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How To Start a Personal Blog

Yasmin Graeml

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5 Videos (16m)
    • 1- How to start a blog

    • 2-How to start a blog

    • 3-How to start a blog

    • 4-How to start a blog

    • 5-How to start a blog


About This Class

On this class you will learn about how to start a blog (logo, deign and defining what you will talk about it). How to network with other bloggers and what to right on your first post, 

This class will be followed by two more classes where I will teach  how to create a good contain. Talking about images, photography, how to organize it easy for the readers and basic SEO to be found on google. And also  how to get partnerships and Sponsor to the blog. The importance of knowing who reads your blog (age group, male or female, where they leave, etc), what makes your blog different and how to create a midia kit.





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