How To Supercharge Your Productivity By Beating Digital Overwhelm | Nathalie De Ahna | Skillshare

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How To Supercharge Your Productivity By Beating Digital Overwhelm

teacher avatar Nathalie De Ahna, Serial Entrepreneur | Premium Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. About Me & My Highly Sensitive Unproductivity

    • 3. How Digital Overwhelm Was Killing Me, My Productivity & My Biz

    • 4. Productivity Made Easy: How To Cut Digital Crap In 5 Tiny Steps

    • 5. My Ultimate System To Get And Stay Digitally Organized And Productive

    • 6. Supercharge Your Productivity: How To Get YOU Started

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About This Class

Are you a highly-distractible and/ or highly-sensitive entrepreneur struggling with digital overwhelm and poor productivity?

Maybe you are "just" unfocused and easily lose hours browsing your Facebook Newsfeed.

OR: you click on each appealing ad because the solution it offers could "really be the last thing you need" to make all your entrepreneurial pain go away.

Open browser windows? Lots of them!

A ton of courses you never started ... and will probably never finish?

That sounds just like you!

My name is Nathalie, I’m a highly distractible, highly sensitive entrepreneur and I've totally been there, too!

I've tried every mainstream method to increase my productivity and get my dream business out of the starting blocks but I kept hitting glass walls.

I clearly saw where I wanted to go. But what seemed to be working so well for others, wasn’t working for me.

I hustled harder, bought shiny crap. And ended-up in an emergency room.

That's when I realized that fail-safe blueprints and awesome swipe formulas of insanely productive awesomeness will never work for me.

As a soul-based entrepreneur, I simply roll differently.

In order to get unstuck and work efficiently, I didn't need an Ideal Client Profile (yet).

What I needed was a strong foundation of clarity and direction.

A toolbox of hands-on productivity hacks that worked in line with my nature and not against it.

This is the second class in a training series to help you get out of the overwhelm trap and into productivity mode.

One logical step after the other.

In this class we're tackling the DIGITAL OVERWHELM and online clutter blocking your system. You will learn:

  • How digital overwhelm is killing your productivity
  • How to cut digital crap in 5 tiny steps and 2 minutes
  • How to get and stay digitally organized with one simple system

Have you ever felt your so NOT like many entrepreneurs out there?

Are you done being distracted by way too many fancy apps, ads and shiny stuff?

Let's get and stay digitally organized and productive together!

I look forward to seeing you inside.

xo, Nat

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nathalie De Ahna

Serial Entrepreneur | Premium Instructor


My name is Nathalie and I built my first successful online business in 2006.

I'm a multi-passionate online entrepreneur, DIY designer & Holistic Health Strategist teaching small business owners how to efficiently build a brand and business with non-techy and inexpensive tools.

Because I can never sit still and learn new stuff more often than other people have regular bowel movements, I've started building other businesses, too.

With limited time.

(Because I have small kids).

And fun and non-nerdy tools.

(Because I'm still wearing a tech-onesie myself and don't intend to ever grow into a full-blown nerd.)

Also, my French roots are allergic to over-priced tools and services, which is why I've become a Black Belt Master in Free But Effec... See full profile

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1. Trailer : 2. About Me & My Highly Sensitive Unproductivity: Hello there, Natalie Year from Thimpu with drills with a couple of highly effective packs for highly sensitive and other entrepreneurs. Why the emphasis on highly sensitive? Because I am a highly sensitive entrepreneur myself and running three online businesses, I realized that a lot off the mainstream content and strategies out there simply will not work for me. I built my first successful online business in 2000 and six, but when I wanted to start another business a couple of years ago, I found myself stuck and completely overwhelmed. Things got so bad that I almost ruined my health and killed my dream business along the white. So I had to come up with a couple of strategies that worked for me. For me, as a Seoul based entrepreneur who's spilling, her business is on her own. And these strategies, that's what I want to talk to you about in this class. 3. How Digital Overwhelm Was Killing Me, My Productivity & My Biz: Do you know the movie where this guy wakes up every morning and release the same day over and over again? That's what happened to me, too. Each day, I would wake up with a plan, a plan I fully intended to take from my dear village straight onto the execution freeway Till finished Project Park without a pit stop off course. I regularly missed the freeway because first I got distracted by Facebook news feed buildings thes will take me to a place called Firefox. Were way too many open browser windows. Invited native way too much newsletter coffee. Hi, Own fraidy adrenaline. I got lost cruising around in information overload circles and I ran out of gas the gas I would have needed to escape this serious. Imagine which had build up on my inbox. Main Street dammit! Now I had to work 65 blocks off unconcerned consolation links to Philip a Jerry can while walking unexpected but repetitive incidences off idea Ria forced me to slow down and take notes with dozens off random totally hop right now to the naps scattered along the way. At the same time, a countless stream of strangers kindly offered me something shiny. Good thing I had my credit card at hand. Bad thing. I didn't realize that 83 tiny purchases do some up. Eventually I got back to my car only to realize some Kick ass six figure coached had crushed it online. Exhausted our woman. Would I still make it to finish Project Park? According to the program's success formula, Method promoted by large has a mastermind groups mocking me from the Facebook at gallery. This was totally doable overnight, as long as I was willing to jump on the Super sales, trying, throw colorful marketing pool at my clients and prayed it would stick. You know how I feel about brown and mushy market so will not talk about that. Instead, let's talk about digital overwhelmed and how to get it under control. 4. Productivity Made Easy: How To Cut Digital Crap In 5 Tiny Steps: I used to consume digital information like I used to empty bags off chips on autopilot. Every time I saw a catchy headline on Facebook, I clicked, opened a new browser we know and got completely lost. Before I knew it, an hour had passed, and I have nothing to show for except more freebies, one time offers and sales funnels any entrepreneur should ever have to digest. The same was true for fancy add images. Maybe I didn't click the first time, but the more often I saw the same product, promising me to soothe all my pain points. The more I started to believe that it could really be the one last to, of course, I needed to supercharge my business. Unfortunately, the only thing that could charge was my credit card, and I realized that I had become addicted to the kick. I got out of collecting information and shiny stuff. I so wanted to declutter get organized and be more productive. But before that was even possible, I needed to get away from the main triggers, feeding my addiction, my Facebook news feed and Facebook and online ATS. Now, let me show you how I did that steb one. Open chrome and typing Facebook newsfeed eradicate er, Facebook newsfeed Eradicated is a free up, and what you gotta do is step two. You click on the link and click on the green button here and install the app. I have already done that. It is super quick and owns. You've done that to go to Facebook and what you will see. It's just a quote. No Facebook newsfeed and no Facebook ads. If you like, you can enter a custom quote. I like to remind myself that life is so much more productive and less expensive without your newsfeed. And the great thing is that everything else stays the same. You can send messages. You can check out your Facebook groups. You can do all the things you usually do, but you do not get distracted by ads and your newsfeed. Step four is go back to Google and search for a free ad blocker extension. What I use is called fair at Blockage already has thousands off five star ratings. So again you just click on the link. You install the up, you choose your settings and you're done. You see five tiny steps and What he will get are no more distractions, no more getting sucked into an endless stream of information office. You don't meet but a lot more time and focused. Now, before you get all nervous and reluctant because you kind of still want to know what's going on with your friends on Facebook, you can always disable the extension. What you got to do is click on these three little lines here than you click on settings. You click on extensions, you scroll down to find the Facebook Reddick ater extension, and you click on this little enabled box here. It just takes a couple of seconds. But when you switch off the APP, you are forced to switch on your brains rather than clicking on autopilot. You consciously think about whether you really want to spend time on your Facebook newsfeed . Personally, I hardly ever disabled the eradicate, and I don't miss my newsfeed at all. If I do want to check it, I actually set an alarm on When it goes off, I stop reading and enable the up again 5. My Ultimate System To Get And Stay Digitally Organized And Productive: Okay, now that we've reduced the amount of a new digital information coming away, it's time to organize all the old stuff we've collected. What I did was make a list, a list of all the different places or tools I used to store information. I had bookmark APS online, post IDs to do APS saved posts on Facebook, followers on my computer, online accounts for learning and other platforms. Everything that came to mind. I put it on my list. I didn't look at my inbox yet because that would have been worried too overwhelming. But I promise we will dio within box constipation later. Once I had put together my list, I thought about a way to store all information in one single place. My new system had to be simple. It had to be accessible online or in a cloud based set up. I didn't want to learn a new tool. I didn't want to pay for a service. I didn't want to use a free service, which could be shut down or turned into a costly premium solution at any time. Also, I didn't want an application or service linked to a specific browser, and I wanted no tool, which encouraged mindless clicking on autopilot. Now the system. I came up with this all that, and it has been a huge game changer because it has also helped me to de clutter on a huge scale. And it keeps me from falling back into binge consumer information on wasting my time and energy. Let me show you what I did. Okay, so what I did is go to google dot com slash sheets and create a new Google sheet. If you don't know who she's already, it's like a free online version off Microsoft Excel, and all you need to do to be able to use it is create a Google account. It's also free. It's easy to set up, and if you don't have one already, go and create one. I've called my list my ultimate bookmarks courses and other stuff list, and I'm really in love with that file. I've created a copy for you so that I can show you how to use it. What I did was create a couple off different taps. The first tab I called business Evergreens, the 2nd 1 current business projects. I've got a tab called private evergreens, another one called current private projects. There is a courses and log ins tab and a check out later. Tap in the business Evergreens Tab What you will see our three columns, the category column, the your L column and the description and Tax Column. Now, every time I come across a link or a Facebook post or and your course something that I find interesting something that is interesting to me on an evergreen basis, I will put it into this file under a specific category. For example, I've got the copy category. I've got the focus category, the free photo sides, graphic design to it all kinds off different categories. So I name a category I put in my euro and then as additional information, I put in a description and I put in different tax. Now, whenever I come across something, I will put it in here. And of course, this means that it is not sorted in any way, but what you can do. If you want to find something specific issue, click on this little box here in the top left corner. Then you click on data and then you can have your sheet sorted, for example, from a to Z. Now, of course, you can also search for specific tabs than you would just click on edit. Go to find on, replace and enter your search term here. And another thing you can do is go to file and then download your sheet in different formats. Now, in the current business project taps, I've got the same columns category, Euro description, tags, and what I put in here is everything that I'm working on right now. For example, what? I'm creating a new course when I'm working on a book or a block post, and I find something related that I want to refer to. Then I put it in here. Once I'm done with my product, I either transfer links to the business evergreens tab. If it is something that I know, I will revisit again. And if I know I'm not gonna use it again, that I will simply delete my cells. I do the same thing for all my private stuff and in the course is and Loggins tap. I put everything I buy, which is incredibly helpful not only because you've got all your log ins and passwords and everything in one place, but also because it helps you not to buy stuff again that you already have. If you are tempted to buy something before you click on by now, first, go back to your Google sheet and check out whether or not you already have something similar. Now, the last tab is the check out later tab. And in this tab I put everything that I come across, which is not an evergreen and not a project that I'm working on right now, but something that I think I will need in the near future. Now what I've done for you is created this copy and I've created it in view only moats. And what I want you to do is click on the link that I will provide you with. And then you click on file and you click on make a copy. This will create a new document which you can rename, and this new document will the edit herbal. And in our next video, I'm going to tell you what I want you to do with it. 6. Supercharge Your Productivity: How To Get YOU Started: Now that you had a look at a part off my list, let's talk about how you can get started with your system. What I want you to do is go through your list of information storage places and pick one to start. For example, your bookmarks then define a micro goal. If you haven't watched our micro gold's videos yet, press pause, go watch them and then come back for more. This strategy is really gonna help you speed up things tremendously. As you go through. Realist quickly decide whether or not something really deserves space on your new list. You will be surprised at how much stuff you'll be able to delete because it's nothing more than digital knickknack gathering dust on yourselves. If something does not deserve a new place, just delete it. And if something does deserve a new place than transfer to your new list now, I know that getting rid of old stuff isn't always easy, especially in the beginning. So I've prepared for you a couple of questions to ask every time you go through your old lists or when you come across new information, for example, for evergreens. If you are in doubt. Ask yourself if I lost this item for good. Would I miss it tomorrow? Off course. If I ask you if you miss something now, you would say yes because hey, it always hurts to lose something. But if we check whether you're gonna miss it tomorrow, you will probably realized that tomorrow you might not even remember what you digitally lost today. As for current items, ask yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 how likely? And we're gonna use this. Be honest radio item and forget about everything below an eight as two courses. Ask yourself, it's this information still up to date, and, um, I'm gonna use it are my only hanging onto it because I paid for it. It's almost too embarrassing to admit, but I bought dozens, Of course, is that I never even looked at and which I now can no longer use because Thean foe is totally outdated. Now, the last question I want you to ask yourself with regard to the check out later tap is do I already know when I'm gonna use this? It's tempting to put a lot of stuff in this time, but again, oftentimes it's just clutter. If you have no idea when you're gonna use something, you are likely to forget about it and not use it at all. So don't put it on your list in the first place. Okay, now, in the beginning, you'll often feel tempted to simply mark something as a favorite or save something as a Facebook post. Because you're used to that. And because it's quicker than adding a description, link and tack to your Google sheet, the thing is, it's not only quicker, it's also a lot more mindless and automatic. So if you catch yourself hovering with your finger over your most button, think of me and remember that if you are reluctant to make an effort and update your guru shed whatever shiny thing you've just found, it's probably not worth the effort. Okay, so that's what I wanted to talk to you about in this section. What we have covered so far in this series is the micro goal strategy and physical overwhelmed and how to become more productive by beating digital over well, coming. Next, we will tackle inbox, constipation, flesh, car journaling and project sprinting. And one more thing before I let you go, make sure to master all a hex one after the other before you come back for more. I know that you are burning to binge consume and just keep on learning without implementing , because you think you're smart enough now I'm not saying you are not smart enough, but I know how I roll and if possible and no one holds me accountable, I will skip the exercises, which is a very in efficient thing to do so. If you are serious about getting organized and building your business, one logical step at a time, I challenge you to post young Lycra goals and your progress to our project section and I will personally hold you accountable. So I hope to see a soon. And if you enjoy this part, I'd be super grateful if you left me a review and spread the word about what we do here by