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How To Stop Procrastination And Double Your Productivity

teacher avatar Kosio Angelov, Productivity Expert, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Welcome Message from Kosio Angelov

    • 2. Why We Procrastinate (And Why It Matters)

    • 3. Overview Of The Entire System - What Can You Expect

    • 4. Step 1 - Find "A Good Enough Reason"

    • 5. Step 2 - Do It First Thing In The Morning

    • 6. Step 3 - Start Exceedingly Small & Build Your Way Up

    • 7. Step 4 - Eliminate Friction And Set Your Environment For Success

    • 8. Step 5 - Get An Accountability Partner

    • 9. A 30-Day Plan For Stopping Procrastination

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About This Class

A step-by-step deep-dive training that will help you overcome procrastination even if you've failed before! It's GO TIME!


I used this exact system to go from a chronic procrastinator to writing a #1 Amazon best-selling book in only 17 days... and now YOU CAN USE IT TOO to end your procrastination once and for all!

Procrastination affects as much as 70% of the general population.

Mind… blown.

Despite these negative statistics, you may have noticed that certain people are able not only to stop procrastinating, but escape the hamster wheel, eliminate procrastination for good, get the job done on a consistent basis and live happy and productive lives. If you ever wondered “how do they do that?", you are in for a real treat.

Because today I am going to pull back the curtain and show you EXACTLY how I “cured" myself of procrastination and most importantly, how you can do it too.

No fluff and filler, just BATTLE-TESTED tactics that work!

It's all about how to hit HIGHER levels of productivity, energy, success, and fulfillment.

It's what high performance is all about, and it's what multi-millionaires and the world's most accomplished people know and DO.

Inside this course, you'll learn:

  • How to actually overcome procrastination, by reprogramming yourself to take action
  • How to install habits, so you have less and less procrastination in your life "automatically"
  • The place to invest your attention and energy to get the highest possible return
  • Why it's important to understand willpower and how it works - so you can continually increase your productivity
  • And much much more...

So you can:

  • Conquer your most important tasks...
  • Achieve your most ambitious goals and...
  • Live the life of your dreams...

Are you interested?

Let's do this!

Click on the "Take This Course" button to the right and let's beat that procrastination together!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kosio Angelov

Productivity Expert, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author


Kosio Angelov is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of the "Lean Email Simple System" and a master trainer in the art of "doing the right things, the right way". Enroll in his courses and learn how to be "Successful By Design", how to break the busyness bubble, achieve exponential productivity and live life by design, not by default. Whether you need a productivity boost or to reach inbox zero and tame the never-ending flow of emails, Kosio's strategies will get you there... fast.

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1. Welcome Message from Kosio Angelov: awesome. You made it. My name is Costa. Angela and I wanted to congratulate you for taking action. And thank you for investing in this course. If already proven, we have the most important quality when it comes to a leave a name, procrastination, and that is taken action. You took action. He invested this course he invest in yourself. Who? You made it. Now the phone part is going to start now. I'm gonna show exactly step by step from start to finish. How do you stop across, then? How do you start taking action? Applying Watch aboard and as you see, have access to the entire course. Nothing is held back, but I urge you to fall the pre describe order. I've designed this in a specific way in a specific step. And although there is only five steps to the actual system, I need you to go through all the videos because this is how you gonna understand how things fit together. And as you go along, I want you to actually make the action steps. As you see, each video comes without I'm gonna tell you what to do, how to do it. I'm gonna give you examples, but then it's on you to take action as soon as I tell you. OK, here's what I want you to do. Now go ahead and do it. This is no one. Those courses that you're gonna finish the entire thing and then start taken action. This is one of those you takes the point. Then you actually need to make step on any what? Steptoe, you need to make Steptoe. So as you go along through this course, make the time to take the actions. It takes only a few minutes. It's not time consuming course, but follow along and I'll explain to you in more detail as we go along. But for now, I want to say thank you. Congratulations. You're here, is you? If you think any of my other courses, you know that my customers are mikes and that family. So I'm here for you. If you have any questions, you have my email of rival this video or you can leave a comment next to each video. I'll reply, usually within 24 to 48 hours. Any questions are good questions. Don't think Oh my God, This is not a good question. or this is stupid question. If something is on the mind, if you know that 100% sure about something, leave it come. You'll be surprised by how many people have the same question and maybe leave a comment, I replied. And then somebody else goes there, sees your comment and doesn't need toe. There's need to leave the same comment. So you're helping yourself. But you're also helping the entire community that we've created here. So congratulations, you made it. You made the most importance that step them one. You hear her family, you have my support. You have access to the entire course. Now go take the next watch the next video. And if you have any questions, As I said, my boys below leave a comment in the discussion board. I'm here for you. You're awesome. You made an amazing decision and I'll see you in the next video 2. Why We Procrastinate (And Why It Matters): Hey, welcome to this video. And this one we're going to discuss. Why do people procrastinate? Because I believe that finding why does something is as important as funny how to actually change that behavior. So today I'm going to show you the seven most common reasons on why people procrastinate and what's more important, I'm going to show you how to find why you procrastinate. Because once you know why do something. The bras is of eliminating procrastination becomes that much easier. Think of it like this thing that you have imagined. You have a headache and you go to the doctor in to tell him. Listen, I've had it. It's really painful. And they say, I'm not gonna examine you. Take this pills. It's going to cure the head. Guess what you take Appeals headed goes away, but in a week, in a month in a year you come back with the same exact headache because you didn't treat the cost. Same here. If you don't know why procrastinate off course you can. I'm going to show you how to eliminate. But if you find the reason y procrastinate, he combined with the actual process, you eliminated questions for good, and that's what we're going to go through. Some of the most common reasons. So just is already going toe. Identify yourself with some of them, or a combination of or one of them is just going to jump it. You'll be like, Yes, this is Why do so? Let's go into Why do people procrastinate? First of all, reasonable one is when I called the snacking conundrum. We live in a fast paced society, and we love bide size information. Instead of people preparing a full, healthy meal, people snack instead of watching the entire game before the highlights is everything. The entire book. People go online and search for the best information. The best quarter noble. This is what I call the snacking conundrum. It's all the need for Eastern gratification. So if you have an action in front of you and you, don't you think that if you take it, you're not going to get the Eastern gratification back or don't go together as fast? It might cause you to procrastinate the snacking conundrum, the idea of Eastern gratification, And if you don't get the gratification fast enough, you just say all I'll do it later. Why won't do it at home? Reasoning with reason Number two is dreading the actual team because, let's face it, if you haven't activities you don't necessarily like chances are, you're not going to do it. That's why so many people put off doing their taxes till the last possible moment. Because let's face taxes doing your taxes, not the funniest activity. So it actually this like the activity. Naturally, you're going to gravitate towards putting it off for later Number three. Number three is good old fashioned here. Fear off rejection, fear of success, fear of failure. Feel if sorry, fear of being made fun of, whatever the fear, is it mind be holding you back because we have a lot of years and most of them are completely irrational. They make no sense, but they stop you from taking action. If you feel that you're not a good enough writer, naturally, you're going to have a tough time trying to buy the book or trying toe ride the block post . Or, if you're afraid of public speaking, doing the video such as this one might not be the best activity. Few. So it might be fear That's holding you back, and you might not even realize, because you might be uncomfortable objectivity. But you don't really know why it might be. Chances are, it is some sort of the degree of fear off something. Visit before reason Number four is procrastinating is really is no. Doing something is always going to be easier than doing something. If you don't move along, it's easier than you actually do it. If you don't wash the dishes, it's easier than you actually doing the vicious. So procrastination comes easy because sometimes you don't have the energy. You don't have the motivation. So the idea of putting things off for later or no dough middle makes perfect. Since reason number five reason Number five is negative hats because you might have started procrastinating for one of these reasons, and then the next day or the next week, you craftily for a different reason. And then because you repeated the procrastination over and over again, it became ah ha because if you repeat the same behavior over and over again, this same fashion, the same pattern, it eventually becomes ah, habit, and you just naturally try to avoid. So if you get a washing dishes the first day because he didn't have the energy. Then the next day, you just didn't feel like. Then the third day you had some irrational fear of water for his. And then on the A four day five, it became a habit. So now you think about washing dishes or doing homework, you naturally tried to pull it off. Reason number six. Reason Number six. His lack of motivation because name addictive. It you're putting off is not unpleasant. Must maybe some pleasant enough, because if you don't have a good enough reason of doing something, naturally, you're not going to do it. Wash English is not necessarily bad activity, but not necessarily. Ah, fun activity after So if it's not good enough, you might not do it or doing the homework or making a video of writing of a whatever it might be, it might be due to lack of motivation. You don't have a good enough reason why, and the last one. Reason Number seven. His lack off free manage. Sometimes you don't feel like doing stuff just because you're higher. That's why for people that try to exercise and regular basis, you know they always start with. I tried to move their size. It's close to the morning. It's possible because if you're trying to exercise and then you come back from working, you're exhausted. You're tired. Had a long day long commute. Somebody pissed me off. Naturally, you're going to procrastinate. Going to the gym or going for a job that could be you. Just a complete lack advantage. Maybe you're super motivated. No fear. You really want to go to the gym, But you just don't have the physical manage. So one of these reasons, my jump out of you Maybe yours is a combination of these things, maybe have for want activity procrastinating. The reason this fear, the next one is lack of motivation. And now I want to challenge you to figure out what your reason ISS. So the last step in today's video is what is your reason? What is your? Is it one of these? Is it a combination? Is it something completely different? I want you to take 10 to 15 minutes, pick, want activities, you know, chip procrastinating, and I want you to think about why that is, and I know it's an uncomfortable exercise because you might discover some negative stuff about yourself that, you know necessarily. Like if you are fearing doing a video such as this one, maybe you have a fear of public speaking so naturally. Thinking about it is not going to make you happy. But this is for you. You're not going to share these with anybody. I'm not gonna ask you to tell me what your reason is. You'll have to share it with a spouse with your family, with your brother. Civics. Know nobody's going to see it. It's only you and your recent. So here's what I want you to. I want to pick one activity. Find your reason maybe one of these neighbors completely different. Then I want to pick two more so a total three activities and figure out the reason for procrastination for each and most likely, you're going to see a pattern. Maybe it's a few. Maybe it's your advantage activities, neighbors, motivation. Maybe it's energy, maybe something completely different. But if you look three activities, you find the reason you're going to find some sort of commonality between The reasons really doesn't happen that you pick three activity procrastinate and then you have completely different reasons. Big Three. Find the reasons and find what the common factor is. And we're going to what I'm gonna walk you through in later videos. How? Toe work through eliminating the actual visa for procrastination. But for now, I want you to just find one. That reason this is one of these is the combination is a completely different. It's on you to find it. So stop this video 10 to 15 minutes. Sit down and really think, Why do you procrastinate? And I want you to write it down on a piece of paper, not on a computer known in your phone. I want you to good old fashioned take a piece of paper, a pen and pencil and just write it up. The activity is the reason for procrastination. Yes, this is how you're going to start working through the process and you're going to start eliminating of fascination because sometimes just knowing why you do it is going toe put you that much more ahead off eliminating that procrastination that need to put things off for later. So 10 to 15 minutes find your reason. Write it down three activities. Find the common factor and I'll see you in the next video 3. Overview Of The Entire System - What Can You Expect: Hey, welcome back in this video, I'm going to give you a brief overview of the entire framer because I want you to understand the big picture. And then as we go deeper through problem, we're going to break down each and every step of these gonna do exercise. I'm gonna explain to you how it works, but I wanted to have a separate video that shows you the board's I've you off while how the system works and how the different parts fit together. As you can see, it's a very simple process. It has only five steps and hear what the steps are. Step number one in eliminating procrastination is finding a good enough reason it has to do with motivation. Step them. One is finding a reason why to do it. Because if you don't have a reason why none of this actually works, because if you're not motivated at the very minimum level, if you don't have enough motivation, that's why it's good enough reason then. None of this actually applies because if you don't have the motivation to something, you're simply not going to go and the first step as we go deeper into it, I'm gonna show you how to actually find the reason over and over again. It's very simple process. It takes literally just a few minutes and you're going toe love step number. Do Once you have the good enough reason we move on to step number two, which is doing it first thing in the morning. This has to do with will power, which you have the highest in the morning. Because, let's face it, if you're tryingto correct the behavior or do something that you're not so excited about during the last thing before you go to bed when you're tired, you're exhausted mentally and physically. Not such a good idea. We're going to get deeper into this and gonna explain to you how the wood bar works, how it can regenerate it. Why this matters. But for now, just remember, step number two is doing it first thing in the more steady on with it. Step number three is start small and build up. We're gonna talk about this in great detail. Why should you start small house? Um always actually smoke. How do you build it up? How fast they build it? All this is coming in up in the next videos, but for now wants to know that Step three is I want you to start small so you have enough motivation, those first in the morning. You stocks more, you build up, and then step Number four is eliminating friction. Friction are all those little obstacles that you need to surpass in order to take action? Think of it as all the little things that you need to remove out of your way. She can make you pat this straight, and it's easy. It's possible. The more friction are eliminated, the better it becomes easier. The comes and step number five, the last one is getting on accountability. Part of all this gets the how much better, that much easier if you have somebody to do it with, and I'll explain more that there will, that means well, the accountability partner actually needs to the which, by the way, is not that much. Why that matters and how to find one that works for you. So that's how the system works. This is what's about where this is what we're going to get into more detail later, finding a good enough reason doing the first in the morning. Start small and build it up. Eliminate friction. Get apart. Five steps. Nothing more is it's super simple. But once we get more into it, you're going to see how powerful this because I'm not here to give you something Super complicated. 17,000 steps. I'm here to give you something that actually works, and I've used this over and over again. I've taught it to a lot of my consulting partners, and all of them had some success with it. Some people completely eliminate friction. Some people take a little bit longer, but all this or hell view eliminated procrastination. Now here's what I want you to do. The last step is an action step for today. I want you to find one activity. Did you currently procrastinating and use it as a real life example? As we go through each of these steps, I'll give a lot of examples. I give a lot of activities that give a lot of case studies, but if you pick one activity from your personal life in your plight, each of these steps you see how the process works and you can follow along and it can actually make progress, Because if you just watch all the videos, you go through the steps and only then you start using it. You would have lost some time. Because if you become activity and then is we go through step number one, you actually apply. Then we go step you actually applied to go to step three. He actually blood. By the time you're done with this course, you would have completely eliminated riel life activity. You'll have eliminated procrastination from. So I want you to think for just a few minutes. What is one activity the Cuban procrastinating that you would like to use as your test is your example. Big want activity doesn't have to be complicated. Doesn't have to be. You don't have to spend too much time thinking about just pick one activity. And as we go through the steps, just follow along using that same activity and using the same activity ski. Because if you start the start, you start step one with one activity, then you do it in Steptoe and then step through like away. Here's another one. Here's a better one. The process doesn't really work him to apply all these five steps to each and every activity. So pick one and stick with it. This is it. The framework overview super is is you see. And as we go along, you're going to see how we're gonna get deeper into each step. You're going to see how it works for now. Wants to see devil idea of how everything fits together and what's about to happen. So this is this is the framework. I want to pick one activity, pick it, stick with it gold through process. And by the end of it, you're of eliminate across nation for that specific activity having an amazing day and I'll see you in the next day. 4. Step 1 - Find "A Good Enough Reason": Hey, welcome to step number one. This is finally the time to actually start going through process and start eliminating your procrastination. If you remember from the last video from the framework overview, the first step is finding a good enough reason to actually take action. It all starts, you know, productivity and old time management. Everything in your life starts with having a good enough reason. Why starts with a little bit of motivation. Because if you don't have that minimal amount of motivation, nothing else matters and notice how I said a good enough this journey to find a phenomenal , amazing reason. You need to find a reason that is good enough to get over that initial hurdle and get you from no taken action to taking action. So today I'm gonna show you exactly how to do it. Super simple Onley Four steps and it only takes just a few minutes. This is not a complicated process. Once you do it a couple times, you'll be able to do it in your mind in just a minute. Maybe toe. How does it work? Have you ever thought about what happens when you procrastinate? I think you wanted to wash the dishes. And then you said I don't feel like But you didn't stop there, did you? You say I don't feel like it. And then you go into brainstorming. Want to convince yourself not to feel bad about it? Just natural you don't feel about. Maybe if you wash the dishes, you gonna splash some water on your clothes Now that you're with Now we need to change. Maybe get cold because you called the need to miss school or work. And your life gets essentially ruined because you had washed dishes. So this brainstorming that naturally kicks in when you procrastinate is what makes a few not guilty because feeling guilt is one of the worst things possible. So you have this bring story mechanism, the whole manager kicks in. That allows you to stack of reason after reason, reason after wisdom. Until we convince yourself it is perfectly ok not to do your homework or not to go to the gym or whatever it is that you're procrastinating. Imagine that you take the same exact process and you flip it around because you already your mind your brings already. Brainstorming machine. You already have the natural capability to stack up benefits, one on top of the other. Imagine, if you take this, you flip around and actually use it against your procrastination. That's exactly what I want to show it to me. I call this process creative, brain storming. Essentially, it's creating a brainstorming mayhem that's going toe convince you that it's better to take action then not the door. Essentially, is the same. Prostitutes for procrastination flipped around on its had. Let me show you how it works. Super simple. Four steps on Lee stepped in. What, instead of one, I want you to come up with a single benefit off taking action. Take whatever actually requesting and think of one benefit for actually doing. Let's say you want to write a book bulls, but for some reason you're procrastinating writing locals. What could be a reason for that? The benefit is, maybe you write a blow post, and you mentioned Ah, person he knew Blow post. And then you can use this mention in your vocals. Partially leverage it to actually connect with this person. Single benefit. Nothing spectacular. Now here's the key. Step number two. What makes this? What makes this work is, I want you to be specific. I want you to have a specific benefit. If you're procrastinating going to the gym, don't just say, Oh, if I go to the gym, I'll feel better. I want to come for the specific, But if I go to the gym, maybe I'm finally going to get rid of this pain in my table that I have. Or if I ride these locals, I'll be able to connect with this specific person that I would be looking to connect toe for years. Be specific, single benefit of actually taking action and a specific one. Then instead, number three. I want you to come up with another benefit that is related to the 1st 1 So he rolled locals . You mentioned somebody and how we can use that mention toe actually connect with that first , what can be a related benefit? Maybe if you connected that person, you actually bond, and now you can use that person's connections and extend your professional network or you went to the gym. You got rid of that. You know that pain in your elbow. Maybe now I can go back to playing tennis, and you've always loved the plate, then is because when you were kids used to play with your parents, whatever find a related benefit that's related to the 1st 1 and keep on finding a related benefits that stack on top of one another. And once you complete a few, you're brainstorming is going to naturally kick in. You just need need to give it a initial push. And then he starts rolling almost on its own and it starts rolling. You're gonna feel somewhere along the way. Maybe is the force benefit that third, maybe is the pen, but you're gonna feel the scales tip in your favour. You're gonna feel that fire in your is going to get you excited gonna get you bumped up and you wouldn't be ableto you wanna wait, just go and take action. It sounds silly, but it's in a way. Three. Can your brain to get excited about the benefits because you start stacking one benefit Over there, you try the bloke ports not connect with this person. Now you find somebody else from their network, maybe connect with them. You create a project. Now you have money. Now I can leverage it toe invest in something else and I can buy a house and I can go retire to the, you know, to the island that you've always wanted to retire toe and from writing both balls. You went all the way to retire you more time winner. The key here is that none of these benefits need to be re list. They need to be specific. They do not need to be realistic. If you go from writing blow post retirement tangle in there. That's perfectly fine. If you goto going to the gym one time to becoming a professional board of your That's fine . The whole idea here, The whole point of this exercise is to get you more of it is to find that one reason that sparks you up that takes you from no taking action toe taking action. This whole point is to get yourself motivated, nothing else. So don't be afraid to just go out and create the funniest, most outrageous reasons. They don't need to be realistic. They just need to be specific. And they need to be related to one another. Because once you come for the 1st 1 then you come for the 2nd 1 then you can put 1/3 1 thing you're brainstorming is gonna kick him, and every single time we need a little bit of boost of motivation. Maybe it's not even for procrastination. You just just don't feel like doing something. You do this process one benefit, stack up another one that stack up 1/3 1 and keep on stacking and feel your brain storming kicks in and then one off them. Somewhere in the process, you're gonna feel the scale. Step in your favor and you go from no taking action toe. Take inaction because you're motivated because you're excited. So this is the first it takes maybe a minute, the gold truce process, and it's super easy. You can do it in your mind. And once you do it a couple times, you start doing it or Matic. You don't feel like it. You just stack up a few reasons. Then you're brainstorming kicks in and then you feel excited. So it becomes a habit. So the first few times just follow the steps. One reason. Be specific, another reason and keep on going. But then once it a few times it's gonna become habitual. This is the number one. Finally, a good enough reason funding your motivation, finding the reason why. And I want you to actually put this to practice because this is all nice. But if you don't use it, nothing will change. So if you remember in the last video, I asked you to find one activity to actually procrastinating and actually do the steps with me is he go through these videos, do the steps. So think of your think of your action that you've been procrastinating and go through these steps. We see how it works. Super simple. Four steps creating brand stormy. The whole point, that's the whole entire point of this exercise is to find a good enough reason. So go ahead, do it and I'll see you in step number two in the next video. 5. Step 2 - Do It First Thing In The Morning: Hey, welcome back Toe. Step number two. In the 1st 1 in step, someone would discuss getting a good enough reason in this one. We're going to talk about doing it force thing in the morning. And why's that? Why does that matter? It matters because you need a certain amount of will power. In order to take action, rule powers like motivation, you need a certain amount of it. You need a minimum amount of it in order to take action low will power or no power equals no action. And you know this from experience. If you want to stay healthy and somebody offers you cooking the boarding, he'll be like No problem. I don't need to take it. But if you're come back from work and you're tired and you're exhausted in your crank and he had a super stressful date and somebody says, Here's a cookie, he'll take it. Why is that? Because your willpower gets depleted. If you don't have physical energy, don't have more. If you don't have mental energy, you will Power goes lower. Your willpower is a renewable resource, but it goes low and low and low, and with every decision that they think of it like a full glass of water, and you get the renewable full glass of water each morning. But every decision that changes a takes, a little bit of will power away from so agenda they When you're tired, when you're exhausted, you willpower. He is naturally super Hello. And when you need to take an action that you know, you don't necessarily like something Jew procrastinating, then you need a certain amount of will power in order to do and let me see sheer. And now that willpower does not depend on your race on your gender on your age, none of that really matters. So if you live with a preconceived notion that you're not somebody who has will power, and that's why you cannot stop procrastinating, eliminate that thought from your mind. You apart depends on your physical energy on the time of the day and on your one. So step number two. Your willpower is the highest in the morning. Why's that? Because you just walk up. You're full of energy. You are in a good mood naturally, and you haven't had the time to take all the other decisions that are going toe follow throughout the date. The deplete your will power. Think about it. You wake up in the morning, you're fully energetic. You're fully excited. You have. Ah, you know the sunny shutting off course. It will be much easier for you to take tough decisions than at the end today, when you retired, when you're exhausted, when you had a long, stressful day and everybody was asking stuff of you and you could make many decisions. Your willpower is the highest in the morning, and then it gets exhausted with every single decision. So use that to your advantage. Step number three. Move the action that you procrastinating as close to the morning as possible. Ideally, you wake up, you jump into it if you want to jog, and that's what you've been procrastinating. Put your job. It's close to waking up. It's possible if you have writer's block post, but that's what you've been putting off. Do it in the morning as close as possible while your energy still high up while you're Morris there high up. And while your willpower is at its highest, maybe you cannot do it in the media is after you wake up I understand that Maybe have kids have family to take care. Maybe have a lot of things when you played in the morning. Try to schedule your procrastinating action. It's closed in the morning s possible if you can do it after you wake up. Awesome. If you can do with the 11 o'clock three hours after being awake Awesome. You know your schedule vest, but do it as close to the morning. It's possible because this is where your willpower is the highest. Because when you come back after a long day, you're stressed. You're tired, you're You wouldn't want to do something that you're already putting off for one reason or the other. So it's a very simple technique, but is going toe work wonders for you. Move. Your action is close to the morning. It's possible. Brian Tracy, the famous time management coach, calls it eating the frog. And this comes from Mark Twain, He says. If you either frog every morning than nothing else but seem as hard, so do your hardest action. The ones you're requesting the most is close to the morning. It's possible, and another benefit of doing this once you take care of this. You already going to feel achieved? You're gonna feel successful. You're gonna feel like men. I just took care of the hardest thing for the day. Everything else is just off bombs. So just doing the things you procrastinating as close to more it's possible is going to make your day that much more productive because going a few. But, chief, you got a few accomplish, You're gonna feel like you took care of something that you could put him previously. They care off. So step number two. Use your will. Power to your advantage. Normal power equals no action. Your willpower is the highest in the morning. So schedule your action that you've been protesting is close to the morning as possible. Step number one. Get enough motivation. Step number two movie action as close to the morning. A spotting. So now I want you to think of your action to procrastinating. And I wanted to figure out how to schedule it in the morning to more, more not three weeks from now, not a month from now. Do not procrastinate doing this action. Schedule it for two more morning, ideally immediately after you wake up. So this is step number two. I'll see you in the next video. Is that number three 6. Step 3 - Start Exceedingly Small & Build Your Way Up: Hey, welcome to step number three in the How to eliminate Procrastination system. And this one we're gonna talk about, start small and build up so many people so many times fail so miserably because they said the goal way too high. There is a time in your life and there is a place in life when you need to set goals. Side for fascination is not one of them. If you said it way too high, you're not gonna be motivated enough and you're gonna be completely discouraged, Which call this more procrastination. So it's step number three in the system. I want you to start exceedingly small. I want you to think of your action that you're procrastinating. I want you to figure out the smallest amount of action you can take. Then I want you to cut early half as start there started with Nicholas Ismael. As small as you can imagine. If you want to start flossing your teeth on a regular basis and you've been procrastinating instead of studying the goal fluctuated every day Flaws one thought Or if you wanna started writing and you've been postponing, write one sentence or even one work or Feulner job on a regular basis, but you haven't job for ever or for the last one year. Instead of staying the goal of 30 minutes, said the goal for one minute or 30 seconds or five minutes. It might sound silly, but that's exactly the idea. When you start exceedingly small, you have no excuse because it is so small that there is no way you can justify not doing it . Here's the thing. When you start super small, there's a couple of things happening at the same time. First of all, once you're once you get yourself ready, let's say to exercise and you go out and he said to go for I'm gonna George for one minute , John says, Are that some of the times you're going to Joe for one minute of other times? You're gonna George for 10 or 20 or even 30 and then when you come back and you said to go for one minute but the George for 30 you're gonna feel like a champion. But if you said to go for 30 and in George for 28 you're gonna come back feeling like a failure. You're gonna not feel happy you're not gonna be satisfied. All the jokes. Almost 30 minutes. That's that's first of all, Second book. If you said the bar way too high, you're not gonna be motivated to do it. Because if you if you haven't job before, we haven't dropped for a long time. And I have this go. Oh, my God. 30 minutes. You're not gonna You need that money that much more motivation that much more will power in order to do it. Even though it sounds silly, I want you to start ridiculously small. Take your example. Action failed was the smallest amount. Ikan dough cut in half. Start there and here. Step number two. I want to repeat few. It becomes easy once you're floating that one through it on a regular basis of your writing that one centers or you joking that two minutes. Once it becomes easy on Lee, then your to proceed for, because there is a lot of things that need to happen in order for you to get accustomed to this. If you're exercising, for example, if you mean for crafting exercising, then there is a lot of little things that need to happen. She can start doing on a regular basis, and the first step is always the hearts. Because once you figure out where you gonna go, how you gonna dress up? You have all your equipment or over your gear. If charge the iPod and all that has happened, then you can job for one minute or a job for 30 minutes. The difference is not that much. Once you've overcome that that small hurdle, then Onley. Then you should build it up, which is step number three on Lee. Once things become easy, I want to build it up. Start with losing flossing two teeth or start by Jodi five minutes or riding two sentences . Slowly building up in the key word here slowly because now that you're join two minutes if you jump from two minutes to 10 minutes, your mind cause more procrastination. But if you jump from two minutes to four minutes, it becomes easier. Four minutes, then six. Then you don't tend. They need to 20. You're going toe. Eliminate procrastination much faster. And if you said the initial go way, do I? That's what I have for you today. Step number three starts super small and slowly built and up and out the actions that for this one is Think of your action that your that you people casting that using this example find the smallest amount of action can take cutting in half cutting 3/4 sucked with the smallest amount of action possible. And I want to start doing every single they in the morning so flows they want to, or George in one. You know, five steps were right, and once in this, whatever it is, I want you to start the wanted every single day. Because the goal here is to is to build is to create a behavior because it's much easier if you're riding on a regular basis that wants and needs to go from one sentence to 30 pages than it is from the go from zero for the one sentence. So I want you to start super slow, and I want to repeat it. On Field Becomes is once It's no longer a problem for you to job that two minutes or two floors. They want toe Onley, then slowly building up. Then, when the new one becomes easy, you build it up. Then the new bond becomes easy then you build up slowly, virtually you eliminate procrastination. The key here is to start super slow. This is not a place. Procrastination is known place. We want to be a champion. So many people go completely from 0 to 100 no time. And that's why they keep progressing because it's hard. Make it easy on yourself. Set yourself up for success. Start super smoke. Repeat until becomes easy. Slowly build up the actions that for today's field will. The smallest amount of action is that you can take and do it first thing tomorrow morning and every morning there on after she can build the behavior. That's what I have for Step three having an amazing they start so personal and I'll see you instead. Number four. 7. Step 4 - Eliminate Friction And Set Your Environment For Success: Hey, welcome back to step number for in this one, we're gonna talk about eliminating friction. Friction is calls when two objects air pressing against each other. And that's how your brakes on your car work, for as a matter of fact. But you're probably thinking, How does this apply to procrastination? Here's how you know what a few to go from no taking action, the taking action. There is a certain amount of steps, a certain amount of obstacles that you need to overcome, and each one of them proves a certain amount off challenge. If you have way too many of these, then they create too much friction and too much friction stops you hold. Let me give an example to understand exactly what I'm talking about. Let's say that you've been procrastinating going for a jog every single morning. You're following the steps and you want to do it as soon as you wake up. So you wake up. It's early in the morning and now we need to go. Jordan. But it's not, Is is because you need toe. You need to seek out. What are you gonna wear? I need to figure out where you gonna go. And if it's early in the morning, you get up. We have absolutely every intention to go jogging, and then you cannot find your keys. You look for your keys in this room in that room. He cannot find your keys at one point. The simplest thing off. You know, being able to find your keys can cause the state. That's it. I'm done. I'll try it. Two more. So even though it seems super relevant, just a simple thing. Find your keys. The smallest thinking caused toe much friction. So in order for you to eliminate procrastination, you need toe eliminate with police. Reduce friction as much as possible. Here's how it looked. Step number one. I want to visualize the entire process. What is any? Imagine that you're in bed sleeping. You wake up and you need to go into your action, whatever that is. Maybe it's writing a bloke post most unity, going for a healthy breakfast, whatever it might be. Imagine it from the point of you waking up to the point of view. Actually, being engaged in that action would needs to happen in between and visualize it in full detail. No detail is too small or too big. Just close your eyes. It's okay. I'm gonna wake up. I'm gonna go and brush my teeth. Then I'm going to go and find my clothes. I'm gonna find my sneakers. Gonna get my eyeball. I'm gonna get my keys. I'm gonna walk out the door and think, Okay. Are you gonna turn left? Are you gonna turn right? They're gonna go straight to the park. Are you gonna job through the neighborhood? It visualized the entire process in suport detail. Visualize it in high definition. If you have to. And then step number two. I want you to go prepare as much of it. That's possible. Let's say that we're running the same example. You wake up, you're gonna go for a job. Find the clothes you're gonna wear is check the weather. First of all, is it gonna be work is gonna be called. They find the clothes you wanna wear. Lay them out in front of your bet. Find your sneakers over your job issues. Put him in front of you. Bet Are you going to take an iPad or I pulled? Charge it for the music that you want on it. Leave it next year. Bet are gonna have a meal. Where are you going? To drink water before you go up. If the answer is yes, then prepares much of it. It's possible. Maybe grab that blast of water living next your betters, we'll find your keys. And then are you gonna go left when you go up or you're gonna go right? They decide this in advance. Prepare as much as possible, because the next day all we need to do is just wake up early, roll out of bed, jump into your clothes, grab everything An outdoor ego. By the time your subconscious is Oh, my God is too hard. What are we doing? So so early in the morning? Awake. You already be outside jogging. Feeling that one minute joker, two minutes, George, or whatever it is with this. Because this and previous steps make it as easy on yourself as possible. Because your world currently your environment, your home, your office is not set up for you to take that action that you be procrastinating. If you're trying to ride the block post every single morning as soon as you hit the office , gonna sit on you. There's going right a block force. If you go to your desk and your computer is not on, you might be like, Ah, see, today's not the day I'm going to just do it more. And then tomorrow the same thing happens. So prepare as much in advance as possible. Make your computer switch on a specific time, make it low the specific program. So when you go to your days, all you see is a blank screen. You just need to sit down. Your water is waiting for you. Some snack is when you've you just need to see now styles writing this way, you eliminate as much of the friction as possible. We have to do it. Just show up and just get into. Because if you show up and then you need toe jump over all these obstacles than each one of them slows you down. So imagine you're going from road that goes like this. The road goes straight up because you've eliminated his much of distractions s possible. This is how you set yourself up for success. And now the last step Number three. Why don't you go through the process once we're here just he's needed. If you're to go back to the same example with the joking, if you will realize that you got everything but then you forgot to lay out your clothes or you forgot the iPod or its forgot the glass of order here just he needed. This is not a one time process. You're gonna be doing this over and over again. So make small adjustments. Make it as easy as possible for you to succeed. Make it make it easier making impossible for you to say. Man, this is too hard. I cannot do it the easier making yourself, the faster you can eliminate procrastination. So here's what I want you to think. I want you to take a few minutes and visualize the action that you're procrastinating from the point of you waking up to the point of view actually doing it being fully engaging, what needs to happen literally close your eyes and say, OK, I'm not gonna move from here. I'm gonna go here. Going under this and prepare as much in advance is humanly possible, even if it seems super tiny, super small. Even if people 100 like with why is here she doing this? Prepare as much as possible, because the next day you don't have to jump over any obstacles. You just need toe get right into the action. And when this becomes a habit, this is how you eliminate procrastination for good. So take a few minutes, close your eyes and visualize entire process. Then sit as much as possible in advance. And then tomorrow, when you actually do it, the things that you get over here just if unique, maybe got it perfect the first time. Congratulations. But if you did it in, 99% reuses that 1% because sometimes gonna be you just going to get out of bed. He's gonna be. But next, them gonna wake up long ago. So I have to go jogging. You're gonna be tired. Maybe didn't sleep well. And I'm using the joke in Justin example. Maybe getting toe the office with every intention toe, record a video or write a block post. And then somebody catches your attention or pisses you off or something. House is the more you prepare, the more it can just eliminate all that stress all those obstacles and jump right into the more obstacles you have, the more friction they're gonna cause. And if you have too much friction, you stop. This is how your brakes work on your car, you press on the pedal. The more you press, the more it pushes against the tire, and then you eventually stop. So instead of you writing your car with the handbrake on, eliminating as much of the friction as possible and allow yourself to go as fast and a straight, that's possible. This is step number four. Now take a bus, stop this video or, once the video is done visualized, prepare as much as you can interview just if needed, and then keep on readjusting until you absolutely have no friction. Just roll up a bit and you just get straight into your action, which have been crossed. Me having an amazing They go through this process and I'll see you in the next step. Final step Step number five 8. Step 5 - Get An Accountability Partner: Hey, welcome through a step number five and before we get started, I want to pause, and I want to say congratulations. Give yourself a high five, a path in the back for making it. So for in the course, it is surprising how many people invest in something and then they never go through the first step for the seconds that So the faggot you hear the fact that you're watching step number five out of five means that you have the most important ingredient for overcoming procrastination Barn up. And that is they can actually. So congratulations, you're amazing. Now let's finish strong accountability apartment. Why does that matter? Is it you can absolutely, and even a procrastination on your own by yourself? No questions asked. But when you get an accountability partner, you get a social pressure and the group kind of social pressure As soon as you know that. Besides, you're still very somebody else. Singles your mindset completely changed, and that might be just enough. Did they might be exactly what you need to get to give that extra kick extra motivation to just fall through, because once you know hey, I can do it the more it's one thing. But if you know that you need to your accountable to somebody else, then your mindset is very, very different. So that's why I'm accountability partner takes the entire process and brings it up to a new level. Now let's talk about how do you find what it is supposed to? The worry is supposed to do and how you can optionally take it to the next level with your accountability part. First, let's talk about who actually makes a good accountability partner. It could be a friend. It can be a sibling. It could be a family member. It can be, Ah, coworker. It doesn't really matter. He just needs to be somebody we're comfortable with. So usually somebody that you're close with the Dickie share what you're actually doing and ask them for help. You don't need to overthink this process. Just think of your best friend or a family member or a sibling or something you're comfortable with to share what you're doing now. Step number two. How do you actually approach, then to help you? It's very simple. You just go through them and see. Listen, here's what I've been doing I've been trying toe eliminate procrastination have been tryingto job more in the morning. It more healthy, viable a post flooding your own thing. And here's what you see. I need your help. As soon as you phrases, I need you to help me. Nine out of 10 people be like, of course, yeah, absolutely. Let me help you. So as soon as you go with the I need your help, people would be way more willing to help you if you phrase it any other way. Because we're sociable creatures really love helping, especially close people. And I'm sure you're the same way if somebody comes If your brother or your mom or your coworker or your You know, friend, that school campuses. Listen, I need your help. You're not gonna say now I don't have the time. You're most likely going to say yes. So approach your accountability partner wants you choose. Call that this with the idea of Hey, here's what I've been doing. I've been trying to make positive changes in my life, and I need your help. People respect that because you're changing your doing yourself. You're going for the better. So phrases I need your help, and chances are nine out of 10 cases they're supposed to be like, Absolutely, I love to help. What kind of which leads us to step? Number three? What is the accountability partners actually needs to do? The answer is very simple. Nothing. Here's the funny part. The accountability, parking. This is absolutely nothing. He's how the process works every day after you do your thing, whatever it's jogging in the morning or eating healthier or no smoking. Whatever this I want just to check in with your account relating partners say, Hey, I did it where I didn't do it. That's it. It can be a phone call. It can be a text. Messages can be a social media. Whatever you guys use, communicate with one another. All you need to do is just check in because the accountability partner is for you to know that you're accountable to somebody else as well. The accountability partner Action needs to look nothing they need to be going through a process with you. They don't need to be evolved beyond what you're comfortable sharing. You can just tell him Listen, every day at nine o'clock, I'm just going to call you and say I did my one minute Joe or I wrote my two sentences. Or I'm going to send you a text message saying, giving a thumbs up. Whatever this, you just tell them that every day between this time and this time you're just simply going toe chicken and just say I did it or I didn't do it. That is all they need to that they just need to be there for you, providing support. If you wanna share with them the entire process, go ahead. If you want to share with them, just the fact that you're just going to chicken. That's fun. But everything between you want to share with him, that's completely a few. The whole idea is you find somebody create comfortable with you, ask him for help, and then you just check in the idea that you have somebody else besides you that you need to be accounted. You need to be accountable. Toe it just goingto elevate the entire process through a whole new left. Because you can. It's different thing if you you can justify failing on your own. But then when there's somebody else involved, especially somebody who's close to you, you don't want to disappoint. So that might be the extra kick that you need to just get you over the home and start taking action Super Simple Super Fund and actually gets you closer to that person. Now here's two optional upgrades. This process works extremely well on its own, But if you take it to a whole new level for you overachievers, I have two optional great's. First of all, option of one is make some sort of a bet with your accountability part. If you skip more than two times, you're going to do something. And that's something usually something that's not necessarily pleasurable feet. Maybe if you skip more than two times, you're going to give your partner $25. Or if it's not money media gonna mold their long or gonna washing dishes, you gonna walk their door, you're gonna take care of the kid. Whatever this, the fear of losing something might give you an extra kick because some people are motivated by not failing other people no more, very. But the fear of losing so big something agree on something that is not this certainly Celtic whore book, but It's not something positive. Something slightly negative. You're going to give him money. You're going to do something that you don't necessarily enjoy. Maybe you're accountability. Pointer is your roommate. You're gonna be listed. I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna check in. If I missed more than two times in road, I'm going to do your laundry for a month. And that might be the exact thing that you need to make sure you never, ever skip more than two times. It can be three times. It could be five times, but the ideal cases more than two times. Because if you skip once it happens, you can just get back into the next day. But when you skip the second time and beyond, the process starts reversing. Because whatever progress you've made, if you skip more than two times, starts going back. So this is completely, completely, completely optional. I cannot stress this enough. Go through this just fine. Accountability partner. Chicken with them. This is usually more than enough. But if you take it up a notch, include the fear of losing, plugging in, it's gonna get it to the whole new life. And finally I have another completely optional thing that might kick it even up one more time. One more notch. And that is, instead of finding one accountability part there, find a lotto. So but what every doing on social media? Maybe you're big on lengthen or on Twitter on Facebook. Or if you're not into social media, that's perfectly fine. Maybe tell your entire family or the entire neighbourhood or entire office, whatever it might be. The more people including the process, the more you're gonna feel the pressure to actually perform and fresh in a good way, pressure in a very positive way to perform and to take your procrastination, tow the car. So if you want to kick it up a notch, put it on social media. You've seen many stories. When people started losing weight, they make a block, and then they start. They want they so they trained until they absolutely the entire family, the entire social net or and that gives a more accountability. Is that so much for you? Completely option. If you think that this is not extreme and you plug in this and you don't think it's good enough, put it on social media on the house it to everybody that you're trying to make positive changes. You're going to be doing this on a regular basis. And everyday chicken, This is This is my This might sound a little bit extreme, but it works for certain people. So if you wanna if you're an overachiever, you're absolutely make sure that you're gonna follow through with your procrastination. Just put on social media or announce it to a bigger circle off people. And that's it. That's step number five. This is the end of 75 I have the entire process from start to finish. You know exactly what to do. So I want to congratulate it one more time from making it to the You'll be surprised by how few people actually make it to this step, but not you. He took action. You're here, and you probably only a way to completely eliminating fascination. This is that number five in the next video we're gonna talk about How do you take this entire process and how do you How does it work? How do you put all this together from Step One State five. I'm gonna give you a day by day break now for the next 30 days For the next three days you know exactly what to do, how to do you want to do it. You can do it by yourself, just following the process. Step. Want to fight? But the next video I'm going to give you an example. Plan 30 days on what to do, How to do it. Went to do it. So you have absolutely no excuse for not taking action because he didn't know how to do so . Congratulations. You made this step Number five. This is the end of it. By now you have all the information you have. All the tools. All the resource is all the system. So make it happen now from you. I just need you to find an accountability partner and start using, not the week from now. Tomorrow you're taking action. That's the only waking, limited class nation. So find accountability, partner approach in tow there tomorrow and start using them to your advantage seeking, eliminate, procrastination, wants and fraud. That's it. That's the entire system. Step one. Step 59 Have a role in the next video. I'm gonna show you how to put it all together. and you can use it. You can absolutely annihilated procrastination and become successful by the side having an amazing they finally accountability partner and I will see you in the next video. 9. A 30-Day Plan For Stopping Procrastination: Hey, welcome to this video. And this one we're gonna discuss. Put it all together. Now I have the entire system. You have steps from 1 to 5. But I want to make a separate video and show you how old this breaks down on a day per day basis. And of course, this is a an example plan. If it helps you these go ahead and do it. If you have a different plan, then completely disregard this one. But at least washed through this video to see how the heart the entire process works. This is designed to just make the process easier for you. She can go from nothing connection that they can actually know exactly what to do each every day. So the more confusion we take away from the process, the more procrastination you eliminate. So let's get the how do you put together all the steps on a day to day basis? So start with they number one. The very first thing I want you to do on day Number one is the creative brainstorming exercise. I want you to come with enough good enough reasons to take action. I want you to get yourself motivated to get yourself excited. So goto creative brainstorming process. It takes just a few minutes and get yourself excited and pumped up because none of this really matters. If you don't have good enough reason why so Day Number one said them one creative brainstorming. You know how to do it now just go ahead and do it. Step number two day number one, Step number two. I want to create some sort of ah schedule. When are you going to do the action that you've been procrastinating? As we said, it's best to do it early in the morning. But what is it exactly? Me If you wake up at eight o'clock, when can you do it? Can you do it before working into it before you go to school? Do you have to take care of something and then do this action creates some sort of a schedule, you know best what works for you. But after you've got yourself motivated, excited, go back to Earth and create an actual practical schedule, you know exactly what's gonna happen and when you're gonna do it. And the last thing I want to do on the number one is. I want you to visualize and prepare now. Did you have a schedule? You're excited. You're more of it. I want you to think. What do you need to prepare? In order for all this to actually happen? What are the things that you need to prepare so we can eliminate fiction? What are things into prepares? You can go and take your jaw Greek and writing more pro so you can stop smoking. Whatever it is, I want you to visualize the process from the point of waking up to the point of view actually doing. And I want you to prepare as much of it in a vast this way. Once you get no today, number two can just go ahead and do it. They have no obstacles. So they number one. I want to get yourself excited, created practical schedule, and then visualize and prepare as much of this as possible because this is the only way it's going to make it easy on yourself to just rule out all that and jump right into your action. They do. We made it first. They gone in the past. Now they number toe step number one is naturally hunch to go ahead and do it. As the night commercial says, Just do it. All of this has been living this. Just go ahead and do it and remember to start super deport smoke right, one centers job for one man. Whatever this, I want you to go ahead and do it. It's close to the morning as possible. Then once you're back. Step number two. On day number two. I want to see if there's something that needs to be re are Justin. Maybe you didn't prepare some. Maybe the timing wasn't right. Now is the time to readjust if needed. Young the number one you actually did everything perfectly. There's no need to re just But if you need to readjust something, no housing times the door early on in the process and the last thing, I want you to go on the number two. His Find your accountability partner. Notice that you're not doing this and they want because I want you to first take action and then find the partner because you come from a very different place. If you approach somebody said, Listen, here's what I want you to do. I've already done it. I know it works. Then if you approach him with, I need your help. Here's what I'm about to start doing. It just sounds more believable because you just that you're gonna be in a completely different mind set. You're going to approach accountability partner from a different perspective, and it just makes the entire process that much is plus, you don't get yourself over Well, they want a stressful enough. That's why we put this is the last thing on the number +22 days gone completely taking care of your already rocking. Now they number three comes what you do in the morning. Naturally, you take care of reaction. That's the whole point. If you don't take action on, none of this really matters. So first thing in the morning, I want you to do it and then readjust if need, make more justice, make it easy on yourself. Maybe forgot something the first day you hear just the second day, but it's still not perfect. Readjust until you make it perfect. Do. The scheduling is perfect and you have absolutely no obstacles and just roll have bet completely jumped 100% into the action, so do it re are just But now here's the new thing. What else do you need to do in day three? You need to check in with your partner. That's why you have important. They're seeking chicken. So you did the action. You find the partner in date number two. Now it's time to chicken. Call them up. Send them a text message and email. Whatever this and film I did, you just did it. Check in with them. Let them know you did it. You're already taken care of action. Now what happens next? They remember for today Number 10 as you most probably already guessed that you repeat the same exact process. But then you also build head up because you've already done three days worth of action or a t least two days in this case, they to invade three. So maybe you're already getting used to it. You're sending your environment for success. So maybe now is the time to build it up a little bit. Maybe start flossing cookie or riding to send this instead of one or joking for two minutes instead of one. If it still feels a little bit funky, then just repeat the same process without building up until the whole process becomes second nature. Anything just wrong, but jump right into it. If if it's already easy, it's time to build up. But if it's not, keep on re pinioned until it becomes easy and what is the last step? What do you think it is? I know you know what it is. I want you to keep on rocking because you're already doing so much and you're taking so much action and you're making such a positive change change. I want you to keep on rocking. What does this mean much to repeat the same process and build at up? Do it in the morning. You're just, if needed, shaking with you partner. The next day you do the same thing, and the same thing in the same thing eventually becomes easy. You build up your building up, you build up, and then maybe in 2030 days, maybe, thanks to 40 maybe takes you 21. It's super individual, but sooner or later that is just a matter off. Time for you to eliminate procrastination and get to the next level is not a matter of if you're going to do it. It's a matter of when you're going to do it. So keep on rocking because you're already taken action. You're building momentum. You're gonna feel better. You're gonna feel more successful, gonna feel more happy, gonna feel more energetic. So keep on doing is building momentum. They number one today, number 10. So keep on building. Keep on taking action because this is the only way you can eliminate procrastination, No amount of the head hacks or time management, perhaps, or funky techniques are going to be replacing. Taken action. Keep on taking action. You know exactly what do you already know? Step number one. Step number five have the entire process This is the process of I force in the years to get myself from ah, crony procrastinator Writing a best and book from a crime procrastinator toe starting my own business Former crying procrastinator toe being ableto share this information with you right here It's all because off this process, sometimes it takes 30 days sometimes takes a bit more. Sometimes it takes a little bit less but follow the steps They number one today number 10 and you're gonna be on your way maybe halfway there to completely eliminating procrastination. If you have any questions for me, if you need my support, I'm here for you. This is not a one way street. It's not like I just given information. And then you're on your own. I'm here. Leave a comment below. Asked me a question. You have my contact information. Send minimal. I'm here for you. This is not enduring that you need to think by yourself. That's why. Haven't accountability, partner. But you also have me. So if you ever get stuck, you don't understand something. We just need a little bit of a push. A little bit of motivation. Little bit of why do I need to keep on doing this? Then shoot me an email. Leave a common rival. This one of these videos. I'm here for you Now. Have the entire system. I hope you see. How is it? Is how possible this to eliminate procrastination. Keep on rocking. You have the entire system. Now it's on you to take action. He have all the tools, all the systems. All the resource is Do not. And I repeat, do not over complicate. It is as easy as this five steps. Just follow the process that number 12345 And that's all it takes. It's been a pleasure. I welcome you to contact with anyone. I really wanted to contact me because I really want to know what I can do for you. How I can help you. So I've really welcome any and all comments, feedback reviews in any way that you want to get in touch with me. I'm here and I love it. So I hope this has been useful. I hope you're actually on your way to a limited procrastination has been a true pleasure and an honor to be here with you. Keep on rocking, having an amazing day and I'll see you around.