent to whatever this. You know, whatever I've used for different purposes. So now you've helped it out of this particular email type. So you just delete this email and you're never going toe. See, you're never going to see an email from the same person. So in the same matter, just go through all your emails. I want to keep this one goes from excellent. So I want to keep this one. Make the decision. Is this something that's forcing addressed to you? Is this a portion that you care about? Is the information important to you? If the answer is yes, keep it. If the answer is no, Colligan subscribe and the process going to be a little bit different. Sometimes you just click, and that's it. Sometimes you click a need to confirm sometimes you to click and anti email, but it's super simple. There's nothing complicated about just go email by email and you goingto unsubscribe from a lot of emails. And I'm not gonna have not gonna pretend like this is not really a boring process, so you might not be able to do it for more than a few minutes. Do a few minutes at them. That's perfectly fine. If you have five minutes free, just logged into your email called the copy This search for Ellis described from females. Then the next day, maybe have 10 minutes. You have 15 minutes. Do it a little bit at a time, because if you if you think that you can just sit here and go for 30 minutes, he gets pretty boring pretty fast. But the process is super the four simple. Just copy the list of keywords. Just select all copy. Go back to your to your Gmail based them. Here, search and go through the arm. Read emails and decide. Do you want to hear from this person? This company again? If yes, keep it. If no unsubscribe it. And this is going to dramatically reduce your your email count going for So that's how you do mass subscribe. And as I find you keywords because you see some of these air companies, some of these are specific Yours as I find your keywords, I'm going Adam to the section. So just a precaution. Always come and copy the latest string of keywords you just copy them. Come here. Face them. Go through the emails. Unsubscribe from as many as you. Don't need a near the best judge of fortune. Steny Inbox. What? Not if you're still unsure what he should keep anymore. Not just go back to the previous video where we discussed all this and create a system for yourself. Do you want to keep it? Yes. Do you want to not keep it on Subscribed from it? This is it. Masses ascribe super easy. It's going to save you a lot of time going forward because you're going to receive ah, lot less famous. So just take a few minutes every other day or every day or whenever you have the time, go through a process unsubscribe from as many emails as you possibly can, and I'll see you in the next video. 8. How To Create An Unlimited Amount Of "Throwaway" Email Addresses: in this video, I'm going to show you how to create an unlimited amount off throwaway email addresses, and you can use these for a variety of cases. So let me give you a few examples. You understand how it works and why it's a good idea to create at least a few. Throwaway in March is a good example is you sign up for a newsletter. It's a interesting topic. You wanna receive those emails, but you don't want him to come at random times. You don't want him to pop in the middle of a meeting. You don't want to pop in while you're working because you want to read these at the end of the week, maybe only freedom on Saturday. So if you create a throwaway email address, you can sign up for the newsletter we that email headers and you can future all those emails into a separate folder that you only check when it's convenient for you anymore. I'm thinking, but I can also feel they're based on who sends me the M and wildest through who sent you the email and what Imo address. The use is out of your control because people change names. People change the M o others. They send newsletters from people, change domain names. People change email providers. So if every change every time some change like this happens, you need to update your future. It's a waste of your time, but if you filter it based on the throw away Imo ADDers, it makes your life so percent. We just need to create one future and you're done. A second example is, let's say you go to a website. You find this ridiculously good D on. Let's say a jacket. You by the jacket. You want to receive the email, the confirmation email in your main inbox. But you don't receive coupons. You don't care to receive coupons, deals, weekly updates. So you use a throwaway in Madras. They send you a confirmation email, and afterwards you can filter all those later emails that you know you don't care about in tow. Maybe the trash. Or maybe you feel they're in a separate folder that you check once a month because, hey, maybe want to check out, see if there's any coupons on some items that you like. So enough about why you need to use throwaway immodest is these are two examples. Once you see how to create them, you're going to fear out certain ways that you can use them in your own personal life. The whole idea here is to show you how we think, how we can create them and how it can create on a limited amount for so his how it works. Let's say that this is my main email address. First name, last name, nothing special. Unfortunately, I could not get this one. So this is just an example. So let's say that this is my main martyrs. Well, Jim allows you to do is you can add a dot anywhere in your immodest and they treated exactly the same. So to Gmail. This he's exactly the same as the above one. And you can add the dot anywhere you want, so I kiss better like this. So anyone this engine emailed this one or two. This one is going to get into your main email inbox, and you can add an unlimited amount dot So if you want to go crazy, you can do something like this to Gmail. This is all the same thing. So this is one way you can create a throw away. A more ads, but you're limited to the amount of dodgy kemple, because if you have a short email address, obviously you cannot put that many dots. Another option the GMO gives you is you can use whatever email address you have. Then you had a plus sign again, and then you add any work. This is how you start creating unlimited amount because the word you cannot hear can be absolutely anything. So you cannot. Let's say you sign up for Amazon. He can add plus Amazon. Or you can add any keyword that makes sense in your particular case or in your particular email, and you can take it a step further. You can combine the two techniques so you can do something like this and then plus and any cured. And now you see how you can create on unlimited amount off Morris, because you can use the dot. You can use the plus any keyword, or you can combine the two so it's on Lee limited to your imagination. So that's how you can create an unlimited amount of madrases adult anywhere in your email or have at the end plus sign and then any worth now, Now that you know how to create him, let me show you how you can feel their based on your throwing a Mars. So let's say that you're signing for a newsletter and the use the example before you want those memos to come whenever they come. But you want not you want them not to come into your inbox. You wanted to come straight into a secondary folder that you could check at your own time. So just approved the concept works. I'm going to show you this is my main email. Okay, so if you send an email here, I'm going to get it right here in my main inbox that I'm using for this course. So let's say that you're signing for a newsletter and let's say the newsletter is called. I don't know. Let's call it Canada, because I live currently Gana, so you can sign up using your main emerges, plus the keyword Canada. Okay, so you receive an email from them and they say, Here's you're great content. Okay, so you receive. You sign up with this email and then every single time because there's email the using their database. You're going to get a name of from them to this throwaway anymore. Others. So right here, You see, It works. And if you go here, you can see that this email was sent to not my main email address, but to the throwaway anymore. Others I created. So here's how you create a future. You grab this, you highlight your ADDers, you call p it and then you go right here in the surgeon bar. You click on this little arrow and then you enter In the two, you just paste the email and the bawling Me creek, you click create filter with the search. So now any email that comes to this throwaway murders you can choose walk to do with it. Let's say that this is something you wanna read later. You want it not to come into inbox. All we have to do is skip the inbox and apply label, and you create a new label here. Let's say newsletters, and then whenever the email comes, is going toe automatically skip your inbox goingto that folder and you can check that folder at any time you want. You can. Also market is red so the email doesn't show is unready or let's see, to use the other example, you sign it for website. You don't want to hear from them ever again. Once you've received the product that you're porches instead of doing all this, you can come here and delete it. So any email that comes toe this throwing in Madras past the first email, you just wait to get the confirmation, and then afterwards you go in, you create a future. And then any email that comes to this throwaway in Madras is going to go straight into the trashcan. So that's how you create a throwaway, immodest the ticking use for almost a limited amount of scenarios. So I heard you toe try it out. Create a few throwaway martyrs is when you sign up for websites that you don't read it here , or your center for some sort of email source. That is going to come at a time that's not convenient for you, and you want to just fuel through them in tow, a folder that you can check at your own convenience all you have to do it. Just add adult anywhere in your email address or had plus and any keywords, and you can create an unlimited amount off throw away in What is it that you can use for unlimited amount off different cool scenarios. So that's the way. Do it. Check it out. If you're not sure if a throwing martyrs works, just send yourself an email using Throw in Madras if you receive it. Obviously, it works if you have any questions posted in the comment section below having an amazing day and I'll see you in the next video. 9. Advanced Unsubscribe Technique: Hey, welcome back in this video. I'm going to show it on Advanced unsubscribe technique is going to absolutely 100% guarantee you that once you go through it, you're never going toe. Get in any emails from a particular company, website or person. This is a little bit of an advanced technique. It's one layer one level up than the one we discuss previously. And here's why you needed. Unfortunately, when you subscribe to a list where it's a company list the marketing list we just buy something and the company. As you do their mailing list, you get added oftentimes to more than one list. So when you go on your unsubscribe from one that say, Want gold customers, you might still be subscribed. 23 others maybe want for promotion emails from marketing emails for previous customers. It doesn't matter. So on top of you un subscribing from one list, sometimes there is no way for you to unsubscribe from all the lists together. On top of everything, their companies out there unethical companies that as soon as you click unsubscribe their every move you from the list because they have toe. But they had you toe another one. So in a way, they ensure that you're perpetually subscribed to the emails. This is highly unethical, borderline illegal, but their companies that do it So I want to show you an advanced technique that allows you toe that prevents all this from happening. And this is just an example. So let's say that I've decided for some reason I don't want to hear from these people ever again. The first step is, as we discussed in the previous video, You look, you gold way down and you look for something that large toe unsubscribe unless change your settings. So click on this link and see here. It gives you many, many options. So this company allows you toe unsubscribe from all complaints. But that's not the case for all of them. So here's how it works. The first step is you go all the way down. You click on the link, you follow whatever instructions they give you, you unsubscribe. But then here's where the the second part, the second step comes into play. You go here and instead of deleting this email, we're going to create ah, filter that also make sure that this emails never get to your inbox. So you come here, you click on more future messages like this, and then Jim O is automatically going toe Include old information that's needed. So all you need to do it just create filter with this search. So here here the options that I suggest you use Skibine books and delete it this way. If I ever for some reason that there's out that I'm not unsubscribed from all their lists or they just subscribe it on your one all the most that come from, this center is going to skip the inbox automatically get deleted. So if for some reason I'm not fully and subscribe, I'm never going to know because I'm never going to get on email from them ever again. And if you want to go once that further is you see, I have a lot of emails from these people. You can say also apply filter to matching conversations. If you still like this, then assumes I click create filter. All this emails are going to be deleted If I uncheck this if I live it unchecked than all the future emails, if any, are going to get the leader So this is just if you want a clear in box a little bit or you just want to make sure you never get emails from that person, so click on create filter Done. So just to recap, it's a two step process. You are subscribed in the usual familiar way. You click on the link, you go through the process. But then you also create the future by clicking here future measures like this and create a future judges Onem Alexi automatically sends those emails toe your trashcan. So this is just an extra layer of security because you never know if you're getting unsubscribed from all the list. If you're getting subscribe to one you won. This is just an extra layer of protection that just saves you time down the road. Because now, if they send me an email, these people in particular I'm never going to see it is going to go directly to trash. So sometimes if you wanna be on the absolutely safe side, every time you unsubscribe, create the future. But if that seems a little bit too obsessive, use it on Lee. If you need it. Now we know it exists. I just wanted you to have this to in your toolbox. So now you know how to do it, Toe. Absolutely. Guarantee the emails. The emails that don't belong in eating books don't come there. So that's all I have for this video. I'll see you in the next one. 10. The ONLY 5 Actions To Take With Each Email: Welcome to modern number four. You made it to the Ford module. Awesome. In this one we're gonna talk about how do you process old emails that come your way by Daniel Module. You know exactly what to do with each and every email when you be processing them just like that. No problem. So we're going to eliminate the stress that comes from processing all those emails. But before we get into the nitty gritty stuff, I want to show you the five possible actions there. No more, no less Onley. Five postive action that you can take with each email PCI motor to get can fall into one of these five categories because some people, a lot of people, actually are very confused Herbal what to do with animal. They get an email and they're like, I'm not quite sure. And although you might not realize that this creates a liberal stress everything that you don't over one email, not our problem. But when you do it in one email, you're you're stressed out, you're confused. And you know there's 20 more emails to come. And then there is not a 20 in another 20. The little bit of stress. Ohio's up, and that's how the ball starts rolling. You get stressed out when you stress out your happiness goes down, your productivity goes. Now your motivation goes now. There's no Paul, so there's no good outcome, few Toby stressed out. So to eliminate those dress, I'm gonna give you the five possible actions. This is five actions you can take with each and every email, and they later only the model. I'm gonna show you how to do it, actually, in genial, but I want to give you on overview. I want to give you the basic, the big strategy there's going to be about this model, and they want to get into the tactics you keep. This in mind is going to make everything that much more efficient. So let's get toe the five possible actions that you can take with each and every email that comes. Team first off. Number one is You can, of course, deleted, and you should learn to be very, very liberal with a delay. But a lot of the stuff that comes your way should be delayed on spot, even the important the most something that you get as long as you extract information out of it. The lead. If you don't need it for later, the little you might be tempted to save it fully. But ask yourself, Do I really need this information? Because the law the most that you get, especially from work, is a one time thing. Somebody send you something, you extract information and then boot. Delete the email so it's a little comfortable but learned to be very liberal with the dealing. But number two, the next bull subtraction you can think is of course you can our hive on email. This is something in Fort tax information tracking information, something that you know that even though you might not be the right now, you're going to need it down the road, maybe a year from or even three days now. It doesn't matter if you need it for later than are high, and there is a very big difference between the lead and 1/2. So the difference comes down to this. Ask yourself the question mood. I ever need this information. If the answer is no, really, then the live. If the answer is you're not sure or you actually needed then our have it, but don't be tempted just to have something just because it is just because you have all this space is Vegeta. It doesn't really cost you anything to our have. But if you need to find an email later on our piece of information, then searching through a bazillion him house, he's going to make it that much harder. Few so number one can delete an email number two you can are have anemia number city. The third option you have is naturally, you can reply to an email and then are had you get an email, you replied to it. It ask you something, replied to it, I have. Don't keep it in a box once you've process that once, he replied with, There is no point of keeping that email in your inbox. Maybe for later. If you needed later, you can find it. If the person replies to you, it will pop up in your inbox so reply than our half number four. Number four Number four is you can third on email into an action. What does that mean? Some some of the things that you're getting to an email are going to be a reminder, or they're going to request you to do something that does not relate. We know something that you need to go outside. Maybe your spouse and Geronimo says, Hey, on your way back from work pickup X Y Z from the from the local grocery store There anything toe in action outside of email extract information. Putting a to do list application. Putting. You can put it on a post it note. Next, your computer turn into inaction and then deleted. Once you've turned the email into inaction, you no longer need. You've extracted information you've put into an outside meeting, maybe to the list. Maybe supposed to know it's a whole different discussion. You've turning till in action. Still it you no longer need the same. You know you need information in it. You need the actual email turning to inaction, delete and the five possible. The fifth possible option is on subscribe. You get an email from a company. You're like, Wait, you don't want to be getting emails from this person, this company, this website ever again. So scroll to the bottom of it. Clean the opt out or unsubscribe or everything. We were discussed in previous videos and prevent that person company website from Sandy You Nemo ever again. That's it. These are the five possible actions. Either you're going to delete an email saver for your reply to it. Turning to an action meaning who didn't outside medium or unsubscribe from a newsletter or Web site and prevent yourself from piling up memos that you don't really That's it. There's no sixth option. There is nothing else more you can do. This makes it is now you know, the next thing we get it, you're going to do something out of these five. There's no six option dawn over complicated. There's subtle nuances. Of course, there's office saying these, but the more simple you make it, the easier you make it on yourself. So the next time you get an email, ask self which one of these five going to just do it? Move onto the next Who wants you a few times wants to do it over. Maybe 20 or 30 miles is going to become automatic. You're not going to think about it. You're going to eliminate the stress, the confusion from what do I do with this email? Because You know, you're always going to be pressured by time. So eliminated stress. Make this in yourself. Take one of these five actions. Simple. Easy. Quick. Take one of these five actions. Bull. Next team. So now that you know, the five force of actions lets you pick to eat Gmail and let me show you how toe make it faster, how to make it more productive once you're actually faced with an email. This was more of a theory, more of a strategy. Now let's jump into the tactics and I'll see you in the next video. 11. How To Take Your Processing To The Next Level Using Keyboard Shortcuts: Now that you know which are the five possible actions you can take with animal, let me show you how you can take all those actions much faster and much easier than that's with help off keyboard shortcuts. Your hands are already on the keyboard when you type, so every single time you need to take one of your hands and move it to the mouse and then move your cursor. Klay composed. It's waste your time and you might be thinking, Wait, this is such a little thing. But all those little seconds that you save using keyboard shortcuts pile up because every single email it's a few seconds. Then, over the course of just a few days or just a few weeks, the seconds during in two minutes the minister and in two hours and you start saving a lot of time. And it just makes the entire process off processing, sending typing much faster just because your hands are already on the keyboard, just in the same way most people don't use the right click and then copy or right click and then paste you can. But most people just highlight the text controls here command, see because these there's some of the most widely used shortcuts. Why? Because they're so easy. So I urge you to start using keyboard shortcuts in Gmail as well. And you can see Jim O gives you lots of options. It gives you a keyboard shortcut for almost absolutely every single action. And there is a lot of as you can see, the list goes down and down and down, and I'm going to give you a link to this exact page. She can see. What are the exact keyboard shortcuts for the different actions. But let me show you, How is it is. First of all, we need to absolutely make sure that your shortcuts are enabled. So just go here, click on this, then go settings and then on the general tops grow all the way down and make sure that this is turned on. If it's not, just click here, gold way down. Click on safe. That's it. Now let me just show you how faster and how much easier it is to use keyboard shortcuts. Let's say that you're here. Your hands are already on the keyboard, ready to type instead of moving one of your hands grabbing the mouse than going old way to compose. It can just press the the key. See the letter C on your keyboard? You press the once boot the compose window opus. From here you just enter an email and then you don't need to move the mouse again. You can just click on top and keep on going down here. You just enter ah, subject line. You click top again. You go here, you send your type whatever mess you wanna send. And from here, instead of grabbing the mouse again and going all the way down to send your in here, you're already in the composed. You can just use the keyboard shortcut and just send the email and I'm on a Mac. The keyboard shortcut is command. Enter command and Ender sends this email away. If you're on a windows, it's controlling their so command Enter book. Done. It just takes. Now it's taking a little bit slower because I'm going through it. I'm explaining to you how did worse. But once you jump into it and you started using keyboard shortcuts yet his damages, what about processing memos? Your in your books? Instead of grabbing the mouse and moving on the way here and opening you just press the letter o boom. The email opens from here. If you want reply are to reply, you send something out. Command, enter done. So this just demonstration of how easier it is, how fast it is to use keyboard shortcuts because you don't need to waste valuable seconds moving the mouse, moving your hand from the mouth to the keyboard and so on. So far, but the problem with shortcuts there is a lot of, as you can see there is a whole bunch of them, and you can go absolutely not trying to memorize each and every one of them. So here's what I suggest. Think for a few seconds and come up with one action that used the most for some people. This is composing sent because they send a lot of the most to some people. They get a lot of emails that they need to reply, so the action to take the most is reply and sent. Or maybe it's open and delete whatever it might be. Just think about it for a few seconds. What is the action that you take the most is the delete or I have a replies are composed, whatever it might be, then come here and find one or maybe two shortcuts that you can use. So maybe the composed and then send message started using these control, enter or command, enter and see. Start using these. Start getting used to them. Forget all about the animals. The other was don't exist for now. For now, you just composing and sending messages. That's it. Get used to that keyboard shortcut. Make it part of your team. Make it habitual. Make it in a way that you don't even think about it. He just This is just the way you do. Thinks And Onley, once you're used to this on Lee, one of this is part of your routine. Then come up with a second keyboard shortcut. Start using that because if you try to remember all these, you try toe, go through all these, it's going to create more stress. You're here. You have a lot of emails. So trying to remember what was that keyboard shortcut going back and forth trying to find trying to search? Wait, there is a keyboard shortcut. Let me find doing all this is going to slow you down and is going toe Achieve exactly the opposite. Afford to be trying to do here. So come here. Find one. Make it part of your routine. Maybe takes you a few days, maybe takes a week, maybe takes your month. It doesn't really matter. Make it part of your make it habitual. Make it part of your routine. Make it subconscious and Onley. Then come back, Find another one same process. Make it part of routine. Get used to it. Then find another one. It will take you sometime toe. Learn a lot of the keyboard shortcuts, but you're making sure that a, you know, stress yourself out and be you're making a part of your routine. You're not making yourself slow down. You're making yourself faster. So gold neighbor shortcuts. If you haven't piquant that you're going to use the most, go through it, start working with it. Start seeing how it speeds of the entire process and just be faster. That's the whole point. It's faster. It creates momentum. So a neighbor shortcuts pick one, start using it and you're going to see how much easier it is. And of course, I'm going toe posed this link right below. She can go on fear out with shortcuts are so that's it for keyboard shortcuts enabled him use them and I'll see you in the next video. 12. Filters Are Your Best Friend - Use Them To Boost Your Productivity: in this video, we're going to discuss futures and how they can be your absolute best friend. When it comes to email processing. Lower the amount of emails between two process. Make the entire process much, much faster. In other words, the title of this video is Gmail. Filters are your best friends first. How do you create filters? Jim O gives you a few options. First of all, you can click on settings. You can go on settings again and they hear there is a special filters and blocked Addison stop. So create a new filter, and then you can start creating on your fielder. Ah, second option that you have is you can click right here, show search options he can. And they're some of the search options, such as from to subject, whatever you might have. And then right here, create filter. With this search and the third and final option, you have as you can open a specific email and then right here, you can click on more and you can select future messages like this. This one is specific to the message that you have open versus here. You can create one from scratch. Now now that you know how to create him, let's talk about why do you want to use them in the first place Futures gives you gives you a lot of options. It allows you to pre feel they're based on certain criteria certain emails and allows you to take some actions that instead of your doing it over and over again manually, you can let Gmail. You can let the computer. You can let the system take care of those emails for you, so let me give you a few examples. Let's say that you receive all your business emails and working most in your personal emails in the same Gmail inbox. You consolidated more than one email, but you want to give, Let's say, your parents or your family special attention you want as soon as you open your email to realize, Hey, you haven't email from your mom from your dad from your brother from your boss from whoever it might be, you can create a fielder that says, Hey, if I received an email from a specific Imo ADDers, let's say it's your dad showed old come just for argument sake, you can enter from their M o ADDers, click on Create Filter and then start, and then every single demo. Every single email that comes from this specific Imo address is going to be start. And as soon as you go to your in box, you can see at first glance, if you receive 20 miles, one of them has a star. You know to pay attention to this one specifically, and you can feel through them. Based on many criteria, this person can be your family. This could be your boss. It could be even a company that you that super super important to you. Maybe it's tax documents or tracking documents. Or, if you have a business, it's somebody joined your program or bought your product. Whatever it might be, you can use filters toe, bringing extra attention. Toe that specific email so all you have to do it just right through here and then anther you can. You can create a future based on the email address that the person is sending this to. You can also use it based on the M O address they have for you. This is where the throwaway Imo addresses that we discussed. So if you have Ah, If you use the throwaway in waters, let's say, was if you remember the examples and then I added a keyword, you I can feel their based on this. You can also feel they're based on the subject. You can feel they're based on a cured that's contained or it's not contained, or you can also feel they're based on size, but this a little bit more advanced. This doesn't apply to old cases. So let me give you another example. Let's say that you receive a newsletter. Maybe it's a sports update, and you want to say, Hey, whenever I received this newsletter, I don't want to just pop up in my inbox. I wanted to go to a specific folder, and here's how you can do something like this. Let's say that the newsletter comes from for Argument's Sake newsletter at jim o dot com and of course, here, going to enter the specific email address. You can create a fielder that says, Hey, whenever I get an email from this specific newsletter, I wanted toe skip them books, so don't show any inbox. It'll market is red and then apply a label. And here, let's say can create the one that's called news letters. Okay, so click create and every single time once you click, this one on email that comes from this immodest is going to skip. The inbox is going to be markets read. It is going to apply the label news letter. Let's say that you wanna that you receive a lot of emails that with a lot of newsletters, but you only care about a particular subject. Okay, so you can create a future for this you enter. The same began through the newsletter in matter. So let's use the same one news letter at jim o dot com. But you only care about newsletters that contain Let's see a keyword that's related to your team. Maybe you're following basketball or soccer. Whatever it might have. Let's say that you're only interested in newsletters and use It contained the Toronto Raptors. We just started the basketball season, so I'm just going to use this. So it's from a specific M O address that contains the word raptor and you conduce thinks keep the the inbox market is red. Ah, playa label. So this is I hope you start seeing the power off futures. You can create a future for almost anything. You can base it on on the subject. You can base it on keywords. You can basically a lot of things. Let me give you a thirties up. Maybe receive emails from your back that has your bank statement and for some reason, the only allow bank. Your bank only allows one m o address, but you're not the one who takes care of the backstage. And maybe it's your spots so you can come here and you can create a future that comes from your bank at whatever it might be that has the word. Maybe it's monthly statement you're going to feel out with keywords is so you can create a future to forward all those emails you just had. Your spouse's emerges here, and you can forward all those emails as soon as they come. So as soon as they send you an email with a monthly statement proof it just automatically gets forward to your spouse. So I hope you start seeing the power off futures. Now let me walk you through the some of the basic options that you can use so you can see how how powerful is, and you can start seeing how you can use it in your particular case. So, as we said to me, the easiest way is from wherever you are flexing in your any books. You just click here and you start and throwing the different criteria. So in the from you can enter the M O address that the email comes from. In the two, he can use your email address where you can use a throwaway emerges. He can also base it on a subject. So if you receive an email with a specific subject over and over again, just put your subject in between quotation marks, and you can feel their based on that. You can feel their based on keywords that are contained in the email, where you can feel their based on key words that are not contained. And here you can feel their based on attachment, but this still a bit more last. So let's say the easiest one is to feel there based on, Anemone added. So that's use the newsletter for exams. So here you enter your copy that email address, and then you go down, create future with the search so what you can do with such a filter? You can skip the in box. This is self explanatory. Does not show up in your meaning. Books you can mark anymore thread. You can add a start to it. We can apply a label, and here you can have a limited number of labels you can afford it deleted. It can make sure it never goes to spam. There's a lot of times Jim O considers something spam but you actually needed so you can create a future that says, Hey, Gino, if you get an email from this specific in Madras, never send it to span. So there is a lot of options. You can, of course, combines you can market is reading started. You can skip the inbox and started. You gets giving books and you know he can even start until it. This would help pick and he says, but a you have the option. So the easiest way to start using these futures is based on emails that you're already receiving. So I'm going to go into my other inbox where I get a lot of emails. So this, for example, is a newsletter. So as Much as I love these, I don't want him to just pop up in a random times. I want them to go to a specific folder that I can review at my own convenience. So the easiest way to do this instead of going here and entering all the stuff, you can just open one of these emails. You can click here, and you can create future messages like this one and Jim O. Automatically and theorists the day that you need, so I don't need to know This person's in Madras. Jima automatically puts it here, so create filter. And from here I would wanna skip the inbox, apply the label and I create a label newsletter. And as soon as you click, create filter every single time I get an email from this person and I get a lot of them, it's going to go until newsletters and let's see have created the future. Let's say that you've created future for Twitter and T. Now you want to edit it, ready to go and you edit or your labours. You go into settings, then click on settings again and they hear if you go on field trips and blocked addresses. It shows you all your futures, as you can see, have already have created some test futures using a throw away a martyr. So on email that comes to my m o others that I'm using. Reason example. Plus this keyword I wanted to never go to spend or dessert all the same, so you can see you can. This is how you can start combining threw away Imo addresses with futures. But let's get that one point. If you want any one of these, you can just click on it. It is you're going to get to the screen that you've seen so many times. Or you can come here in settings, labels or fielders in this case, and you can delete a label. So I hope you start seeing the power off. All this and a word of caution. Don't go knots with this. You can create a filter in Crete. 1000 filters. You can create 1000 different labels and you can go nuts. But start with one start would want It makes sense for you. Maybe it's a newsletter. Maybe you want to make sure that all the emails that come from your ball. So from your parents or from your spots or for whatever it might be, our start started one filter. Start getting used to the whole idea of filtering. Start getting used to the way the futures were created, and then you can always build on top of this one. So it started with the basics open. The more that you receive a lot and open it, go here and feel their message, such as this one, and just create a future based on this. Don't go nuts. It's a word of caution. There is people toe have 1000 labels and 1000 fielders, and it one point. It becomes counterproductive because more stressful few toe manage your labels and to manage your filters than to actually process your emails one by one. But I wanted to show you that Fielder's are your best friend. And do you have a lot of options that allows you toe pre process free Future Some of the emails that come your way so start using Fielder's play around with his options. Just look here, play with these or just opened email the here and start playing. See what the options air and Of course, a few there's going to be different from person to person. But at the very least, he can create the future toe star important messages based on either the sender or the subject, or feel their some of your emails in the specific folder into specific label, such as the one we discuss for newsletters. So start playing with filters. They're going to make your life, Ah, lot easier and I'll see you in the next video. 13. How To Use Labels Propely: in this video, we're going to discuss Gmail labels and let me first give you my philosophy on labels. For me, labels or forgers or whatever you're going to call are something that's Ah, it's a thing of the past. It's a thing of the past because back in the days, searching was not as advances it is now. Now you can go into the search bar and you can find absolutely everything with just the click of a button is, and we're so used to it because we use search engines such as Google every single day. But then, maybe 20 years ago, when the search wasn't as advanced, the only waking sore things out was to put him in folders. And this comes from the offline World War. Everything needs to be alphabetically divided into folders and stuff like that. But these days, having mawr than five folders or five labels as they're called in Jim O. To me, it's personally unproductive because what happens? Let's say, have 10 different folders or labels. You get an email, you open it, and now he, instead of you actually processing, you need to sit here and think, OK, I have 10 labels. Which one should I actually put it in? And that that's a waste of your time. That's a waste of of mental effort, because you can easily ikan just I have this email or reply to what their process in any of the other ways were discussed in the previous views. And then, once you're our hive, it you can easily go into the search bar and very easily. With a click of a button, you can find that particular email or any string of emails may be related to a project or perform from particular center. So to keep things short, here's my philosophy on labels. I don't think it's useful for you to have more than five, ideally three, but you can push it up to five. And here's what labels Air good for because they're not so bad The little I might have made it seem like this. I use labels personally for newsletters or any other information that you want to keep you want to consume, but not directly from your inbox. So any type of updates, Maybe it's sports maybes weather of this. Maybe it's marketing or stock market. Whatever this, we all subscribed to some sort of a newsletter. Maybe it's a coupon and is with us cause previously, ideally, those you're gonna feel threw them out toe, not get into the in box. So then you can just go at the convenience of your own time. Just check out that specific folder and consume the information not when it comes, but when you want to consume it. So that's one very good use of labels. Creating something called newsletters or information or whatever than the hitting is not really important, but something that you can collect all the information that you don't need to consume on a day to day basis. But you would like to check, maybe once a week or once a month. Another good use of labels is something. Let's see, let's call attacks, you know, tax information, something that you're not necessarily going to consume right now. But you know that you needed a specific time in the future. A good example. Taxes for insurance it might you be able to find everything in tax insurance going through your search, but it's sometimes useful to keep things organized in a label, and the other thing that I think Labour's air very good for our project based labels. Let's say you're working on a big project the year of writing new Block polls that's going to revolutionize the Internet or you create a new product, create the label. She can keep things organized. But as soon as the product is completed or we decide not to do it, then get rid of that label. So three things newsletters or newsletter type of information, something that you will know that you will need later on in a specific date, something like tax or insurance or project based labels. That's all Labour's air good for. If you have more than that, you're risking getting overwhelmed because you're going to be wasting time deciding. Should I put this Imo here? Should I put this Imo there? Where does this email actually go? So not of with disgust what labels I think you should use? Let me show you how I think is the best way to approach. Let's see, Do you have ah, you have a label called newsletters? Well, you can you can do the manual way. Once you get an email, we can just drag and drop in these newsletters and boom! The email goes there. But what I suggest you do is you create a fielder. So let's say you're going to get this. And you know that every single time that this email comes, you want to put it in newsletters not in your inbox, but in use letters. Well, the easiest way is to create a filter so you don't have toe move each and every single email every single time you get. So the easiest way is you open the email that you want to move. You click here, and he don't filter messages like this Here. Jim was going toe automatically put old information they need, and you need to click on, create filter, create filter with the search. So once you're here, I suggest you do this, skip the in books and apply the labor, and here you choose. Whatever label we have in this case is newsletters. And the extra precaution that I like to use is never sent to spam because sometimes Jimbo gets confused. They get an email that you've been getting for years, if not decades, and over seven day they said, Hey, this is Pam. So office and you stop getting those emails, so this is a little extra precautions you can take, so you make sure the Jebel never puts. Males don't belong in your spam in your spam, so skipping books apply label newsletters never sent to spam. What this is going to do is every email that comes from the center, and this is going to be different every single time. Every email that comes from this center is going to skip the inbox. It's going to go directly into your label, and it's never going to go to stamp. So I have to do is click on, Create Filter and you're done. So the next time this M o comes from this center, where there is a company or person doesn't really matter, is going to go directly into your newsletters and is an extra step. I highly suggest you hide your labels so you don't get distracted. You're going through in books and over something. You see that there is five new emails in your newsletters or any outer labels. The whole idea of labels, the way we're using them in this course is you consumed the information whenever you have the time so don't get distracted by the 100 number. Click right here next to the label and go and height. This removes the label from from your view right here, but you can always click on more. Go down and here's your labor. But as soon as you log into your email, you're not going to see what's happening in any of your labels. So that's my philosophy on Labour's. Keep it short and simple. Don't overdo it with too many levels, because this is only going toe slow. You down three, maybe up to five labels and try to automate us everything as much as possible by using futures and is the last precaution that just takes things to the next level. Hide or your labels put him out, out, offside out of mine. So when you get a degree in books, you're only taking care of what belongs there. That's how you use filters toe to make good, productive use of Gmail. I'll see you in the next video 14. Typing Speed - Where Small Impvorements Lead To BIG Results: I wanted to quickly touch on typing speed, and I know it's a boring subject, But bear with me. You see why that is so important. We spend a lot of times typing, whether that's in emails or in chat or in writing creative work. We spent a tremendous amount of our time writing, So a small improvement in your typing speed can actually save you a tremendous amount of time and effort. As you can see here, the average typing speed four men and four women one is 44 Diatta one History seven. So if you're somebody who writes a lot of emails, if you're the typical person that sits on a desk, works all day long using a computer, you should consider for sure, improving your typing. Speak because let's see how the math works out. Let me just show you very quickly. The average person writes upto 50,000 words. Poor month. So divide that we're just gonna take this number for boys divided by 44 you get 1136 minutes spent typing per month, so that's 11 and 36. Now let's imagine that through a little bit of practice, you increase your speed just by 10%. Nothing revolutionary. Just 10%. So you started with 44. You increase it by 10% which is not that hard. Now you go from 44 to 48. Okay, so the same amount of words. Poor month. You divide that by 48.4. Now you have 1000 33. So this was 11. 36. Now you have 1000 33. Now, if you take the difference. 1136 minus 10. 33 You left with ah, 103 minutes divided by 60. This is almost two hours that you simply gain. This is two hours less edgy to spend typing. And this is just improving 10%. Imagine if you prove 20%. Imagine if you double your worth permitted. This is going to dramatically save is going to save a dramatic amount of time. What can you do with two hours? This is two hours that you can go to the gym. This is two hours per month that you can go to the gym. You can spend more time with your kids. You can watch TV can just relax. You can do more work. The thing is, you need to pay attention to your typing speak. So if you haven't done it before, I suggest you start by testing your own speed, and there is no shortage of tools that allow it to the list. Just search for test your typing speed online, and you're going to see on every increasing amount off to the chicken. Use toe. Test your own speed once you figure it out. Always spend a few minutes per day or a few minutes per week trying to improve your speed because it's all matter of having there is no other way that just practice practice practice. And I've spent a lot of time. I've used a lot of tools, so one that works very well for me. If your Windows person I'm going to give you the link, it is very bad looking. Let's be honest, is very boring looking, but it helps ah lot with memorizing with improving your most memory with improving your typing speak. And there is no other way than just practice practice practice, so I'm going to give you the link. It's called type faster, very original name, but it's a very simple to It's free, and I'm not associated with them at all. I'm just a fan. I'm just the user. Download this. If you're on a Windows computer and just used to spend a few minutes per day or Parikh or per month, just spend a few minutes practicing. Improve your speed or get one of these tools. There is a Brazilian of them. How they're there's pay their free. So just go through these. Find one that works. Best view, but the bubble. Improve your typing speed. If you're here, this is the average if you go 60. If you go to 70 Goto 80. Your life is going to dramatically change, especially when it comes to email, because you'll be ableto send the most low faster. Process them a lot faster and your overall your productivity is going to increase. So you know, typing speed something super, super duper boring. It's important, so always look for ways to improve your typing speed and the best way by far it just practice. So start by testing your what your current speed is and then find a way to improve. It is going to help you with emails. We Jima with your product. If it is going to make you a much happier person 15. How To Secure Your Gmail Account And Make Sure You Never Get Locked Out: Hey, welcome to module number five in this one, we're going to talk about Gmail secured, and I know it might sound like a little bit of a boring subject because, let's face it, sometimes it is, but it's absolutely vital. Why? Why would you bother with security To begin with? Well, everything that you create these days, whether it's on account with your bank or a shopping account or any account that you create online typically requires you enter on email address and a password any. For some reason, you lose your pass routine. Need to reset it. There's a security bridge. The only way to reset your password gain access to the account is using your email all the services. They send an email back to your account to reset your password. So imagine if for some reason, God forbid, knock on wood. I hope it never happens. You get your account hacked your Gmail com than the hacker that has access to your email, Kenji said, or your passwords and change into something that you can not reset. They can go to your bank. Click the reset button, open your M o, change your password, gain access store your financial information, and I'm not saying this to scare you. I'm just saying it's possible. It happens. Even in this day and age, Google and Jim O did a phenomenal job securing their servers, but people still get their accounts hacked. And unfortunately, it's on your the end user and on me to make our accounts as secure as possible. Jima and Gold. They do their own part. We as end users, we need to do ours. And in this more John gonna show you a few easy steps that you can take to ensure that your account has the least possible chance off ever getting hacked. So enough about this. Let me actually show you how to make your account more secure and more protected against hacking against militias. Attack against people, getting access to not only your email, but all your accounts that are associated with it all starts with your account settings, so we're no longer going to the gym. Oh, settings were going to your count, your Google account settings, and all you need to do is click here of right next to your name and click on my account. And this is going to take you to a new screen that looks like this. And I here on the left side, you can see sign in and secured. And if you've never been here, if this is not your forte, you're not really a technical person. The easiest thing to do is go down here with says Security Checkup and click on Get Started . This is Jim owes simplest way to secure your account. So here they start with adding your recovery information. What is this? This is in case you need to reset your password. Maybe you lose it or somebody hacked into your account, or for some reason, you cannot get access to your account. This is the way to reset your password. You can use it. You can use a recovery phone on. You can use on recovery email, so I strongly strongly advise you toe hand both of these at a phone at yourself on on at your spouse's so far at something that you have access to and a word of caution. Try to add a cell phone that can receive text messages because if you add your landline sometimes, Jim O says, Hey, we're gonna send you a text message. But if you add a landline, your home phone or something else that cannot receive text messages, it just makes the whole process that much more complicated because sometimes for some reason, they don't allow cause the only reset passwords through text messages. So for as a best practice at a cell phone here on the bottom, had the recovery email or, if you see here, an email that you entered a long time ago because you might have had your account for 10 years. So if you see here that your recovery email is not something that you have access to change if you don't have any recovery, email, then had one. And here's the best breakfast for this. I had an email account that has a different password than your current one. Because if a hacker gets your password for some through some medium and has access to your Gmail account and then you also have the same password for your recovery email, then you're in trouble. So out of cell phone right here, preferably yours or your spouse, your friends, your best friends, something that you have immediate access to and add the recovery email that has a different password. Once you're done with this click on Done, it is going to move you. So the next step here, you can see the connected devices, these air. All the devices this recently have been logged in to your gym. Oh, so go through these grow three locations and SIFs. Everything looks familiar. For example, I'm in Toronto, Canada's You can see. So if I have right here connected devices halfway across the world in, I don't know, in Asia or in India in Africa, then it looks a little bit suspicious. So gold through these and see if something doesn't add up, and here you can see it gives you two options, looks good or something looks wrong. So if you find something that doesn't really add up, then click on the something looks wrong and Jim O. And Gore are gonna walk you through, fearing out what exactly is going on and is the best practice going here maybe once a month and just go three or devices because you never know. This is this is this is against the topic of this video. You never, ever No, it's not like if you get hacked. You'll just immediately get this notification. Hey, you got hacked. It's on you to do your own due Dillinger's and to check from time to time What's going on once you're done here, If everything lives go then I hope it does. Calico looks good, and this is going to take you toe Jake, your account permissions these. They're all the abs and websites and devices that are connected to your Gmail and your Google account. Overall, sometimes some services ask you toe give give them access to your gym. Oka They would all show up here. So if you see something that doesn't add up disconnected if you see something that you connected a long time ago and you no longer use disconnect so once you don't. With all this click on done and your account is going to be in much better shape, no less they could step for it. Click here on signing security. Once you've done this, you see, get a green check mark, you've done a good job. Now click on signing and Security, and this is going to take you to a different screen that has some of the same options. If you click here of sanding to go, You're going to see When was your password Last change. This is going to give you an indication of maybe need to update your password. This is a very good education. It's relative video that shows you when I was your password last change. And if you click here, it allows you to change your password. So if you need toe, go ahead. And But what I wanted to show you is this two step verification. If you click here, you can see war. The day was, if you all. If you want to add an extra layer of security, you can use what Jim O cause a two step verification, which simply means, is in order for anybody to Logan, they need to have access toe both your computer and your cell phone. Because every single time you try to lower into Jim O is going to send a little cold here to your cell phone. That's requires for you to log in. So this makes it increasingly more difficult for anybody to hack your count. But on the flip side, it makes it increasingly more difficult for you to sign it So if you if you use your Camelot if you sign in and sign out from different devices than this might be a level of an overkill. But I just want you to know that you have it. It's not the most productive one, but it doesn't make your account more secure. I personally don't use it. I see a certain I see certain demographic of people that do use it or typically more obsessed with security. But for the everyday person, this is a nice option tohave but not the most productive thing. But I just want you to know, toe, have it then you're the best judge whether you want to use this are not. And if you've been through the through the set up, we just went. Your recovery email is going to be shown here. Your recovery form is going to be shown here, But what I also want to show you is if you click here on your personal info on the left, you're going to get those screen which shows your name, your email, your recovery phone. You're bored. They which is very important. Vital head. This is not my border. This is just the dimming border here. Why's this important? If you haven't anti your body, it's important to do so not to give access Gmail not to give Jim Oxes to your person information, but because if you ever need to reset your password, you might get to a point. We need to enter your body and you're also free to enter, Not your on board if you're If you don't want to share with Jim on, Go, that's fine. But remember what you enter here because sometimes if you lose access to your account, the only way to reset it is toe. Enter your person information. So if you want to get a bogus body right like me right here and then one day you lose access to it and you need to reset it and you don't know your own body. It looks a little bit suspicious, so remember what you put here and make sure you put something. Something is always going to be better than nothing and the last point I want to make sometimes in order futile. Reset your password and let's say you don't have access. Cheerful. Let's say you don't have access to your recovery email. What Gmail ask you to do is they ask you to provide as much information about your account . It's possible. So keep track off everything that you enter here. If using a business same or a different name or a nickname, you need to know what it is. You need to know your email. You need to know your phone. You need to know your body. Need to know what other well, the other accounts are connected to your Gmail. Also, it's a good idea to keep track. Ah, few passwords if you've changed your passwords a few times, if you provide that information to Jim Oh, they're going toe reset. The whole they're going toe give you access to your account much faster because you can go online. You can see many stories where people just lose access to their accounts. Just one day they just forget their passwords. They try to reset it, and then it goes down here from there because they cannot provide Jim O and Google and support staff with any of the information that they need. Because they haven't outdated phone number. They haven't outdated, you know, Boordy. So the more information you can provide the Gino the easier it is for them toe to say, Hey, this is the owner of the account. We're going to give this person access to this account so and now it sounds a little complicated, but the more information you give him, the easier it is. But if you don't go through all this, you don't need to go to two step verification. But what you absolutely, absolutely need to do you seem to have recovery email that you have access to that has a different password. You need to have a recovery for you. Do these your head off. Almost 95% of Jim O users who haven't said this up, who opened themselves toe hacking toe people getting Astra account or to simply losing Access Twitter account because they forgot their passwords or they try to sign in. They misspelled something, and then they got locked out. So this video game a little bit longer, remember this recovery email recovery phone. Just go to the security settings. Being top of your game is going to save you. Ah, lot of trouble if you ever, ever and I hope you never get locked out of your car. But if it ever happens, you need to know how to reset it. I'll see you in the next video. 16. Advanced Security Options - Taking Your Gmail Security To The Next Level: Now that you know the basics of how to secure your account, I wanted to get a little bit more in depth on some of the more advanced options. And if you never use some of these, it's completely understandable. But I wanted you, at the very least, to know that they exist. And this is you can see this is my main account. So some of this stuff is going to be great out for privacy purposes. So if you see something that's a little bit blurred out is because I'm actually using my main account to show you some of the more advanced tactics. So let's start with first of all the websites in the third party applications that have access to your gym. Oh, so you need to click on your account and then click on my account. And from here, this is a screen we discussed in the first video. Glicken connected APs and sites, and if have more than four, you need to just click on manage APS. And here's a list off all the different third party services that have access to your account. I strongly recommend you going here. Lauren once a month or least once every other month and just quickly glance through all these things you pay attention to is first of all, if something here shows up that you're not quite familiar with, let's say full contact. This is a tremendous service that I'm going to show you in the bonus module, but let's say that I'm not quite sure what this is. I log in here, unlike this looks a little bit sketchy. If you open it, it gives you more information. It gives you first of all, what this happens, site or whatever there's has access to, and it should never be ableto send me most is you manage your contacts. That's fine. Has some account access, including Google, plus basic accounting for that's fine. But if you see an application that you're not quite sure what it is, it has access to something that doesn't seem basics, and it was recently authorized than that's a red flag, because if it was recently authorized, you should remember what of this so quickly glanced through all these and make sure that everything adds up, and if you don't remove one, just click here, click on remove and just cut off any access off that application because better be safe than sorry if you ever needed. Let's say you ever need ever know to re authorize your account. You can always do it, but better be safe than sorry. So once every month or once every other month, just quickly glanced through these. Make sure that everything adds up. Make sure that you're familiar with war, has access to your Gmail account and be on the safe side. The other thing that I wanted to show you is Ah, little ling That's on the bottom off every main screen that using Jima right here, last account activity and right next with there's little Thing called details. So if you click here is going to pop in your window, let me make a little bit beer. And here is the geeky stuff off in first curious e water access to your account in the military. See what I p address they used and you can see the time so I suggest strongly advise you from time to time. Make it a habit of Just click on this details link and see what's all what's going on with your camp, especially if you're count starts stars appearing like it's not doing what it's supposed to be doing. If you see something that seems suspicious, click on details, and this gives you a very clear view off what's going on when it happened and from where? So pay attention. The biggest, the biggest giveaway of something sketchy going on is right here in the middle location, and I pre address All this should be in countries that you're familiar with, because if you're currently in Asia and then you see that something is going on from Africa than that's a big flag, as you can see, actually, you cannot see because most of these great out. But it's Canada in the United States. Make sense. I live in Canada, so stuff being accessed from Canada is not a red flag. But if right here in the I P addresses and locations, I see some things being access from the complete opposite side of the world somewhere in Africa. Then that's a red flag, at least for my country. So the biggest Give away his location. If you want to get more details, information awards, accessing your account, click on any of these on show details and this expands the window and gives you everything that you know. What was it, Where was it? And gives you all the details so we can follow through if something that doesn't add up. But it very least just click on details and check out the locations. If the locations don't add up, chances are somebody has access to your account that should not have. Actually, you can't in. The last thing I wanted to discuss is right here on the bottom alert preferences so you can choose to change and you can choose to change is sitting right here. So currently, I'm I want to show I want Jim O to give me on alert when something unusual is going on because they have a pretty good idea of what's usual for your account and what doesn't really add up. So I strongly advise you, click on this option shown alert for unusual activity and lead Gmail monitor stuff you If they see something that doesn't add up right here on the bottom, they're going to give you an alert to say, Hey, something doesn't belong here. Check it up. Maybe you're traveling. That's perfectly fine. but Jim O gives you on alert. So from time to time, once a month or once every other month, check your abs that are connected to your your gym account and from time to time, make it a habit toe click on details right here and check out what's going on the locations so you can just be proactive about not letting your account for into the wrong hence and a little note. I'm not saying be obsessed with this. I'm not saying you should check your email than check your details. But I wanted you to know, at the very least, what your options are. Just in case you ever I wanna get your your security to a new level or if it ever something suspicious, goals on, you know, worth the chick. She can make sure you on top of things. So these are some of the more vast features. They're not for everyone, but at the very least, you know that they exist. So haven't awesome day, and I'll see you in the next video 17. Boomerang for Gmail - How To Schedule Messages To Be Sent In The Future: Hey, welcome to the bonus section in this one. I'm going to show you a lot of different features and different Softwares and extensions and different tips and tricks that you can use to extend Jim O beyond its current capabilities to make it even more useful and more productive. Having settled that, I want to give you a full disclaimer upfront. I'm gonna hit you with a lot of information. There is a lot of features. There's a lot of self doors. Do not feel like you need to use all of them or even the majority of them go through. The video says they come out. Fear out. Well, the software does, er the extension of water trick is and then decide whether this is going to be used for for you. No tools are going to be your so for you. Some people use Gemma for different things. It might not work for everybody. And I don't want to get overwhelmed just by the sheer amount of information. I'm gonna throw your way, go through them, figure out what they do in the side If you want to use one. If you want to use it, install it using, But do not get yourself overwhelmed. If you install all of these things, you're going to get completely overwhelmed and stressed out. And this is exactly the opposite off what we're trying to achieve. Ready, Given the heaven said all that given you this super long disclaimer let me show you what I think is one of the most useful one of the best extensions of GMO currently on the market. It's something called Boomerang for Gino and always says Boomerang for Jim. Oh, this is 1/3 party applications, so always keep that in mind. Some of the things I'm gonna show you they come from Google. They come from Jim. Oh, dear official, Some of the things I'm going to show you our third party applications and boomerang for Jim O is one such application. Third party has nothing to do with the official Jima. Have he said all that? Let me actually show you what it does, why? I think you should use it and some of the features that some of them are useful, some of them not so useful. But let me walk you through all of that. And of course I'm going to give you the address right below the video. So you don't need to figure out what does it actually say here. So go to the website we need to do is install at this. Click on this. Add this to your Gmail. It is going to do two things. First of all, is going to install an extension or a plug in to your local browser and also is going toe. Request some access to your gym. Oh, so it can do its magic. But always keep in mind that if you want to use boomerang and you have more than one computer or more than one browser, you need to install the extension or the plug in tow your browser. I don't want you to install it here on your computer, and then you go to your work computer or some modern computer, and then you're like, Oh my God, where is my Where's my boomerang? All we need to do it. Just install the extension or the plug it, but it's super easy and it's free festival. So you got to rub said you click this big red button, you click a couple more buttons. The thing gets installed. Here's where the magic happens. Once you're going through email, you're going to notice this little tiny boomerang on the top, right? This means everything is just old, and it works the way it should. No, what this boomerang actually do. While the magic is Wannsee, click on the composed button you're going to see right here on the bottom, something called sand later. And as the name implies, it allows you to send an email not when you type it, but to choose a time sometime in the future. So you and there are information that two of the subject that email and then you click on send later gives you all these different options. You can send the email one hour from now, three hours from the four hours of not, ah, they from the a month from the Or you can send it at a specific they at a specific time. All you need to just click Confirm. Choose one of these options Glicken for, and then the M O is not going to be sent until the specified time. And this is a very, very useful, very useful feature for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to remind somebody off something, Maybe you wanna remind your spouse Hey, can you please pick up this after work? But you're thinking about this. I am in the morning. If you send the email at 8 a.m. In your spouse finishes work at five. Then this email is going to get board in the entire in desire line of emails that your spouse gets spouse gets so you can choose to send it 14 15 minutes before they leave. Work all you need to do. Just specify the date specified the time book, or you want your writing these emails late in the evening. But you want the person to receive him early in the morning because you know that's when they check the email. You just come in here right or your message is scheduled to go out the 6 a.m. in the morning. Boom. You don't need to worry about them anymore. And also, this is This might appear tricky to some because the emails actually go out at six again and you can put him to go out at four AM and you can actually make people think that you're awake at four AM were writing emails. But regardless of which uses for it gives you flexibility, gives you flexibility to send an email later whether that's on our from now five days from now or a year from now. And if you if you don't want to use the specific date and time and you want to change these , maybe one hour doesn't work for you or two hours you want to put on our and 1/2. You can go here, click on this little settings, and you can add your own little short because they're going to appear right here in the main. That's what boomerang actually does. It allows you to send an email later. That's one of most useful features. This is what I personally use it for. Now let me walk you through some of the other features so you know what with other options you have right here on the boning. We're going to see there is a little check, Marta says. Boomerang this message in two days. If no reply, what does this mean? It means that you send out an email, and if you don't receive a reply from that person, you can you can get boomerang to send you reminded to say hey, two days ago or three hours ago Doesn't matter. You can change the time you send an email to this person and you still haven't received a reply. So it boomerangs the message back to you to remind you that your email this person, you didn't receive a reply. And then, you know you make your choice. What do you want to email that person again? What do you want to pick up the phone and say Hey, I send you Nemo? What's up? It gives you the flexibility it gives. The reminders. So I need to do is just click on this little like on this little button and is going toe ask you toe give even mawr access to your Gmail. Com. This is what I don't like about this because you need to give access to view and manage your e mail. This, to me is a little bit bored of line. Too much accident. I want to give toe any third party applications, so I personally don't use the boomerang feature. If it's something that's useful to you, just click on this button here receive. We can actually take the button. Appear. Click on this little button here is going toe act is going to give you. It's going to give you the possibility to boomerang messages back, and here it can change the different options you can say in what time And here you can choose, If not, if you dont receive reply. If for some reason you haven't we have, ah, euro, You have a link that hasn't been clicked. If it hasn't been open or regardless of what happens, you just won't receive a reminder, so it gives you flexibility. I personally don't use it. If you think it's useful by Omi's on the table, it start using another thing that boomerang gives you is you're going to see here request read receipt and track clicks. What does this mean? It means that you send an email to somebody and you want to know when they open. Do you want to know if the mo has been opened and ideally went because it gives you gives information, you send it toe a colleague and you know that they opened it at 4 p.m. And now you know the more has been opened, you know, Do you need to follow up? It gives you more information. I personally don't like this feature. Why? Because again, if you click on this is going to ask you to give access to view and manage your email. This to me is person a little bit too much accident I would like to give. So I personally don't like the use this feature another downfall. This feature is that every single email, let's say use every single email that you send out is going to have ah, little disclaimer on the bottom that's requesting the person toe click on a link so they can send you the information that they've opened anymore. This freaks out. This freaks some people out. Imagine if you receive any bonuses in a way. Hey, this email that you received, the person wants to track you. Well, it doesn't look good. It doesn't send the right message. So you have the option. It could be usefully gives you a lot of this information. But I personally don't use it because, hey, I don't want people to know that I'm tracking them. I don't want to appear that I'm being pushy and most of all, I don't want to give any third party application full access to my email to view and manage them. Send later. Awesome Future. Use it all the time. Boomerang could be useful. I don't person to use it. The visa request in the drag clicks it's very useful, but Gmail. But boomerang for Jim O does not do. I think in my personal opinion, the best is of jobs. No, let me walk you through some of the other features because if you come here on the pricing you see there is a few different models. There is a basic which is free, the personal, which is paid and then some otter features. What's the difference between these, as you see there more features on the paid naturally on the paid plants than on the basic one of useful features that if you choose to pay for any of these, one of the useful things is recurring Masters. Let's say that every one month on the 2091 receive a specific reminder about something or you want to send a specific reminded to somebody else. Maybe you wanna remind on a daily basis or weekly basis your co workers to do X or to do a presentation or toe take out the reports from last month. Whatever it might be, you don't want to be doing it every single month. So recurring messages allows you toe schedule message that comes out at specific intervals off time. This could be useful but unfortunate. That does not come with the basic version, and you need to be paying 15 bucks per month just to get this recurring master. So do it not the most useful feature, but if you want to pay for it, absolutely. You know you have the option. What I suggest you do a sign up for the free one. The free one gives you the slain the sand later version send later feature, which I think is very useful. The only down four words. You get 10 messages per month so you can use this. Send later on Lee on 10 messages. Promote. Use it if you find it useful, and I'm sure you will then go and pay for this 15 bucks a month doesn't give you It's not a lot of money, but it gives you unlimited messages and using the send later version. So start with a basic version. See what it does say if it's useful for you and if you want more messages because 10 10 per month is not really a big number, then I suggest you sign up for this one. This is what I use. It's five bucks. Not a lot of money. But this send later feature is very useful to me because I've like toe. I like to broke up all my messages. I like to write him one time or two times per day, but I don't want people to receive him. When I write them I have. It's more useful if you have the flexibility toe, send them later, specific times to choose a time in the future where those emails go up. So I'm personally I'm a member of the 4 99 per month because that's what works for me. But go through all these features I'm going to give you, of course the leg. See what it offers Santa for the free version. Use it. I think you're gonna find a sin later feature. You're gonna find a useful if not, then this Regard this and jump in the next one. So having said all that gold below the video, I'm gonna give you the link. Check this out. Click through the different features and versions installed. The free one is free. Use it. If you don't like it, uninstall it. If you like it, then chances. Very going to upgrade to the person. One if not not a big deal. So that's all it is for Jim O for boomerang or boomerang for Gmail. Rather, I will see you in the next video.