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How To "Unshuffle" Playing Cards - An Incredible Magic Trick

teacher avatar Mr. Jack of Hearts, Card Magic since 2007

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction and Performance

    • 2. Controlling The Spectators' Card

    • 3. Getting Ready For The Shuffle

    • 4. The Shuffle

    • 5. "Unshuffling" The Cards

    • 6. See You Next Time!

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About This Class

Welcome again, students of witchcraft and wizardry!

Today I am going to teach you yet another amazing card trick. The spectator picks a card, returns it to the middle of the deck which is then shuffled face-up into face down. Unnecessary to say this creates a big mess and makes it a lot harder to find the chosen card.

But with after some special gestures all cards neatly realign themselves to face the same way again - all but the spectators card, which now is the only card facing down in an otherwise face-up deck.

This effect is appropriate for beginners as well as advanced card magicians. It is another classic of card magic and gets great reactions every time.

So grab a pack of cards and let's get started!

Useful additional ressources:

An in-depth tutorial on the "Double Lift" also covering several techniques to acquire a (pinky-)break:

My Master Class on Shuffling - including the "Faro-Shuffle" required in this effect:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mr. Jack of Hearts

Card Magic since 2007


Hello, I'm Mr. Jack ;-)

I started doing card magic in 2007. Over the years I have learned many useful sleights and techniques, that I would love to share with you. Magic is all about lifting people from the sometimes mundane day to day and letting them experience a kind of child-like wonder again.

So grab a deck of cards and let's get started!

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1. Introduction and Performance: Welcome back and welcome to another contract tutorial. The trick I'm going to teach you today goes up, goes as follows. Spectators selects any cart as it is, then lost inside the deck. And then you're shuffling the deck. But you're not simply shuffling it normally, shuffling it face up into phases down. So you're creating a big Cahiers. Cards are face up, cards are face down, big mass. But then with a, with a snap of your fingers, the chaos goes away totally. And this resort of the deck, every card is facing the same way. Every card except for one. The spectators can't. So it's a really strong effect in my opinion. It's pretty easy to do in my, my opinion as well. And yeah, I think you're going to have great fun with it. So let's have a look at the performance and afterwards, I'll show you how to do it. Ok, so for this trick, I'll have a spectator select any cards, have a look at it, and then return it. And he went back into the deck. Okay? So, and then give the cards a few cuts. But don't you worry you can't. It's not on top or on the bottom. Ok? And now as you something yields C, Very few magicians do ever, because ALL mix the cards in a very special, very silly way. Shuffled them face down into face up, face down cards. Going into face up cards. Okay? And that's square them up really cleanly, really fairly. So you can see. And now, even though the deck at first glance appears to be normal, it really is in a state of utter chaos, as you can see right here. Okay? So how in this CMS and find your account until you, and it's actually quite easy. And simply remove all of the face down cards from the pack. A flip them over, put them back in. And here comes the trick. All except for one. For your cat. You can't and won't touch. So now, it's really easy to spot your cart. As it see only one face down. Your selection. The four of spades. 2. Controlling The Spectators' Card: Ok, to pull off this effect, first, you'll have to have your spectator select any cart and it's really a free choice. So day for examples like this, 600 files over here. And then you let them put it back anywhere they want in the pack, let's say over here, OK. And what do you do then is when you, while squaring up, you hold the break, you put two more cards on top, and then you hold the break above this cart. So you're, you're six will be the third card from the gravy holding, if that makes sense. So while you're closing, you once again, pushing upwards with your pinky to create spring break, square root up. And you have a break somewhere here in the middle. And now you just do a so-called double undercut. So you're transferring the break to thumb break, like so. And now you're taking half of the cards below the break, put them on top. Squarer. Now, take the remaining cards under the Break button on top. So what you did there is basically just cut at the break, but you did so in a less suspicious fashion than just doing it in one cut. Okay, that's ovaries. So now your cart is deferred from top. 3. Getting Ready For The Shuffle: Okay, so next, you have to cancel brake underneath the top three cards. And I have in my explanation on the double lift, which is a separate in-depth lesson, ILT, I teach several different ways to achieve a brake underneath any amount of top carts. So check that out. But for the sake of simplicity, I'm just take teach one here really quickly. And this is the one I'll teach. You. Just thumb off three cards. One squaring up, you catch a break. The way you do that is you found them off. And then you push up with your pinky slightly against the face of the third card. So the section, and while squaring up, keep the break. Okay, so there's a great way to do this here actually, because you also want to show the top card is not their card. So the way I do it is he pushed them over, take the top card and why you flip this cut over, you also square of the pack, catch the brake underneath the top two now. And now you show that's not so you cut obviously is not on top in place that back. So this card acts as a disguise for this whole catching a braid. So speculated things are just taking the top card, but in reality also catching a break. Okay, put that here and then you take everything above the break, make it look like it's one cart angled slightly so they only see the top. And you say, so it's not on top and it's also not on the bottom and you flip this back. The way I do it is just put a thumb underneath, turn and go back to mechanics grip. And it's also not on the bottom. And you place all the cuts on the bottom. 4. The Shuffle: So now you have to catch a break underneath the top two cards, but this time you can't push them off because they are face down. So once again, I urge you to take out this lesson double lift, because I'll teach you in great detail how to do all kinds of different ways to achieve this break. Okay, so right now I'll just do thumb count and I have a brake underneath the top two cards. Okay, so now I cut holding, transferring and break tour, thumb break, cut the cards, square them up and I don't cut again. But now, rather than cutting, I rotate this deck like so. This steak like so. And they will always remain contact at this corner. This corner will move along. So, okay. So they won't be able to see this card, but will end in this position. So it's just one smooth and quick movement from here to here, alright? And if you're in this position, you rearrange your Grab your hand position and you do faro shuffle. I also have a brilliant tutorial on how to do these remote shuffle masterclass. So check that out. The only thing important is that this top card remains on top and this bottom card, or the Riemann's remains on the bottom. And afterwards you just go. So I now have face down cards going into you rotate, it makes up face-up cuts. And that's a great proof of two spectators. But in reality, it's weird, like here, our face up, face up or face down faster. So it wouldn't look like that if it was really, if you were really mixing face up interface down. But because you're doing like I have facedown, Kat's going into face up cards. That's so, so convincing. And after that, you square up the pack. I like to keep this visible until the last second. And you have shuffled the cards. 5. "Unshuffling" The Cards: So finally, to clean up, you first have to flip this deck over. Maybe seeing something like came the deck may look like it is normal, but it actually isn't a state of utter chaos. You lift off half of the cards, flip both dex Elvis showing from Mexico are face down cards, face up cards. You flip it over again. Once again, taking half, flip this, flip this packet down here. So there are face up, face down, everything is mixed. Just say something like that. Then you catch a rate underneath to top cart here, any way you would like you, if you'd like, and put this packet back. So you flip this packet, quarter break, put this packet back on top, insert your pinky into the brink, then pivot or cards that everything above the break fall to the fingertips of your right-hand, flip them over oneself. One's more like this. Now, like closing a book. Put everything from left-hand into your right hand. And this way, you've already straightened out the entire DAG and riffing except for one card, which will be their selection. So from that, just from here it just patter or presentation. You could do something like I'm taking the cards, I flip them over, put them back together. And now everything is straightened out or something on just wave on, snap, whatever you want to do. And it could even place it in their hands and go like now, did you feel something or something like that? Just think of any presentation you'd like and reveal to them that only one current remains facedown, which is their card. Right? So thanks a lot. I hope you have fun. Practice, practice this really well, and then go out and amaze your friends and family with it. 6. See You Next Time!: Alright, so I hope you enjoyed this Cancer IQ. If you did, please leave me a positive review as it really helps the students to find this class as you know. And if there are any questions left, AFS, ask them below, I'll do my very best to answer them. And as always, I'll advise you to have a look at my other tutorials as there are many of them already. And I teach lots and lots of gray card tricks here. And that's also the reason why you should follow me because I'll do many more in the future and by following, you won't miss out on these. So I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. I hope to see you in the next class. And until then, bye, take care.