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How To Start Your Own Internet Radio Station

Riley Jackson, The Quiet Storm Radio Show

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    • How To Start Your Own Internet Radio Station


About This Class

This class will cover the entire process of starting your very own internet radio station.  Students will first learn the different internet radio platforms and which ones work best.  How to create an mp3 playlist for free.The benefits of Broadcast Radio and more.The importance of internet radio to the music industry and how you can find your niche.






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Riley Jackson

The Quiet Storm Radio Show

Rahsaan began his radio career at Los Angeles City College, and then attended Don Martin School of Communications in Hollywood, California. After completing almost two years of study there, he obtained his FCC First Class Radio Telephone Operators License and went on to work as a late-night on-air personality at KKUL FM Radio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Rahsaan was a pioneer of the Quiet Storm radio music genre, and as a result of his contribution to the genre, he garnered a significant listener ba...

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Music Music Production Creative
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