How To Take EPIC Drone Videos While Traveling | Alex Shoolman | Skillshare

How To Take EPIC Drone Videos While Traveling

Alex Shoolman, Teacher to thousands in 175 countries!

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13 Lessons (2h 32m)
    • 1. Promo Video!

    • 2. Section 1 - 1 - Welcome

    • 3. Section 2 - 1 - How To Find Your Country's Laws

    • 4. Section 2 - 2 - Examples Of Various Countries Laws

    • 5. Section 2 - 3 - Serious Safety Concerns

    • 6. Section 2 - 4 - No Fly Zones

    • 7. Section 3 - 1 - Basic Photo Composition

    • 8. Section 3 - 2 - Lighting And Direction

    • 9. Section 3 - 3 - Advanced Aerial Shots

    • 10. Section 4 - 1 - Local Authority

    • 11. Section 4 - 2 - Pre-Flight Planning

    • 12. Section 4 - 3 - Flight Day Management

    • 13. Section 5 - 1 - Rapid Fire Travel Tips

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About This Class

Take this quick, in depth course and have full confidence that when you go overseas, you'll not only be allowed to fly your drone, but that you'll get those professional shots everyone loves too.

You'll be able to capture those silky smooth, cinematic videos you've all seen in no time plus you'll learn what to look out for and how to avoid the most common mistakes pilots make while traveling.

**** Compatible with all DJI Drones ***


Course Description

  • Fly with confidence
  • Fly safely and within your laws
  • Fly without crashing or damaging your drone
  • Get silky smooth, cinematic videos, even if you're a beginner!
  • Get a great value course with heaps of specific content for those traveling

How To Take EPIC Drone Videos While Traveling is brought to you by Alex, an Australian finance and technology writer that has been helping people crush their mortgages as well learn and get the best out of technology for over 5 years.

This material is covered with simple steps and clear demonstrations of how to get the best drone videos. With hours of one on one videos comprised of 12 sections you'll learn exactly what buttons to press and the best way to make sure you're legally able to fly.

This course could very easily save you THOUSANDS of dollars by preventing you from crashing your drone, damaging it long term or even getting it confiscated at customs. Best of all, this course will be with you right from the basics, all the way up to advanced cinematic video recording, tips and more.

What You Will Get

  • Lifetime Access
  • 2+ Hours of Practical Videos
  • Confidence that you know how to fly within the law
  • A dedicated section on planning and managing the day on site
  • The new ability to produce gorgeous, professional grade videos and photos
  • Not just vague descriptions but specific, step-by-step instructions that cover everything

What You Will Learn

  • How to get those silky smooth videos that everyone loves to watch, even if you're new
  • The various laws countries have and how to find them
  • Special points on how to avoid damaging your drone while you travel
  • The reason there are so many restrictions on drones and where you can fly them
  • A huge mistake many pilots make when trying to get travel shots and how to avoid it
  • How to fly your drone to get the best videos and why most people fail