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How To Turn Your Life Experiences Into Nonfiction Educational Courses

teacher avatar O. M. Allred, Writer | Speaker | Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Skills Goldmine

    • 3. The Expert Within You

    • 4. The Unknown Skills of Friends and Neighbors

    • 5. Talent Comes In Many Forms

    • 6. Our Personal Problems and Life Experiences

    • 7. Your Class Project

    • 8. Conclusion & Drone Fly-About

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About This Class

In this course, you'll discover how to turn your skills, talents, and personal life experiences into publishable nonfiction courses.  If you've wanted to create an online course, but just couldn't come up with an idea for a course, this is for you.  You have a goldmine of ideas that can be turned into publishable online courses.

This course will show you a creative way to discover the perfect idea for a new video course.

Meet Your Teacher

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O. M. Allred

Writer | Speaker | Educator


Writer, speaker, storyteller, narrator, video/voice spokesperson. 


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1. Introduction: Hello. Thank you for stopping by to check out my new course on how to get new ideas for your next video course. If you're new to creating online video courses, but you just can't seem to come up with a suitable idea for course, then this is for you. And even if you're experienced with many courses already published online, this course will offer you many new ideas that you may have overlooked or never even considered. More thought about will cover ideas that are based on you and your personal life experiences and problems. Well, first, look at your skills. Yes, you have skills, probably many more than you realize skills that would be perfect. Subjects for an online educational course or tutorial then will cover your talents. Now not everyone has been blessed with talents such as artistic, musical or singing talents. But if you have been blessed with certain talents and abilities, they might make ideal subjects for an online course or tutorial and finally will cover the most interesting subject area in the human experience. Personal problems and personal life experiences people all over the world who have a problem like yours. I would love to know how you successfully solved your personal problem and your successful solution to your personal problem might be an ideal subject for an educational course. Yes, I think you'll enjoy this course, and it will be a gold mine of possibilities and new ideas for you. So let's get started. Let's begin by taking a look at your skills. And, yes, you have skills, many more than you realize. 2. Your Skills Goldmine: in this first lesson will discuss skills that you have that might be an ideal subject for your video course. Now you may think you don't have any skills, but as you'll discover in this lesson, you probably have skills you're not even aware of or skills you for gotten about. And you may have skills that you take for granted or you don't think of them as skills. And these skills would be the perfect topic for an online video course. Once you've decided to develop in instructional course, your next question will be. What should my course be about? Well, let me ask you an important question. What subject could you talk about for hours? What subject excites you? What subject do you know inside out? What subject do you love doing just because it's fun? What subject can you walk the walk and talk the talk? What subject would you consider yourself an expert in? Do you realize you are an expert right now, at this moment, you have specialized skills and knowledge in a particular subject, and your skills and experience could be the perfect subject for your first online instructional course. Maybe you're an expert in computer or technical field. Maybe you've mastered a computer related skills, such as HTML s CEO, Power Point or other software titles. Or perhaps you have artistic skills, such as you're a graphic designer or you have talents and a sports related skill. Perhaps you're well known as an excellent saltwater fisherman who knows all the secrets to reel in the mighty tarpon, nor the giant grouper. Maybe you're the person everybody calls to repair their computers or install new computer hardware software or hook up their new wireless printer. Possibly you're an expert on Microsoft Excel or Photo Shop or pick Monkey. Or maybe you're an expert video editor. Or you know everything there is to know about Facebook, Pinterest, instagram or setting up a YouTube channel. Maybe you're mechanically inclined and you're an expert in auto repairs or repairing broken lawnmowers. Chainsaws. Maybe you have a green thumb and you love vegetable gardening, teaching a foreign language, growing prize, winning roses. Or perhaps you're the best barbecue cook in county. Well, you get the idea when you discover what you love, doing what you're passionate about or what you do exceptionally well, you have the perfect subject for your new video instructional course. Everyone is an expert in something, everyone, including you. You are an expert on some topic. Now it's up to you to develop a video course about what you know and what you love doing. And this will almost assure yourself of a successful start in the world of online education , learning and course design. No matter what your interest or area of knowledge and expertise. Maybe there are people all over the world that are just a few computers keystrokes away. Who would love to learn your inside secrets, your tips and your know how. I hope this lesson was an eye opener for you. I hope it made you pause and think of all your skills. Almost everyone has skills that can be turned into a dynamic, entertaining, valuable online course. Now, in the next short lesson will take a look at what I mean by expert. Since I've mentioned expert several times so far, 3. The Expert Within You: in this lesson will be looking at the definition of expert and why I believe that you are an expert. I looked in a few dictionaries at the definition of the word expert. Here is one definition a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge or skill in a particular area. Synonyms would be a specialist authority. Another definition was having or involving authoritative knowledge. Synonyms. Skillful, skilled, adept, accomplished, talented. Fine. So far you've heard me use the term expert several times in this course. But what exactly do I mean by the word expert? When I speak about being an expert, I'm not talking about expert as in nationally acclaimed expert or world authority or those expert witnesses you might see in courtroom trials by expert. I simply mean a person who is well informed, skilled and knowledgeable about a certain subject so knowledgeable that they could teach a beginner level adult education class on a particular subject. Here's Wikipedia's definition of adult education. Adult education is a practice in which adults engage in self educating activities in order to gain new forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes or values. You don't need a college degree or years and years of experience to be considered an expert . You're an expert right now at this minute, you know Maura about one particular subject than any of your friends or neighbors. Think about that. Think about what you're really passionate about. Think about what you really love doing. Think about what you do in your job. Think about what you are skilled in. That's the perfect subject for your new online learning course. In our next lesson, I want to tell you about a few of my neighbors. We'll take a walk around my neighborhood, and I'll tell you about a few people who turn out to be experts with remarkable skills in any different, Especially feels to me. They're just my neighbors, but they each have extraordinary skills that make them experts just like you. After you hear about their unusual skills, you might want to stop and think about your skills and the online courses you could create 4. The Unknown Skills of Friends and Neighbors: in this lesson, I want to show you some personal examples of everyday experts and highly skilled craftsman that were my former or current neighbors. Now there are experts in every community and own every street. Consider some of my own friends and neighbors, for example. They're just regular people, just nice folks, just like you and me. But they're each highly skilled in several very specific occupations, and each of them could create an outstanding video course about their skills. One of my neighbors, for example, is a charming lady in her fifties, and she teaches adult education classes at a local high school on how to create paint and decorate ceramic places. She could easily develop a video learning course on that subject. She's an expert own ceramic basis. She knows everything there is to know about creating, painting, decorating and selling handcrafted ceramic faces. She is a skill craftsman in every phase of her craft. Her video course could be entitled creating and decorating ceramic faces for fun and profit , and this brings up on important point. I don't recommend developing a specialized instructional course unless you really are knowledgeable about your particular subject. If you don't know your subject inside out and have hands own skills in the subject. Your viewers will sense it immediately, and at that point you might have lost your credibility. Remember, you must know more about the subject than your students. You should be able to teach an adult education class. That is a simple how to do it class on your subject. If you are able to do this, you found the perfect video course topic. Stop and think for a second about some of your neighbors. What subject would they be considered an expert? In what subject could they develop into an online course or could write a how to do it? Book about? Let's continue looking at a few of my neighbors past and present that are just regular people just like you, and they're all experts in some specific area. My next door neighbor at one point was Theseus, supervisor of driver testing for our local Department of Motor Vehicles. He's one of the guys who gives teenagers their first driver's test when they apply for a new driver's license. In fact, he was the supervisor of five other driving examiners. Hiss perfect online video course would be how to easily pass your driver's tests the first time inside secrets of a driving examiner. How many enthusiastic teenagers would love to take his own line driver prep course. Can you say tens of thousands? He could probably retire on what he learned from publishing that course. Next door to him is a charming and industrious retired lady who is a part time, highly skilled seamstress. She specializes in custom made curtains, draperies and high end decorative window treatments. It's just her hobby, but she is a recognized expert and a master of her craft. She's constantly being asked to do the window treatments for expensive, upscale homes and offices. Her video course could be how to design and create your own beautiful window treatments using my sewing secrets. A few doors down from her is a gentleman real estate attorney by profession whose hobby was building Realistic Ship and Marine models, which he would sell for hundreds of dollars. His own line course and how to book might be titled How to Build Prize winning Ship and Marine Models for Fun and Profit. Another of my neighbors just around the corner was a master horseshoe player, he was able to throw ringers time after time after time, he was a prize winning local champion in the game of horseshoes. No one could beat the guy in the game of horseshoes, I'm told. He puts a magic spell on the horseshoes, and he always gets ringers time after time after time. His own line video course could be titled How to Become a Master Horseshoe Player using my championship insider secrets. Well, I'm sure you see the point. Everyone has a skill that can be turned into a popular money making video course or a how to book. The examples I've used so far were based on a person's particular skill set, and this brings us to another wealth of ideas for online course creators, writers and developers. A person's talents. But not everyone is blessed with an inborn talent, and some lucky people are born with several innate talents. I wasn't blessed with the talent of writing convincing fiction. It took about 50 old fashioned rejection slips for me, some with personal notes attached saying, Mike, don't give up your day job for me to finally accept the fact that I wasn't cut out to be a fiction writer. I was always more comfortable with nonfiction, instructional and how to writing projects. Now let's take a look at what I mean by talents. 5. Talent Comes In Many Forms: Now let's take a look at what we would call your talents. And let's think of the differences between a talent and having a skill when we say someone has a talent. It usually refers to someone having an inborn, distinctive special ability to do something. For example, an inborn talent for playing a musical instrument or a talent for drawing, painting or a talent for dance, singing or learning languages. I met a gentleman a few weeks back who is a polyglot lot. His talent is he can almost instantly learn a foreign language, sometimes being fluent in less than 30 days. Now. To me, that is definitely a talent. While a talent is usually inborn and comes naturally to some people, a skill is expertise developed and acquired through dedicated learning, training, instruction practice. Think of it this way. In my humble opinion, a talent is a god given ability, while a skill is developed by putting in time effort training in practice, The examples of my former neighbors that I mentioned in the last lesson were examples of people who had skills they had developed through years of practice and dedication. I have a friend with two small Children, ages five and seven, who are already gifted violinist. They are truly talented at a remarkable young age, and to be that is a god given gift. You often can't spot talent just by looking at someone. It's often hidden unseen from outward appearances. And the point here is that your talent, whatever it may be, could be the perfect subject for an online video learning course. First, determine how much interest er is in your particular talent. Do a Google search online for courses and information about your subject. Check on other websites video learning websites to see if there are courses being offered about your particular subject. Whatever your talent, maybe there are people all around the world who would love to know your secrets. Your tips in your shorts cuts your inside information on your specific talent. Just Google your talent and a possible online video course, and you'll have thousands of ideas for online courses about your particular talent. Well, so far we've talked about skills and talents. Now let's talk about what I believe is the most interesting and fascinating of all subjects for an online learning course. Your personal life experiences both good and bad 6. Our Personal Problems and Life Experiences: in this lesson will be covering the evergreen niche of life experiences and personal problems. What is an evergreen niche? A niche that will always be universally popular regardless of time. They season or global location? Think pets love, sex relationships, making money, weight loss, our personal health and similar topics? Think about human nature for a moment. People never change when it comes to their basic desires and personal problems. People living 1000 years ago had basically the same desires and personal problems that we have today and people that will be living 1000 years in the future. They will still have the same basic problems and desires that we have today for the online course, creator or developer, knowing the Big Three ever going niches can be a tremendous help in choosing the perfect subject. Foran own line learning course by knowing the simple basic desires of people know your ability to create an online learning course on the perfect subject matter just got a whole lot easier. What are some of the universal interest and desires that you could create? A course about the topics would include happiness for ourselves, our families, our pits, health love our Children. Sex, personal power business or job success. Attracting and keeping the opposite sex, fame or celebrity. How to get over a broken heart. Money. How to get it and keep it our physical appearance. Think diets. Jim's Plastic Surgery Think about all the personal problems we face. We have relationship problems, divorce, broken hearts, Children issues, teens dating. Think of all the possible online learning courses you could create and the personal problem category. How to get over a broken heart. How can I save my marriage? How to pass my midterm exams, how to turn off the check engine light in my Toyota? How to get my lazy 26 year old son to move out and get a job? Or even, and this is my favorite. How to stop my neighbor's dog from pooping in my yard. Now that's the real problem that one of my neighbors had a few years back. After he told me about it, I spent about an hour own Google looking at possible solutions. Here's what I found what you believe. When I searched that term, there were, ah, 171,000 results for that question. Think back to the difficult times in your life. How did you solve the major problems that you faced? Do you remember your first broken heart? Your first serious disagreement as a husband or wife. Do you remember being laid off from your job or being fired? What did you do? How did you survive? Did you use any particular resource is to help you go through this serious time. There are tens of thousands of people around the world who could use your advice on the same problems. On the other hand, how did you adjust to your sudden wealth after you won the lottery? How did you choose the perfect plastic surgeon? How did you lose those £25 in a month and keep your sanity? Think of all the problems that parents face. Have you had potty training problems with the child? Have you had serious health problems with a child? What would you do if your child is bullied in school? What to do if a child is failing in school? All of these are topics for possible online courses Now thistles important. Don't try to solve too many problems In one video course. Zero in on one specific problem or experience that you've been through. Design a course or write an e book and show how you solve that problem. What did you do to survive a broken heart? One of the first e books I ever wrote. I covered the subject of Broken Hearts. My book was first titled The Broken Heart First Aid Kit. I later rewrote the book and wrote it under a pen name. By the way, if you're wondering why I wrote it under a pen name, check out my other freelance writers. Course own using pin names, and you'll discover why I started writing under a pen name. At the time I had a friend who was suffering from a broken heart. She was seriously depressed. She was losing weight. She was withdrawing from all social activities and contact. Her heart was broken, and it was affecting her ability to do her job, and she was on the verge of being fired, constantly, crying and depressed. She was turning into a rick loose. Her experience was the catalyst that led me to write that an example of an evergreen problem, broken hearts that's faced by people all over the world, And, yes, she got over the guy who broke her heart After about six weeks. When you develop a video course that offers helpful solutions for personal problems, you almost surely have a winner. If you've successfully lived through any type of personal problem and you survived, you have a winning subject for a video course. Well, we've covered skills, talents and life experiences. Each of these areas offers amazing opportunities to the online course, creator or developer. Never say you don't have any skills or talents. Think about what you do in your job in your profession, in your daily activities. Think about what you enjoy doing. Think about what you have fun doing. Think about what you've experienced in life, the problems you faced and overcome. Think about how you can help others by explaining to them how you solved your problem. Oops, with those thoughts in mind, here is your class project 7. Your Class Project: as a class project, I would like you to think of your skills, your talents and your life experiences. What would be a perfect subject for you to develop into an online course? Do you have a certain skill or an innate talent that you could turn into an online course? Are you blessed with an inborn talent that you could teach to others? Have you had a life experience or a significant personal problem that you solved successfully and you would be willing to share your solution with others? Please write a short paragraph, and this is optional about a specific course you could create utilizing your personal skills, talents and life experiences, or tell us about a life experience that you successfully faced and solved, an experience that you would be willing to share with others. Now, once again, this class project is optional, but your input would be greatly appreciated. 8. Conclusion & Drone Fly-About: Well, we've reached the end of the course, and I hope you have enjoyed it. I thoroughly enjoyed recording this course in preparing it for you. Your skills, talents and life experiences can be a gold mine. Interesting ideas and subject matter for your own line courses, e books and other information media. If this course was of help to you, I thank you in advance for a positive review. Please remember to follow me. I have two other courses in the works right now that I will be uploading soon. Thanks again. My name is Michael till later.