How To Stop Procrastination And Double Your Productivity | Kosio Angelov | Skillshare

How To Stop Procrastination And Double Your Productivity

Kosio Angelov, Productivity Expert, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author

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9 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Welcome Message from Kosio Angelov

    • 2. Why We Procrastinate (And Why It Matters)

    • 3. Overview Of The Entire System - What Can You Expect

    • 4. Step 1 - Find "A Good Enough Reason"

    • 5. Step 2 - Do It First Thing In The Morning

    • 6. Step 3 - Start Exceedingly Small & Build Your Way Up

    • 7. Step 4 - Eliminate Friction And Set Your Environment For Success

    • 8. Step 5 - Get An Accountability Partner

    • 9. A 30-Day Plan For Stopping Procrastination


About This Class

A step-by-step deep-dive training that will help you overcome procrastination even if you've failed before! It's GO TIME!


I used this exact system to go from a chronic procrastinator to writing a #1 Amazon best-selling book in only 17 days... and now YOU CAN USE IT TOO to end your procrastination once and for all!

Procrastination affects as much as 70% of the general population.

Mind… blown.

Despite these negative statistics, you may have noticed that certain people are able not only to stop procrastinating, but escape the hamster wheel, eliminate procrastination for good, get the job done on a consistent basis and live happy and productive lives. If you ever wondered “how do they do that?", you are in for a real treat.

Because today I am going to pull back the curtain and show you EXACTLY how I “cured" myself of procrastination and most importantly, how you can do it too.

No fluff and filler, just BATTLE-TESTED tactics that work!

It's all about how to hit HIGHER levels of productivity, energy, success, and fulfillment.

It's what high performance is all about, and it's what multi-millionaires and the world's most accomplished people know and DO.

Inside this course, you'll learn:

  • How to actually overcome procrastination, by reprogramming yourself to take action
  • How to install habits, so you have less and less procrastination in your life "automatically"
  • The place to invest your attention and energy to get the highest possible return
  • Why it's important to understand willpower and how it works - so you can continually increase your productivity
  • And much much more...

So you can:

  • Conquer your most important tasks...
  • Achieve your most ambitious goals and...
  • Live the life of your dreams...

Are you interested?

Let's do this!

Click on the "Take This Course" button to the right and let's beat that procrastination together!