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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. What Is An Ideavirus?

    • 2. Sneezers

    • 3. The Art Of Promiscous

    • 4. More Than Just Word Of Mouth

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About This Class

In this class, I will teach you what is an ideavirus, why is could be so important in your marketing. What are sneezers and how you

can reach them and why it´s so important to know the basics of the concept to create a viral idea that can potentially reach your

target audience.

See you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

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Daniela Andrea Guasti

The best way to a great day is to learn


Hello Friends,

My name is Daniela A. Guasti, I have a dregree in turism and I?m from Buenos Aires, Argentine.

I like to learn new things everyday because I think that knowledge is the foundation to have a happy and meaningful life. And so, I also like to spread my knowledge with other people, in order to motivate and help everyone I can.

You can contact me or message me if you have any doubt with my classes. I?ll be glad to help you always.

Have fun learning!


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1. What Is An Ideavirus?: Hello. Welcome to my new class. How to unleash any day of years but one. So what decent idea views? An idea of the Euros is an idea that spreads through various networks like the Internet on grows rapidly within attack. Shirt population. It usually comes from a single person and, like a very does energy in a virus, infects until changes every individual it touches. Even it's in just a very small way. The outcome off these infection may not be noticeable, or it can lead to the gration off new brooks or companies with each person influenced. The idea is interpreted, modify it and often improved before it is passed on. Viral marketing is based on an idea. Views about a poked or service technology has made a spring, and I have a years much faster and more powerful than in the past. And so why did my appear accidental? It is possible toe dramatically increase cerebral, so dramatic away. M increase the chance. This, your idea of years will catan on your spirit. This is the really cool part. Once you understand the fundamental elements behind the preparation often idea views, you can unleash your own just because idea of yours is have usually spread through unknown means or accidental events doesn't mean that the reason a science to building a mannish him them. You can invest in designing your probe to make it Weir's worth Lee. Then if you understand the eight elements off the idea of years formula that we're going to see in this video in this class, you increase your chances off spreading your idea of years with every step along the way. These can change the way you approach all of your marketing. If lunching on idea of yours is the most powerful thing you can do for a probe or in service on their steps, you can take to increase the likelihood that this will occur. You've got to try it. Okay, so this was all for this little video with you. And then it's on. Thank you. 2. Sneezers: Okay. Hello. Welcome to this video. So we're gonna talk about the hurt off idea of yours. That's cool. Sneakers. Okay. And some people are far more likely to spread an idea of years than others. Malcolm Gladwell calls thes the low off the view and breaks the giver virus spreaders into three groups. Connectors, mavens on sales people was critical in analyses. Is understanding that some folks are dissidents, while others will enable and amplify your idea of use in his basic sample blood. Walter talks about the success off Paul Revere in warning us The deputies were coming. It turns out that a second man, William Dale's a went on a similar right the same night. But he was a total failure. So why did those failed? Were Revere succeeded is because people knew Paul Revere. They trusted him. He had credibility on. So when he said something people were willing to listen on. Believe river was on sneaker. Those a loner tried hard but couldn't get idea to become a values. Sneakers are at the core off any idea of years. Snus serves are the ones who when they tell 10 or 20 or 100 people people believe them. Okay, so and officers are so important, we need to subdivide them. So they're basically basically two kinds off sneakers. Okay, we have the promiscuous Czisny thirst. Okay, this is, um these are members off a high who can be counted on to trade to sell their favorite idea . Virus toe. Almost anyone. Almost any time. So promiscuous. Nestor's can be motivated. But money on other inducements on promise grossness er's are really hitting high steam as opinion leaders. But they're promiscuous enough. They can be extremely effective. Okay, Many off the net businesses that are now being organized around idea uses are tratar shitting this crap. I m companies like Mercata all advantage on even Amazon are offering amusements to customers that compensate them for spring idea to their friends and acquaintances in an attempt to acquire new customers. As the value off creating idea uses increases, we will see more off these on. We will also see more and more people becoming promiscuous. Nestor's basically we're being folks another to corrupt them into spring ideas in exchange for Gus on. Then we have the powerful sneakers. I m. So they had business as an example of this. Okay? This They had business in your debt off a 90 year downward. Spider toe. A total irreverence. Okay. It year has brought the worst news with one manufacturer. Afternoon are going out of business on most tones. Let with one if they're lucky. Heart and Hubbard nature enemies off all these news about 20 years ago. So there was one bright sport Harrison Ford. Okay. Wearing a heart in the movie in munitions So international Sore, More hearts, 14 sons that any single person since the invention off my Borman. Why? Because four has the influence to set style because he's appears in the movie. Were in that heart cox it millions off men who wanted to be like him into buying heart. Okay, so this is a powerful example off powerful freezers. So Dipper looks off. A powerful Snee, sir, is that he can be bite every time. A powerful sneeze or asset arriving exchange for spring a values. His power decreases when bruises Princeton does asked at inch happened or will be old burning seals for flutes. They have little a leverages as powerful sneakers. The public knows that they can be motivated by more than shots taste. In fact, every time apart for its Neicer tries something new, I introduces a new idea. She takes a risk if her followers reject dividers for whatever reason, hair ability to introduce future videos is decreases. For this reason, it is difficult to manipulate power words knitters on equally difficult to predict what my motivate them to adopt on idea Weir's Okay, so sorry about that. I m sorry. So I think now about your own situation. And have you ever seen that A friend for NC eyes, friends and family Bruin, Or try to someone to get someone to use your affiliate Amazon links to buy books and are showing we you to buy something on market a dot com in every case you're getting paid to alter your behavior. Okay, that makes you more promiscuous on this powerful as an it make it easier to Mr Idea of yours is a motivated Snus, sirs, we're going to see far more people become promiscuous knitters. But at the same time, the roll off a powerful Snee sir, will become even more important as a very level attention because even more precious, we're going to be far more likely to listen to someone who is the spring of use for non personal game. Okay. Um, so what Empire looks powerful Businesses become less powerful when you buy them off, but sometimes promise Grozny, sirs, become powerful again when they get particularly successful a date. So it's a cycle with people switching off from one to another or we're trying to figure out how to be both. Promise goes. I'm powerful at the same time. Okay, These were sold for these video. How we like it. Help me find it useful. See you in an F one. Thank you. 3. The Art Of Promiscous: Okay. Hello. We're working to these video. So in this industry, you we're gonna talk about a promise. Kers sneakers. Okay, So a hotel were trucked and keep promiscuous. Isn Issers there Six key principles for these, the 1st 1 is to make big promises one off the things that drives someone to become a promiscuous Neicer is the opportunity for a change in lifestyle. Certain rewards those small are not as enticing a slightly less certain rewards that art march later a human it your will give you the benefit of the doubt on the risk. But it won't, could you? And it's like on the rewards. So I met more likely to help you out for a test to get free dry cleaning for six months that I am to get a certain reward for $4 off my next dry cleaning bill. So then you can show them how to make it up in volume off course, the promise has to be believable one off. The best way to do that is to make it clear to the promise care sneeze er that the system can be gained, that if they work the system the votes of winning go way up. If you look at the offer, you make and say, for example way. Wait, if I go to 10 friends, not just want Stan, I'm a I looked. Win this word brace price. You've done it right. I'm anything. I'm scanning you. I was coming. You, by going to so many people to a shot, the votes in my favor. But actually I'm doing says what you wanted you wanted me to do and then some more. Many of the opening affiliate programs worked its way. These programs offer a commission for refers that result in a say first designed as a cheap way to get new customers referred from River a ready when the websites they have evolved into something far bigger. If you're not an A or lying pet store, for example, and you see a link to a book about training dogs, you can click on the link. I'm bite from amazon dot com. Amazon Instant the affiliate. They only their line pet start a commission. Small business people have looked at this programs on said Wait. If I built a site that does nothing but sell books and Burns and Noble does all the work. I can't scum the system and make a ton of money off course Their name Boxter doesn't care which about where the customer is gone from. They're just happy to have him. Innocents hundreds of thousands off enterpreneurs are now building businesses dedicated to finding customers for other Americans. Then you have to describe an attainable path, a last treat. A trust is in short supply, even among optimistic Promise Girl's sneakers. So even go to to make it clear to positions, knee sirs, that there is in fact, a way for them to profit from this adventure. This is especially true for offers, where you don't have a lot of time to make your case by showing this Neicer how was moved. The system is by making it a trivially easy toe forward that remain or whisper to that friend. You are far more likely to get their initial enthusiasm. The first fuse. Neither are the most difficult to get on individual to perform. So when someone I think you have to tell their rear lips or the risk off them, this is so important and so overlooked, I'm presuming that you gain permission to Tokyo with yours, natures or not in the Morin basis. So no talkto them and I'm a member off several line a pillar programs. But no one of them does this. Why not Same announcement detailing how the most affected a pillars are doing. Why not invite me to visit their sites and see them in action? By making it really clear that something users are happily profiting, you dramatically increase the chances you will get better performance from the rest of your Nissa. Then you have to give this acceptable ones. I want to show the non sneakers it worked. For example, Mary Kay Cosmetics gives its bet. Saves people a pink candy look. This is no accident. There are plenty of way to pay off a promiscuous Neicer. Why do it with a pink Cadillac? Because it is a persistent amplifier off thesis Neicer success because it attracts news me sirs to the fold because it's approved to the rest off your organization and to the war that you can get rich by selling come cosmetic to your friends. Then you have to have a sales convention. Okay, like Mary Kay convention. Just because it's a new century doesn't mean we should abandon idea for getting together in real life. In six, Agler tells the story of how Merrick, a went to sales convention when she was a strong say It's person. She didn't even have enough money to it. The means There she brought her own crackers and teeth by their the final blanket. When states people quit up to shake their company, Britain Hand Mary Kay look like in and said next year I will be back at the first sales person, the person who could have easily brushed off the claim, start what he was doing post for a full 30 singles loaded Caringi and said, Yes, yes, I believe you will under its says a thunderous insides. History gay. But we don't a convention, I said. Really dubbed these will have a court. How can you get together with your best promiscuous knee? Sirs, In addition to these six principles, there are two things you can do to totally un completely wrecked. Your network off grew up. Promise Cursed isn ethers the 1st 1 It changed their words in the middle on the 2nd 1 is viewed their relation. See a regency as an expense and so don't change the rules in the middle and Allah tranches dot com is one off the faith is growing Web sites on the planet. The idea was to create a multi level marketing organization where it member would get paid for the ads they saw. More importantly, for that thing by the people they record it. This led to a classic M l M. That this multi level marketing that works American marketing business, where people made more money bringing in new sales people that they did actually used in the problem. After growing to more than five million registered users, the company took a look at the numbers and realized that the past two perfectly well profitability was going to be hampered by the high rates they were paying. So within the fine print they had published when they first started, they changes the rights. Eso all hell broke loose then, Okay, the very best isn Issers started missing against the company. The growth rate hike upped but news they would survive and then might even continue the record growth. But fire better toe have run the numbers in advance. I had a pain in Children. They could live with forever on. Also, you don't have to view the relationship as an expense. It's so easy to move your relationship with Promise Grozny, sirs from Investment of Spence, After all, at the beginning, it's a great It's great because these people are dramatically cutting bureaucracy. Chung costs and help you grow but wants you to grow. It's easy to assume your growth might be able to continue. We don't the high cost of paying your sneakers in practice there, too terrible side effects to these. The 1st 1 is that you will inevitably try to dream the benefits you offer your snoozers, as well as a 40 put into keeping them happy. Better just just cut to the program outright. Done to started supporting these critical allies. Remember on a happy promise closeness or can quickly become an angry toe. Powerful Snee, sir. And Second, you will find yourself trying to grow using techniques that you haven't evolved. Test me shirt or practice a model A More often than not, that means failure a bit ist strategy is to put a cup on your news. NI third acquisition efforts. At same time, you love and reward your existing this knee. Sirs, During this interval, intern and peered get really good at trapping other ways to grow. Only after you are confident that you've got the transition working Should you start to face off this nesters who go to you in the first place okays Who would you do in the first place? Okay, so this was sore for the glass, I hope. No stories for the video. I hope you understand me. If you have any questions, just ask Ah and see you in the next video. Thank you. 4. More Than Just Word Of Mouth: Hello. Welcome to the last Be off the class. Okay, so it's just more Danish world off mouth marketers have bean perceiving word of mouth for years, terrifying important principles that someone unleashing an idea. Values should understand principles that marketers pursuing all fashion word of mouth leading use the 1st 1 Is that an idea? American understands that creating the values is the single most important part off her shop. So she spent all her time on money on creating a product, an environment that feeds the virus. Another American understand that by manipulating the key elements off idea preparation, that is the velocity vector, the smoothness, the persistence on the identification off knee. Third, she can dramatically alter of years success all some they d American remembers. The difficult word of mouth is a permanent written record online, a legacy that will follow the broke for good or for ill forever. Also, an ideal American realizes that the primary goal off a probe or service is not just to satisfy Dinis off one user. It has to deliver so much woe be so cool, so neat and so produce et that the user tells pipe friends. So Prokes market, 10 says by creating a NRI forcing idea abuses on Leslie on a their ideal American knows that the idea of years follows a life cycle on decides at which moment to shift from paying to spread it to touching the user and profiting from it. Okay, so that's what All for ideal much marketers And for the glass. OK, this It's only about one off in this class. See you in the next part for two on the last one. Please leave a review and check on my other classes. If you have any questions and adopt about the glass or you want toe, know more about decent or have more information. Please also asked me. Okay, Thank you so much for watching on, as I always say at the end of my classes. Keep learning. Keep growing. Thank you very much and see you in the last part. Off the class in in the next guest. Thank you.