How To Turn Your Paralegal Skills Into Your Own Business | Sharlene Randall | Skillshare

How To Turn Your Paralegal Skills Into Your Own Business

Sharlene Randall, Paralegal & Business Expert

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6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. You Want To Know How To Start Your Own Paralegal Business

    • 2. Researching For Your Paralegal Business

    • 3. Find Your Legal Niche

    • 4. Will You Work For An Attorney

    • 5. Build Your Website

    • 6. Market, Market, Market


About This Class

This class will explain how to start your own business with your paralegal education. You will receive step by step details that will help you create a flexible lifestyle while running your business and making income. You will have the necessary information to begin as soon as you finish this class.





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Sharlene Randall

Paralegal & Business Expert

I have been a paralegal since 2002 when I earned my degree. Since then the paralegal field has changed tremendously. After working as a traditional paralegal for many years, I decided to become an entrepreneur and start my own business.

I always had a passion for helping others in their life and I had also been a teacher for years so I decided to use my skills to start teaching online and sharing what I learned because some of the information I had to find to be successful was not easi...

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