How To Turn $1 Into $2 At Scale With Profitable Facebook Ads... | Zachary Spear | Skillshare

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How To Turn $1 Into $2 At Scale With Profitable Facebook Ads...

teacher avatar Zachary Spear

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Skillshare intro

    • 2. Lesson 1 - The Gameplan

    • 3. Lesson 2 - Guarantee Your Profitability

    • 4. Lesson 3 - Get Your Facebook Ready

    • 5. Lesson 4 - Get In Their Head

    • 6. Lesson 5 - Targeting

    • 7. Lesson 6 - Ad Hacking & Writing

    • 8. Lesson 7 - Ad Guidelines

    • 9. Lesson 8 - Designing The Picture

    • 10. Lesson 9 - Setting Up The Campaign

    • 11. Lesson 10 - Testing

    • 12. Lesson 11 - Scaling!

    • 13. Lesson 12 - Intro To Marketing Funnels

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About This Class

How to create and run Facebook ads that bring in unlimited customers with the push of a button without hiring expensive agencies or burning your bank account...

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1. Skillshare intro: Hey, what's up, everybody? Zac's beer here, founder of Spear Media. We run an advertising agency that helps business under systematize and automate that recruiting Li Jen and sales processes so they can focus on the things that their passion about they can focus on. The reason that they get started in business in the first place, which was to serve the customers that they want to write. My guess is that you're in business because you're really, really, really, really good at one or two things, and you love doing was one of two things when you do those few things you're fired up like , Yes, this is amazing. And when you, when those customers of those clients get the finished product to get the finish service, their super pumped about it and you're super pumped to serve them. But thing that you might not be excited about is getting those customers to the door. And if you are hustling and trying to get those customers to the door, you know that it takes a lot of time. And quite honestly, you know that most of the best customers that you've ever gotten have come maybe even a little bit randomly, right? There's no way to scale it. Like you guys. Someone that paid you really well, you gave them amazing value, an amazing service. And they're like, this is about the best thing ever. And the first thing that goes through your head is Okay, So how do we get more like that? Right. But if you're not in worst in the world of marketing, immersed in the world of sales and I don't expect you to be, it's kind of hard to do that right. How do I get more like that in a systematized, scalable way? So that's what I wanna help you with today we have done this in over 25 different industries. We've created millions of dollars of revenue for our clients, and I want to help you do that same thing. So the primary client that we typically serve freelancers, cela, preneurs, service based businesses, coaches and consultants, network marketers and information or physical product sellers. So, guys, if that's you, if you fall into any of those categories strapping, it's pay attention. This class is we're going to give you step one the first foundation of basic principles that you need to do. Think yourself out of that process to actually automate and systematize the sales process. The recruiting process in the lead gen process that you can focus on the thing that you were incredible. You can focus something that you're passionate about and focus on the thing where you can make the most impact sound good. He is excited. Alright, guys, let's jump in and head over to the first lesson. 2. Lesson 1 - The Gameplan: Alright, guys. So step number one is we need to make your game plan. Okay? So that means we need to actually draw out your marketing funnel that people are gonna go through once they actually hit the ad. Okay, so people click on the ad, then you go through a marketing process so that they can take the desired action that we want. Either fill out an application, contact you for service, purchase your products, whatever. Now, we don't need to build the marketing funnel yet. That's not important. We just need to map it out so that we know what process people going to go through once they click on the add. Okay, so let's jump on the screen here. Alright, guys. So first things first is I want you to go to funnel itics dot io. Okay? Now, I want you create a free account here. We're just gonna log in, and this is gonna allow us to actually draw out our marketing funnel on the computer here instead of on a piece of paper. So I did this forever on a piece of paper and I would take pictures of it, and then you look at it and make my final afterwards. But this has made things a lot easier. So I want you to set up a free account here. Once you do that, you come into your main dashboard and hit, create a project, and it was called this skill share one. And then we're going to come into that and hit, create a funnel, and so I'll just do test. Now, once we've created this funnel, this is where we can actually map out our process. Now again, this this course here is not about creating marketing funnel, right. That's a that's a course. Later on, I'm just showing you guys what needs to happen once people click on the add itself. Okay, We're just gonna make something basic for now. So let's pretend you are a freelancer. A solo pron, your business coach of some kind. Or just excuse me. A coach of some kind or service based business. If you're one of those, were gonna make your funnel right now, if you are selling information products, we're gonna make that final here in a second. And the last thing that we would do is for if you're selling regular physical product will make that funnel as well. Okay, so this is only gonna take a few minutes. So the first thing is, we need our traffic source. So obviously we're gonna use Facebook, All right? And now we're gonna make the actual funnel itself. So if you are a in that first category freelancer Sela Preneurs, coach of some kind or service based business, the ultimate thing that you want from someone is you want them to schedule a call with you , right? Like you want them to schedule a call either with you or with your sales team in order for you to sell your product or service, right? Like that's ultimately what you want. So that's our end goal. So we want them. We want a time booked on the calendar. Okay. Now, in order to get that, we need someone to become aware of us. So we're gonna run a Facebook ad, but we're probably gonna run it to something called a lead magnet, okay. Or in this case, an opt in page. Now, we're gonna call this a lead magnet. What a lead magnet. Does his exchanges value to our clients, right? Or to our prospect in exchange for their contact information in this case would just be an email address. Now, once we have their email address, what we're going to do is immediately try to book a calendar pointing with them. Okay, so what's gonna happen here is they're going to click on the Facebook ad. They're going to download the lead magnet, give us their email address, and then we're going to try to book them into an appointment with us. Now, some people will book immediately. Some won't. But the people that don't book immediately well, that's pretty easy to handle. What we're gonna do is we're gonna email, follow up sequence with them. So probably I would say 10% of the people might book an appointment with you right there. For those that don't we're simply going to send them an email sequence and try to book with them later on. Does make sense. So very, very basic. This funnel works extremely well for those you that are selling any sort of service based products. Okay, so this is for freelancers, Sola preneurs, coaches or service based businesses. Sound good. Okay, so let's move on now to a physical product sale So let's get our traffic drips right here because we've got a traffic source. Now we're actually going to work on selling our product. So the first thing that we're gonna do is send it straight to an order page. Most likely we want, of course, sell our product. Now, here's what's really cool. After the order page, we're gonna try to up sell them, and we're gonna upset them on a few things. This is where most people get e commerce really, really wrong is they Don't ever up seller. They don't know how to up sell properly, So they're only selling their little, you know, $10 item. And that's why they're not making any money, because you know that the ads can cost that much. But if you can up sell properly, then you can make a lot of money doing that. So a proper e commerce funnel is gonna look something like this. Facebook order page Upsell, Upsell. Thank you. We might even throw an opt in here at some point, but you get the picture, give the last have a Funny that we're gonna build is for those that are selling information products. So this is kind of the world that I live in. Personally, I live in the coaching world and also sell information products. So this could be very close to home for me. So let's them selling information products. I have my traffic source here. Now we sell most of ours through a webinar. And that's where most of you will probably sell your information products if you choose to do so. Because webinars give us, ah, good amount of time to actually present value to the client and ask for a decent amount of money. That's, you know, actually noticeable that in the bank account, right? So the 1st 1 to do is run a Facebook out, and the next thing we're going to do is run an actual registration page. So the Facebook app is gonna go to a registration page, were to change that name here to registration page, and the registration page is going to be for webinar now. The webinar. Once you attend the webinar, the hope is is you gain some value from that and you order the product course. When you order the product, we're gonna thank you for it, right? So let's had a little arrows in here. And then once you have the product, you're going to go to the members area, and this is where the product is delivered. So this is a very basic drawing oven info product sale. There's obviously other funnels out there that can do just this, but I want to give you guys an idea of what we're shooting towards. Okay, so depending on which category you fall into again, this is for freelancers, solo preneurs coaches, service based businesses. You'll do something like this physical product sales or something like this, and in for a product sales something like this. Once again, this course here today is not talking about online marketing. Funnels were simply painting the picture for you. So you know what? We're driving traffic to sound good guys. Let's jump in next end of the next lesson. 3. Lesson 2 - Guarantee Your Profitability: Hey, guys. We're gonna spend about one or two minutes going over one of the most important lessons which is guaranteeing your profitability. Okay, so you can adjust these numbers to whatever makes the most sense for your business. But we're gonna go over, Ah, style of business where you were making about $1000 on the sale of your product or service , which I know that's going to very low for some of you. And that could be very high for some of you. Either way. Doesn't matter. You just adjust these numbers accordingly. Sound good. Okay, so in this business here, I want to say a sale equals about $1000. Now, our goal for every single sale is to double our money. So that means we want to spend Morris, give me less than $500 to make 1000 cause if we can do that, that means we basically have a cash printing machine. And every time we put $5 in, we get $1000 out, and we can scale this thing infinitely as long as we have the ability to fulfill this. Right? So the benchmarks that we're looking for is a landing page conversion, 25% cost per lead of 5 to $10 a cost per click of 1 to $3. We know if we hit these benchmarks, we're probably going to be profitable in our in our actual endeavor in our actual final here. But we're gonna make it more specific into our funnel right now. Now, as you'll notice if you're any bit of familiar with online marketing, these numbers are extremely conservative, like extremely conservative. We get a lot of our landing pages to convert between 50 and 60% in our cost. Felidia lowest to $3. So this is a very conservative example. So in this case, that means that if we got 40 visitors to our landing page at a 25% conversion rate, we would pull 10 leads. And in this case year, where we know that for every 10 leader, so we'll make a sale meaning for every 10 people or so that fill out our quote unquote application for our service, we will close one of them at a 10% rate, some good schools. That means for every 40 video, visitors will get 10 leads. That means we can spend a cost per lead of $12.50 which means we have a cost per click of $3.12. So, guys, these the benchmarks that you're looking for you just going to plug in your own and numbers to this formula and make sure that you can pull out profit, right? So literally, all you'll do is reverse. Engineer this you're gonna take what is your sale amount? Maybe your sale is, let's say, $500. That means your goal to sell. You want to spend less than 250 bucks at a 25% conversion rate? Yield was cut this in half, right? So excuse me for 40 visitors. You'll still have 10 leads, but you'll just cut your cross for lead in half to $6.25 and you'll cut your cost per click in half to whatever half that is a dollar 56 or something. I'm not a mathematician, but that's all you'll do. Okay, so no matter what your product or services, you just run this exact formula, and you will know exactly what metrics you need to hit, and it doesn't need to get any more complicated than that. Honestly, guys, the only metric that truly matters are you making more than you're spending. If the answer is yes, you don't have to get super stuck into the weeds. We have campaigns where some of our metrics are off in other areas, but we're making a lot more than we're spending. So it's good. Life is good. Sound good. Alright, guys, to go on your numbers, make sure that your metrics are in place and let's move on. 4. Lesson 3 - Get Your Facebook Ready: I guess now we are in Facebook. Okay, So go to Facebook. Accounts of the first time that maybe we're using Facebook and for productive reasons, right? This is exciting. So what I want you to do is long on your Facebook account and then coming here to the bottom left. Word says, create. Now, want to click on page Because as of right now, your personal Facebook account cannot run an ad. But we're gonna fix that, and it's actually very simple to do. So you've clicked on page. Now you together to business a brand or a public figure. So if you are a service based business or anything like along those lines a coffee shop, maybe you're gonna click Business of brand. If you are so open, you're a freelancer, a coach of some kind, and from information marketer, you might click on public figure, so I'm gonna click on Business of Brand. In this case, in most cases, we're gonna click on public figure based on the type of work that we generally do. But if we're working with the business or a brand of coffee shop, a service based business, we're gonna click on here So we obviously is that so I'm gonna click on business or Brand, and I'm gonna type in Cafe Super Duper. Okay. And then we had a category again. This stuff doesn't matter a whole lot. This can always be changed. So I'm going to click on Why don't we use kitchen and cooking for a cafe? Now we're gonna continue. And for all of this, I all of these items that you can do this right now or you can do this a little bit later. So I'm not gonna add a picture in things because there's no need for me to waste your time with that. They're gonna skip all that, but I would recommend you actually adding this picture. Okay, so I want to actually edit the information on the page itself. So I'm gonna click on this little three ill FC's right here and click edit page information . Write it. Edit page info. Okay, Now we're going to fill out this page information right here. If you have a website, add that in there. If you have ah, street address at that in there, if you want to add your hours, that's great as well. We want to add these pieces of information so that people know that we're actually legitimate, right? Okay, so now that we have this page set up, this is very basic. What I would recommend you do is add or invite some friends to like your page. All right. You want to do that so that there's a little bit of social proof on your page before we run ads to it. So what happens is wouldn't we run an ad? The ad is being served by Cafe Super Duper. So when you see an ad in your news feed, it's going to be served by Cafe Super duper, not your name. So, for instance, like, let's go find an ad. So this one right here, the points guy. So this is a sponsored post. We can see. It's an ad here. So the points guy, his Facebook fan page is called the Points Guy. This is our Facebook fan page called Cafe Super Duper. So you want to pick a name here that you actually want to be seen on Facebook, and that's why it's good to add some photos to type in the about section. Make sure people know that you're legit so that if they click on your fan page, they know that you're not just some fly by night company. And also it's good to have some likes on the page. And so invite your friends to make sure that they like the page and that you have some credibility there so that it's not like they're the only person in the world that likes you . If someone clicks on your ad, that sound good. Alright, guys. So what we're gonna we're gonna leave you with is this. The likes on your page are important a little bit just to give you a little bit social credibility, but they're not important to the performance of your ads. So if you were in the Facebook world years ago, Facebook fan page likes were actually very important. They're completely unimportant today. Do not worry about honey. People like your page as long as you have a few. As long as there's a little bit of social proof, that's perfectly fine. You don't have to worry about it. Being in the hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands is not important whatsoever. That will grow as more and more ads get served. But you don't need to worry about how little Fan Page likes that you have right now. Cool. All right, so now that our fan pages set up for cafe Super duper, we actually have to set up your business manager in an account. Now, don't be scared wearing that. We don't have to. Actually, you know, we're not spending any money right now or anything like that. But we do have to set this up so that we can actually create the at. Okay, So first thing you want to do is come tol box and type in business dot facebook dot com. Now, when you do this for the very first time, it's going to ask you to fill out a couple piece of information. So you're not going to see this screen right here, But I want you to do is click the people's piece of information you to fill out just fill in those pieces of information and will not be complex whatsoever. Once you do that, just click the next button or click submit and you're gonna be taken to a screen that looks just like this. Now you will be a little less filled out. You won't have, you know, pages or out accounts in here or anything like that. But what we're going to do now is bring your new Facebook fan page into your business manager and bring you a new ad account or creating an account and bring it into your business manager. Your business manager. You can think of it almost as the house for your business on Facebook and all of your different assets that we're going to create. As in your Facebook fan page in your ad account, we're gonna put them in your house. So the first thing we want to do is go to our page is right here and again, You won't see anything, but you're gonna want to click, add, and you're going to add a page. Now you already own your page, which is gonna be very easy. So you're just gonna come in here and you're gonna type in the U R l of your page. So, in order to do that, just open up a regular Facebook page and type in your page name. So are just can't face super duper. I'm gonna click on that page and this will be the U R l for it. So I'm gonna copy this, and then we're gonna paste it here. Now you'll be able to bring it up right here. Settle, say cafe, super duper or whatever, and then just click add page. Okay, so now we are adding the page. So since you're already the admin of this page, it was approved automatically. Perfect. So I'm gonna close it now. I'm gonna go over here to an ad account. Now, what I want to do is actually create an ad account. So I have a bunch of ad accounts in here. You're not gonna have any yet. You just click add, and then you gonna click, Create new ad account. Now, what you're gonna want to do is put out account name, So cafe super duper average advertising on behalf of Just choose your business name. It will be automatically filled out here. And we need to be your name or your business name. Either is fine. And then you can select a payment method. You don't have to select a painting method right now. You can leave this blank. So once you fill this out, just click. Create an account, and I'm actually going to make cafe Super duper had account. Now, what I want to do here is make myself the admin. So this is me, obviously gonna choose you. And you don't wanna make yourself the ad account admin. If you don't do this, you won't able to make changes to it. That's a problem. So hit save changes and hit close. And now we have our cafe Super duper at account. Now, we'll work with this a little bit later, obviously, to make our ad and things like that. But this is how you set up your business manager, your Facebook fan page and you add account. Right, guys, great job setting this up. I'll see you guys in next lesson. 5. Lesson 4 - Get In Their Head: Hey, guys, Welcome to less than three. Okay? This is getting in the head of your customer. Now, I know this probably isn't the sexiest part. I know you're really excited about getting into the actual advertising campaign itself. I'm excited about writing the ad, designing the picture, targeting me. I don't know. Those are the sexy, fun things. This is not, but I promise you this this is the most important lesson. Okay? Both for your advertising and marketing finals. If this is done wrong, the rest of this does not matter. So this has to be done right. And you have to put your heart into this one. Okay, so I'm gonna walk you through this, and I want you to I want you to give this one. You're all sound good. All right. So the first thing we're gonna dio we're going to get in bed with our customer, and I don't mean that in a any sort of bad way. I mean, I want you to think about what they're thinking about when they're laying in bed. What's going on in their brain? What is keeping them awake at night. I'm gonna put a list of 10 questions here on the screen. Right now, you can download this list. I want you to answer these questions extremely carefully, very slowly, and I want you to really, really get into this. You'll notice. Some of these questions are extremely personal to who your prospect ISS so like. What is their deepest, darkest fear? Right. What keeps them awake at night when no one else is watching what it's there, What's the thing that absolutely scares them? Death. We need to know these things because our ads are going to speak to them. You'll notice when a really, really good at it happens, actually, probably won't notice. That's why it's so good. Even noticed me scrolling at Facebook or on instagram on your phone. Maybe you're scrolling at a time where you shouldn't be and you notice that you just get lost and sometimes you get lost in things that may be friends or families post or, you know, post of celebrities or something. But sometimes you get lost in an advertiser post, and don't even notice that you just got, you know, like advertised to because they're so good. That's what we want. We want what we want something gets lost in our world like that without them even noticing . Now, thankfully, most advertisers actually really, really bad advertising. So when you're good at this, you'll cut through the noise extremely fast and highly effective. Okay, so step number one. Answer those questions. Answer the 10 questions. Cool. That's step number one. Answer them. Take your time. It's okay to be very, very, very through. Actually, Mawr throw you are, the easier everything else is. Trust me, it will be a way easier. Okay, The homework is absolutely the most important part. So do that. Answer those 10 questions. Number two. I want you to think about your ideal customer. Think about your ideal customer. That's the person that you answer the 10 questions about. So who is the perfect customer? So let's say you you are a consultant. Okay, your consultant and let's say you are consulting businesses. Your ideal customer might be a business owner that is between one and $5 million in revenue . Um, and they have deployable assets that they can use, and they are stuck so they've deployable assets between one of film on $5 million in revenue. They're stuck on. They have $10,000 a month of usable money to fix their problem. That's the perfect customer. You know that if you had a customer with that Senate situation, you could just skyrocket them, right? Maybe your perfect customer. Maybe you sell information products. Let's use physical product. Let's see yourself physical products and you sell widgets, right? Your perfect customer is a 18 year old video game player who absolutely freaking loves call of duty, right? Whatever. Think about them. What we want to do is we have them in my mind. You have them in your mind. Think about them. Given a name if you want. Now I want you to write an autobiography as them. I don't care if it's a page or 500 pages, but you have to write something and get as details as you possibly can. Hey, my name is John. I am a 37 year old business owner. This is the name of my business. I have work in this industry this so much revenue. I have blah, blah, blah and just keep going and going get is personal, as you possibly can write that out of our way as if you're them. Think about everything that scares them. What are they excited about? What they fear? What if the whole thing comes crumbling down? What am I? What am I so scared to talk to my husband or wife about, right that get really in there? OK, now when we go to write our ads, guess who were writing our ads too? That guy, that girl, that that woman, that kid, Whatever. When you go to write your ads, guys, this will be the easiest thing in the world and you will blow past everybody else. That is advertising right now, because they did not take the time to really get in. That's why you see so many just horrible ads. And that's why a lot of people are highly unprofitable when running advertising visited because they don't know how to speak to the person that they actually want to attract. The key to that is getting into the conversation that's already going on the head. You know how we talk to each other to ourselves all the time. You know you can never all what? You can never shut that voice up. I mean, sometimes you can but most of time you're always thinking right. If you take a walk, you're thinking if you're about to go to sleep, you're thinking if you're waking up, you're thinking the best advertising is when you and to that conversation, they're already thinking it and bang now didn't keep out. You sound good, guy. So go ahead, do that. Answers 10 questions, right? The autobiography and I'll see in the next lesson. 6. Lesson 5 - Targeting: All right, guys, welcome. The lesson for today is targeting day. This is awesome. So we get the dive into the targeting side of Facebook and we are going to show you how to target your ads to the exact people that you want to show you ads to. So the Internet is a beautiful place. It's basically a congregation of human beings that self segregate themselves into interest that they wanna be a part of. And Facebook has the most amount of people than any of the platform on the planet. So Facebook is really, really, really powerful for this because it knows basically what everyone is doing. So whether you are interested in dog food or cats or cafes or fitness, Facebook knows that. And it's created segments or fan pages of people that we can target ads to. So if we're selling a fitness products, we can target our fitness product to people that I have already self selected themselves is interested in fitness so on and so forth. This works for any type of business out there. So the strategy I'm gonna show you today will work for any type of business. You're just going to interject your You just gonna interject your niche into it. Sound good. All right, cool. Let's get into it. So, first things first, go to business dot facebook dot com, which is your business manager, as you are familiar with it. Now, first of you to do is click on this little ellipses. However, overall tools and click audience insights. Now, Facebook is going to give you a fair amount of data as to who is in your audience. So we're going to try to find out who is in our audience and make the first initial steps to do the targeting. Okay, so we're just gonna make the initial steps here right now. We're not actually setting up the targeting. We're discovering who they are, and we're going to save this audience for later use. So the first thing I want to do is I want to find out who is actually on Facebook that has a presence in our niche. So we're gonna use fitness. That is an example right now. Okay, So I know we've been doing cafes in the past. We're going to fitness now and kind of change it up a little bit for those of you in different industries than the cafe industry. Right? So first thing to do is go to Google. Type in faith fitness. Excuse me. Facebook fitness influencers. So type in Facebook, Your niche influencers. Now you'll see a bunch of pages come up. Most likely you just click on the one that seems the most enticing for you. So I clicked on this one. Now, these are people that are on Facebook that have nice, good size followings. This means that they have a following on Facebook that weaken target. Okay, now, just you know, everybody on this page that you pull up because you probably won't pull up this page if, unless you in the fitness industry, they might not have followings on Facebook, and that's totally fine. You're just gonna skip them and move on to people that do. So we want to do is pull out Jillian Michaels here, and I'm gonna search for her in the interest section so that you can always type in in the interest section when you looking for fan pages. So we've got a 1,000,000 to a 1,000,000 1/2 people with Jillian Michaels. Perfect. And we're also going to use Kayla. It signs down here. Okay, lets signs has a very, very big audience. All right, so we've got a total onions off 5 to 6 million people Now, just so you know, let's say I typed in Joe Wicks like, I've already told you, they're not all going to be in here like Joe Wicks doesn't have a fan page, so there's nothing I can do that's totally cool. So we're gonna use these two for right now. Now there's two schools of thought in targeting on Facebook. One school of thought is that you have a bunch of different audiences and you basically control the whole the whole thing. So that means that I would make it on audience for Gillian making audience for Kayla, I would make an audience for Josh Beckett audience for Joe, making audience for the rock making audience for Cassey Ho, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I let them all battle it out and I'd see which one wins. Now, that works really good. If you have a lot of money to spend, I would let you know that when we do it that way, we spend about 3 to 500 hours a day doing those tests, which can be fun, kind of expensive for some people. So I want to show you a way where you can do this test on $5 a day now to do the sets and $5 a day. This works really, really good. And actually, we still run a lot of our ads using this exact same method, even though we have the budget to do to test the previous way. This way, we're actually works better. In most cases, what you're gonna want is just combine a very large audience. So in this case, we're gonna put in Jillian Michaels. Kayla, it signs. We might choose a few others from here. Maybe Deepak Chopra. Maybe Marc Hyman. Maybe Gabrielle, maybe Louis, etcetera, etcetera. We would make a very big audience with this. Typically do we want to see between one and two million people? Now, we've already got an audience of 5 to 6 million people, so we're way above that, So we're not gonna add anymore. But I will show you what we do with this later. But essentially, we're going to let Facebook do the targeting force, so we're gonna create a big audience for Facebook to choose from and say, Hey, Facebook, we're trying to make sales today, So go ahead and look for people that are most likely to spend money based on the previous history or hey, Facebook. We are looking to get people to download our free report. Go find people that are most likely to download stuff, and it's gonna go and do that heavy lifting force rather than us trying to segment everything out of ourselves. The bottom line is that Facebook's algorithm is really, really smart. And for most people, 99% of people running ads on Facebook this is the way you should do it. Make a large audience on Facebook. Do the heavy lifting now show you how to optimize your campaigns in a later lesson to do just that. So now we've got our audience here. We just need to save it. That's it. So first things first, I'm gonna get into the right at account here. You won't have this issue because you're only gonna wanna had account. So I'm gonna remake our our people. So we get Kayla and we had Gillian Michael's. So now I'm gonna hit save, and we're gonna create this audience name. So we're gonna make fitness one. It's safe. And that is it for now. And the next lessons. Rex going to write the ants, designed the picture and then show you how to set this baby up and launch it. So I see in the next lesson. 7. Lesson 6 - Ad Hacking & Writing: everybody. Welcome to lessen five. Today we're gonna actually write your ad and I'm so stinking excited for you because you are getting closer and closer and closer, and it don't You don't want you to be overwhelmed here because writing at is actually not that hard based on the process that we're going through. So they're gonna do something called ad hacking. All right, we'll show you how to find other ads that are doing extremely well and then model those ads for yourself, all right? And we'll go through a process that will allow you to write these ads fairly simply. All right, so let's go through this. First, let's find an and that works. So, by the way, I'm just on Facebook right now. Regular Facebook and just scrolling through Facebook. Now I already found an ad just literally popped up. It's sponsored. We know it's a ad because it says sponsored. Now this is a perfect example, because what I'm actually looking for Pause this What I'm looking for is good social proof . So when I say social prove, I mean a lot of likes and comments. So this guy has 521 likes or reactions. He has 83 common 67 shares. This is a very good ad because of all of the social proof we know that adds cost a fair amount of money to run. Okay, so we know that we if there's a lot of social proof on that, it's been running for a while, which means what he adds working for them, right? He's making money off of this ad, so we know that it's good. So if you find out that is really low social proof, meaning there is barely anything on it, that's something that we don't want to have. We don't want to model, all right, because it doesn't work. So what I want to do here is is actually look at this ad. So he's got a video here, and I would probably watch this video and listen to what he's saying. But in this case, I'm just interested in the actual writing. Steph Formula is called Pace. It stands for pain. Attention command. An expectation. So we are gonna follow this formula for writing your ad, and they could be asking yourself. So I do a video ad. Should I do a written And which ones should I do? Well, I would definitely recommend it. You start with a written add because videos take a lot longer to produce a little bit harder to get right, and they take a lot longer to fix. Okay, so there's a lot of points of failure there, whereas a written add, it only takes a couple minutes to fix. Right? So we want to do is write our ads until we get one that works. And once we get one that works, then we maybe try to improve it with the video. But initially, we're gonna do whether we're going to written at in a static picture once it Once it starts working, then we may be used a video Sound good? All right. Perfect. So we took a screenshot of the ad, but it's also right here, so I'm just gonna go ahead and write this ad with you as we're doing it. So no matter what industry you're in, you just do the exact same thing, OK? And by the way, you can you can use ad from a different industry and move it somewhere else. So I'm gonna use the fitness example right here. Even though this is a business opportunity example, this is a make money example. So it literally says 136 K and 11 days about building fund or a long sales cycle, etcetera. So this is a business add I'm gonna use I'm gonna make a fitness at out of this. So the first thing to do is we're going to illicit pain. So a pain point is gonna be something like in this case, he's using 136 came 11 days. That's like a shock and all value, But it's also listening pain in the normal and a normal person because of, like, $136,000.11 days. Oh, my gosh. I could have never even come close to that. So we want to elicit pain in a similar way. So maybe we're gonna do this. Lost. I lost 100 £31 in 82 days without starving myself a ridiculous diet or even working out. You want to know exactly how I did it? Okay, so you see them doing here? I'm little remodeling him now in a lesson right after us. We're going to talk about what you need to pay attention to. So you don't get yourself in Trump with Facebook because this ad right here would be potentially a little sketchy as you'll find out with the ad guidelines later. Because I'm talking about losing weight. Facebook is really kind of, uh, frisky about that. Okay, so next thing we're gonna do is right here. So even better Do want my team to help implement this brand new strategy for you. We'll do something similar to even even better. Want me and my team to help you implement this brand new strategy with you. Click here to find out more information and then we'll put a link, gets notice a couple things. Number one. We did not copy his exact wording. We just literally model what he's doing. So we're making a big claim. Were causing pain, were using the without section right here. Then we're saying you don't know how I did it. Click here for more information, so we're not plagiarizing. Meaning if you do that, that is, like, totally unethical and it is wrong, but we're modeling them. The format that's working for him, okay, because we know obviously works because it's working so this model here. Let's go over it. We have pain. We understand the pain thing, right? I lost this. Now, another way to elicit pain is to ask a really pointed question. So, for instance, you know, you could write what say, uh not not getting any customers. That's painful. Not making any money, not losing weight again. The weight thing is, you have to be careful with that. But you get the point, right. You can ask questions to elicit pain. The next thing is attention. Now, attention has got to waste number one through a big claim like this and to through the actual picture. We're gonna talk about the photo here in the next lesson. But the attention is mostly the pictures responsibility. Not necessarily the copy itself. Command, this refers to here. Click here. For more information, click here to find out this is for you. Click here to register for the webinar click here to purchase the product. That's the command. Okay. The expectation is what's going to happen if I click. So right here. Even better to meet my team to help you implant this brand new strategy with you. That is the expectation They're expecting us to help them implement the strategy. If they click right, Do you want me or do you want to lose weight? Click here to purchase this magical supplement. When you do, I'll help you lose weight in 30 days. Right? That's the expectation. We want pain. Attention, command expectation. Cool. I guess before you write your ad, I want you to go to the next and the next lesson right now. And we're talk about Facebook ad guidelines. This is very important, because if you write an ad that looks like this one, um, this would probably work, but to be walking a tight rope if you want. If you run out to look like this one Ah, you be walking even worse type rope. Okay, so this is very important. Go to a lesson. First, we're gonna go over that right now, and then we're gonna go ahead and write your ad. Cool. All right, let's do this 8. Lesson 7 - Ad Guidelines: All right. Congratulations for making it to the most boring lesson in the world ad policies. Yea, we're going over this fast and furious, but I'm gonna help save you from the horrible things that can happen if you break the policies meaning they shut the account down. So going to save you from that, And we are going to go there. Just go through this right now. So first things first, go to Google type in Facebook ad guidelines. All right. Once you type in that first thing that comes up should be advertising policies from Facebook. Click on that. So here's what your gonna dio you are going to read every word on this page. I'm not gonna read it through with you, but I'll tell you the bottom lines that you probably want to pay attention to. But you should read every single word so that when something comes up, you're like, Oh, I shouldn't do that or I should do that, etcetera. Cool. All right, so read this entire page. It's not that long. It's not that horrible. But this will save you for a lifetime of sadness, because the last thing that you want to do is create all this adds make everything work, you making tons of sales. The world is so great and rainbows are everywhere in lolly pops and butterflies. And then Facebook shuts you down because you didn't follow their policies here, did you Gotta know these the bottom lines. Facebook has created an amazing platform for us to advertise. I'm OK. They have congregated the most amount of people in the history of the world into one place . Which means that it is an absolute treasure chest for marketers and for people in business . OK, because of that, they are after there are they have one goal. That goal is to increase the user experience. Guess what? Guess who the user is? It's not the advertiser. The user is the random guy sitting on his toilet scrolling through Facebook when he should be inside the office working. Okay, that's the user there protecting the user experience. We want to make sure that when we write an ad, we're being effective. But we're also protecting the experience of having on Facebook. All right, so keep that in mind. You want to be on Facebook side. You do want to be on the other end of their side. You don't try to dupe them, do you? Don't try to confuse them. The ad reviewers are real human beings, all right, and so we want to make sure that we treat them with respect. All right, so a couple, couple things. Couple bottom line, then we give you a tip. Here's a few bottom lines. Don't make any crazy claims that can't be substantiated. So if you're doing a business opportunity at Don't make a psycho claim, that's not actually true weight loss ad. Same thing. Just bottom line to make any claims that are untrue. Number two. Don't make any health or weight loss claims at all for anyone else, Period. Case closed. Don't do it. You'll get yourself in trouble. Don't say I can help you cure cancer. Don't say I can help you lose weight. Do not say that. Don't say this guy lost £500 million because of the sweet magic pill. You should take it. Don't do that. Here's how you let's say you are in the weight loss page space because that is actually a pretty hard one to be in on Facebook. We have been in it before. We've had very effective campaigns before. This is how you do it. You write your ads in the first person. Okay? You want to tell a story with your ad? Meaning I lost £50 doing this. Click here to learn what I did, because now I'm not telling you that you can have it. I'm just telling you what I did. All right? So if you ever tell any sort of a claim story, just put it in the first person and it's all good. Or tell it about this other guy. Say, my client lost £50 doing X click here to read his story. Click here to find out what he did. You could do that. That's fine. But you don't want to make claims that this person that hey, user on Facebook, you can lose £50 if he use my thing. Don't do that. That'll get you in trouble. All right, So if you don't want to be super safe, just tell everything in the third person stories about your clients or tell them about yourself. If you do that, you're generally very safe and just don't promote anything you're not supposed to promote. So don't promote illegal products, right? Don't promote drugs, don't promote ammunition or explosives. Don't promote sexual products. That's not good. That will get turned down. Don't call out people's personal attributes. Don't say this message is going out to white males, or this ad is Four African American females don't do that. They will shut you down immediately. All right, Um, don't send anybody to a non functional Paige. Don't try to misdirect people to, you know, incorrect pages. These are things that you probably wouldn't do. I just gotta let you know that you shouldn't do it. Right. Make sure I'm gonna give you a couple tips. Now, make sure on your actual landing page itself that you have a privacy policy on there. So, for instance, I will show you some random page of ours. So this is one of our our landing pages that we use. If you look good here, the bottom you'll see a contact privacy policy in terms and conditions. You're gonna want to make sure that these air made up for you. These don't have to be real special. You could literally google this and just make up a random privacy policy thing in terms and conditions. Facebook just forces you to have these on here. So you're gonna want to make sure that they're on there and that you have a privacy policy in terms of conditions. Like I said, you don't have to go hire a lawyer for this. You can go on Google, you can search for and you can probably find something can throw together fairly quickly. But I am not your lawyer. I am not your advisor. And that's in that sense. So make sure you go talk to them before you do that. But I was letting you know that's what. Ah, that's what we've done in the past for ourselves when we need to create a new privacy policy before we can actually get a lawyer involved. Okay, so make sure that that is on their tip. Number two. Tip number two. I would highly suggest not submitting your abs on the weekends. So when we talk about submitting ads and in some of the sub subsequent lessons, we're gonna talk about sending them in for review. Every single ad goes through a actual manual reviewer. Okay, so a human being will read your ad and we'll decide to approve or deny it. What I have found is that the people that are best at reviewing ads work on the weekdays. Okay, I don't know why that is it just the way this. So I've gotten a lot of ads denied on the weekend where I literally really reapply them and resubmit them during the week and they get approved. And I think it's because sometimes someone would. They see the word weight loss and they're, like, up can't have a weight loss ad. Shut it down and they say No or you know they see the word business opportunity like Nope, can't a business opportunity adds. Shut it down. But for whatever reason, they're moving too quick or they're just, you know, lower level employees, I don't know. But on the week days, it's wind that, like the better add reviews, add reviewers or in the office, and I get pretty much every ad approved during the week. So that's tip number two. Insider scoop. So mature ads on the weekdays. Cool guys, go read the advertising policies, and then the next lesson we're going to make your picture. Okay, All right, let's do it 9. Lesson 8 - Designing The Picture: Alright, guys. So today we're going to make the picture on your ad itself. So this is gonna be really, really important. And I'm going to show you the two ways of doing this. So picture number one is a photo just like this. This is called a native picture cases. This could be some random picture that's taken of you or the product or the service that you're offering. So let's say you are doing something where solo preneurs and a picture of you could be used . I will tell you this a picture of a human being, particularly yourself is usually gonna perform the best. So if you have any sort of service based business Ah, lot of times a picture of you is gonna do really well. However, I understand there's times where you don't use a picture of yourself. But if you can use a picture yourself in a normal setting, I find that we typically get the best results doing just that, which is super easy for you. Could you just gotta go take a picture yourself doing something and pit Put it on here. Now let's say you need to do you want to use something a little more fancy or you can't use a picture of yourself either way. So let's go find an ad that doesn't have a picture of someone on it, and I'll show you how to make it. All right, So here is a photo that is a little bit more done up, a little more professional. We still have the person in the photo itself, but this could be anyone. This doesn't have to be a human being in the photo. It could literally be a picture of a cup of coffee. That's totally fine. But the point is, this one's a little bit more fancy. And what during this, I'd recommend not using any stock photos stock for a scream ad, and we're not trying to stand out were actually trying to blend in on Facebook. Blending in is actually standing out when you look too ridiculous like a stock photo. People usually ignore that, but let's do you want to do something that's a little more fancy. You want a picture of the product of the service or the or the you know the house or whatever. This is why this is a situation where we're gonna do something like this to be totally straight with you. Um, not everybody can do photo shop. A lot of our clients can't do photo shop, so I don't want you have to learn photo shop. So let's say I wanted to use this. What I would do is I would literally screenshot this picture and then go to a Web site called Fiverr dot com f I v e r. So five years websites. A freelancing site where people do basically anything for $5. Esso women cope here isn't on type in Facebook lips Facebook ad design. Here we go. Facebook at design. Once I do that, I'm going to come down here and put my price range at a total of $5. Hit Enter. Once I do that, you're gonna see a bunch of things that come up that says I will design a Facebook ad. How design an attractive facebook at etcetera and they're literally all starting at $5. Now, I have done this a 1,000,000 times. I've gotten the majority of our ads designed this way and it works really, really good. You're just going to go ahead and find someone with a lot of ratings with the price that you want and just click on him Now are you gonna do is choose your You're a service. So in this case, they said $5. So we are going to There goes $5.1 design, one size variation, one Facebook ad image. In two days, I'm hit. Continue, and then all I'll do is I'll let him know. Hey, I'd like an ad designed. Um, this is my niche. This is what I wanted to say. And I want you to use this photo as reference. Don't copy it. Just use it as reference. Right. But used these words and put this photo in place of this woman here. That makes sense. So salute little. Yet you're just going to use a photo that you like, Give it to someone else. They'll design it for, like, five bucks. Now that is way, way, way, way, way, way faster. The new learning photo shop. Okay, now, if you know for the shop, then perfect, then just do that. You just do photo shop yourself. But if you don't, if you takes forever for you like it does for me or you can't use it all. Spend $5 you have to worry about a thing. Cool. I guess that's how you design your ad. And like I said, you're going to use either a native picture or picture like this. We call this a designed picture. Now, we don't know necessarily which one's gonna work the best. And I'm gonna show you how toe Make multiple different tests inside of your at account so that you can decide which picture is performing the best for you. You can run with that one. Turn off the other cool guys to go ahead and get to it. Design your photo itself and we'll move on to the next lesson. 10. Lesson 9 - Setting Up The Campaign: All right, guys. Welcome. So we're going to set up your ad campaign right now. And now, before we move on, when I need you to do is make sure that all of your homework has done All of your assignments are done. Okay, So you should have designed your photo. You should have written your ad. You should have done the autobiography. And you should have checked those things off of your actual assignment for this class. Okay, So if you haven't done that, go back and do that before we move on. Cool. All right. So let's move in here now. So now that you have your facebook open, your goto adds manager because you've already got this set up, right? Yeah. Trying to trick you. Okay, so goto as manager. Now, once you have this open, we're gonna set up our campaign for the very first time someone to go to our cafe super duper, and we're going to create this. So your brand new just like this, you're gonna click on create ad, and now we're going to actually create our ad campaigns. I'm gonna do you know, count favor. Super. That'll be our exist. That will be our actual campaign. You create anyone so cafe super No one do a campaign objective. So depending on what you're looking for, you looking for people to make a sale? Are you looking to create? Are you Look, trying to get a leader. You just trying to get brand awareness. Most likely you're trying to create a sale or trying to get a lead. So in that case, you're gonna choose conversions. Okay, If you're not trying to get a sailor lead, you might want to do reach or traffic or whatever, but you're actually looking for conversion. So tell Facebook what you really want. If you're trying to get conversions, tell it you want conversions. Don't tell that you want traffic. The algorithm will do some magic, and this will not work if you choose the wrong ones. If you're trying to get leads, you're trying to get sale shoes conversions. You just want a bunch. People read a vlog post choose traffic. But my guess is you want sales or leads. So we're gonna use conversions. They want to create a new ad set. We're gonna do add set one and creating ad will do. Add one will rename these as we go on something click Save the draft. And what will happen is I can edit everything within the actual campaign without publishing it. So I'm gonna go and close this. I'm gonna click on Cafe Super Duper and go ahead and click on edit. Now that I have the ad set open, we're going to make our Audi Excuse me an audience. So click on audience here You would have already saved your audience. Remember? Click on fitness one. Yea, we already saved it. So now I want to come down here. We're gonna click on edit placements. You're gonna turn off all of them. Take off Messenger Audience network Instagram remove marketplace right column and instant articles You won't Onley want Facebook news feeds You will blow obscene amounts of cash if you try to show it to add everywhere Once you only want to show it on the Facebook news feeds. Now, come on, we hear leave all mobile devices checked, leave it on conversions and leave it on one day click or one. Dave, you going to go all the way back up here And we have to set up a Facebook pixel. Now, in order to do this, we're just gonna click on Create a pixel. This is pretty easy. Cafe Super duper is pixel. No problem. Hit, Create. And look at that. We have got a pixel now. Also, you had to make it work at the end of this lesson, but it's not too hard. So we're gonna go ahead and continue what we're doing for now. All right, so we're gonna need to select our actual conversion events. So in this case, we're looking for Ah, lead. OK, so I'm going to go ahead and click lead For now. We're gonna change that here in a moment, but we seem to have give Facebook something to look at. All right, so I'm gonna close this and want to come over here to my actual ad. Now, when you click on edit and this is the actual at itself, So we are going to type in all of this. So the website you are elsewhere. We're sending traffic to remove the whole marketing funnel The beginning. This is the U. R L for the marketing funnel. So we're going to send this to wherever it's going wherever your funnels as we're gonna say exactly. Spirit dot com display link will be the same. Now, the headline This is the actual right here, this bold thing. So we're gonna write the headline. It's just going to be a shorter version of the ad itself. So gonna pull up the ad that we wrote earlier? All right, so here is the ad. So I'm going to go put and put that in the text box, which is right here. Go ahead and change the link here and make sure that's filled out. So the headline we're going to just write it, whatever it's going to be. So in this case, we're gonna do you know how I lost £131? So now we have the news feed link description, which is this little thing right here. Okay. The best thing you want a news feed link description is a shortened version of the call to action you might want to do here is you know, click here to see how I lost £131 without eating anything. Cool. All right, so we got all that done. Now, what is going to select our image member want to start with an image and not with an actual video yet. So I'm just gonna choose a a random photo here that I've gotten, but you're going to use the one that you actually designed. All right, so we're gonna crop that because my face is not in there. So now we've got this loading up. This is all set. So what I like to do now is go and re name everything. So the first thing I'm going to do is name this Zach at Skate Park, come over here and type in our actual targeting. So this is me. Fitness wanted him to do fitness one. And then I will confirm my assets so that when I create multiple add sets, I know which one it is just by looking right here. Cool. Okay, So the last thing we need to do is just set up that pixel I told you about in the ad set level. Okay, so we're just gonna open up this ad set and you're going to want to choose the actual campaign objective that we're looking to do. So let's say we are looking for Ah, lead. We're gonna just click on lead for looking for a purchase. For instance, based on what you're looking for, you just type in purchase. Now, in order to make sure this actually works, you're gonna want to go into the actual picture, the pixel settings inside of Facebook. So you want to go as manager? All tools and then pixels. Now, you've already set up your pixel here because I just had you create one. Now all you're gonna need to do is view the set up instructions. Now, we're not gonna walk through all that right here because you need to have your funnel set up in order to actually set up your pixel. So this is very, very easy. You just give you the set up instructions. You're just gonna paste a tiny little piece of code inside of your marketing funnel itself . And don't worry, it's not very tech related. I'm not a techie guy, but it's very, very simple. Once that is all set up, you're just gonna come back into your ad campaign and make sure that you have the right one chosen either purchase or lead or registration. Now, when you have this set up what you're telling Facebook has. Hey, Facebook. I am looking for the maximum number of leads that you can give me within this audience. All right, now, Facebook's going to go and be, like, who is the most likely person to become a lead in this audience who has taken those actions in the past? I'm gonna show this out of them. If you choose purchase, it's gonna find the people that are most likely to purchase within your audience. Sound good? So that's what you want to do. You want to choose the right the right, uh, objective here and then come all the way down and make sure this is set to conversions. Because if this is set for something like link clicks, Facebook's gonna go try to get a bunch of link clicks. But you're not trying to get link clicks. You're trying to get conversions, right? You're trying to get people that are taking action on your page. So you wanted hit conversions. Lastly, is set your daily budget. I would recommend starting and no more than $5. Okay, So such a budget, And then the next lesson, I'm going to show you how to make sure that you test these things properly, so you get the best campaigns that are working for you. Sound good. All right, So you get your campaign set up right now, and in the next lesson, we're gonna go ahead and start testing these out. 11. Lesson 10 - Testing: All right, guys, Welcome back. So right now, we are going to test your Adam and show. You had to test your ads properly. So you know which one works in which ones don't. Okay, so the first things first is by now. You've already submitted this ad for approval. You have payment methods set up. So I want you to do is turn off the ad set just in case anything is running and you don't want it to be. I want you to turn off the whole campaign or the outset, either one. And make sure it is not running. So in order to submit this ad, you had to add that payment method, which is why I'm telling you. Do this now. Okay. So the first thing I want to do is duplicate the outset, so this is very important. So gonna want to come in here and select you. Add setting. Just hit. Duplicate. Now I'll use that makes your original campaign is selected and had duplicate. Now you have a fitness one copy and just hit review unpublished and published. That duplicate, so we're gonna want to do is make a change. So that's why we duplicated this in the first place, right? We made a duplicate so that we could make a change and test these two against each other. So if a budget of $5 per day, I'm gonna come over here and open my ad set up, and I'm going to maybe change my targeting. So maybe I want to. Instead of having Kayla and Gillian, I want to test to see if one of my other influencers from earlier maybe fares a little better. So I'm gonna try Deepak Chopra that we looked at. All right. And then I'm hit update. Once it updates, we're just going to go ahead and hit the publish icon so everything else will be the same. OK, so don't change anything else whatsoever. Because if you change anything else now, we're now we're messing with two different variables. And if you're messing with two different variables, you don't know which one is working. So you're gonna do this for each and every thing you want to change. So if I want to adjust the picture, I'm gonna duplicated again. I'm gonna open up the ad itself in my duplicate and then just change my picture. And then what I like to do is like to adjust the ad set name so that I know right up front which add is performing better in which one is performing worse. So this one was Jilly and and Kayla. So when the ad is running, I'll see. Okay, cool. So this one is costing me $2 a purchase. This one's cost me $500 of purchase. I'm gonna turn off this one. Makes sense. Cool. All right. So make sure that your budget is set for whatever you want to be. I would recommend 5 to $10 a day no more than that when you're initially testing, and then you can scale up as necessary. So in the next lesson, I'm gonna show you how to scale properly without losing money. Cool, guys, to make sure that you set up all your tests right now makes you feel like your homework. And if you have any test you want to run, set those up right now. Seeing the next lesson 12. Lesson 11 - Scaling!: alright, guys. So at this point, you have some ad campaigns that are working well. You're getting some cost for acquisitions within the range that you want them, and it's time to scale them up a little bit. All right, so much so I had to do this properly. The improper way to do this is to just open up the outset and crank it from 5 to $100 a day . That's really, really bad. What you want to do is move it up about 50% each day until you get to 20. So here's what I mean by that when I open. If I want to scale this, let's say this Gillian and Kayla one is doing well and deep box doing bats. Let's turn off Deepak and Jillian and Kayla's doing really good. So what I want to do is I want to come over here and hit, edit and change this to $10 in hit Enter. It's gonna just me to $10 a day. Notice that I changed this in the ad set level itself. I didn't open up the ad set. If I open up the ad set and I just adhere. What happens is it sends the ad back into review, and I'll I can add going into review as little as possible because it opens up human error . So if someone reviews my add and thinks that it should be denied, they'll deny it. But I don't like you going back interview less. That has to. If you adjust the adhere, it won't go back into review. So go ahead and just it from 5 to 10 bucks a day. And then what you want to do is wait 24 hours before checking on the performance. Do you wanna wait? Give it some time because Facebook's algorithms has to adjust to the increased budget. Another tip for checking out the performance of this is making sure you always look at your stats in a lifetime fashion. Never look at your stance in a week to week fashion. What happens is there's something called attribution meaning If Facebook ran this ad last week and it also ran it this week, it'll probably pull some leads or purchases this week. But those people that purchased actually clicked on the ad last week initially, but they didn't actually decide to make the purchase still this week, So Facebook will attribute the purchase or the lead toe last week. So this week's stats might actually look like they suck. But in fact they're fine. It's just it's attributing a lead that we got today to some to a day from last week when they originally clicked. That's why we don't want to always leave your stats on Lifetime. Unless things start to decline really bad, then you might want to look at it more closely. But in the majority cases leaving on Lifetime now, give it 24 hours. If it's still performing well under a lifetime view, crank it to 20. Okay, so running, jumping to 20 now, you never really only want to go a past $20 a day per ad set. That's what the number that we've noticed works really, really well. Anything above that. You generally start to get dwindling results, but let's say you want to spend $40 a day. You don't crank it to 40. So what do you do? It's pretty easy. All you do is you just duplicate the outset, so just had duplicate duplicate, and that's it was actually a one more step to it. So I want to publish the duplicate, and then we'll show you this last little step so after publishes will show it. Okay, so now we're published. But we wanted to do is make sure that the same and is being shown across all of our duplicates cause we could have 20 duplicates here, depending on the budget. So I'm gonna open up the actual ad. I'm going at it here when you go over here and hit preview and hit Facebook post with comments. Now, what I wanted to do is look at this post idea. Pierre, I want to go ahead and copy this. Someone it Command C, come back to my ads. Manager, go to my copy. Right here. This is the copy. Open up the actual at itself. And right now you're going to see the actual ad just like you normally would. But instead of doing that, I want you to use existing post hit enter post I d and then paste in that post idea we just grabbed. Now it's submit. Now you're gonna want to publish it. So what we did is we're using the same exact post through all of our duplicates. If we don't do that step, I just did. Each and every duplicate we make is going toe have its own set of social proof. It'll have its own likes in its own comments. We don't want that. We went to accumulate those likes and comments in one place, right? Exactly. So that's why you want to do it the way I just had it. So that's how you scale properly. Get into 20 bucks a day, duplicate the ad sets and use the original post I D. You can generally scale. This is high as you want it until you get to a couple 1000 a day. Then you might see some results dwindling, and you might need to freshen up the add a little bit. That's generally pretty far for most people. Our guys great job. So you are officially done. You've graduated the Facebook class almost almost almost. You've made an ad, you've created it. You've written. You designed the picture. You targeted it. You said of your campaign. You've done your testing, you've scaled. You're working ad and life is pretty freaking good right now. Obviously, you haven't run the ad and scale that if you don't have a funnel set up on the back in yet . So in the next lesson, going over the basics of a marketing funnel, if you want to get more in depth, you can take that class as well. So, guys, I hope you haven't had a great day today. Hopefully, this is all set up. I want you to finish your homework and then jump into the last lesson. Talk to you soon. 13. Lesson 12 - Intro To Marketing Funnels: All right, guys, You made it. Congratulations. You have your ad set up and I am so stinking proud of you. Congratulations. Well done. You are literally right there. So there's one more thing you have to do and that is set up your actual marketing A funnel itself. Because don't even the basics of a good online marketing funnel that you can use to make this campaign extremely effective and automated and help you focus on the thing that your passion about. So let's talk about the goals of a really, really effective online marketing funnel number one. You have to add value first. Okay, You have to add value first to the prospect before asking for anything in return. Everything about the things that you're most excited to partake in, or the people you most excited about. These the people that give to you before they ask anything in return for those people that just ask things returning, thinking about think of a like a low level sales person, right? All they do is ask, ask, ask, ask. There's nothing wrong with asking. But if you never give anything, nobody wants to deal with you, right? So rule number one is give value first without asking for anything in return. Number two, it must be automated. Ok, so the whole purpose of this is to take you out of the marketing process, right? To take you out of the legion process and on Lee, have you in your sweet spot of doing the thing that you love fulfilling the product or service. Right? And of course, in the beginning, maybe you're actually closing the deals. But the point is, you're not supposed to be out there hunting down leads. You're hunting down people to talk to you. If you're even talking the customer whatsoever before they hand money to your company, you just want to be like closing them one find, like, one final phone call, and that's basically it. Okay, so the idea of this is to automate all of this of the you can stay in your and your sweet spot, Stay in your fulfillment zone. Sound good? Cool. So how do you actually make that? Well, it's actually pretty simple. Okay, the first thing you think about is who was my very ideal client. Now you've already figured this out. You've already done this whole process, right? And when we gotten excited ahead of our customers. So you've already done this. You thought of who your ideal client is. Now that you've done that, you want to think about what do they want more than anything? Obviously, you've already thought about this because you've you've written the ad. Okay? And a lot of times you have tow mold these processes together to make an effective campaign because you can't have one without the other, cause they flow together. You don't think about what is my customer want more than anything? What is it now? Give that to them. Okay. This funnel will deliver that thing that they want more than anything. Here's the kicker. We're gonna give it to him for free. All right? So, for instance, let's say you are. We've used a lot a lot of freelancer in and business coaches. Example. So let's do something a little different. Let's say you are a a roofing company. I don't know, kind of obscure, right? Was he a roofing company? What do people want to know more than anything about roofing? I mean, most people, they're not like staying up a night like thinking about roofing. What do they want to know? They probably want to know, Like, what's a fair price to pay? Like for me? I'm not a house guy. I don't really know anything about houses. I don't know how to build anything in that context. So the thing that everyone is, how much should I pay for a roof like, what's even a fair price? So maybe I'll give them a pricing list like this is the average price list for your area that people have paid. Or maybe it's the type of roof based, you know, like next to the type of price that you should be expecting. This is the type of price of basically type roof you can expect based on what people have paid in your area. Let's use maybe something closer to what we've been using. So let's see it say, a coach of some kind, maybe a consultant. What is something that we know that our prospects wants more than anything? Okay, let's think about what kind of coach we are. Let's say we're a business coach, right? Take the example we've used earlier for a business coach. We might want to give them something that they really, really want And what is something they really, really want? Well, something they really, really, really want to know how to do is automate the fulfillment process. They sell a ton of products, right? That's our ideal customer. They're selling a ton of products, but they're getting lost in the weeds of their business. Trying to fulfill everything and they're working in the business. Is that of on the business. So what can we give them? We can give them our automation flow chart that we know that has worked for hundreds of other clients we've had. We could give that to him for free. Why are we giving them our very best up for free? We're giving them our very best up for free. Because what are they gonna want to do once they realized the diet that we give them for free? Exactly. They're gonna want to ascend to higher levels of value that they're paying for now because they're thinking Holy crap. If this is the stuff I'm getting for free from this guy air from this gal, what's gonna happen if I give them money? Dude, it's gonna blow. Holy crap is gonna be amazing, right? So our funnel, it's gonna go from ad to delivering that piece of value for free in exchange for their contact information, their email or what have you? Then, as they go through the rest of that funnel, we're gonna try to get them on the phone. We're gonna try to make a sale depending on how the business looks just makes sense. So that's the basics of an online marketing funnel. And again, you're gonna have to know this stuff as we've talked about earlier. As we're writing the ad, you have to build this up front. We have to know this as your writing ab so that you can make it congruent offer. But now that you've already written your ad, you are ready to go. You know what your funnel is going to look like? Your ad is red and you are ready to go. All you need to do is pill this final. So I'm so freaking excited for you guys. What we're doing is we're working on making a lesson for you with building these online marketing funnels out so that you can go into the next step and automate this whole process and live in your sweet spot. Hopeless. Listen, Found you well. Hope you learned some things out of it. I would like for you to do is common down below. Leave us some feedback down below. Let us know what you learned. And I want you to post pictures of your assignments and your milestones as you completed them, so that other people can get involved in the conversation. You can help other people. And you know what? The best that we can do is not necessarily just make money, but serve other people and impact their lives. And if you can make it if you if you write down your milestone something awesome that you did and it helps another person maybe advance their business on skill share here. You know what? Now only you're serving your client, but you're serving that person. That's also on this platform. So guys do that common down below, post your milestones and I'll see you guys a little later. Thanks so much