How To Start a Profitable Facebook Chatbot Marketing Agency | Juan Galvan | Skillshare

How To Start a Profitable Facebook Chatbot Marketing Agency

Juan Galvan, Tech Entrepreneur | Marketer

How To Start a Profitable Facebook Chatbot Marketing Agency

Juan Galvan, Tech Entrepreneur | Marketer

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14 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Facebook Blueprint Sales Video

    • 2. Introduction To Facebook Messenger Marketing Chatbots

    • 3. Manychat Facebook Messenger Overview

    • 4. How to Create Main Menu

    • 5. How to Create Default Reply

    • 6. How To Create Welcome Message

    • 7. How To Use Keywords

    • 8. How To Use Tags

    • 9. The Bar Growth Tool

    • 10. Slide In Growth Tool

    • 11. Modal & Page Overview

    • 12. Landing Page

    • 13. Embedable Widgets

    • 14. How To Use Sequences

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About This Class

How would you like to start your very own profitable Facebook Chatbot Marketing Agency from scratch even if you have no prior marketing experience?

Facebook messenger marketing is growing massively and businesses will pay you $1,000's every month to provide Facebook messenger marketing services.

In this course, I walk you through step-by-step exactly how to start and build a profitable Facebook Chatbot Marketing Agency that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world!

Meet Your Teacher

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Juan Galvan

Tech Entrepreneur | Marketer


Hi I'm Juan. I've been an entrepreneur since grade school. My background is in the tech space from Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Web Development to Programming. I believe in continuous education with the best of a University Degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods. I look forward to helping you expand your skillsets.

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1. Facebook Blueprint Sales Video: Hello and welcome to this course on the ultimate Facebook ads marketing blueprint, where you're gonna learn how to generate leads and sales on demand for your business using the power Facebook ads. In this course, we're gonna cover the Facebook ads blueprint overview where we're going to cover the Facebook pixel. How to use the Facebook pics. Oh, how to create Facebook campaigns, how to create Facebook retargeting audiences and how to do competitive analysis so that you can spy on your competitors Facebook ads and help you create winning profitable Facebook ads. I'm also gonna walk you step by step, how to create different types of Facebook ads. And then we're gonna cover some advanced Facebook ads strategies that's gonna help you scale your Facebook ads and generate more leads and sales. I see you on the other side 2. Introduction To Facebook Messenger Marketing Chatbots: All right, So in this video, I'm gonna go over some Facebook messenger chatbots features and functionalities here. So, as you are probably familiar with here, this is something that's very, very new in the marketplace for digital marketing, right? The Facebook Messenger chatbots. I think Facebook actually just actually released this about, I think, two years ago, in 17 2001 here ago. We're now coming upon 2019 but this is very, very brand new technology, but it's extremely, extremely powerful for yourself and for your client. So let's go over some of the basic features here. So this is pretty much like the new email. So if you ever thought about or seeing people talk about hey building email list, you know the money is in the list, right? And that's true. But with email, often times people cannot receive your email, they can go into Stam, so there's a lot of different things that can go wrong with email. And this is virtually the new email, where you can build a subscriber list as soon as somebody office into your funnel as faras for your bod. Excuse me, let's say they interact with it and say, Hey or the press, the get started button whatever. As soon as there's any type of interaction, they are automatically subscribe to your bots, right? Which is which is right because there's no need to opt into any list is literally just boom . Click interaction with their automatically subscribe. So there is pretty much, gosh that there's so many different features that can be done here with the messenger bots and so many create things here. We're gonna go through them here, just some examples, and there's so much more. But I just wanted to kind, briefly go over the features and functionalities of the by here, So nurture audiences. This is something great because let's say when you have a new audience with in your list, you want to be able to continually send them valuable information or promote promotional type of information or materials so that you are staying top of mind for your prospect, either for yourself or for your client. Okay, and so you can automate sales actually through the bots so customers can actually purchase items, right products, whatever, maybe through the actual bots. And this is huge for like, let's example, you have e commerce clients that sell bunch of different products, right? They can drive traffic to the bonds. They can actually look through their entire actual. We wouldn't calling you call it a menu, but we would call it more of a product line, okay, within the actual bots and be able to select and choose whatever product that they're looking for. I'm right there and then and then be able to make a purchase right through the bots. So it's just extremely, extremely powerful, so sales can be automated. Customer service is Well, let's say you can have it where and this is a little bit more advanced. But you can have it so that if the prospect is interacting with the body and they're certain keywords that are typed in, like help or customer service or things like that, the the responses will come up and will be catered to those types of key words that are in there so it would go in there would respond with a specific type of customer service type of sequence, right? Something like, Hey, how can I help you? You know what you looking for? And then I'll give him a set of options, right? So it's very, very efficient as faras for the customer service, the sales just a great tool. So other than that, also, we have the personalized experience. So the prospect feels like they're actually talking to somebody and having an interactive conversation, right? And when the actual body is really just automated and it's just doing a set of functions, right? So the people feel like it's very personalized. It's kind of fun, right, to be able to, you know, make a response or even select a you know, whatever question that they have, either yes or no, and it wouldn't take down, get taken down in different sequence. So it's a very, very enjoyable experience for the prospect. They don't feel like they're getting sold right there, feel like they're getting a very personalized experience. So it's great, and it feels like they're in control. This is a big thing here because they get a select with the questions you have so like, let's say you have them in a sequence and you say, Hey, do you want to learn more about our products? Yes, I do. Give me the goods or No, I'm okay. or, you know, whatever, right? And so they have the option to select. Yes, I want to learn more or no, I don't. So it puts them at in control, right? Like they feel like they're completely in control of the sales process. There's no, you know, pressures for is trying to make a sale. It's like they're just coming in, and they're just trying to see if there's a new opportunity for them to use your product or service or whatever. Maybe so. This is also a new revenue stream for clients, just like having Facebook ads right to be able to generate leads with this pot in and of itself. It's great because you can post it on their website and be able to have leads interact with the bark from their website that automatically place into their subscriber lists in certain sequences. But also the best, really, the best way to really use the bodies to be able to drive traffic to it and have a, you know, take on a certain set of features is Farrah sequences. So I were talking about Facebook ads. Any other type of marking that could be helping your client drive traffic to that body, right? Even obviously, content marketing s seo, But the body. I want you to think about it as a kind of a hub where as long as traffic is going to that to that bar, that bond will do all of the selling for your client or for yourself, right? Whatever. That, however, it is using the body, right? And their spots that could be custom made specifically for different niches. The templates are very easy to replicate as well as faras. You know, I have several baht templates, and I'm gonna provide you guys in this course as well that I've purchased some of them I developed That can really help you out as faras providing these to your clients. And so one of the big things also is up to 90%. Open rates on this is so huge because just think about writing for getting in. Ah, message to year the Facebook messenger There, you're going to most likely open that up because it could be. Anybody can be when your close friends family, right, people you're close with. And so you're going toe open it right, and at least you know, click through it a little bit, so it's just huge right in comparison to email. 20% open rate. So you're getting the promotional material yourself, right? Valuable information. You're getting in front of the prospect, and you're getting them to read it right and obviously being able to get them to read, even though maybe, let's say 30% of them take action. That's a whole lot better right than Onley being able to have a 20% open rate and having, you know, 10 15% people take action, right? So open rates are so huge here, it's just phenomenal, right? You can have automated broadcast that say they're in your subscriber list and you want to send out a promotion, right? You can send a promotion type of broadcast for a product or service, or maybe a webinar, whatever that may be. And then you can send also just valuable content to your subscribers as well, so that they are staying no up to date with what you're doing and, you know, top of mind, right, providing value and then also helping customers make purchase decisions so you can have like, for example, I like a restaurant. You could have a whole menu set up in there where they can customize your order, just like if they were doing it through a website, right. But they're doing it all through the messenger there. So that's really about it here, as's faras for the Facebook messenger chatbots. I just wanted to kind of give you an overview of this new technology. I mean, it's it's so, so fantastic for yourself, for your clients. And there is a little bit of, as far as for the market being maybe a little bit too early there. And then they explain this. I would recommend that if you're selling bots two kinds, that you either try to do it as an up sell, or that you do it through your agency because trying to start like a whole agency in and of itself, by itself four messenger bots and trying to sell those to declines is a much more difficult sale right than just going in as the Facebook Ads agency, Or is there a marketing agency in trying to up sell this toe to clients? So I'm just giving you my experience. You know, there are a lot of people out there that will tell you the same thing, right? We One of the biggest things that that we do is we do a lot of testing, right? We try to figure out OK, what is the market responding to our They latching on to our messaging, you know? Are they interested in what we have to offer, right? Where are the Hickam's Between ourselves? Fun. Right within ourselves. Funnel. And so we found that the best way to sell messenger chatbots is to have it done between your agency and not try to start a complete new agency for messenger chatbots. Because, yeah, there's some companies out there doing that, but ah, lot of these guys got a lot of funding behind them. And they're well aware of the technology that it's going to to, you know, get to where Facebook Messenger chatbots are going to take over email. Right? So this is this is brand new technology. It's fantastic. This is it for this video. I'm gonna walk you guys through some some other features here in many chap. And that is it for this video will see on the next one. Thanks 3. Manychat Facebook Messenger Overview: All right, so in this video, I just want to give you a quick overview of the many Champ platform here. And so we're gonna go into these particular areas and settings. Ah, lot more in depth in the other videos. But I just wanted to create this quick video to go over. I have these different areas in here in the many chat platform. So this is essentially the link to the Boche. If you want to send this over to somebody and say hey, you know, test on my body. Here it is. Okay, great. Uh, so let's go ahead and go through these here really quick. We're going to go through them. Ah, lot more in depth as I mentioned. So these are all you can see. All yours. Describe this year's faras your audience. Okay. You can see all your tax. How many people are in certain tax that you set up already? Okay, let's go to life chat. So this is where you can have people. Obviously, that you want to engage with Let's say they sent you a message. You want to chat with them via live. You couldn't do that here on growth tools. These are essentially different things that you can use for. I'm your website or different landing pages. Right? Let's give you an example here. Okay, So you can see here. We have, like, the bar that slide in the page takeover. So these air different tools that you can use to help you grow your subscriber list. Essentially. Okay, So the broadcast, these are where you have the ability to. Once a subscriber has opted into your body, they've engaged with you and they're in your audience. Then you can actually start sending different broadcast messages to them too. Get them re engaged to build our relationship, nurture them, and even sent promotional offer seven so they can make some type of purchase. Okay, so let's go to the automation here So we can see here that with this, this is pretty much going to be like if if somebody when somebody lands on the actual bought there and and I made this example here for, like, a restaurant will go in here. So technically, you're going to see, like, a menu and like ours. And so this allows people to kind of get directed right away, okay? Without having to do too much. So the farm reply this is essentially if somebody is sending a message and there's nobody available, this is the reply here. It'll take them to hey were not available, talk to human and then you can go to a live chat. Okay, so this is a welcome message. This is essentially what they're going to see when they come in and they get greeted, it's gonna say, Hey, first thing Thanks for messaging our page name. We're happy you reached out. Let us know how we can help you and we get back to you as soon as possible. And so keywords these air. Great. Because what you can do is like I have set up here. You can do in tow where you could have certain keywords. That's when the prospect you know this describe or whoever is typing in the keyword, you can have them have a specific response. So in this case, let's say we had a restaurant and somebody wanted to see the menu, right? So when somebody would type in the word menu, they would get automatic reply right response with the actual menu where they would have different items that can order right there and there, right? So it's essentially a way for you to have certain keywords that are more than likely or likely to get, you know, asked or to have people that are more than likely going to be asking those types of questions. And so you'll have specific replies for those. Okay, we'll get a little more in depth in this in the other videos. Eso sequences. So these are Excuse me. These are essentially where Just think about like an email auto responder where we have when you opt into an email, I would say to get a leave magnet, right, you get a, ah, particular email right off the bat saying, Hey, here's your e book or here is your lesson Lesson one, and then our three days later you get less in two and then lesson three. It's pretty much a way to get people through a set of sequence right through a set of sequences through messages that have some sort of outcome. Okay, so maybe you have somebody opt into the sequence where you give him five tips on how to build muscle, right? And then, after the maybe you have four messages that are just pure value. Here is value, value value. That's how you build muscle. And then on the 5th 1 you have. Okay, well, if you want to take your game to the next level by this product, right, get this supplement to help you with your games. Whatever. Right. Okay, so let's go to flows here. So this is where you're gonna have your specific flows to half people going to different sequences and we'll go into this one here a lot more in depth as well. But so, for example, this one here, this is a particular flow that we have here Go to flow builder so we can see pull this up here. So whenever somebody is responding to this and they opt into here based off the service that it was a responses here, they're going to go to this message and they say, no, they're going to go into this particular message. Okay, so this is where you can build out the flows in here. Let's go to the settings. Okay, So this is the green text year, so let's see, right now, it's not gonna have anything. Let's see right here we had Okay. Welcome to do What was it, Alfa beast? What would you just have? Uh um it's a high first name. Uh, welcome to awful beast. Oh, can way help you. Right? So just think about if we had this was a restaurant, right? If we had this greeting text and then somebody were to, uh, typing menu, right, they would get automatically that menu to pull up and be just a nice, smooth transition. Okay, Because here. Hey, Juan. High Juan. Welcome to Alfa Bees. How how can I help you? And since move. So here you can actually cone this pots and add it to another page. This is very simple to move bots from one page to another. Okay, refresh permissions. Minute chats. Always join their updates to make sure they're staying on top of the Facebook protocols and guidelines. Um, keyboard inputs not really messed with this before. Audience visibility. Obviously. You wanna have that on there? You can disable the baht here. You're gonna have life champ, so you can have it. So any message starts with the live chant or conversation should be opened up. Especially so at your leisure essentially. Okay, so growth tools, Right? We talked about that a little bit. Here. You can add several different with websites in here so that you can authorize the growth tools on. Okay, it's the notification. Have your email there, and then you wanna have your suspect reports being sent to your email on a daily weekly or monthly on and then live chat notifying me on messenger when a conversation is assigned to me. Okay, so she's got a custom feels. Okay, let me go back over here. Notify adamant action. So this is more of like, if you want to get notified, um, kind of right away and have Well, I haven't really actually even used this feature, to be honest with you, so it's not really I don't think it's important right now for you even to know, um, all the kind of local business type of bots that you're gonna be using. For the most part, you don't really need this function here. So this is something that I haven't really used. I I kind of had an idea as far as what this was here. Perform sitting, mom. Okay. Yes. So let's say you're selling a particular and be like a high ticket item or something. And somebody's like, Hey, I want more information than you want. Engage your actual person right on a life chat to get them to go through a sequence. But then you have a conversation with them. OK, so enable enables to let many chat, send you notifications when a user performs a specific action in your broadcast. So let's say they had a specific action where they're like, Hey, I want to learn more about a high ticket offer. That's where you could have the admin be notified to take over in a live chat, for example. Okay, custom fields, Um, how to really use this year? You can pretty much put in. Let's say, if you wanted to have, um, you save involved subscribers. Yeah, if you wanna have specific information about your subscribers and kind of get really, really detailed, not really necessary, but it's an extra deal there. Here's all your tags you've set up here for each specific action that somebody is taken right, and then you have users hears other people that are actually described to this bar here. Payments, right. Connect all your payments there, integrations. You know, this is gonna be great when you connect up like the Google sheets tohave your subscribers even in a particular, uh, Google sheet there and then also convert. Kid, this is an email type of set up there and then building, obviously a p I. You can connect different Softwares, different platforms to, uh, this mini chat here. This pot and all you really need is an A p I key. And then you can look at your templates here. So that's pretty much on the overview here. In a nutshell. We're going to go into these over here a lot more in depth type of focus. And then if you guys have any questions, let me know, but we'll see you on the next one next. 4. How to Create Main Menu: All right. So in this video, I'm gonna walk you through how to set up a main menu on your chap bought here. So let's say, for example, you had a restaurant client and some of the common things that you would have for like, a restaurant would be like the menu on, like, hours of operation. So I want to show you here, road quick, How to set that up here so you can have that on your butt. So it's gonna main menu here. We wanna have menu, right? And then So we want to do is we want to open up a new site. So let's say we wanted to have it pull it this menu here for this particular restaurant. Okay, this is just, for example, purposes here for the full there. Boom. There would have the website done. Okay. Great. And then we want to add in the hours, okay. And this one, we want to reply with a message, so we want to actually reply back with the hours. Boom. Great. That's it. I'm gonna publish. We go to main menu, we go toe update. Okay, so let's see here. How this would look So let's go to send a message. Books go to test button, okay? And so let's go to get started. So nothing is here is programmed, right? Because the baht isn't set up, But I want to show you as faras for, like, the main menu. Right? How this would look so I think this save properly gonna make up back here. Done. Done. Right. So we should be good to go here. Okay, it is enable toe. Let's see here. This will pull up for some reason. I don't know why it's not to go to refresh this page. Test button. Okay, here we go. I just needed to get refreshed. So here's the menu. Right bone. There we go. That's pretty. Me And then we go back. And then let's say we wanted to test out the, um, hours. Boom. Here we go. So that's pretty much in a nutshell. It's far setting up a quick menu on the message of shop bought there. Let me know if you have any questions on this and I will see you on the next one 5. How to Create Default Reply: All right, So in this video, I'm gonna show you how to set up a default reply for your messenger chatbots. So this should be already populated in here as far as this message, Okay? Something along the lines that K were not available. We'll get back to you when we have an opportunity or a soon as possible. So let's go to edit flow. Okay? And what you can also do here is maybe send them to a link on to another website. Haven't take a certain specific action right where they can. I may be interact with some products, maybe would like some menu items or whatever. Maybe you're just a quick little default. Were pilot Que were not available. Get back to us. Right. Something simple like that. Okay, so this is the actual reply here. And then this is the actual response to somebody when they say, Hey, talk to human. So let's go ahead and test this out here so we can see how this looks scored. Preview. Okay, so here's the message. This is the page name? Alfa Beast, right. We are not available at this moment. When asked a question, press talk, Human talk to human and then Yep, here we go. Just happened. Your message will get back to you soon as we can, right? We can also have in here when somebody wants to. Let's say, talk to human. Or we can change this to take them to a different website, Right? To take a different action instead of just kind of having them here just sitting around right? So that is pretty much the default message. It's wonder Walk. You wrote quick a sfar us how to set that up. And really, the purpose of that right is to respond to people when you know you don't you're not available to respond to the bots immediately. Where you have somebody that's interested wanting to learn more about you know, the business. OK, that's it for this video we're seeing on the next one 6. How To Create Welcome Message: So in this video, we're gonna go over the welcome message. And this is the message that any particular prospects going to see once the first interact with the baht. So if they were depressed, like the get started button right through the Boche there on the Facebook fan page that this is here is what is gonna pull up. So let me show you. So we set this up here for the default, assuming the welcome message. Okay, so let me show you how this would look like it was going preview and let's pull it up here on this page. Okay. Says, hey, Juan. Things for messaging. Alfa beasts were happy you reached out. Let us know how we can help you, and we'll get back to you soon as possible. P s if you ever want to unsubscribe, just type Stop. So, your products do you offer a question mark? Okay. And we should have let me go back over here is gonna life chap. Okay. So, basically, oftentimes what'll happen is the when you're online and when you're logged into here and somebody asked a question This interesting how this is pulling up here through says me, but basically what happened is it will go to your life chat instead of actually going in here and having the default reply. Right? It'll blow into your life, Jack. So actually, making sure that you're you're aware of that. But as far as for, um, the, uh, go back over here to welcome message. This is what the first thing three actual prospect right this describe is going to be seeing when they first interact with the bots. So you can have this say whatever, right? There's different things. And as far as creating these things here as faras the first thing and page name, it's very, very simple. Just pull this up here in this little these little brackets Here, you can pull that up. And then just for the emojis here, Right, this little emoji right there. Very, very simple. You have typing right here that you can put in a swell and then easily you wanna have, like, you know, six seconds, right? I mean, you could make it six. Whatever. Right? Three is a pretty good amount on this. You're typing a lot of stuff, right? Have a very long message. And then obviously you want toe? Always go to publish, but that is in a nutshell. Let me know if you have any questions on the work of message and we'll see you on the next one. 7. How To Use Keywords: All right, so in this video, I'm gonna go over keywords. And what this is here is essentially a set of words, right? That you can set up that whenever somebody types in that particular word, you have a default action that follows that automated action that follows that. So, for example, here, right, we have the key words. Start or subscribe. And what this automatically does is it sends them to describe the baht. Right? That's the action. And what? This one here? Also, we have the stop or once described, which automatically describes him from the bottom. Right? That's the action. So for this one here, sticking with the restaurant example, what we can do is we can have where if somebody types in the word menu, we're gonna have them have an automated response to that, and it's gonna link sending a message with a link to the menu. So let's go ahead and create that here. Okay, Someone men, you may want to create keyword. Hey, don't want to create a reply. So whenever somebody types and menu, they're gonna get a certain reply. So let's go ahead and get this set up here. Okay? So Let's say they typed in the word menu, and we say click the button below to check out our may. Okay, nice and simple. What had button here happened? Menu open a website. Okay for this example Here, we're going to I take them to have this chilies menu here. Okay, So booming there is going done. And when you go to publish, So let's check this out to see if this works. Hey, let's some type in menu own. There we go. And so this would pull up the menu here. Okay, Fantastic. Now, another thing that you could do is you can actually create a A menu in here instead of actually having them go to a separate website. So let's set this up here. So let's say it like we wanted to have some products on here. So let's go to gallery. And, uh, that's actually let's go back here, actually wanna start from the beginning. So instead of actually going to the response of Hey, let's have that actual response come up with the maybe link, let's do something different here, So let's go ahead and go back to here and let's go toe edit flow here. Okay, So instead of having this message here instead, right, we're going tohave a gallery. So let's go ahead and pull this up here. Okay? So there's a burger image online. Said we wanted to call this that burger number one. Okay. And then we wanted to have, um, actually got burger. Number one must say the price here. We could have 9 99 Okay. And then this button here, this could be like a by now. Or take them to liken order page. So there's a lot of different things you can do with that. So let's let's get that one set up in there to do another one here. Let's dio this is a nice big burger here. So this is just, for example, here purposes Burger number two. And then it's in this, uh, 14 99 Really pricey burners there. Okay? And so it's going to publish. Okay, so now what should happen is when somebody types in the word, you know, menu, these are gonna come up now, So let's go ahead and see if that will work. Let me go ahead and set this year. Okay, So let's go. Type menu. Boom. there we go. And so, like I said, you can have a butt down here that takes them to the actual order page, right? And then they can have their menu here so you can build this out. You know, a lot more in depth, right for your clients. You can add different menu menu items there. But I just wanted to give you an example here of the key words and just how valuable they are, because you can really help people, right? Get exactly what they're looking for. Rights. If you're looking for, let's say, shoes, if you're aecom store or maybe T shirts, whatever it may be, if they type in that keyword, the baht right is going to be intelligent enough to understand that they're looking for this right, and it's important that you program program that into the body or else it's not gonna home with to do so. That's it for this section here for the keywords. We'll see you on the next one 8. How To Use Tags: All right, so in this video, we're gonna go over tags And what exactly? Those are. So times are awake to separate your subscribers So you can really figure out, Find out what, exactly the type of actions, right? What kind of actions have taken within the bond? If they've gone through a specific sequence, if there may be downloaded an e book, a leave magnet, maybe they've already purchased before. So it's a really good way for them to get segmented into different groups that you know where everybody's at. Kind of what? They've kind of actions. They sick. And so let's go here to this sample sequence that we have here. I'm gonna show you how we can really say that these tax here. So let's get this set up here. Okay? Great back. I'm gonna show you. Okay, let's go to this 1st 1 here so you can see here this message here. Someone, Somebody, Office, into this sequence. This message. Consent first here. 1st 1 here. 2nd 1/3 1 in a day in a day today. Okay, so let's check this out. So this says all right. First name. Are you ready? Here's the first lesson from both. Like a hook a little bit of, ah, space there. You know, time, three seconds there for them to act like it's typing, right, And then we have them be able to either go to great send it over or non Good. So this is pretty much like a lesson. So we're providing valuable content here to the subscriber, and we can segment people that are actually interested in getting this information or No, they're not. Okay, so let's check this out here is going to edit flow. You can. And so this is how it would look. And so what we can do is for let's say, great, send it over. Let's say we wanted to add attack. So somebody who would, you know, let's say we sent this particular message to them and they actually said, Great, send it over so we could put, um, they say going through. Okay, message one. That's issue number one. And so that is attack. Okay, so now we know that this particular person that has gone through here is and has gone through this first message. So let's say for this one here, lets say somebody I didn't want to go through here, right? We would be able to then also at a keyword. Excuse me at a tag in here. Okay. Um, did not. Okay, what you say? I said no to message one, huh? So have that one in there. Boom. And so we go to done. I don't think that one eyes when Boom. Make sure it's created. Okay, Good. Done. There we go. So So now we have two separate tags here. Okay, We have one that says, OK, if they say great, send it over and they go on to the next step, then they're going to be added to that particular tag. Okay? And then if they say no to this message, your then they're going to be put into a different set attack. So this is pretty much just a simple way for you to find out, You know, as faras for people that are going through each type of your sequences. Maybe if you have things that are going out letter plan like, let's go back here, let me show you. Let's let's go to Let's go to the second piece. So let's say they went through this 1st 1 here now, crack. So we wanted to attack this 2nd 1 here, and we wanted to make sure that we noted intact people that went through the second piece of content. So it pretty much be the same kind of process here, right? So Okay, we're going hear. Boom! There's little video in here. Are actually you can see this Pretty cool. I got a little nice training set up here. So basically, what we have now down here is if they say hell, yeah, right. We're going to tag him. Okay. Gone through message number two. Okay. Nice and simple like that. Boom. Done. And then this one here action had attack. I said, no. If you message, remember to Okay, phone. Let's get that set up. Done. Okay. Great. And so that's essentially how we're going to be able to have our tags in here. And pretty much what the uses are. Right. So when we go into our particular audiences right, we can see each individual as faras what kind of actions they've taken. So let's go. It's even go over here. Let's see here. For some reason, it's not added me in here. Okay, so this should have got added on here. For some reason, it's because I'm not subscribed to the bots, so it's not showing that right? So basically, what you would be able to see in here, right is the people that are actually here's attacks that we created, right? Said no to message to or gone through message to. So let me see here if I can actually go through this here and maybe you can add me. So let's go to the girl tools. Is former here Sequences. Okay, lets see if we can get this tested out here, but it it's publish. So let's get a preview. Stick this out. Okay, here we go. Life. Okay, Great. So now that means that I'm in here, right? And there's a video two. Okay, so that should automatically add me in here. Let's go to finance. There we go. Ok, right. So it's just confusing to me because I don't know why has the picture of says mean here when it should be me? But anyways, now you can see right that the tags placing here that, um said said no to message one. Why is that safe said no. Maybe I messed up the tags in here. Um, should be said yes. Maybe a type in the wrong one in there. Um, bear with me here. Seconds. Okay, So the people that went through here great. Send it over. Ah, groups I put said no instead of ah, uh, gone through. Okay, so just a matter of mute putting a right information here. Right? Got to make sure you get the right information in here. So gone through a message. One. Okay. Done. Boom. Let's see if this even changed been OK? Okay. So then obviously, now that if I went through it again, let me even make sure, uh, me, go ahead and delete this. Okay, let's go to test button. Kid's got started. Okay, so now let me go back over here and going to the test. Know where the broadcasting automation and sequences. Okay, so, boom. I wanna edit. We wanna make sure that Creve you. Okay, so now let's try this one more time. Got to make sure we type in the right tag, but this is a great waiter to be able to segment your users great. Send it over. Fantastic. Now we're getting the information Let's go to audiences and both cash. You have for some reason, it's showing the wrong one. It was you. So you get the gist of it, right? We're trying to get people to get segmented in a specific way. I don't know why it's not saving this, but that's essentially how you would set this up in here. Um, maybe I didn't save it properly. Christian it over. Signal. It's still showing this gone through. Message to I've got done in. Publish. Let's try this one more time. Just for just for heck sick. Um I mean, go to leave it. That's really bothered me. Okay, Billy. Conversation. I said simple. OK, so this is published. Scored a preview. Okay, Grayson, that over. Okay, so this should not put me in the right. Uh, tagger. Okay. Finally. Okay. So yes. Make sure you type in the right one, right? Gone through. Whatever attacking so you can get as specific and really is deep into this as you want. You can even put him in for a different type of micro actions, get really granular with the type of metrics you're looking to gauge their. But this is essentially how you use the tags is a great way to be able to have people come in here right and be able to get segments and properly inappropriately. Four with right, different actions that they have taken. OK, so that's it for this video, see on the next one. 9. The Bar Growth Tool: All right, So in this video, we're gonna go over the growth tools, and we're gonna go over them individually in separate videos. But I'm gonna go over the bar one here in this particular video. So if you want to set this up here, let's go ahead and click on the bar here. You want to actually name this year? So let's say this would be bar home page or something. Or maybe landing page. Uh, many page. Okay, good. So there is, as you can see up here, right there. Several different things you can do here s so it's pretty much the bar. The very top that it comes on your website. And you can put like that save. Get your free, Uh, you e book by the king, You hear? Write something like that, you know, super simple, right? Whatever message it is that you were gonna have up there, and then what this does is you could program this for a certain level of of seconds or time frame that you can have this pop up. So let's say that you wanted to modify this, right? You wanted to change the color here, right? You could see the background changes in color. But you want to pop this up? Um, and this is gonna be for your home page, right? Obviously. Or any Really? Any page? And you can have this on. So let's just select this year for nice and simple there. You can even change the color here of the headline, right? Would keep that Will black. Okay. And then obviously they're gonna be white. Can't see that if you're gonna change the color, but it's gonna be more visible in blue, OK? And so here is the button text, right. Sent a messenger. This is gonna be the best one, right? This is the most prone to actually get people toe click on so and then you have the option here to get this to show up on Lee when a person has scrolled on the website or landing page or whatever, Right? 30% scroll. So let's say if they Onley scrolled, let's say 50% of the way through the the landing page is pop up or you can have a pop up immediately. Maybe let's say that they were wanting to exit the page. You can have this pope pull up right As you're going to exit the page and say, Hey, you know, hold on. Do you want to get you know these five steps to training your own chap out? Whatever the believe magnet is that you want them to, uh, get or whatever type of action you want them to take. That's a good way to go about that as well. You can also time this up. Let's say you can put it through 10 seconds a Susan land on this page to get that the pop up, right? Okay. They just actually show this as faras for how many days for the users as well. And if manually closed by user, you can show either, you know, after x amount of days. But I believe the out is okay, So let's go to submit its state. So this is where pretty much like you could call it the thank you page after they have taken the action. So thank you for, um let's say, um thank you. Forward humping in just something super simple, right? I wanna make this as simple. It's possible for you to be able to understand that a Sfar is having the overall picture. Right? The big picture here, as far as what all these different features do. So you can come in here and optimize this to your liking, right? Modify this so that you can come in here and really get this set up for yourself. Reclines. But really understand what these tools do, right? Okay, so after they submit weekend, show them this message here, and then it goes to have you on messenger and you take them to either, like, you know, the actual product where they could download, or you can redirect them to Maybe that's, say, a u R l Or maybe like a cool Dr Link or whatever it is where you want him to go and be able to download that product. And you can do open in a new tab or in the current tab, I always I could do new tab. So that's going to the often actions. Okay, so this is pretty much the message that people are going to get a soon as they are then, right? You can modify this on, then a soon as they get into this, you can actually add them to a specific sequence Okay, so this is really here for the, uh, bar there? It's very, very simple, right? I mean, it's it's just something that's gonna be shown up on the Web sites lower landing page, and it's gonna be a the top here, and you can customize this in different areas. So now we'll go over the next one, and we'll see on the next one. 10. Slide In Growth Tool: All right, so in this video, we're gonna talk about the sliding growth tool. So let's go ahead and select this one here in this. Give it, uh, even give it a name. Here, slot in. Uh, let's see. Page. Nice and simple. We'll save. Okay, great. So as you can see here, this is how it's going to look. It's very similar to the other girl tool. There's far. Is that the bar on? Really All of them. There's a lot of different features, as far as you know, aesthetically. Halligan, Halligan look and features here that we can add in. But for the most part, they're going to be quite similar that have the initial stage, said ministate, which is the thank you page. So think of it is this is like the landing page. This is a thank you page. And then this is where they have the opt in where they actually let's say they click on this. This is, uh, the option actions. This is a message that they're going to get as soon as they often. Okay, so it's important that the opt in message we'll talk about that here in the second, adopting message reflects what it is that they're actually getting. And then we'll go over and we'll set this up here real quick on a page here so you can see how it looks. So All right, so we can see here. This is very easy to update. Right? So modify. So, um, down mood or click here or download? Um, how would you like, Do you like, um, the fine like? Like, how would you five steps to creating, right? Simple. Because I'm just making this up. Modify here. Right. You can have some default, tex. Here, if you want. OK, you change the colors. Obviously. Here, far as a background. Make it pop out, right? Very, very simple. And then we have the headline, right? Can change the color there. Here's the description. If you wanna have anything there, right, but it's go ahead and put this back to how it was this Move that white. Okay, this is the button here, right? We want to leave that blue, but size leave that out is on. Then send its a messenger. Right? That's a good set up there. And then we can add even image in here if we want to this, OK? And then this is where we have it to where it pops in. So we go to the left top seat up there and we can see left bottom down here. Okay? So, typically, you wanna have it however you want, but I like the right middle. They're what pops up pretty good. They're really, really easy to see. And we went through the other one as well, where you can have it so that people get shown this on a certain level of action if they want to get this to be shown immediately when they're exiting or percentage scroll. Right. So you can have seconds passed. So there's really it's really easy to get this set up and to put in the criteria here to have it show up on, you know, specific times for different people. So we have this year set up. Now it's ready to go to the thank you page from came and then Okay, so this one would be Thank you for, um or Okay. Are you ready? Ready to learn how to feel? Robots have been like this. Thank super simple. Okay. And so again, we can show this in a new message, we can redirect to another page to give him the download. The information. We can change the background, the headline Very, very simple. We can add an image here and then this message you would've wanted to reflect, right? As soon as they take up the offer here in the initial stage and they go to the thank you page, everything needs to be congruent with this message. So as soon as they opt into the actual fun or whatever here, right, and they go to send messenger, this is going to pop up. And it's important that this message talks about whatever it is that you're providing, Uh, maybe a free quote free e book, whatever it may be right. In this case, it's the free five step ciabatta to guide the chatbots. Right, So I need to be cooked. Ruined needs to be, uh, matching what it is that you're actually providing through this year. So set up, we can get this code pretty easy to set up, and we can have it so that we add website and we only show it on certain pages. So let's go ahead and install this Java code here, so if you want to add your website, you can do that. Uh, just get this code here. Copy. Finish. And let's add this into this landing page here. The wrong one. Okay. See, this pops up right here because this one pretty weird. Okay, So Okay, so it's not popping up on this one here. It might be because this is not hosted. Let me try it. The actual funnel here. Okay, so and oftentimes with the bots, you won't even need a funnel. You could just have them opt in to the bar in the box and be just like a landing page. So let's go to the settings. Okay, so let's see here, save. We might need to add the website to it. I've usually always added the website. I think in this particular case that maybe it okay, let's go to stone. The head of every page. Oh, hold on a second. Here. Let's go to save. Let's go to growth tools on a make sure this is even saved. Slide home and page. Okay, so this need to get activated. So let's go to. Okay. Next. Next. There we go. That's what it was he houses, like, what's going on here? Been a while. So, um, let's get this set up here so we can actually see it in real real time Here. So now let's see here air we go. OK, yeah. So you can see here, then. Obviously, we would go into this to the sequence and we would be able to put in our information and, you know, we'd be able to interact with whatever it is that we're trying trying to get there. Right Here's in in this This little message here is Faras wanting to get a particular lead magnet. Five steps to creating job. Yes, I want to get it. Boom is get it. So that's this one here. I'm very, very easy to set this up onto any page union. Very, very specific here with adding it just to certain pages, hiding it on certain pages. Okay, so that is it for the sliding and we'll see on the next book. 11. Modal & Page Overview: All right. So in this video, I'm gonna walk you through the modal here and the page take over there. Quite similar. One is obviously gonna be taking over the entire page. This one's more of like a exit intent. So let's click on that one here. Right. We have the same functions here, right? We have the initial stage, which is the actual often, uh, thank you page. And then this is the actual message, right? And then they're gonna beginning when they opt in, and then the set up to embed that. So, um right. Very simple on and similar to the other ones here. We can change all the different attributes here, the butts in at image here. But this is more for like, if somebody's scrolling and they're looking to exit the page right, we can have this as an exit. Intense. Right. And that's mostly, um, mostly what I feel this is used for And that the best way to use this tool right, because you can get a lot of traffic that is kind of going and may be leaving the page. But you can have something in here, like, you know, Wait, You know down. Do you want to learn how to build Cabot's something like that, right where you're catching their attention, you're pretty much grabbing them, saying Hey, don't go yet. I have something for you that's worth or time. I'm nice is simple. Um okay. And going back over here. Let's go to We don't want to say this is go to It's going to create a new one here. Whoops. Okay, so let's just delete one of these here, just delete this. Okay? Let's go to the page takeover. So pretty much this one is going to be called this page takeover on page over. Okay, Pretty much. This is where you have your website or a landing page, right? That this is on and it takes over the entire page, right? Pretty simple. And people could exit out of it by just pressing these X up here on. So it's it's pretty much like I said, All these different tools here are pretty much the same okay as faras. The functionality of them is just as faras. Kind of where they're showing up, how they're showing up, right on dso you have the ability to obviously changing all the different the fall to Here's faras the color, right. You wanna have that say, because this is actually pretty cool because it takes over the entire page, right? But it still leaves him the opportunity to exit out of here. So let's go and let's see, maybe we wanted to change background to, like, blue or something rains. Eso totally just pops out something like that. Um, let's look at this White. Okay, so that is it for this year. Um, and if there's anything else you need to know about the actual paid shake over their motel and let me know, But we'll see on the next one. Thanks. 12. Landing Page: All right, so in this video, I'm gonna go over the growth tool landing page. So with this one here, this one's a bit different than the other ones in the fact that this is literally like a landing page, right where that's everyone who named this on page one. Something super simple. So the difference here between like, the page overlay and this one is You can't exit out of this one here. And this is literally like a landing page that conserve as, like, an opt in funnel so you can come come in here and obviously update any of the different sections here. Like the all the other ones you can add in image. Here, you can even add a video in here. If you want into this, you can add a video in here and be able to have, like, a nice headline so you could actually customize this, you know, a pretty good amount compared to the other ones. Now, the difference here with this one is you'll get a actual landing page. You are else. So you could send traffics in people to this particular landing page, and then you get them to than obtain. Right? So this is a difference, Really. Between all the other tools is that this is an actual mining page with really, Earl, that you can send traffic to and be able to collect people's information, right, get people into your body and described him. So that is it for this video, which is very, very simple again, you have already an understanding of how to set up these girl tools. But this landing page one here is definitely a game changer. Let me know if you have any questions and we'll see you on the next one. 13. Embedable Widgets: All right, So in this video, we're gonna talk about the EMB edible widgets. And once again, these are all pretty much the same as faras the functionality where we have the initial kind of opt in here. Then we have the submitted state and then this option messages what they would receive once they clicked on this and the messenger. Right? So with this here, this is very easy to set up here. We have the background here. We can have a white or blue. Obviously wanted to be blue. Want the button to be big One sent a messenger, and this is pretty much just a button, right? Very, very simple here. And then we can have it, you know, success to you. A messenger, right? Thanks for opting in or whatever. And we're going to redirect this to a particular UL. Excuse me. You are l. And then we have the, you know, the opt in message here, which we would put that up and then I set this up. Now this is set up in a particular place on the website and let's see if we can even set this up here real quick. Okay, so Let's go see here. It's cool to install. Can't be. Let's go back to the click funnel. So let's say we wanted to add this. Okay, let's get this set up here real quick. Um, I really don't wanna let me. Ah, so I don't want to mess this up. Let's, um Let's just go here just for sample purposes. See this unpopulated, and I'll delete it. Okay, so we want very bottom down here. Custom code. Okay, great. Open, Hester Bone, but that in there go save and make sure that this is live Save. Make it active. Okay, great. They see this pop up in here. Okay, so it's going to save that's what preview. Okay, so that's not popping up there. Um, let's go back. They should be able to pump the late nice and easy. So see here can save. And then this is live, right. Active? Yup. Here we go. Right up here. So this is the difference here with these with the IMB edible, which is is there going to be on a certain place on the site so you can put it down here or whatever you can even put, which is really interesting. You can even put it to, you know, book your appointment instead of the pop up coming up. You can have this landing page, and you can have this be right here, and they can actually opt in to the bots. And then the Botkin take them through the sequencing of asking the questions, right? Even get them to schedule unemployment right there and have a very interactive So that's the embed herbal widget for that one. Let's delete this year's I don't want Teoh. Leave that on there with safe. Okay? And then let's go back. Wanna sell? You still eat this one. So I just want to give you some examples here. All right, let's go to the box. This was quite similar as well. This is just a little box here, right? That pops up weaken again. Here, come in here and change all the different modifications here. We can make this wider. 500 right? Let's leave it to the fault that the container we can have a pick up a little more space there on the website. Okay, Um and then we can, you know, obviously change the coders here. A button background said ministate. This is the thank you write, dropping image octane message here. We can change that. So and then to set this up on the website just like I did, right? You will want to set it up on a certain place on the website again. You could have it even take over. You know, the book, your appointment, but in there and have that be the actual call to action, right? Instead of having them put in their information because then they get a box. Describe it for your client, right? So let's go back over here. And pretty much that is it for this section here as faras the embedded Boligee. It's so let me know if you have any questions and we'll see on the next one. 14. How To Use Sequences: all right, so in this video, we're gonna talk about sequences and sequences are pretty much just like email auto responders. So let me give you an example. So let's say you opt into somebody's email list to download some kind of PBF, some kind of free e book or whatever. Right immediately after you putting your information, you're going to get an email that says, Hey, thanks for option in here is your freebie right? And maybe you're looking to learn how to build a chapel. Let's just say right, they'll give you an e book and maybe you get automatically set up within. Ah, Siris of e mails are going to go through periodically and be sent out to you, maybe every few days with new information right on maybe five steps to build your chatbots . So what the's sequences are here are pieces of content that go out and based off when you set up the schedule to, ah to actual describe er so they can interact with it, and you can do kind of value positioning, right? Do some value content there, but also be able to position products and sales right. So for this one here. Let me just give you an example. So these here, these are all content pieces, right? And so what we did for this one here is we had somebody opt in to the book like a hoke. Gosh, what was it? It was pretty much we were given them kind of free workouts. Okay, free workout information. Hey, opt into this pond or click here to get fries are not three. I forgot what it was, but it was at anywhere between 3 to 5 different pieces of content. Because in here, there's actually quite a bit of content that we provide, and it's pretty much is value, right? And then when we're doing this, we also tested out also positioning products in here. So this is this is something that we set up a while back. It was more of a test, but I want to kind of walk you through how these sequences work and kind of how this how this goes here. So as you can see here, we have scheduled this is when these air going out. So as soon as somebody ops into this, they're gonna get this message, okay? And then three days later, they're gonna get this message and then three to say they're going to get this message. So let's look at this content here. Okay? So what happens here is that somebody who comes in and is looking to option there can come here, and they're gonna get the first lesson you can. It's going to end it there. And so as soon is it going here and they go, Great, send it over. Then we're going to take them to a separate sequence, and we're going to send them some training workouts, right? And so, really, all this is is a way for you to get somebody into a certain sequence that say you're doing a webinar. Okay, Give you an example here. So you're doing a webinar and you get people to log in here and, you know, subscribe. And so let me go back here. So let's say somebody were to obtain and be registered for a webinar. Okay, great. Maybe they get a piece of content valuable information like, Hey, this is what you're gonna need for the webinar to get ready for it, right? As soon as they sign up and maybe the webinars I don't know. Five days out or six days out, and we can even change this. That's a see. The webinar is three days out, so we would change this. Okay, this will go out one day after this and then one day after this, actually, one day, let's go to days. Yeah. So this would be on the third day. This would go out. And this could be This could be like a things for registering for the webinar. Okay. You know, here's some valuable content. Okay, 2nd 1 here. Here's some more valuable content as faras Kind of what we're going to be discussing, You know, here's some more tips and tricks, right? As you can see here, what we were doing is we're providing some workout tips, So Hey, how's your progress? Here's a motivation, Right? We were gearing this towards males, and we were looking to provide them with some workout tips. Right. And as you see here is like, Hey, how's your progress? Maybe there's gonna have a little motivation. And we had a picture of a few men here doing some curls, right? And then let's go back then. We have the third message right that goes on to say, if it's a webinar, it went out on the day of the weapon aren't right. And so here it's like we have some extra motivation for them. OK, it's the third day. So then we would take them to another sequence, right? So pretty much just think about sequences as an email auto responder and whenever somebody opposite to your sequence Okay, a particular sequence. They're going to get a set of messages that wow, when you decide right periodically, they can go out immediately. They can go out within me, show you here so they could go out immediately, then go out within minutes, days, hours, right, And so you can have a to I don't know how money like what's actual limit here? Because I haven't tested that, But just think about you having somebody opt in, or maybe for your client there. Opt into a sequence where they get some kind of voucher or something, or they want to get make an appointment for something, and you can have this set up as like an auto responder for them, so that it keeps on nudging them to make an appointment and then you can separate it so that when they do make an appointment, this can stop. Okay? Like, let's say let's say here it could say, Hey, have you made your appointment yet? Yes or no? And, you know, and then they could Yes. And then you can. So let's say they were You were looking to get them to maybe select yes, if they made an appointment. So, like, right here. And then what we can do is we can make a tag. Okay. Oh, you know, to let's say, you know, took, you know, redeemed. No, made an appointment. So we contact this person that way, and then also we can put unsubscribed from sequence. So pretty much What this means is that if this person came in here and they selected f Yeah , OK or yes, I think you have here. Did you Did you Ah, redeem? Or did you schedule an appointment already? Yes. Okay. They would get put into the, uh, change this one. They should be made. Okay. Okay. So this means that this particular user Okay, whatever users going to get attack that says made an appointment, OK? And that they are unsubscribed from this okay from this sequence so that they'll get no more messages because this sequence has done its job right? It's ask questions. It's got them to schedule an appointment, right? Your desired action has been taken. And so then remove. This year. Yeah, so pretty much that's That's the the whole set up here for. Make sure it and put it in there. It's removed that time. Yeah, so that's pretty much how sequences work, right? Just think about it as an email auto responder to get people to interact with you. If you want to get them for like, let's say, a client's right to get them to schedule an appointment or maybe take some sort of action, right? Even, Let's say if you're doing like a giveaway, you want to get people to come in here and actually redeem the offer. And as soon as they were deemed the offer right by taking some sort of action here, you can unsubscribe them from the sequence. And so now they're not getting any more messages because the action has been taking. Okay, awesome. So let me know if you have any other questions or any questions, and we'll see you on on the next video. Thanks