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How To Succeed: Valuable Tips and Hacks

teacher avatar Alaa El-Amir, Learn To Grow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The beginning and the Journey

    • 3. Content Independence

    • 4. Common Misconceptions

    • 5. A success Formula

    • 6. Final Thought

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About This Class

How to succeed: Valuable tips and hacks course is a time-saver for anyone who wants to succeed in anything. Instead of spending your time on trial and error trying to succeed, in this course ,

  • you will learn essential hacks that make you overcome setbacks and obstacles along the way.
  • you will learn a success formula .
  • you will identify and learn how to deal with some common challenges people face on their way to success.
  • You will also learn about some common misconceptions that many people succumb to and affect them negatively when they try to achieve many things.8cd6bb82.jpg

Meet Your Teacher

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Alaa El-Amir

Learn To Grow


Hello, I'm Alaa. A passionate, self-driven , persistent and patient teacher.

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1. Intro: How to Succeed. Valuable tips and hacks course is a time-saver for anyone who wants to succeed in anything. And instead of spending your time and trial and error trying to succeed in this course, you will learn essential hacks that make you overcome setbacks and obstacles. Along the way, you will learn a success formula. You will identify and learn how to deal with some common challenges people face with a way to success. You will also learn about some common misconceptions that many people succumb to and affect them negatively when they tried to achieve many things. 2. The beginning and the Journey: As click to save, the beginning is the most important part of the work. It's doing knowns that most things we tried to do may not be good the first time with arts building a habit, stopping a bad one, making a design, or even improving our own handwriting. The most important thing is to begin. In the beginning. Maybe it won't be perfect. It can be so imperfect that you may decide to quit. Now, don't give up. What really matters is that you take the first step in the journey is always fruitful. The crucial thing is whether you achieved a certain goal or not. The knowledge and experience you gained along the way are in fact, a treasure that is always useful later stages in your life. From my personal experience, you may fail and may regret trying. But in the end, if you didn't give it a try, you will definitely regret not trying to have a plan and know the coast you're going to pay us for the tools. The tools aren't everything. The more important is what you do with the tools, even with the fewest tools. In his book. It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be. Paul Arden urges us to change our tools. It really can liberate your perspective. Draw with a different pen. Although he suggested this advice works when you get stuck. It also works even when you're not. I may add, use new tools and learn new techniques. If you're worrying about not having the right to enough tools, them be creative. Use what senior hand. Now, then you may find the better tools. Another idea is to layer new techniques with the same tools. 3. Content Independence: Content Independence. Visualize, care about making the product more memorable. Make your product have an everlasting impact on others. That's how you can succeed. Always right, to draw from the heart to deliver your message. What comes out from the heart goes to the heart. In the world's best-selling book. It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be by Paul Arden. Pulsate that the more strikingly vigil your presentation is, the more people will remember it. He advises us to visualize. Make your idea visualized. Don't say words. The more remarkably visual your output design, presentation, layout or illustration is, the more likely it is to be remembered. And then he phase, you will be remembered. Keep your independence when dealing with others. As a professional, you will meet different kinds of people with different intentions and purposes. You must be smart and respect your ability to be flexible. Some people's actions will be hard for you to accept. Producers, for example, may care about money, say overconfident, whether that be okay for you. It will be okay for some. Prepare yourself for such situations. Know when to accept life conditions and when to step back and prefer your independence. Your independence will allow you to present what you really want to present. Understanding your limitations will save you from a lot of psychological burdens. Are you looking for money, originality or both? Food for thought, keep your day job. In still lack an artist or the writer prefers and encourages people to keep their day jobs till they succeed in their project to the extent that they can be free for that project, It's a lot easier to try your new ideas while you have the current income from your job and not worrying about paying the belts. Moreover, in creative confidence by Tom and David Kelley, it's explained that your site project is only a trial. You are just testing if it is going to work well in this way, failing can lead to learning without the risk of losing your job. Freedom isn't only financial. You're not free if you're always distracted. You're not free. If you're not focusing topic, stop this traction. Don't waste your time in social media. Time is your fundamental asset. Make a certain time for social media. Just an amount of time to stay aware of what is happening, but not the whole time. You may allocate one hour daily for the social media. That's because creating things may require regular hours solitude. So you must use the best times to create. You mustn't be interrupted. When you're fully 2D is interrupted. You may lose great ideas out of luck of concentration. You may make mistakes, spend the most time working effectively. Don't multitask focus. Another head is meditation. Meditation helps you deal with different matters with communists. It stops you from being distracted. 4. Common Misconceptions: Common misconceptions with conceptions and solutions. Perfect timing. How many times it happens that an idea came to your mind and you forgot it in a short time. You didn't try the idea or simply you weren't ready to do so. Always have a paper to write down any sudden ideas or have a note-taking app, you must don't miss the chance talent. Albert Einstein stated that genius is 1% talent and 99 percent hard work. So being gifted helps, but more important is your ambition, your desire, your hunger for success. People want to be good, but only some, no the way and are able to make the sacrifices to achieve greatness. There is no fast solution. The only means to improving and success is through experience and mistakes, shortcuts. In focal point, the author advises that we should know how people succeeded in any field and do like them, build the good habits that successful people have learned how they think and think like them. There are no shortcuts to success, only planning, hard work and endurance, that is what you can rely on. Don't have blind optimism, expect achievement. Have hope, hope for the best. What Marx successful people is that they work harder, persist longer, and have hope along the way. Have a plan. B, diligent, then be optimistic enough to continue working on your goal. Hobbies, having a Hopi is important, a dark moments. Hobbes help us to reactivate and refresh our minds and souls. Read, draw, or play. Have a hobby. 5. A success Formula: Our success formula. One, time, effort, energy, doing anything great, takes a lot of time and energy. The most important criteria that distinguish between successful and unsuccessful people are the hours spent on hard work and persistence successful people have. They are consistent and these guys simply don't give up. Winston Churchill said, Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. In this part, we get the advice from three different books. Two pieces of advice given in steel like an artist I think will make things easier for you are one, right? What you like, not what you know. To do good work and share it with people. People should hear about your work. People's views would provide you with suggestions and prospectives. Use the feedback to strengthen or even modify your strategy. However, it's sometimes preferable not to share anything. You may display just a tiny part of your work. Remember, even talent without hard work may not guarantee success. To insurance, your level of endurance is completely insignificant. If you want success, you have to keep a long-lasting high level of insurance. Repeat until you arrive. The writer of how to fly a horse save it isn't the five steps that decides the output stability, but the number of the steps you take. James and Watkins Sade. I referred cuts through rock not because of its power, but because its existence. I add that taking small steps in the beginning helps you one, gain confidence and to have a sense of achievement. Three, have a smart goal. Is a goal must be one specific to miserable. Three, achievable, realistic, and timely. One specific, ask yourself, what do I want to achieve exactly and work to do that, have a plan. A plan will help you increase your productivity and achieve your goal in the most effective way to miserable, you must be able to measure progress. Even if your progress is experience, you should be able to see improvement in your work or at least fill it three, achievable, that means your goal can be achieved and is not impossible. Also, it must not be too easy for realistic. Your goal must be within reach five, timely, make your goal with a clear timeline, set the starting date and a finishing date that will lead to urgency and avoiding procrastinate. Some of the lessons I learned from focal point, our practice flexibility, flexibility, thought to be the most critical single attribute you can build to succeed them prosper in the 21st century, you must be open to new information, able to receive suggestions and self-correct and prepared to quit one way of behaving in favor of another, if the situation requires it, you must be able to adapt quickly, openness to fresh ideas and the desire to modify your thoughts in the light of new knowledge. We'll provide you with significant advantages in an environment of accelerated change, openness, receptivity, and the ability to test new approaches and strategies are all traits of flexibility. To be flexible, remove yourself from the situation as far as possible, rather than focusing on who is right, focusing on what is right. Stand back and examine your strategies. If you face resistance of distress when following a specific course of action, how should we do this? You might wonder, consider all possibilities including dropping the objective or project completely. We summarize this video with this diagram. 6. Final Thought: To summarize, I'd like to say that you are your habits good or bad. That's who you are in order to succeed. Form good habits like persistence and self-discipline, and always learn some things that can be useful for you in the future. This is the end of our course. Goodbye.